Saturday, December 12, 2015

Footsteps Chapter Thirteen is Up!

Hello, Rose here! As promised, I haven't forgotten you lovely readers! I've been somewhat hiding under a rock recently, but I'm crawling out every now and again as Christmas approaches.

I was very touched by your comments and feedback on Chapter Twelve, so a heartfelt thank you for those. It means a lot.

As for this chapter, we begin to see a little doubt creeping in with the emergence of someone from Caleb's past, but hopefully you'll enjoy some of the more touching moments too.

I hope that, as ever, you will let me know your thoughts on my story. I promise you I will see it through to completion, and it's all mapped out. I just need to write it!

And the Table of Contents has been updated too.

Take care, and thank you!

*EDIT* I have been under my rock so long I forgot which chapter this was in the post title. That has now been altered... Ooops!


  1. Please don't let the story end.... I still haven't forgotten caleb

    1. Thank you for such a sweet comment! I'm glad you've not forgotten Caleb. He's currently sitting in a corner of my brain glowering at me and occasionally poking me in the ribs with his white cane, so he's not forgotten my readers.

      I'm actually re-working the entire story (no major plot changes, just some tweaks to the writing and some hole-darning where necessary) but once that's over, it'll be back in full swing. Another three chapters, I'm anticipating...

  2. Phew - that's good news :) Your story is beautiful, both in the subject matter and the style of your writing. Can't thank you enough.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm working on it, I promise! Life keeps getting in the way though...