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Skin and Scars Chapter 4

 Chapter 4

The atmosphere at Riley’s bar was tame and relatively quiet for a Tuesday evening, especially since there was a Rockies game on television. Aaron and his friend John were at their regular table, where they met for beer and food quite often.  The bar was near both of their homes, and they had been frequenting the bar for quite a while. Aaron hadn’t been into Riley’s since the night of the car crash when he met Julia, nor had he filled in John on the details of what happened afterward. John and Aaron were relatively close, having known each other for several years, but Aaron hadn’t had a conversation with John about what he was feeling about the girl who had crashed into his life. He was fairly stoic, and rarely talked about his own emotions, or girls he dated, especially with guy friends. It was just something he didn’t do. The two men were on their second round of drinks of the night when Aaron’s phone began to ring.
Aaron peered down at the table where the phone lay face up and the name Julia flashed onto the screen. Aaron reached forward, grabbed the phone, and turned to John.

“Hey, man, I’ve got to take this. Sorry.” He tapped the screen to answer the call and pressed the phone between his cheek and shoulder, holding in in place while he reversed his chair.

“This is Aaron.” He said as he wheeled away from the table slowly.

“Hey, it’s Julia. Is this a good time?” She asked.

“Sure, just hang on one second here…” He said, noticing the noise level in the bar had risen. Still balancing the phone, Aaron expertly made his way through the bar, leaned back in his chair, and hopped over the lip at the threshold of the door, then went out onto the sidewalk in front.

“Hey. Sorry.” He reached up and switched the cell phone from one ear to the other, eagerly awaiting to see what the conversation would bring.

“How are you?” Julia asked, her voice fairly quiet.

“I’m well. But shouldn’t I be asking you that question? How are you?” Aaron said with a laugh.

“I’m doing fine, thank you.” Aaron could hear Julia smile as she answered.

“Good. Good to hear.” Aaron nodded, then stopped himself, realizing Julia couldn’t see him. He shook his head, amazed at his own silly behavior.

“So, I’m calling you.” Julia paused. “In hopes that your offer still stands…”

Aaron smiled. “It absolutely does. Are you feeling up to doing something?”

“I am, yes.” She said quickly.

“Alright, great.” He said with a smile as he leaned back in his chair, and brought a hand up that he ran through his hair.

“Are you free on Friday night?” She asked then, which surprised him.

“Friday night?” He paused. “Yes, I can swing Friday night.”

“Dinner?” Julia inquired.

“Sure. Did you have a place in mind?” Aaron shifted in the seat of his chair as he spoke.

Julia laughed. “No, I hadn’t thought that far ahead yet…”

“That’s fine,” he said as he returned a small laugh. “Have you been to Tables on Kearney Street?” He suggested a restaurant he hadn’t been to but read good reviews about.

“I haven’t yet. That sounds fine. What time works for you?”

Aaron paused, thinking. “Does seven work?”

“Yes! Should we just meet there?” She asked, and Aaron could hear a slight apprehension apparent in her voice.

Don’t offer to pick her up. Not yet, anyway. Let her do it her way.

“That’s fine with me, sure.” He agreed.

“Ok. See you then, Aaron.” Julia said, a smile in her voice again.

“Yeah, see you Friday, Julia. Bye.” Aaron ended the call and dropped his cell phone in his lap. He sat there for a moment, replaying their conversation over in his head.

Dinner with Julia. She must not think I’m a complete asshole. Ha. The wheels must not be that big of a deal either.

He placed his hands on his wheels and spun around toward the door. He entered the bar and went back to the table he shared with John.

“Everything ok?” John asked as he took a drink from his beer bottle.

Aaron nodded and pulled closer to the tabletop. “Yes.” He reached for his beer and took a swig.

“Doctor Evans. Always answering phone calls after hours…” John teased.

Aaron laughed and rolled his eyes. “Not tonight, man.” He paused, deciding to come clean about Julia.

“I was making plans for dinner with this girl.” Aaron said nonchalantly, trying not to make big deal out of their plans for Friday night.

“Well, hot damn, Evans. A date?!” John said with a big smile.

Aaron held his beer bottle between both hands as he leaned forward on the table. He was fully expecting John to give him a hard time, and his friend didn’t disappoint. John knew his history, and knew it had been a while since Aaron was involved in a relationship.

“Yes, I guess it is a date.” He nodded, and couldn’t contain a small smile that formed on his lips.

