Friday, July 24, 2015

Twist of Fate Chapter 23

First of all I would like to comment on the Moderator's note regarding the rules for posting. I just found out a few days ago there was a whole controversy about scheduled days. Sorry if I 'monopolized' Fridays, but as I started posting regularly on a weekly basis a few months back I chose a free day following Dani's steps which seemed logical and made sense. I don't think I stepped on anyone's toes or prevented anybody to post and I thank you for respecting my timeline. 
Anyway, Fridays will be available starting next week because today I am posting the last Chapter of Twist Of Fate . Sniff…sniff. 
I got used to share Cassie and Matt’s lives with you and you have been my greatest support with your weekly reading and always nice making valuable comments. So THANK YOU, THANK YOU all for your fidelity and leniency regarding my not so perfect English! I was expecting nasty critics but obviously PD fiction readers are too kind for that!
So, enjoy this long Chapter 23 everyone. I think it is the longest of all. Guess I got carried away and had a hard time to stop!

A special thank you to Pepper. Lynn C, Lu5, Dani S…. and all the anonymous who took some time to write reviews along the chapters.  Merci et au revoir. Peut-être à bientôt?! 


  1. *wibble*
    The final chapter??
    Well then, I shall cherish it and strongly encourage you to write again soon as as you are a marvelous writer!

  2. Nooooo, i really dont wanna read the chapter! Can't deal with not getting home super excited every friday to read the newest chapter of the story..... i really loved it! Please start a new story asap!!!

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