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Skin and Scars Chapter 15

The flight had gone by quickly, Julia and Aaron talked for a little while, and then Aaron decided to take a short nap while Julia read her book. Two and a half hours later, they landed at LAX. When the plane pulled into the gate the other passengers deplaned, and then a middle aged man and woman came on board with the aisle chair to get Aaron. Julia waited patiently in the window seat as Aaron was readied to be hauled off the plane again. He repeated the process of transferring to the aisle chair, but this time the two assistive passenger service agents were more hands-on. Julia watched as he glanced her way several times, making eye contact, his face soft but his mouth tight. She knew he was annoyed but was trying to be patient with them. Once seated in the aisle chair, he grabbed his cushion and backpack and was wheeled up the aisle.

Julia was in front this time, leading the way. She stopped to give Captain Rick a quick hug before stepping off the plane. From behind, she heard Captain Rick speak to Aaron as he passed.

“Aaron, you take care of her, son.” His voice was low and sincere.

Julia smiled to herself and heard Aaron respond. “Will do, sir. Great flight, thank you.”

Julia saw Aaron’s wheelchair waiting there right next to both of their gate checked bags. She lifted the handles up on both bags and pulled them to her. The assistive agents pulled Aaron right next to his chair and undid the straps. He tossed his cushion onto the seat and pressed it in place. Once the straps were all off, Aaron made sure his wheel locks were still in place, then quickly hopped over to his chair. He shifted backward against the low backrest and lifted up from the seat to sit straighter. Julia waited as he lifted his legs and feet into place and slung his backpack on.

He thanked the assistive agents and turned to Julia. “Ready to rock and roll?”

Julia handed him his coat which he laid across his lap then. “Ready.” She turned to head up the incline of the jet bridge with Aaron right beside her.

There was still about forty-five minutes before they boarded their next flight so they found the gate and got settled. They both took turns keeping guard of their belongings while the other used the facilities, then Aaron set out to refill their water bottles and purchase a few snacks for the flight.

“Nuts, protein bar, M&M’s, gum, magazine, water.” Aaron handed Julia a sack of goodies and her water bottle when he returned.

“Ooooh, yes! Thank you. We’ll definitely need a little chocolate.” She peered into the bag.

“Julia West and uh, Aaron Evans. If you’re here in the boarding area, please see us at the service desk at the gate.” Overhead, through the loudspeaker, their names were suddenly called.

Julia’s head snapped up. “Oh. That’s us.” She stood quickly. “I’ll go see what’s going on.” She dropped the sack in her seat and went to the desk.

A few minutes later, she returned and handed Aaron a paper boarding pass. “New seats, my friend.” 
She sounded excited. “Business Class was wide open, so we got upgraded.”

Aaron looked down at the pass. “What?! Wow! Awesome.”

“Perks of the job,” she said teasingly.

“It’s in row five…,” Aaron said as he noticed where they would sit. “That’s not too far back. Is this aisle on this one wider through Business?”

Julia glanced over her shoulder to look at the waiting plane at the gate. “Yes, it is. It’s an A330, so the aisles are wide.” She turned to look at him. “Are you thinking you won’t need the aisle chair?”

Aaron nodded in agreement and folded his boarding pass to slide it in his shirt pocket. “That’s what I am thinking. It will be fine. Should I go let them know?” He said.

“Yeah, probably.” Julia motioned up to the desk. “I was talking to the lady with the neck scarf right there.” She pointed her out.

Aaron nodded and pushed forward, making his way to the desk. “Be right back…”

Julia consolidated the items Aaron had purchased into his backpack and into her bag, preparing to board the flight.

“She said they will be ready to board in just a couple minutes.” Aaron returned and stopped in front of Julia, his knees almost touching hers.

“Cool,” she glanced up with a smile. “I put half in here and the other half in my bag,” she lifted his backpack.

He took it and slung it over his shoulders, then laid his coat across his lap again.

Julia stood up and grabbed the handles of their bags as the lady in the neck scarf stepped over.