“Nice, man. Tell me about her.” John reached into the paper lined basket and picked at the chicken 
wings he had.

“Well, where do I even begin?” Aaron chuckled, and took another drink from his beer bottle.

Julia pulled into the parking lot at Tables restaurant and 6:45 on Friday night as sunset approached. She slung her handbag over her shoulder, and opened the door to the rental car, getting out slowly. The lot was down the street a ways from the restaurant, so walking to it took a few minutes. She took a deep breath as she came to the entrance, trying to calm her nerves. She was excited to see Aaron, but also didn’t know what to expect. She had only seen him in the hospital, when she was at her 
absolute worst.

The patio seating in front had a few people dining at tables, but she didn’t recognize any of them as being her dinner date. She decided she was still early and figured she would wait for Aaron on the bench outside of the restaurant. As Julia sat and waited for a few minutes, a nervousness suddenly washed over her. She felt butterflies in her stomach, and oddly self-conscious. It was the same feeling she had laying in the hospital bed the morning after the accident when Aaron first came by. She looked around to see if she could spot him, and when she didn’t she flung open her handbag.

Make this quick, Jules.

She dug into it, reaching in and retrieving a tube of rose colored M.A.C. lipstick, and applying it to her lips quickly. She popped open her mirrored compact and checked her teeth to make sure they were lipstick free, and then tossed a mint in her mouth. She closed the compact and tossed it back in her bag, then she fluffed her hair, thankful she had curled it. Julia looked down at her clothes, feeling all wrong about her choice of outfit. She smoothed her plum colored top and adjusted the black cashmere open cardigan she wore over it, then she pulled on the waist of her form fitting dark wash jeans to make sure they felt comfortable. She looked down at her shoes, a pair of comfortable Tieks soft black leather ballet flats.

Ok. Stop. You’re good. Anything is better than when he saw you in a bloodied dress, a flimsy gown, 
and sweats at the hospital.

Just as she was done primping, she looked over to see Aaron wheeling down the sidewalk. He looked so confident as he approached; sitting tall in the chair. Seeing him again made Julia’s pulse race, but she welcomed the feeling.

Aaron waited until he was a few feet from the bench before he spoke. “Well, if it isn’t the infamous Julia West,” he said with one of his typical grins. He came to a stop when he was perpendicular to the bench, keeping his hands on the wheel rims.

Julia laughed and tipped her head, feeling a sense of calm wash over her. Her nervousness disappeared. It was like magic.

“In the flesh.” She said with a smile when she caught his gaze as they were practically eye to eye.

Julia took note of Aaron’s appearance, and thought he looked even more handsome than she remembered. He wore dark jeans, and a lightweight navy blue V-neck sweater, his sleeves pushed up to his elbows as usual. She noticed he wore some casual looking mahogany brown suede lace up shoes on his feet that rested side by side on the footplate of his wheelchair. His light brown hair looked shorter, as did his facial hair.

Hot Doc must have gotten a haircut.

A sly grin spread across Aaron’s face as he held Julia’s eyes. “It’s good to see you.”

“You, too.” She said softly with a smile.

“So. Shall we?” Aaron nodded his head toward the door of the restaurant.

“Sure.” Julia stood slowly, and followed Aaron. She watched as Aaron efficiently pushed forward, and stopped when he got to the door. He reached forward with one hand and pulled the door open while wheeling himself backward with the other hand.

Once the door was open, he gestured for Julia to go ahead. “Please.”

Oh my god. He’s opening the door for me?!

Julia walked in, and Aaron followed behind her. He pushed a couple feet to the podium where the hostess waited, and told her they had a reservation for seven o’clock. The hostess gathered two menus, and asked Aaron and Julia to follow her.

With a smile, Aaron motioned for Julia to follow the hostess. “After you.”

Julia followed the hostess through the restaurant and looked around. The space was big and had an open floor plan, but it felt cozy. Two white rolling barn doors separated one area from another. Almost every rustic table was filled with diners and Julia thought the food smelled so appetizing. The restaurant was dimly lit, with low lights hanging from the ceiling, and sconces hanging on the wall. The hostess led the pair to a table off to the side of the dining area and laid their menus on the table.

“Sir, can I move this for you?” The hostess asked as she placed her hands on a chair, preparing to move it to make room for Aaron’s wheelchair.

Oh. The chair.

It hit Julia then; the small accommodating changes that Aaron might use in his everyday life. She hadn’t given it much thought before that moment.

Aaron gave the hostess an assuring nod. “Sure, thanks.”

