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Building Love chapter XIV

“I wanna go again,” Eli said after lunch.

Isabel looked at him for a second before she understood what he meant.

“Oh, into the pool?” she said surprised.

“Yeah,” he nodded.

“Really?” she asked already smiling.

“Yeah, let’s go in the pool again,” Eli smiled back.

“Sure,” she leaned in and kissed him.

They picked up their swimsuits from a chair where they had set them out to dry and changed back into them. Eli wheeled to the corner of the pool and they repeated the whole process. He dropped himself from the chair to the floor and then Isabel helped just a little bit to get him in the water, half hugging him so he could reach the handrail and lift his weight to fall into the water. On the first step, she wrapped the stick across his chest and then pulled him into the deeper part of the pool. Once there, she let go of him. His legs unfolded in the water and his body dangled in the current, but this time he didn’t feel helpless nor scared. He waved his arms and started swimming across the pool feeling the fresh water on his chest and shoulders. Isabel swam too, going under the water and then out to meet him in the middle of the pool.

“I want to go under, like you,” Eli said grabbing her hands. “Do you think you could help me?”

“Are you sure?” Isabel asked looking uncertain.

“Yeah, I want to wet my hair,” Eli smiled.

“Ok, but I’d have to get the stick off,” she said standing on the water so very close to him.

“That’s ok,” Eli agreed. “You won’t let me drown, right?”

“Of course not,” she smiled and then put her arms around him to unwrap it. Eli smelled her wet hair as he held onto her shoulders. “There,” she said pushing the stick away.

“Ok, let go of me,” he said.

“Are you sure?” she asked, hanging on to his arms.

“Yep," he nodded.

Isabel stepped back slowly, releasing one arm first and then the other but keeping her arms stretched out ready to catch him if he sank. Eli waved his arms to keep floating and he didn’t sink. He moved across the water. He felt in control, in control of his body and his movements, which was something he hadn’t felt for a long time.

“Ok,” he said to Isabel who was staring at him perhaps a little scared. “It’s ok,” he laughed. “I won’t drown. I’m going to sink and you just grab my hand and pull me up, ok?”

“OK,” she agreed after a moment hesitation.

Eli stopped moving his arms and let himself go under the water. He felt Isabel’s hand in him pulling him out immediately.

“I thought you were certain I could do this,” he laughed.

Isabel laughed too, but nervously. “Ok, hot shot,” she smiled. “Go again.”

Eli sank down once more and he felt her grab his hand under the water but gently this time, and she waited for a couple of seconds before pulling him up. Eli raised his head from the water and held onto her shoulder. He used his free hand to dry his eyes and opened them to find her face very close to his.

“That’s more like it,” he smiled and pulled himself even closer to kiss her. Her mouth was wet and he pressed her shoulders while kissing her. His legs were dangling under the water but he somehow felt as if he were standing in front of her, at her same height. He smiled, their lips still touching. “You were right. I do like this. I love this,” he said and kissed her again.

Her hands were on his back, where he could feel and he moved his down to her waist tipping a little forward. He didn’t have so much stability in this position, but he didn’t care, he let his palms extend across the small of her back, touching her smooth skin under the water and kissed her neck. Isabel moaned a little and then he pushed back from her and let go.

Isabel stretched her arms again to catch him and he laughed as he waved his arms around and floated. He took another lap across the pool using only his arms to pull his body in the water while she watched him.

“I can swim. You said I could and I can,” he said with a smile. “Why do you look so scared?” he laughed.

She laughed too and swam to him and held him by the waist where he couldn’t feel her hands.

“I want to go under again,” he said and pecked her on the lips.


He let go and sank again. He grabbed her hand under the water but waved his arms to swim. His body following him weightless, dangling behind him. He resurfaced and kept swimming holding hands. When he stopped he pulled himself close to her and held on to her shoulders. They kissed again, this time deeper, longer. He felt Isabel’s body under his hands as their lips moved and his tongue travelled inside her. She had her arms around him and was holding him, keeping his torso straight under the water. Then he moved one hand and touched her breasts. She looked at him smiling and he pushed away from her again tipping his body backwards to lay on his back and waved his arms to swim away from her backwards. He could swim, he could really swim and it felt great. He felt so free inside the water. He had always loved to swim. Why hadn’t he gone into the water sooner? Why had he been so afraid? It was easy, easier than to move on land. He could travel the whole length of the pool without her help. It felt amazing.

