Friday, January 8, 2016

For The Love Of Not Walking Chapter 25

Erin and Kieran are going on their weekend getaway and finally get to spend some long needed alone time together. It is time to focus on each other and let their feelings flow freely for each other.

Chapter 25
On Thursday Kieran stayed home. He didn’t feel like going to the YMCA in the morning but instead did his range of motion exercises on his bed. His legs bothered him some with ongoing spasms and he tried to let the spasms go its natural course and not end up taking his medication yet. He spent his morning in his room, straightening up some and playing Video games. He thought of Erin all morning but didn’t want to bother her at work. While he sat there in his Quickie his legs kept jumping restlessly and a few times even jumped off the foot rest. He pulled them up with his hands and when they jumped off again and again he transferred onto his bed. He didn’t want to deal with it anymore and got comfortable on his bed, leaning on the head board with pillows behind him and playing Video games.

Erin texted him during her lunch and they texted back and forth some. Eventually Erin had to go back to work and even though Kieran would have liked to visit Erin that evening, it wasn’t possible because she had to help Ciara with a school project. He didn’t want to interfere with Erin’s family life too much. Since their relationship was still new, he felt he needed to let Erin have her time with her kids.

In the afternoon his spasms were bugging him so much that he took his Baclofen tablet and stayed in bed the rest of the afternoon.
The kids came home from school and Kieran woke up from a small nap when Ashleigh checked in on him, “Hey Uncle Kieran!”
Kieran blinked at her sleepily, “Hey.”
He looked at his watch and added, “Damn, I fell asleep for about an hour.”
Ashleigh sat on the edge of his bed, “Did you go to the Y this morning?”
“I didn’t feel like it. How was school?”
Ashleigh gave him the run down on her school day and eventually she finished with, “I’m hungry. I need to eat something.”
As Ashleigh got up Kieran moved over to the edge of his bed, let his legs drop down and transferred over into his Quickie.

He spent the afternoon with the kids until Fiona and Tyler got home from work. The family had dinner together and talked about their day.
Fiona asked, “Are you going to see Erin tonight?”
Kieran shook his head, “No, she has to work on some kind of school project with her younger daughter tonight I guess.”
“Oh, I see. You’re leaving tomorrow, right?”

After dinner everyone cleaned up and then settled in the living room. Kieran parked his Quickie next to the couch and watched some TV with the family. He debated texting Erin but decided not to. Around nine he retreated to his room and told everyone Good Night and Good Bye because he was leaving the next day for the weekend. Fiona told him to be careful and have fun. Everyone hugged him and he eventually was in his room packing his bag for the weekend trip.

His phone played its ringtone and Erin showed up on the display.
“Hey Erin.”
“Hey baby.”
“How are you?”
“Well, I’m done with that project Ciara has to bring to school tomorrow and my bag for our trip is packed and I miss you. I’m sorry I didn’t have time for you tonight.”
Kieran sat in his Quickie in the middle of the room. He was happy to hear Erin’s voice.
“It’s all right, I know you have stuff to do with your girls and all. I’ll have you to myself all weekend.”
Erin laughed on the other end, “Yes, you will. You and me, all weekend. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.”
“Just a couple more hours and I will be over there to pick you up.”
They talked for another 20 minutes and eventually finished their conversation, looking forward to the next day.

Friday afternoon Kieran left the house around one thirty heading to Erin’s house. When he arrived at Erin’s house she already had the door open and looked out just as he drove up into her driveway.
She waved at him from the door, he let down his window, “Hey, do you need me to get out and help you?”
“No baby, I got it. Let me walk through the house once more and get my stuff.”
It took a few moments until Erin appeared again with a larger bag, and her purse over her shoulder. She locked the front door and came strolling over to the car.