Julia waited until the hostess moved the chair and Aaron wheeled up to the table before she sat down. She looked up to see Aaron lift himself up for a moment, and shift so that he was sitting straighter in the chair. Her curiosity was growing. She had seen Aaron do that exact move a couple times before and she wondered why. Julia glanced down at the menu and flipped it open, not wanting Aaron to see she watched him.

A comfortable silence fell over the table as both Julia and Aaron read their menus. The waiter came and filled their water glasses and handed Aaron the wine list.

“Julia…,” he said, his voice deep and clear.

She looked up in surprise and caught his eye. “Yes?”

“Wine?” Aaron raised an eyebrow and gestured down to the wine list.        

Oh, why not? It’ll take the edge off. Plus, you only had a couple ibuprofen this morning. It’s fine.

“Yes, I’d love some.” She said with an eager smile.

He handed her the list, and she scanned the options.

“Red or white?” Aaron asked.

Julia pondered for a moment. “I think I’ll do a white…” She handed the list back to him across the table.

Aaron nodded, and greeted the waiter when he arrived. He let Julia order her wine first, a glass of a Pinot Gris, and then ordered a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon for himself. They decided to skip on starters and went on to order their meals instead. Julia ordered a braised pork dish and Aaron went with an herb steak and sides.

“Have you been here?” She asked him, sipping her water as she waited for his answer.

Aaron rested his forearms on the edge of the table, his hands clasped together. He shook his head. “No, never. I’ve heard good things though, so here’s hoping it lives up to the expectation.” He laughed quietly.

“I like it…,” Julia said as she glanced around. “Good choice.”

“We’ll see about that after the meal.” Aaron laughed; his grin wide.

Julia turned back to him, and smiled. Their eyes locked for a moment, neither one breaking the contact.

The waiter arrived with both of their glasses of wine, and set them on the table. They thanked him, and both reached for their glasses simultaneously, each taking a small sip.

Oh, yes. That is good.

“Alright…so, I have to ask.” Aaron said, after he sipped from his wine glass. “How are you feeling?”

Julia let out a small laugh.

It took Dr. Evans long enough to ask.

“I’m feeling good, actually. A lot better. I went and saw Dr. Andersen on Monday. She was great, by the way, so thank you.”

Julia watched as a fleeting moment of regret flashed in Aaron’s face, but he quickly recovered. “Good, I’m glad you’re coming along. No thanks necessary.” He answered with a smile, and then paused. “Yeah, uh, Dr. Andersen was an instructor of mine in medical school. I’ve known her quite a while. She’s an awesome physician.” He reached for his wine glass, and took another sip.

“She thinks I’ll make it, too. So, that’s good.” Julia peered over her wine glass at Aaron as she took a drink and he smiled. Julia could already feel the wine as it hit her stomach, the sensation already 
warming her body.

God forbid I get drunk on the first date. This is a date, isn’t it?

She drank from her water glass to mix it up a little bit.

Oh! The photos! Talk about his photos. Wait. Or is that weird if he knows I know he took them? Oh god. I’m already buzzed. How am I already buzzed?

Julia took a chance anyway. “So, at Dr. Andersen’s office…the photos in the lobby. You took those?”

Aaron nodded. “I did.”

Julia lit up as she spoke. “They’re great. The one in the lobby of the ridge should be on postcards.”

She had lived in Colorado for years, and a lot of the places in the photos she recognized immediately. Julia was seriously impressed with his photography skills.

Aaron lowered his head and laughed, almost seeming to be shy about it. He looked back up, and met Julia’s eyes. “Well, thank you. I’m no professional; just a guy who messes around with a camera sometimes,” he said with a shrug.

“They’re great photos nonetheless…” Julia complimented him again.

Aaron nodded in humble thanks, and kept Julia’s gaze.

The waiter arrived with their entrées, and Julia was eager to put something else besides wine and water into her body. Both Aaron and Julia placed their cloth napkins into their laps before beginning to eat. The table was quiet for a few moments as they ate.

Aaron leaned back and brought his wine glass to his lips, taking another small sip. “So, things are good? Your head and side are both feeling alright?”

Julia brought her napkin to her mouth and dabbed her lips. “Oh, yes. So much better.”

“Your pain has been manageable?”

He just can’t help it, can he?!

“Yes, it sure has. I haven’t taken any of the pain medication for a few days now. I’ve been just fine with ibuprofen.” Julia took a small bite of pork.

