Tuesday, June 30, 2015

In/Exhale - The Band Reunites

Hey, everyone!

I'm back on what will hopefully be my regular posting day (Tuesday)! Blogger was giving me some formatting issues, but I managed to fix them. (But let me know if you notice any issues in the comments.)

I know some of you were disappointed with last week's episode, since you've all been anxious to know what has happened to our heroes and heroine since we last left everybody back in late November 2000.

I hope today gives you what you hope for. :)

Today's episode picks up in late January 2001, several months after the end of Season Two. Kai and Renee have been separated for months. Starting at the beginning of the year, she and Kai have had weekly sessions of touch therapy to get them both comfortable with each other again, but today is the first day that Renee has had the chance to truly spend time with Kai since the events of last fall.

I had to divide this day up into three parts because of length. I know it'll be a pain to wait, but I hope you'll enjoy today's episode regardless.

January 26, 2001 - Part I

Thanks again for those of you who take the time to comment. I know this story is really different from the others on the board, so it really does mean a lot to me to see that people are enjoying it.


PS - The Table of Contents has been updated, as always.

PPS - For personal reasons, I've decided I will no longer be posting updates on PD. So of course you can follow me here, but I'll also keep everyone updated on my website (http://chiealeman.com), where I'll be posting episodes with a week delay starting today, or twitter (http://twitter.com/chiealeman). Those are the best places to keep track of my writing even when I'm not posting here. :)


  1. Hi Chie,
    I’m sorry, but it appears that I might have caused some confusion with my post yesterday…

    Just to clarify, I asked Lee for permission and was allowed to make ONE post directing to another site. I am NOT allowed to post any subsequent updates going forward.

    Just wanted to clear up any misconceptions :-)
    - Hartmann

    1. Oh, I had planned to do that before you made your post, actually. I'll still be posting the new episodes here first. :)

    2. Oh, all good then.
      I apologize if I butt in...I was just worried that I'd created a misunderstanding...since I'm as clear as mud LOL