Saturday, September 19, 2015

Footsteps - Chapter Ten is up!

Wow, what a great load of comments I had for the last chapter! So first things first... *THANK YOU*! Very glad you liked it.

We've also had a run of amazing updates on the blog, which has given me a) something great to read and b) more time to update this chapter, so it's... (wait for it)... *even longer than the last one* (sniggers). I apologise, it must be because of the content of Chapter Ten...

Here it is for you to enjoy (crosses fingers). As ever, please keep letting me know what you like (and don't like) about it. Your comments and opinions are kind of like the fertiliser that makes our stories grow!!

Chapter Ten
in which we meet Luke, and Caleb and Alyssa get a bit closer...

Many thanks, take care,

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  1. I was completely intrigued and engaged with this love story from start... I just finished reading chapter 1- 10 all over again.