“Hi, folks. The crew is ready for you.”

Julia and Aaron looked at each other, both ready to get the show on the road.  They followed the lady and she scanned their boarding passes.

“And you’re sure you don’t need any assistance boarding, Mr. Evans?” She confirmed as she placed new gate check tags on their bags and his wheelchair.

“Yes, I can get right to the seat, thank you.” He said.

The scarf lady smiled. “Ok, then, you two enjoy! Have a wonderful day.”

Aaron let Julia in front of him and she passed through the boarding door into the jet bridge. At the door of the plane, Julia stepped on and Aaron popped up his front casters and pushed onto the plane, which was bigger than the last. Julia walked the few rows back and stepped into their row which was only a window and aisle seat. Aaron followed right behind, having more room to navigate. He was able to quickly make the transfer into the aisle seat.

“Ah, yes. More leg room,” he commented with a chuckle.

“Yes!” Julia leaned down and kissed his cheek as he glanced up at her.

“Do you want me to take it up front?” She asked with a nod to his chair.

“Yes, please, thanks.” Aaron shifted on the seat cushion from his chair and reached over to push his chair back out of the way.

Julia turned sideways in order to get out of their row, stepping over Aaron’s legs in the process, which he quickly adjusted to make a clear path.

Aaron reached back and flipped off the wheel locks so Julia could push the chair right up the aisle.

“Be back in a minute…,” she leaned down and pushed his chair away. At the front of the plane, a guy in a fluorescent vest met her to take the chair to the cargo hold.

When she returned, she stepped into the row and turned to take her seat.

Soon, the rest of the passengers began to board and before too long, everyone was in their seats. The flight wasn’t completely full, Julia could see several empty seats. When they were pushing back from the gate, Julia was looking out the window, a ritual she loved to do when flying as a regular passenger. She felt Aaron grab her hand and intertwine his fingers with hers. She glanced over and smiled then leaned her head on his shoulder.

Aaron’s eyes fluttered open and for a moment he was confused about where he was.

Wait… Where… Oh, right. Airplane. Pacific Ocean. Maui. Julia.

He sighed and came to his senses. Then he glanced over at Julia, who was leaning into him with her head on his shoulder. She was asleep. The lights in the cabin were dim and the window shade was pulled down, preventing a while lot of light from entering. He had guessed he had been asleep for an hour and a half or so, which according to his watch, meant that combined with the time they had spent awake, there would be another hour or so left on the flight. He and Julia had watched a movie on his laptop, then ate the provided meal, which had been quite good. After lunch, they both fell asleep.

Without wanting to wake Julia, Aaron slowly pressed down on both armrests, lifting himself from the seat to change positions. He settled back down and then slowly reached with one hand down to the leg of his pants to adjust his legs one at a time which were outstretched and crossed at the ankles. He had to make sure to move often on long flights like this one. It was torture having to stay in the seat for such an extended amount of time, but he tried to make the best of it.

Aaron relaxed into the seat and closed his eyes again. Maybe he could fall asleep again and get some more shut eye. They would be to their destination before too long.

Around noon Maui time, they landed. Upon touchdown, Aaron immediately rolled his watch three hours back to be in the correct time zone. From the looks of it, it was sunny and clear outside. Aaron and Julia both peered through the window to see the surroundings as they taxied down the landing runway to the gate.

“Holy smokes, it’s so beautiful!” Julia exclaimed as they rolled right along the edge of the ocean outside.

Aaron squeezed her held that he held. “It is indeed.”

The plane came to a stop at the gate and the sound of everyone’s seat belts unbuckling simultaneously reverberated throughout the cabin. The sounds of shuffling came next. Julia and Aaron both unbuckled and leaned down to retrieve their respective bags. Aaron would again be the last one off, so they weren’t in a rush. After a little while, the last of the passengers were trickling off and Aaron’s wheelchair was rolled up the aisle to their seats by a young gentleman. “Here ya go,” he said as he left it.

