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Twist Of Fate Chapter 15

Due to an hectic week, I didn't have time to review this chapter properly but not wanting to disappoint any of you I post it today regardless as Friday is Matt and Cassie's day. Hope you won't find too many mistakes. :( On another hand, you will definitely witness an embarassing moment in the Miller's family. Here is Chapter 15 !

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cooper Gets The Girl: Part One

Dear Readers,

Here is an old story, in two parts, that I only recently remembered I had tucked away some time ago. I borrowed bits and bobs from it for my other multi-chapter story, Coming Home, though I don't have the time or energy to figure out what. So there may be a few moments that overlap, and for that I am sorry.

I hope you enjoy it anyway.



Cooper flew awake, consciousness hurling him upward from his dreamworld with all the delicacy of a catapult. His diaphragm shuddered with the effort of the breaths it dragged weakly into his lungs, and it took a full minute for the popcorn ceiling six feet above him to come into full focus. But the moment it did, Cooper forced his eyes shut again, blocking out reality in favor of the fantasy he'd been living sixty seconds earlier.

He is back in the shell, the small form of his coxswain, Jake, cajoling from the stern, "Power 10!" They may be Cooper's favorite words in the English language. They mean, "Go; dig deeper than you think you can; you can do anything for ten strokes." And the response from Cooper, and the rest of his crew, is instantaneous. Sinew and skill meet willpower in a surge of pure energy. Pulling at the grips of their blades for all they're worth, Cooper and his teammates sail the final stretch over the imaginary regatta finish line as Jake chortles triumphantly, relaying to them that their training session has been their fastest all week.

Something catches Cooper's eye as he pants from his spot in the long, narrow boat, and he grins as he watches the small shell across the cut. It is a much-smaller boat in comparison to Cooper's: a coxed-four, ferrying a quartet of kids who look to be about eight or so, the age Cooper'd been when he'd started rowing. A "quad," they called that kind of boat...

At the memory of the term, Cooper reopened his eyes with a sigh of frustration. There was nowhere he could escape. Because, for the past three years, since the accident that had nearly cut his spinal cord in half between his C3 and C4 vertebrae and robbed him of almost all of his mobility and independence, the word "quad" had taken on a whole new meaning.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Cooper Gets The Girl: Part Two

"C'mon in, sugar," Rhonda exclaimed as she threw open the door for Meaghan.

"Hi," Meaghan offered with a little wave, and held up the bottle of white she'd brought.

"Omar was supposed to tell you not to bring anything," she chided as she took the wine. Inspecting the label, she laughed. "Though since it's La Crema, I'm glad you didn't listen. Nice taste."

Meaghan followed Rhonda through the spacious living room, adorned with photos of her and Omar and their kids, two girls in high school and a boy who was away at college. Meaghan was privately laughing at a beach shot of the whole family in jeans and white collared shirts--an identical pose hung in her own family's living room--when she looked up and caught a man in a wheelchair staring at her from the threshold of the patio door. She stopped in her tracks as Rhonda nonchalantly made her way toward him. Seeing she couldn't scoot through the doors with him sitting there, Rhonda swatted him on the shoulder and scolded, "Move it, Cooper, you jamming up traffic."

When he didn't move, Rhonda followed his eyes to Meaghan's face.

"You're Cooper," Meaghan breathed, reeling hard mentally and trying desperately not to show it.

Rhonda frowned. "You two don't know each other?"

Cooper just stared. For a brief moment, Meaghan was stricken by wondering whether Cooper, who was obviously severely handicapped, was even capable of speaking aloud. In truth, Meaghan had never talked to him on the phone. Maybe he was like Stephen Hawking?

But then he swallowed hard and asked in a deep, pleasant--though strained--voice, "Meaghan?"

Rhonda interrupted, "Omar told me you two knew each other."

Cooper spoke to Rhonda without taking his eyes off Meaghan. "Only emails..." He trailed off, his eyes dropping to his body, which was strapped at the chest, waist and feet into a large electric wheelchair. Meaghan wasn't sure how he directed it, as it didn't look like he could move his hands. They lay perfectly still on large, molded armrests.

Meaghan felt a surge of pity for him. Not just for his physical condition, but that Omar had apparently ambushed him with her presence tonight. It suddenly made so much sense why he'd stopped emailing her after she'd invited him out rowing. She wished she could make an excuse and leave, and she momentarily considered doing so. But Omar came in at that moment.

"Meaghan," he bellowed. "Stop staring. It's just Cooper." He clapped Cooper on the shoulder, and Meaghan was relieved to see that it didn't seem to hurt Cooper, that he wasn't fragile. "He had a run-in with a semi-truck a couple years back, so now he gets to rock this cool ride." Omar motioned to the large black wheelchair like it was a prize on a game show. "He gets to skip out on dinner chores, too, so he can show you around while me and Rhonda get things set up outside."