“So you’ve got this, huh?” she said catching up to him at the end of the pool. Eli held on to the edge to rest.

“I’ve got this,” he smiled and grabbed her hand to pull her close to him. He turned around keeping one hand on the edge and placed the other one on the curve of her hip. Then he moved it to her ass and pressed her closer.

Isabel laughed and then kissed him again while touching his back close to his shoulders and then his biceps. They kissed again and Eli stopped feeling her hands, he parted from her and looked down to find her hands on his ass.

“Sorry,” she apologized. “I wanted to touch you.”

“Go ahead,” he said and she smiled. Then she moved her hands again under the water and placed them on the front of his shorts. Eli couldn’t feel her. His legs were sort of bent under the water, dangling slightly with the smooth current. He pushed himself to the edge and placed his whole arm up to carry his weight and put his elbow over the tiles of the floor around the pool so he’d have a better control of his body. Isabel looked at him for approval. He didn’t say anything but he gave her permission with his eyes and she then put her left hand inside his shorts. She kissed his wet chest and shoulders and moved up to his neck with her lips. Eli looked up enjoying the sensation, looking away from her hand. Now he had no idea what she was touching or what she was doing under the water, but he could hear her moaning. He used his free hand to touch her buttocks and then pressed her hip while he moved forward following her groin and then sticking his fingers under her swimsuit to find her very short pubic hair.

She continued to kiss his neck and earlobes as he advanced his finger between her legs and heard her moan louder. He moved two fingers inside her as she swayed her hips gasping. Both their breaths quickened and he pressed his finger at their rhythm harder, faster, until she threw her head back and cried out, loud, no inhibition. Eli smiled as he felt her pulsate around his fingers, coming, moaning hard, almost shouting.

“Oh Eli,” she gasped when she was done. “Oh baby!”

They kissed again and Eli laughed, he laughed hard because he was so happy.

Afterwards they swam together to the handrail and sat on the steps at the corner of the pool. Well, Isabel sat, because Eli’s legs were sort of floating, not able to stay completely on the step. He held onto the rail with one hand as the water pulled his body slightly.

“You know,” he said to Isabel who was smiling broadly at him, flirting with her eyes and her whole body. Her wet hair to the side and her cleavage inviting him. “I brought something in case you wanted more.”

“More?” She asked.

“I know we haven’t really talked about it, but I figured you’d eventually want to so I asked my doctor and he prescribed me something so I could, you know…” he explained.


Eli nodded feeling nervous all of a sudden. “You do want to, don’t you?”

“Of course I do,” she said sliding closer to him and placing her hand on his tight to lean her body closer to him. His leg moved under her weight. “I mean, as long as you really want to. I don’t want you to do it just because you think you have to. I’m really satisfied with what we’ve been doing so far, honestly. I don’t need sex,” she made a pause and stared at him with her piercing blue eyes and a serious expression that almost made Eli quiver. After a while she smiled again. “But if you want to, I’d love to," she finished and changed back to her flirting attitude.

Eli stayed quiet for a moment. “I want to. I know I won’t be able to feel it, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to enjoy it anyway. I mean, how could I not enjoy having sex with you,” he smiled nervously.

“Are you sure?”

“Yep, positive,” he nodded.

“Ok then,” she said before kissing him deeply. “I’m definitely up for it,” she said when they parted.

Eli looked down to find her hand again on the front of his shorts.

He pulled himself backwards with his hands to the edge of the pool and then placed both hands on the floor and lifted his body to sit on the edge outside the pool. His legs were still on the water and he pulled them out one by one with his hands to place them on the yoga mat. Then he watched as Isabel stood up and got out of the pool to grab their towels. She placed Eli’s on his chair and then dried herself with hers. Eli took a moment to watch her as she robbed the towel against her chest, then her hips and finally her legs. God she was beautiful, she had a perfect curved body. He tried not to glance at his own skinny legs as they moved awkwardly while he pulled his body backwards as close to his chair as possible. Then he bent them using his hands to place himself in the right position to transfer up to his chair. He put one fist on the ground and held onto the frame of the wheelchair to pull himself up on the edge of the chair, then used both hands on the rims to lift his body and scooted to the back of the chair. Once there, he lifted his legs one by one to arrange them on the footrest. They started jumping when he did that. And Eli rubbed his tights waiting the spasm out. He lifted his sight and found Isabel staring, but not like the waitress, not like people usually did. She was giving him a sexy look, her lips were parted and she was breathing heavily.