Kieran still had the window down and she came up to him, leaned into the car and kissed him with a smile, “Hi.”
Kieran watched as she stored her bag in the back seat next to his bag, backpack and Quickie and then got into the passenger seat.
She set her purse down in front of her on the floor board and leaned over again and kissed Kieran again.
“I’m happy to see you.”
He smiled, “Good.”
Erin laughed and Kieran grinned, “Are you ready to hang out with me all weekend?”
“I sure am.”

She placed her hand on his thigh, he touched her hand quickly and then operated his hand controls and pulled out of the driveway and back out onto the road.

It was going to be about a three hour drive. Before Kieran had left the house he had taken care of catherization and under his jeans he wore a pair of incontinence briefs just in case. He didn’t want to take a chance and he had checked the route before for accessible stops and bathrooms. The hotel was accessible and they had booked an accessible room with all the amenities needed.

Erin was happy to spend the weekend with Kieran. So far their new relationship had been overshadowed by Kieran’s mysterious encounters, insecurities and fears. She knew it had probably been one of the most difficult decisions Kieran had to make by deciding to be with her and give up his last chance of ever walking again. Now it all seemed like it had been some strange dream and it was difficult to imagine that this had really happened to Kieran. Inside she couldn’t help a distant feeling of guilt having been the reason of Kieran giving up this opportunity, as surreal as it had been and as strange as it had all seemed. She had seen him walk and others had too and it was unbelievable to think about this now. Somehow she even felt a slight distrust toward Kieran, thinking that maybe his disability wasn’t as real as he made it seem. Those were thoughts she pushed away quickly. Kieran was for real and what he had been through was bad enough. Almost as to remind herself of how real he was she pushed her hand slightly harder onto his thigh and she watched him as he didn’t react to it at all, keeping his eyes on the road ahead.

Kieran felt her gaze and looked over at her questioning but smiling, “You all right?”
Erin nodded, feeling slightly insecure about the thoughts she harbored inside.
He sensed it, “What are you thinking about?”
Erin didn’t know if she should say anything about her thoughts and Kieran asked again, “Everything all right, baby?”
She nodded again and stuttered, “I am…just thinking about…about...”
She stopped and Kieran looked out to the road quickly, then back at her, “About what?”
“About the stuff that happened and the decision you had to make.’
Kieran didn’t look at her but she saw him take a deep breath, and seemingly thinking about what to say.
“I can’t help to feel a kind of guilt Kieran…”
He looked over at her quickly, “Nothing that happened is your fault, okay.” His voice sounded tense.

Erin didn’t want to say anything else, she felt Kieran was annoyed about her comment.
He had his eyes on the road again and said calmly, “It’s over. I made my decision, and I know it was the right decision. You have nothing to feel guilty about. Those were my feelings and my decisions and I’m okay with it. I don’t want you to feel guilty or anything like that. I don’t want that, and I need you to be okay with it too. We are together and I love you and this is the only way I want things to be right now.”
Erin felt her hands get sweaty and she looked down on her lap and remarked lowly, “What if things between you and I won’t last?”
Now Kieran looked over at her and his green eyes were bright, “Why are you thinking like that?”
Erin shook her head, “I’m sorry Kieran. I’m stupid. I just hope you won’t regret your decision one day.”

Kieran set his blinker and slowed down, merged over into the right lane and eventually pulled over onto the shoulder of the Interstate. Erin was nervous and worried that she had made him angry.
He shut the Mustang off and shifted in his seat, eventually looking over at her and he reached for her hands and took them into his. His piercing green eyes were drilling into her, she could barely look at him.
Kieran started lowly, “Hey, look at me!”
She moved her eyes up to his face slowly and he saw her eyes shiny and moist.
“Erin, no matter what happens I stand behind my decision. I don’t want to think about you and I not lasting. That is the furthest thing on my mind and I don’t want you to think like that either. You’re the best thing that has happened to me in a long time and now I plan on indulging in it and enjoying it, being with you. I see some good things ahead for us. I needed this so badly, I needed you and I want to be with you more than anything else. You wanting to be with me with all my issues means the world to me and the things we found out about…”