“Really?” Aaron raised his eyebrows and smiled. “Wow, ok. That’s great, Wonder Woman.” He leaned forward in his chair, reaching for his fork and knife.

Oh, yes, that sense of humor. There it is again.

Julia couldn’t contain her laughter. “Wonder Woman?! More, Medium Tolerance for Pain Woman.”

Aaron shook his head, and chuckled. “If you say so…”

They continued to eat their meals, the table staying quiet.

“Have you had to take time off from work?” Aaron sounded genuinely concerned.

Julia sat back in her chair, and sipped from her wine glass. “I have, yes. I am taking a few weeks off. I have to have medical clearance before I go back.”

“What is that you do?” He asked, genuinely interested.

Wait, he doesn’t know, does he?

Julia perked up, and straightened in her seat, turning on that necessary charm she needed while at work.

Here it comes.

“I’m a flight attendant. Attending to everyone’s needs at 40,000 feet with a smile.” She mocked a cheesy grin, and raised her wine glass.

Aaron laughed. “Oh, really?” He sounded surprised.

“I love it, I do. I’ve been with my airline since I was 21.” She nodded. “It’s more than just serving some Cokes.” Julia said sarcastically with a smile before putting her glass down on the table.

Aaron nodded. “I’m sure it is. I see what you all have to deal with when I travel. I bet it’s not easy. I give you credit.”

I’m sure he’s a great flyer. Easy going, not needy, won’t grab my ass when asking for a drink, a flight attendant’s dream passenger.

Julia waved her hand. “Oh, please! You’re a doctor. My job is cake compared to yours.”

“We both have our fair share of ups and downs on the job. I doubt I have the patience for yours.” Aaron took a bite of food.

“Nor I don’t possess the medical degree required for yours…,” Julia laughed, and watched Aaron grin across the table.

Between the delicious food, and wine, easy conversation, and guy who was easy on the eyes sitting across from her, Julia was feeling great. She felt comfortable being around Aaron; he had such a calming presence. They talked some more as they each finished their meals; the conversation flowing along nicely. They both declined the dessert menu, deciding neither could eat another bite of food.

“Alright. Verdict is in. Tables was pretty good.” Aaron threw back the last bit of wine, and drank it.

“I agree. See?! What did I say? Good choice…,” Julia smiled.

The waiter came, and laid the bill on the table, nearer to Aaron. Instinctively, Julia reached into her bag to pull out her wallet.

“Hey now, what are you doing there?” Aaron asked with a laugh when Julia pulled out a card.

She held it up, unsure of how they should pay the check.

“Julia, I’ve got it.” He let out a low chuckle as he pulled out a worn brown leather wallet from the pouch on the underside of his wheelchair. “Your money is no good here…”

“Are you sure?” She asked, fully expecting to pay at least her portion of the meal.

“Yes, I’m sure.” Aaron enunciated the last word, and looked up with a sly grin on his face.

Oh my god. That smile. Is it hot in here? My word, that wine was good.

“Well, thank you. You didn’t have to do that.” She slipped her card back into her wallet, and put it back in her bag.

“You’re welcome. I enjoyed this, so thank you.” He said with a nod.

The waiter came to retrieve Aaron’s credit card and returned a few short moments later with the receipts. Julia watched him as he quickly calculated the gratuity and filled in the appropriate dollar amounts with a pen. He hastily scrawled his signature on the bottom of one receipt, then slipped the other copy into his wallet. He reversed his chair slightly and put the wallet back under his seat.

Aaron looked up to meet Julia’s eyes. “Alright, crazy question. It’s not even nine. How do you feel about hanging out a little while longer?”

Yes. Yes times a thousand.

Julia smiled. “I think I’d feel ok with that…” She looked away quickly. “I am going to excuse myself to the ladies room first, though.”

Aaron nodded. “Be careful,” he said, obviously teasing her. Again.

Julia stood from the table and placed her napkin on her seat. “Be right back.” She lifted her purse, and headed toward where she thought the restroom might be hidden.

Once inside, she used the facilities. While she washed her hands, she took a look at herself in the mirror. Her hair was lasting, so she decided not to mess with it. She pulled out the lipstick again, and reapplied the color to her lips. She checked her teeth again, and popped in another mint. She dug around in her purse until she found the travel size perfume she wore. Julia spritzed her pulse points with the scent, Marc Jacobs Daisy, and took one more look in the mirror. She felt confident, and beautiful, and still a little bit buzzed off of the wine.