Eli swallowed hard before releasing the brakes of his chair and wheeling towards her. He grabbed her hand and pulled her to sit on his lap. Then they kissed deeply and he allowed his hands to travel freely across her body, touching her back, her breasts, her legs as she caressed his shoulders and his biceps then his chest and then her hands disappeared from his perception. He had his eyes closed as they kissed and felt her hands fade and reappear as they moved from places he could feel to places where he couldn’t and then back again to his chest or face.

He pushed his rims with Isabel still on his laps and took hard strokes with his arms to wheel them both inside. Once in the bedroom Isabel stood up and took her swimsuit off. She sled down one strap in such a sexy move and then the other one to let it unveil her round erect breasts and then sled it down across her flat stomach. Then she tilted forward a little bit to remove it from her hips and rolled it down letting him see the triangle of red hair between her legs. She pulled it down one leg and then the other one while Eli stared. He could feel the arousal on every inch of skin he could still control, his arms and chest growing more sensitive to her touch as she approached him and kissed him before kneeling down in front of him and placing her hands on the elastic band of his shorts. He lifted his body at her command placing his hands on his rims and she pulled his swimsuit off, not smoothly but by rolling it down over his hips and butt, placing her hands on one side and then the other one and then under his butt until finally she uncovered his lax penis. He let his body fall again over the seat of the chair and let her roll the short down his tights, lifting them one at a time, then down his knees and calves and finally she raised his feet one by one to get it off and then set them back down on the footrest.

Eli just watched as she handled his immobile legs, not awkwardly, not disgusted, but apparently aroused by his defective body. She was completely naked and Eli focused his attention on her rather than on his bonny legs or prominent belly. It was hard not to feel self conscious but it was also easy to get lost in her sensuality. He only parted his eyes from her to wheel over to his suitcase and get the syringe and vile out. He prepared the injection and looked up over his shoulder to find her staring.

“Is this too weird?” Eli said at her expression.

“No, of course not. I’m sorry, I just didn’t know it was a shot, I thought it would be a pill or something,” she replied.

“There are pills but the doctor said this would work better,” Eli explained.

“Do you want me to do it for you?” Isabel asked.

Eli shook his head. “No thanks, I’ve got it,” he refused and then looked back down to grab his penis. He heard her gasp and looked back up. “I have to inject it directly,” he explained. “I’m sorry. Is this a turn off?” he asked concerned that he had killed the mood.

Isabel circled around him and squatted in front of him. “No, baby. Don’t you ever worry about that. I’m so very turned on by you. I want you so badly,” she said and grabbed his penis while she got up and kissed him.

“I know this is weird,” he insisted but Isabel caught him off.

“No, Eli. No,” she shook her head. “I’m thrilled that you’re willing to do this. This is amazing.”

Eli snorted.

“Feel me and tell me if I find you weird,” she grabbed his hand and placed it inside her. “Tell me that you don’t turn me on,” she said as she guided his fingers deeper. He felt her so very wet as he moved his fingers and she moaned. “You’re so sexy, so strong. You turn me on so badly,” she gasped and leaned in to kiss him again with his fingers still inside of her. “I want you in me.”

Then she stood back up pulling his hand off her and Eli looked into her blue eyes and watched her breathe hard. He bit his lower lip and then grabbed his penis again and injected it. He didn’t feel anything, not even as it started to erect. Slowly growing as it hadn’t done for over a year now. Isabel opened her mouth and purred. Then she knelt down and licked it, she wrapped it in her hand and put the tip inside her mouth, then she took it out and kissed Eli’s chest and shoulders. He put his hands on her ass and pulled her to him. He meant to take her to the bed but she turned around with her back to him and grabbed his penis and led it inside her before sitting over him still in his chair. Eli felt her gasp as it went inside her and she pressed her body down over him and started swaying. He put both his hands on her breasts and helped her up and down while he kissed her straight back and her neck. She pushed her head back and turned to kiss him in the mouth while she arched back and moaned. Eli’s hands pressed her breasts and then sled to her stomach and her pelvis, then over her tights and back up while she moved up and down and then in circles with him inside her.

