Sunday, May 10, 2015

Footsteps Chapter Three is up!

Hello patient and lovely readers! Things are gradually returning to normal here, though the workload is still high, so I'm going to have to stick with my original statement, that I won't be able to publish regularly or frequently, but I will publish the whole thing... eventually... 

Chapter Three is in Caleb's voice, and as well as everything else, I really hope I show you what it's like to have a stammer, because I have first hand experience with stuttering, and it's a form of disability which has a very dear place in my little devvy heart.

As ever, keep letting me know what you think of it, both in terms of writing style and story direction, and I'll keep posting, if sporadically. You won't hear too many chapters from Caleb's point of view, because it's really Alyssa's story, but every now and again I'll let you into Caleb's head, when he lets me into his...

So, without further a-waffle, here is Chapter Three.


Edit: not entirely sure what happened to the formatting and spacing of paragraphs but oh well - the technology gremlins appear to have struck again...

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