Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Three's A Crowd Chapter 15

Hello my reading friends, another week has gone by and here is Chapter 15 of TAC. This is another somewhat long chapter and it took me some time to edit and read over it again and again. I changed some things and I found mistakes I corrected but lately I have also been pondering in my thoughts if my story may be getting boring to some since I don't really have any sexual scenes in it so far. I guess I am a little in a self doubt phase about my writing abilities. I just wanted to point out once again the time line Trish and Shawn are in has really only been a few days and I like to write about the challenges they face with each other, Shawn's insecurity issues and Trish's guilt feelings. Those things can 't be wiped away in a few days of living together. They are coming closer to each other though and are trying to overcome those emotional obstacles they put in between themselves. I hope you are enjoying the story thus far even without sex :-) and I am thankful for you reading and letting me know how you like it. You mean a lot to me, Hugs, Dani
Table of Contents: TOC


  1. I'm about to read the chapter but first I wanted to tell you that some of the best stories are not all about sex and sex scenes. Devs love to read about everyday life, challenges, insecurities of the handsome yet sensitive main character!
    Don't doubt your abilities!

  2. Hey Dani! My opiniom is similar. I like a slow development of a story. Yes, the characters should habe sex at a time, but it should take some time to get there! Thumbs up!

  3. I also agree with the first poster, don't doubt yourself, you are doing great. I'd rather read a story that gets into the development of a relationship with all the emotional and technical difficulties that having a disability may bring in to the characters lives.