He paused for a moment, then continued lowly, “The stuff we found out about how you feel about the way I am is…is awesome I think. What could be better than an amazing and hot woman like you being into me the way I am? I can’t think of anything better to happen to a dude like me. I love you so much and I don’t want you to doubt what we have or what we are going to have. All this freak show is behind me now. I actually want to forget about it because it was a mess and it sucked and it wasn’t right. Shit, I don’t even really know if it was just some freaking nightmare because it was all so crazy, but I really don’t want to talk or think about it anymore. We’re together and that’s all I want to think about. Nothing else, you and me and us together. I love you and I want to make you a happy woman by being your paraplegic man. Nothing else, okay?”

He brought his hand up to her cheek and softly stroked over it and tugged her brown curls behind her ear. He kept his eyes expectantly on her.
She touched her hand to his on her cheek and looked at him shyly, nodding, then replying softly, “Nothing else. You and me, Kieran. I love you so much too and yes I’m into you and everything about you turns me on.”
He smiled, “Promise me - no more talk about the crap that happened.”
“I promise.”
He pulled her closer and they kissed for a few moments before they got back on the road.
Erin kept her hand on Kieran’s thigh and here and there he threw a smile over at her.

They arrived at the Surf Sand Resort in Seaside shortly before six that evening. While Kieran pulled out his Quickie and attached the wheels, then transferred into it, Erin brought over a cart from the entrance of the hotel and they set their bags on it. Erin pushed the cart toward the door and Kieran locked his car and followed her quickly pushing his rims.

He was surprised when one of the reception counters was actually low enough with the receptionist sitting behind the counter and he was able to pull up with his wheelchair while Erin sat down and they checked in. The receptionist sitting face to face to him confirmed the accessible room and soon they were on their way to the elevator. Erin had declined assistance with the luggage cart.

They found their room and with the provided badge swiped over the door opener and it opened automatically.
Kieran smiled as he wheeled in, “That’s what I’m talking about.”
Erin unloaded the bags from the cart and pushed the empty cart out into the hallway again, the door closed behind her.
Kieran was wheeling around in the room and stopped at the balcony door. The view was unobstructed out to the Pacific where waves were high and the tide was in, covering the majority of the beach.
Erin came up behind him and with her hands on his shoulders she leaned down with her face next to his. He touched her hands with his and she kissed him on the cheek, then looking out the window with him, “This is nice.”
“It is nice. It has been a while since I’ve been to the ocean.’
“How long?”
Kieran thought for a moment, “Coming to think of it, it has been at least three years if not longer.”
“Wow, well, I’m glad we’re here.”
For a moment they looked out until Kieran said lowly, “I need to make my way into the bathroom.”

Erin stood up and while Kieran wheeled away she slid open the door to the balcony and stepped out to enjoy the view some more. The waves ran up the beach and back some, then back up and covered the sand with shells and sand dollars.

Kieran had grabbed his back pack and had made his way into the very spacious bathroom. He was surprised to find a fully accessible bathroom with an open wheel in shower with a sturdy shower bench. The shower was built for able bodied and disabled persons just the same. The toilet was perfect in height and had the frame around it to hold on if needed. In addition to the wheel in shower there was also an actual Jacuzzi bathtub for disabled persons to access. Kieran wheeled up to the tub and upon closer investigation he found that it was possible to open the front part of the tub and he could transfer onto a type of bathtub tailgate and he could slide himself into the tub onto a seat and then close the door of the tub. He had never seen anything like it. The closest tub to this he had seen at Rehab but this tub was definitely a neat device. There was also a lift on the side of it. He had never used a lift before and he didn’t plan on it. Pleasantly surprised he looked around the bathroom and eventually tended to his catherization. He was relieved to find his briefs dry and soon the urine flowed through the catheter tubing into the toilet.

