Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Three's A Crowd Chapter 37 Part 2

Hi my friends, here we are again, Wednesday. Here is Chapter 37 Part 2  of  TAC. This week's chapter is a bit longer again, following the developments of Jesse's upcoming surgery and some not so good moments Shawn experiences with his brother. Hope you enjoy it. I can't help but notice a decline in the numbers of readers and comments. I know when there was sex people felt different I guess. I am thankful to some loyal readers and commentators who always let me know they are out there reading this story even if there is no sex. I guess my thoughts don't always run around the sexual part of being a dev, there is so much more to it for me and I am staying true to my writing and my style and I guess the story is not only about the dev/wheeler relationship but just people going through life. I still believe this here is the right place for me to share my hobby with you guys and as some merely enjoy the more sexual moments I hope some also enjoy the story as a whole and I am thankful to each and every one of you of being part of my journey as a writer, Hugs, Dani


  1. I'm here for the whole story! I haven't commented as much because the school year started and I'm teaching a new grade which has kinda eaten up all my free time!!

  2. Thanks for another great chapter!