And now, ladies gentlemen, we continue on to the second act of tonight’s show.

Julia turned on her heel and left the restroom. She had no idea what else the night might bring, but she couldn’t wait to find out.


Aaron took Julia to a quiet bar on the same street as Tables. She followed behind him, stopping to wait at the entrance of the bar as he rocked back on his wheels, and popped the front of his chair up onto the one step that led to the door. He used a railing to pull himself up onto the step, then repeated the same process he used at the restaurant to open the door.

He turned to Julia as she waited next to him. “After you…,” he gestured for her to enter the bar.

The room was fairly small, and not too busy, only a handful of people were sitting at the bar. The room had dim lighting, but it was easy to navigate. Small round tables littered the floor, all with chairs around them, while big fluffy burgundy couches lined the walls. Julia led them through the tables, moving empty chairs aside as she went, to a couch alongside the wall with an empty table in front of it. She sat, and Aaron wheeled up next to the table to face Julia, his knees almost touching hers. A waitress came by and took their order.

They talked and drank for a while, both seeming to be completely at ease and comfortable. Julia was loosened up, but also conscious of her alcohol intake.

“Drinks are on me next time. And I won’t take no for an answer!” Julia said, wagging a finger at Aaron who had opened the bar tab.

Aaron laughed, a deep throaty sound escaped from his mouth. “But that’s not how this works, Julia…”

“Oh, come on!” She threw her head back with a laugh, mocking being defeated.

He leaned forward, his forearms on his knees. “You let me take you out a couple more times, and then we’ll talk about you treating me.”

Did he just ask me out again? Don’t fight him on it. Just say yes.

Accepting his offer, and feeling bold, Julia stuck her hand out towards Aaron. “Ok. Deal.”

He leaned forward, took her hand, and shook it. “Deal.” The small lines around his eyes deepened when he smiled.

Julia felt how much bigger his hand was than hers as they held onto to one another. His calloused palm was rough against her smooth skin, but the contact was almost electric between them. She pulled away quickly, breaking the moment.

Did he feel that, too? Am I crazy? Good god, be cool, Julia.

She felt her face heat then, and hoped Aaron didn’t notice her blush.

Turning to their small table, Julia reached for her cocktail, and took a sip.

Aaron smiled, and leaned back, placing both hands on his wheels. “If you’ll excuse me, I am going to find the men’s room.”

Julia gave him a nod, and watched as Aaron pushed down on his wheels, and lifted himself from the seat of his chair for a brief moment again. He sat down, and shifted his hips to sit further back in the seat.

Julia kept eye contact while he moved, trying not to pay attention to his actions, but noticing that his legs never moved while he shifted.

Don’t stare.

“Ok,” she said with a smile. “Sounds good.”

Yep, cool as a cucumber. Good job.

Aaron looked down then, and Julia couldn’t help but to follow his gaze. She saw that his left knee began bouncing slightly, and looked to be doing so on its own. Aaron put a hand on his knee, and pressed down firmly as he shifted again in the seat. His knee stopped bouncing, but his foot had shifted forward, almost off of the footplate. Julia watched as he then adjusted his left leg quickly, lifting it from underneath his knee and moving it back to its original position. He placed his foot next to the right one on the footplate. Aaron pressed his hands onto both wheels, and scooted back, settling into the chair again.

Julia’s eyes moved back up to Aaron’s when he lifted his head. A flash of embarrassment shown in his eyes. “It happens,” he said, giving her a knowing look accompanied by a small smile.

Ok. It happens, he says. Good to know.

Not knowing exactly what to say, Julia nodded in agreement. “Oh.”

Aaron looked away, and glanced toward the back of the room. “Alright. I, uh, will be back in a minute.” He placed his hands on his wheels and propelled himself forward.

Julia glanced over her shoulder and watched Aaron weave between the tables with little effort. She turned back and finished the rest of her drink, then replaced the empty glass on the small table.

You can handle the wheelchair… Can’t you?

Aaron stopped at the bar on his way back from the restroom and ordered two more drinks to be added to the tab. He asked the bartender to send them over.

Now is the time, Evans. Just tell her. She’s wondering, so just get it over with. You’ve told the story a thousand times.

Aaron made his way to the table, returning to his spot in front of Julia. “Hey.” He greeted her with a small grin, before leaning forward onto his knees.

“Well, hello. It’s been a while…,” Julia raised an eyebrow, a twinkle shown in her eye.