Aaron lifted off the seat enough to jerk his cushion out from under his butt and place into the seat of his chair. Then he made sure the wheel locks were on and reached over to plant his hand on the edge of the cushion. With one swift movement, he squarely planted himself in the chair. He lifted both his legs up and rested his feet on the footplate. Both his left foot and knee gave a little bounce. Aaron pressed down on his knee and it continued to bounce. Brushing the spasm off, Aaron shifted in the seat and reached for his backpack which he stuffed his coat into and then he pulled the straps over his shoulders. Julia inched out of the row with her belongings as Aaron pushed forward up the aisle. Julia grabbed both their rolling bags and pulled them along up the jet bridge.

Once they were in the terminal, they split ways, both wanting to use the restroom. Meeting up again, Aaron pointed to the sign above that pointed to the exit and rental car pick up. They made their way through the throngs of people in the airport to the exit which deposited them outside.

Julia took a deep breath as she looked toward the sky. “Sunshine!” She immediately rolled back the sleeves of her shirt as the temperature was way warmer than the weather they left in Denver.

Aaron stopped long enough to do the same thing. He unbuttoned the top few buttons of his shirt, revealing his white undershirt, and rolled his sleeves back to his elbows. The sun felt good.
Julia looked around and then turned to Aaron with a smile.

“We’re here, babe,” he said as he reached out and pulled her to him. She leaned down and he hugged her close to him before exchanging a quick kiss.

“Let’s find the car, shall we?” Aaron suggested when they pulled apart.

“Let’s.” Julia grabbed the bags and kept pace as they turned a corner in search of the rental car facility. They quickly found the shuttle that took them over to where the cars were picked up. In no time, Aaron had the keys in hand and their bags were loaded in the back of a newer model white Ford Edge. He had arranged for a car with hand controls that way he could drive. Once in the car, Julia plugged the address of the hotel into the navigation app on her phone and set it up on the dash. Aaron was in the driver’s seat and he adjusted the mirrors and seat. They both slid their sunglasses on and rolled down their windows to let the fresh air in.

“You should reach your destination in twenty three minutes,” the automated voice radiated from Julia’s phone.

Aaron reached over for Julia’s hand and rubbed his thumb over her knuckles. “Are you ready?”

“Totally ready,” she said as she reached down to the radio controls and turned up the volume. A song by Bruno Mars came through the speakers and Aaron drove the car away from the airport.

Later that evening, as they sat at a table in a beach side bar at their hotel, Aaron and Julia were enjoying cocktails and dinner. They were staying at the Hyatt Regency Maui which was located on Ka’anapali beach. They had made it to the resort hours before and took their time getting refreshed and rested before setting out to explore the nearby Whaler’s Village, a shopping and dining complex. Once they returned to the hotel, they were both starving. They found a quiet little restaurant and bar where they were seated right away.

The open air bar was lined with lit torches that gave off a soft glow and a romantic ambience. The ocean was a stone’s throw away; the sound of waves lapping the beach was subtle and calming. They shared traditional Hawaiian dishes paired with specially crafted cocktails.

Julia could feel the effects of the alcohol after her third drink. She felt the heat radiate up from her neck into her cheeks and face, a calming sensation she welcomed. She nibbled on the food at the end of the meal, having been fully satiated by the entrĂ©es she and Aaron shared. The conversation had relaxed by then and a stillness swept over the table. Julia caught Aaron’s eye several times as they both sipped on their drinks. The spark between them was palpable, and the desire for one another had been building all night.

When their glasses were empty, Aaron wheeled over to the bartender where he arranged for the meal and drinks to be added to the room. He generously tipped the bartender and waitress and came back to the table where Julia waited.