Eli was moaning too. He couldn’t feel how he was penetrating her, but he could see her, touch her, smell her. And her whole body pressed against him was so sexy, her kisses were so deep, deeper than ever before, and he could feel her sweating, robbing against him, his hands on her hips and groin, the mere sound of her breath was so exhilarating, her hair falling back wetting his chest. Every sensation heightened and he let himself enjoy her body, every inch of it his. He was possessing her; they were merged into one and it didn’t matter if he couldn’t move, he was pleasing her, it was evident. And he felt like a man, like a whole and abled bodied man.

He felt her come in that position and then she stood up and he watched his penis still erect. She laid on the bed and padded over it to invite him. Eli wheeled around the bed, completely naked on his chair, his penis lifted and hard. He placed his chair next to the mattress and set the brakes before sliding to the edge of the chair and placing one hand on the bed to transfer. His butt landed on the mattress and he lifted his legs one by one to lay them on the bed before pushing himself up to lean against the headboard. Then Isabel mounted him and put his penis inside her again. She put both her hands on his chest and pressed them hard as she moved up and down with her whole body. Eli put his hands on her ass hard and pulled her to him and then back, guiding the movements of her hip. Her whole body was sweaty and he felt his hands slide over her wet skin as she kissed his shoulders and neck and nibbled on his nipples. He felt her come again and this time she cried out, loud, louder than he’d ever heard her moan before.

She made a pause, pressing her pelvis down hard and arching back as she enjoyed her orgasm. Then she moved to his earlobes and bit them gently while she started swaying again, this time in circles.

“Oh, Oh!” she moaned in bliss as the tip of her hair touched Eli’s chest and she leaned over to kiss him and then back up to keep moving on top of him, her mouth opened, gasping for air as she came yet again, for the third time, before falling over him pressing his shoulders in another cry.

She finally rolled off of him and laid on her back. She put one hand over her eyes and then up running it over her forehead and hair, while she pressed her pussy with the other one, pulling her legs up slightly and turning on her side.

“Holly shit,” she said and then laughed. Eli was smiling because he didn’t have to wonder if she had enjoyed it. And he had enjoyed it just as much. “That was amazing,” she said opening her eyes and pressing her lips against his shoulder, still out of breath. “Wow!”

Eli lifted himself on one elbow to kiss her. “Yes it was,” he smiled back. “You’re amazing. I love you,” he whispered into her ear.

“I love you too. I love you so much, Eli. You make me so happy,” she said and laid her head on his chest and one arm around him to hug him tight.

Then she caressed him with that same hand over his chest and arm and then down to his penis again, smiling.

“I want more,” she smiled and started kissing his chest again.

“Be my guest,” Eli laughed.

She climbed on top of him again and kissed him before using her hand to guide his penis again inside her and then moved her hips up and down before turning around with her back to him. Now he could see her butt as she moved up and down on top of him and he continued to touch her all around. She placed her hands on his legs for support and bounced on top of him until he heard her cry out again.

They spent the rest of the weekend either in bed or in the pool and when the time came neither of them wanted to go back to the city.

“Hey, Is,” Eli started when they were done packing. “I know we haven’t been together for that long but…”

Isabel sat on his lap and waited for him to continue.

“I kind of don’t want to drop you off at your place. I hate the idea of being away from you,” he continued.

“What are you saying?” she asked in a playful tone.

“Well, maybe you could… move in with me,” he almost whispered, losing his nerve all of a sudden.

“Mmm, I don’t know…,” she joked.

“I just… I mean… if you don’t want to… It’s ok… I don’t want to push you…”

Isabel caught him off with a kiss. “I’d love to,” she whispered in his ear.

“Really?” he replied surprised.

“Come on, Eli. Isn’t it obvious that I’m madly in love with you?”

Eli smiled.