Cooper shot him a desperate look, but he didn't acknowledge it. Instead, Omar grabbed a tight-lipped Rhonda and pulled her out the French doors. As they left, Meaghan heard Rhonda whisper fiercely, "How could you, O?"

And then it was just Cooper and Meaghan in the house. Cooper's mouth twisted to the side in a smile that didn't come close to reaching his eyes.

"So...this is the injury I mentioned."

Monday, May 25, 2015

Three's A Crowd Chapter 24

Hello friends, here it is, basically five days late and two days early: Chapter 24 of TAC. So my schedule is a bit off but I will try to get back to Wednesday next week. It is another long chapter and I read over it so many times to make sure it sounds right and fits right. I felt like it was a little repetitive to the former chapter but then again it is just some more about Trish's and Shawn's bond getting deeper and learning more about each other, sometimes touching on sensitive topics. Hope you enjoy this week's installment and I am always very happy about your comments. Thanks and Hugs, Dani

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Twist Of Fate Chapter 14

Hi TOF followers! I hope you all had a good week. Here are the last news of Cassie and Matt. At this time they leave the Chicago winter for the warm Floridian sun. If they are looking forward to their first vacation together, they both have different reasons to feel nervous to meet Cassie's parents. See how it goes in this Chapter 14. Relax and enjoy!

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Sorry - no Three's A Crowd today

Hey TAC readers, sorry I can't post a new chapter today. This past week has been so busy that I had no time to edit the next chapter. I will try to work on TAC for the next few days and hopefully post over the weekend. Thanks for your patience and loyalty. Hugs, Dani

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Footsteps Chapter Four is up!

Hello lovely readers -  I have a surprise for you: a rapid posting!

Thanks for your comments on the last episode. As this is one I'm writing as I go along (I have a basic plan, but each chapter is only finished minutes before it's posted...), it's great to have your input, and who knows, I might change my mind if you think it should go in a certain direction, so get your thoughts heard in the comments section!

Here's Chapter Four for you,


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Twist Of Fate Chapter 13

Thanks again to my followers and the always welcomed comments. It is a true motivation to keep on posting and maybe writing another story! For now, here is Chapter 13.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Three'a A Crowd Chapter 23

Hello friends, here is Chapter 23 of TAC. I realized this one was kind of long again but I didn't know where to cut it in half. Really it finished off the day when Trish and Shawn come home from the hospital so I left it as one chapter. I was working on this one for a while with the editing as I was trying to figure out "lay" and "lie" and "was" and "were" forgive me if there may be some grammatical inconsistencies. I hope it is all right. A professional editor would be good to have in moments like that....:-) Well, I hope you enjoy this chapter with Trish and Shawn becoming so much more to each other. Let me know and thanks for reading, Hugs, Dani

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Disorderly chapter 2


First of all, thanks to everyone for the lovely comments - they've certainly spurned me on!

I'm sorry I can't seem to update quicker, but job, husband, kids and housework keep my precious writing time at a minimum!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy Chapter 2

Thanks again!!

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Footsteps Chapter Three is up!

Hello patient and lovely readers! Things are gradually returning to normal here, though the workload is still high, so I'm going to have to stick with my original statement, that I won't be able to publish regularly or frequently, but I will publish the whole thing... eventually... 

Chapter Three is in Caleb's voice, and as well as everything else, I really hope I show you what it's like to have a stammer, because I have first hand experience with stuttering, and it's a form of disability which has a very dear place in my little devvy heart.

As ever, keep letting me know what you think of it, both in terms of writing style and story direction, and I'll keep posting, if sporadically. You won't hear too many chapters from Caleb's point of view, because it's really Alyssa's story, but every now and again I'll let you into Caleb's head, when he lets me into his...

So, without further a-waffle, here is Chapter Three.


Edit: not entirely sure what happened to the formatting and spacing of paragraphs but oh well - the technology gremlins appear to have struck again...

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Twist Of Fate Chapter 12

It's Friday. Time for more updates on Cassie and Matt's story. Will they make peace after their first argument? The answer is here in Chapter 12. Enjoy and comment!

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Three's A Crowd Chapter 22 Part 2

Happy Wednesday friends, here is Chapter 22 Part 2 of TAC. You will find out what happened to Shawn and causing him to become paraplegic. At the same time Trish and Shawn are finally letting their guard down some more. It is kind of a long chapter again and I have been critically reading over and over and editing my chapters. I want to become better at writing and story telling and it seems every time I read over the chapter I find something I change, take out or rewrite, it is definitely never ending. So eventually I just stop and post and hope the chapter is ready to be enjoyed by you. Have fun reading and thanks so much for your loyalty to the story. Hugs, Dani
Table Of Contents TAC

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Twist Of Fate Chapter 11

Here is another long Chapter 11 which ends the stay at Matt's parents with a 'not so pleasant outcome'. Hope you will like it no matter what!