With an outstretched hand, Aaron invited Julia to come to him. She willingly took his hand and let him pull her down to whisper in her ear. She laughed quietly and covered her mouth, a girlish move. Aaron spun around and headed to the door, pushing the wheel rims on his chair with long deliberate strokes. Julia lagged behind a little, having stood up at the table and felt the effects of the alcohol go straight to her legs. She caught up to Aaron at the elevator where they entered and he pressed the button for their floor. The ride to the fourth floor seemed like it forever. Aaron drummed his fingers on his wheel rims and Julia tapped her foot. When the elevator dinged the signal of their arrival, they exited and turned to the direction of their room. Aaron swiped their keycard in the door and pushed the door open. Julia made sure the door was shut and she flipped the lock to engage it.

The room was dimly lit with only one lamp by the bedside and the drapes and window were open. The sounds from the beach could still be heard and the breeze coming off the ocean was blowing right in.

In the middle of the room, Aaron turned to face Julia, who dropped her small clutch onto the table in the sitting area and kicked off her sandals. She took off the necklace and earrings she wore and placed them by her clutch. She went to Aaron and laid each hand on either of his shoulders. He grabbed her waist and pulled her closer, positioning her to be right between his knees. Julia leaned down and pressed his head into her middle before she ran her fingers through his hair. In an instant, she hiked up the skirt on her dress and pulled the fabric up to her hips. She straddled Aaron’s lap, one leg hung over either wheel, and sat down slowly. Aaron’s hands were still on her waist and he pulled her closer to him. He slid his hands up her back to her neck and his fingers tangled in her hair. Julia wrapped her arms around his neck and tilted her head back.

Aaron started slowly by kissing her neck, her chest, and the soft tops of her breasts, which were exposed by the neckline of the dress she wore. He worked his way up to her face, jawline, and finally her mouth. With her head tilted down in his hands, Aaron claimed her lips. Julia kept her arms around his neck and welcomed the kiss. The heat and desire had been stoked all night.

Julia ran her hands under Aaron’s blue t-shirt as they kissed and she slowly lifted it as he raised his arms. She pulled it from his arms, over his head and tossed it aside. Aaron slid his fingers under the thin straps of her aqua colored dress and let them fall off her shoulders. He slowly gathered the bunched up fabric and began to lift it off her body.

“You know…seeing you in this dress tonight, damn near killed me,” he said through kisses. He let the dress fall to the side of his chair. Julia sat back and let him look at her. He ran his hands over Julia’s bare shoulders and back; she wore nothing but a sexy strapless bra and matching panties.

“Maybe you are trying to kill me, woman…,” he teased before taking her mouth again.

Julia let her fingers trace along Aaron’s bare shoulders and chest before she moved to his back where she ran her nails up and down gently. He shuddered and chill bumps raised on his skin.

“Feel good?” She whispered. She felt Aaron nod slowly as they continued their exploration.

Julia reached down to unbutton his lightweight pants and then slid her hand into his boxer briefs. Not surprising, he was already hard.

“Mmm,” she murmured as she wrapped her hand around him. “Bed,” she whispered.

Aaron reversed the chair toward the side of the bed closest to where they were and pushed forward, Julia still straddling him. He didn’t notice that he knees hit the mattress when he made it to the bed but Julia felt her butt brush against the soft material. Aaron aided in lifting Julia from his lap and she shimmied backward onto the bed.

He watched her as she reached back and unclasped the bra holding her breasts. She rose to sit on her knees and let the bra fall from her body. Aaron closed his eyes and bit his lip before tilting his head back.

“I want you now…,” Julia said as she sat perfectly posed on her knees, her firm breasts on full display.

Aaron quickly spun around and pushed toward the bathroom, the door closing behind him. A couple minutes later, he came out hurriedly and pushed across the length of the room to the bed, where he lined up the chair parallel to the edge. He leaned down and pulled off his shoes and socks quickly.

Aaron transferred efficiently up to the bed where Julia waited. He scooted back to sit against the headrest and jerked his pants leg to straighten his legs. Julia crawled over on all fours to his feet and faced him. She slowly and methodically began to pull his pants down off each leg, then went to shimmy down his boxer briefs. Both items were tossed off the side of the bed. She crawled closer to him and straddled his hips.

“Let me see you…,” Aaron’s voice was low as he cupped her bare breasts with each of his hands.

