Thursday, July 23, 2015

Little Announcement About Footsteps (no story, so other authors keep posting...)

Hi all,

I'm posting this from the wifi at Heathrow Airport! Hoping it lasts long enough to post successfully... 

This is just a quick announcement, sadly no story, so other authors please carry on posting as planned around this, and I hope no one minds my popping this up here as it's a one-off. I'm out of the UK for two weeks and I won't have internet, land line or cell reception where I'm going. That does mean I can't post Chapter 7 of Footsteps for at least two weeks (*hides nervously and waits for reaction*) even though it's written... On the plus side, I will have more chapters written by the time I get back (because there's very little else to do there!) so I'll be able to post weekly for a couple of weeks. 



  1. I will try to patiently wait for the new chapters, emphasis on the word try, lol. But on the bright side it will be absolutely fabulous to get a Chapter weekly for a couple of weeks when you come back!!

  2. Well more chapters is a good trade! Enjoy your time away and I'll be anxiously waiting to see where the story goes.

  3. Thank you for leaving me this Friday to post my last Chapter! Enjoy your vacation!

  4. I'm not patient!! More footsteps pleeeeeaaaaaase!