“I’d love to,” she said changing to a serious tone. “It’s a big deal, but if you’ll have me. I’d really love to.” She stared at him with such sweet eyes.

“I’d love so too,” he said and they kissed.

The next week Eli went to work and left Isabel behind at his place. She hadn’t moved in yet but was going to spend the day making room in the closet and bedroom for her stuff. Eli was completely thrilled to have her there full time. He came home that night feeling a complete happiness to find her there waiting for him. As he was transferring out of his car in the parking lot of his building he saw Matt’s car. Matt had stopped coming to his place unannounced since Isabel had started to spend the night. So Eli was a little concerned to find his car there. He wheeled out of the elevator and parked his chair at his front door, and while he was looking for his keys he heard voices.

“Come on Isabel, just admit it,” he heard Matt’s voice across the door.

“Why is it so hard for you to understand?” Isabel replied, but she didn’t sound upset. Actually she sounded amused at Matt’s outbreak. “If he wasn’t in a wheelchair you would never question the fact that he was with a girl like me. You know he’s handsome. Eli is a catch,” she was explaining to Matt.

“But the fact is that he is in a wheelchair,” Matt insisted.

They were probably arguing in the living room. Eli hurried up, he wanted to stop Matt from whatever new attack against Isabel. But he couldn’t find his keys, damn it.

“So what? He looks exactly the same. He’s still handsome and smart and successful,” she countered.

Eli stopped looking for the keys. He loved to hear her stand up for him. She sounded so sure of herself, so honest.

“You could have any man you wanted. Someone as handsome and successful who wasn’t disabled,” Matt held his ground.

“Probably, but not as talented. Has it ever occurred to you that I want him. You’re right. I can have any man I want and I want him.”

“So you say,” Matt sounded incredulous. “But maybe it’s just his money you want.”

Isabel laughed out loud. “Oh please, I make just as much money as he does, probably more.”

“You know that’s not what I’m talking about.”

“What are you talking about then?” she asked.

Eli rushed again to get the keys and opened the door. They both looked at him startled when he wheeled in.

“Matt,” Eli cleared his throat. “What are you doing?”

“It’s ok Eli,” Isabel intervened. “Matt was just sharing his theory that I’m with you over money,” she said with a smirk.

“I ran into Jayson,” Matt explained. “Apparently he knows Isabel. I’m sure you can see how that’s a concern. He admitted telling Isabel about you.”

“Yeah, so Matt here thinks I’m a gold digger,” she laughed.

“Matt, stop it,” Eli rammed at him.

“Eli it’s so obvious, can’t you see?” Matt raised his voice.

“I said stop it,” Eli caught him off upset. He was fed up with Matt’s attitude. “I talked to Jayson. He told her about me but not about the money. He was sure of it. So you have nothing to worry about.”

“What money?” Isabel asked Eli.

“Uhmm…” Eli hesitated. “Some money I inherited from my parents,” he decided to confess to show Matt he had no doubts about her. “Jayson knows about it and Matt thinks he told you and that’s why you came here. But I talked to him and…”

“Wait,” Isabel interrupted and she wasn’t smiling anymore. She didn’t sound amused anymore. “Do you think I’m a gold digger?” she asked Eli.

“What?” Eli was caught off guard.

“You talked to Jayson?”

“Well yeah…” Eli admitted.

“And asked him if he had told me about your inheritance?” Isabel continued.

“Yeah, and he was sure he didn’t…” Eli explained.

“So…,” Isabel interrupted again as if a sudden realization had hit her. “You think I’m a gold digger.”

“No,” Eli denied. “I just…”

“You must if you asked him that,” she said backing away from both of them. “That’s why you were so upset that night at the restaurant.”

“Well, yes but I…” he started but she took another step backwards, away from him. “I mean no. I know he didn’t tell you about it so you didn’t know.”

Isabel snorted. Her face had changed completely. She looked… heartbroken.

“Is, I…”

But it was too late. Isabel grabbed her purse from the coffee table and took off. Eli pushed his rims to go after her and he caught her pressing the button for the elevator.

“Is, don’t. I don’t think that,” he tried to stop her.

“Don’t,” she stopped him and headed for the stairs.

To be continued...


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