A waitress arrived with their drinks and they thanked her. Aaron took a drink of his beer. He needed some more liquid courage. He looked down for a quick moment and took a silent deep breath. The elephant in the room would soon be the star of the show.

“Julia, uh, I’m just going to lay it out.” He waved a hand, gesturing to his legs and wheelchair.

He watched Julia’s reaction, before continuing. Her face fell slightly, but she kept eye contact, and gave him a small nod. She was clearly receptive to whatever he might be preparing to say. He knew she must have known that The Conversation was coming, and she nodded her head slowly. He didn’t want to make her wonder anymore about why he used the chair, and he was ready to tell her the reason.

Just go. Say it.

“So,” Aaron cleared his throat. “I was injured about eight years ago. I was out camping one weekend with some friends near Boulder; we all were big into mountain biking at the time. Some buddies and I were on a ride down this trail none of us had ridden before. I was first in line, and was having a really smooth ride until I came up on a turn a little too fast.” He pointed his hand in a turning motion.

Aaron watched Julia’s brow furrow as she listened, and he could see her trying to keep her facial expression neutral. He continued on, though.

“I skidded out of the turn and lost control. The bike hit a couple deep grooves in the dirt, then somehow I managed to flip off. The trail was pretty steep at that point, and I just went completely over the bike.” He sailed his hand through the space in front of him. “It happened so unbelievably fast. I rolled a few times; probably eighty feet down or so the hill. When I finally stopped, I ended up landing on my back, and crunching into this rocky ledge.”

Aaron’s mind flashed back to the moment when he heard the sound of bones breaking as he flipped head over feet down the hill. He rarely went back to that time, he didn’t see the use of reliving it over and over, but telling Julia the story brought him right back to that day.

Julia listened intently, never looking away from Aaron’s eyes.

“So, I’m lying there, and I knew my shoulder was messed up, and I could feel that my collarbone was probably broken. As I’m taking in the situation, and trying to catch my breath, I realize I can’t move to roll over and get up. I hear my buddies up the trail yelling at me, but I couldn’t find the words to respond at that point. I knew then something wasn’t right. I had been in medical school for two years, and I knew not being able to feel anything was bad news.”

He paused for a moment, and looked down. “To this day, I don’t even know how I wasn’t able to keep myself on the bike. I had ridden since I was a little kid.” Aaron shook his head, and smirked.

Keep talking. Finish it up.

He looked up again, and met Julia’s eyes with his own. “I ended up crushing a couple vertebrae in my spinal cord, and had surgery to try to put my back together again. My injury is at the T-11 level, and it’s considered an incomplete injury, since I’ve got a little bit of sensation in my right leg.” He placed both hands on his thighs, and ran them along his jeans. “Reality, though, is that I’m paralyzed from about here,” Aaron leaned back and put his hand just above his hip. “Down.”

Julia let him finish and bit the inside of her lip. She gave him a small nod, communicating her understanding. “Ok.”

Most women he came across were completely freaked out by the wheelchair, and the other half wanted to coddle him. He had a hard time finding a girl who was accepting and understanding, and Aaron was surprised by Julia’s reaction. He hoped she would continue to be seemingly fine with it, as she had been already.

Well, she isn’t crying, nor has she left. This is a good sign.

“Anyway, it is what it is. And excuse my language, but shit happens.” He reached to the side to pick up his beer bottle, and took a sip of his drink. “I finished medical school and kept living the same life. Albeit, with a few modifications.” He said dryly as he shrugged a shoulder, and smiled.

Julia was quiet for a moment, and Aaron let her process his words.

“Well…,” she paused, and took a deep breath before continuing. “Alright. Thank you for sharing that with me.” She brought her glass to her lips, and took a sip.

Ok. Interesting response.

Aaron could tell she seemed to be somewhat uncomfortable, but he was used to that. Breaking the silence, he spoke. “Perk of the wheels, though, is the good parking spots at the gym.”

He watched as Julia cracked a smile.

Aaron reached for his beer bottle and took another drink. He felt like he needed to make it clear that he had a regular life, just like anyone else would. He wanted Julia to know he was fine, and adjusted. “I still bike, I swim, I stay active, I work a lot, I travel, and I still put my pants on one leg at a time. I deal.”

Julia nodded, and raised a finger. “And you come to the rescue of girls after they get into car accidents. Don’t forget about that one.” She said with a laugh as met Aaron’s eyes and smiled.

A laugh! Ha! Maybe she is ok with it. 


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