“God, you are beautiful, Julia.” He admired her as she sat back and let him take her into full sight.

Aaron pulled her closer to him and brought her face to his to claim her mouth again. They kissed for a while, and explored eachother’s bodies with their hands and mouths.

“I need to taste you,” Aaron finally said as he lifted Julia up. She switched positions with him and laid in the spot he had occupied. She bent her knees and waited to feel his face between her legs. Aaron reached up and pulled her by the waist down the bed to him, then slid her panties off. Julia felt the tickle of his scruffy face come in contact with her most sensitive area. He was soon using his tongue and mouth in ways she had come to appreciate. Julia took his head in her hands and ran her fingers through his hair.

“Oh god, Aaron, yes,” she was almost breathless.

Aaron continued the task for a while and Julia was nearing the edge.

“Almost… almost… yes!” She whispered.

Satisfied, Julia caught her breath and Aaron lifted his head. Julia lay her arm over her eyes and then felt Aaron next to her. His hand was on her stomach and his mouth went to her breast. He sucked and kissed her breast and caressed her skin for a moment while she rested. She took her arm from her eyes and rolled on her side to face Aaron. He kissed her forehead and she placed her hand on his bare chest. They lay silently and still for a moment until Julia rolled back to lie flat. She glanced down to see the state of Aaron’s situation and saw that he was still hard but would probably need to be firmer for intercourse.

Julia grasped Aaron’s shoulder and urged him to scoot up closer beside her, then she reached down and laid her hand around his erection. She began to stimulate him and felt his erection grow. She continued the task for a moment until Aaron groaned. Julia knew he was ready.

She lay back gently, her head resting comfortably on plush pillows, while Aaron held himself above her. In their tried and true position, he rested on his bent left forearm and reached down with his right hand. Julia felt Aaron guide himself inside of her slowly and she took him fully. He glanced down between their bodies, then back at Julia. His upper body could support his weight, and with Julia’s legs being bent, his lower half wasn’t on top of her completely. He began to move inside her using his hips and rocking his upper half. His movements were slow to start and gained speed as he worked. Julia had one hand on the back of his neck and the other on his chest. They were quiet as Aaron rocked and thrusted; he would take his time.

Minutes passed, their body heat radiated off of one another, both bodies had a sheen of sweat on bare skin. Aaron’s breath quickened as he neared orgasm. He worked for a little while longer and adjusted the position of his arms

“Yes, babe,” she said breathlessly. “Keep going,” she had to tell him in words what he couldn’t always feel. Without Aaron having taken a pill, he probably wouldn’t be able to last long enough to please her again, but she accepted that in the moment. This was his time; he had brought her to orgasm earlier.

Julia felt Aaron’s body quiver as he finished just a moment later. His arms and upper body shook slightly when his muscled contracted. He lowered himself down slowly to gently lay on Julia and caught his breath.

“I love you,” she said softly.

“I love you, too.” Aaron kissed her lips softly. He didn’t stay on top of her for long before reaching down and guiding himself out of Julia. He rolled onto his side and took a few deep breaths.

Julia sat up and swung her legs over the edge of the bed while she waited for Aaron to move. Soon, he sat up and scooted forward to the edge of the bed next to her. He brought his legs over the edge and reached forward for his chair. Julia placed her hand on his thigh and turned her head to capture his mouth. The kiss was tender and sweet.

When they pulled apart, Julia stood up and strode toward the bathroom. She emerged a few minutes later with a thin white robe wrapped around herself and her hair in a messy ponytail on top of her head. Still naked, Aaron leaned to swing down into the chair and positioned his legs accordingly. He went into the bathroom next and took care of business before coming out, his body still bare except for a pair of fresh boxer briefs. He wheeled over to the window to close it and to draw the gauzy curtains. Then Aaron pushed to the bed and swiftly transferred up onto it next to Julia, who had turned down the comforter and sheets. Julia settled in close to Aaron as they relaxed into the bed together. Sleep was pulling them both into the darkness.


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