When he came out into the room again, he found Erin lying on the King Size bed.
She held her head up on her hand and watched him wheel up to the bed with a shy smile, “How is the mattress?”
Erin grinned mischievously, “It doesn’t squeak.”
Kieran laughed lowly and stopped right next to the bed.
Erin asked, “How is the bathroom?”
“It’s very nice, very accessible. It has a very cool bathtub.”
Erin sat up some, “Oh really?”
He nodded with a grin. Erin got up and walked over to the bathroom and disappeared inside.

When she came back she found Kieran on the bed just as he was adjusting his legs.
She walked over to the bed, “Wow, you did that very quickly.”
He smiled, “I’m stealth like that.”
She got on the bed next to him and moved close to him, then said lowly, letting her hand run over his arm, “I love seeing you transfer.”
Kieran repositioned and leaned over her as she let her head rest on the pillow, “You do?”
She nodded quietly.
Kieran let his fingers run over the side of her face and added lowly, “So I should always wait and let you see it then?”
She nodded again without words. He leaned over her and let his lips come down on hers and kissed her hard and long. Erin wrapped her arms around his back and stroked up and down his strong arms, feeling his muscles as he moved on her slowly but demanding.

Erin ran her hands through his hair and he kept kissing her hard, pushing his tongue into her mouth and taking charge of the kissing. She moved her hand up and down his back, feeling his spine under his T-Shirt and getting very excited. Thinking about his spine, the vertebrae she felt but the damage that had been inflicted on it made her head spin. Her fingers felt the vertebrae up and down and her mind was occupied with Kieran’s severed spine. He didn’t feel her hands or her fingers running up and down the very thing that kept him from walking and could never be repaired. Only when her hands touched him above the T-4 he felt her on his back and he did realize her breathing become quicker and her skin become warmer.

Erin was excited and she enjoyed Kieran’s confidence. He ran his hands through her long, brown hair and let his fingers gently stroke over her face. Erin’s hand came around to the scar on his neck and she traced it with her fingers to the collar of his T-Shirt. Without hesitation she pulled the T-Shirt over his head and even though Kieran was caught off guard some he didn’t want to fight it and let her take his T-Shirt off. Erin’s eyes focused on the scar that ran from his neck all the way down to his belly and only the tattoos somewhat covered it but at close inspection it was noticeable and with her fingers it could be felt. His skin was warm and she took in the scent of his cologne on his skin. Her hands stroked over his chest, his well-defined pectorals, and then down to the waistband of his jeans. Almost as to distract her from taking her hands any further Kieran pressed his lips on hers again and kissed her demanding.

He took Erin’s hand away from the waistband and brought it up beside her head where he held it down and kept kissing her mouth, then over to her ears and suckled on her neck. Erin was breathing quickly now and she felt her arousal come on. She didn’t know how far this could go and he didn’t say anything but she had felt his reluctance when she had brought her hand too close to certain parts of his body.

Softly she confirmed, “Kieran, I love you.”
He moved his face up some to get a better look at her and his emerald eyes stayed on her for a moment, then he replied, “I love you.”
“I would love to be naked with you Kieran.”
He looked away and for a moment he remembered he was still wearing his briefs under his jeans and there was no way he wanted Erin to see.
He looked back at her and his eyes were sad, “Can it wait?”
She nodded quickly trying very hard not to show her disappointment, “Of course it can wait. I’m just so happy to be with you.”
She was surprised when he moved his body up some and fell onto the bed next to her. Erin held herself up now on her hand.
She looked at him and he said lowly, “Maybe we should find some dinner or something.”
The excitement slowly faded and she replied, “Yes, let’s find a nice place to eat.”

Kieran pushed his body up on his arms and quietly pushed his legs over the edge of the bed, then he just sat there for a moment holding himself up. He looked out the window and then let his head hang.
Erin’s eyes were on his back, the scar on his spine, the tattoos across his upper back and to his shoulders. She let her eyes scan over his back for a moment, then sat up and moved over to him and kneeled behind him, wrapping her arms around him from behind.
She said lowly, “I love you.”
He nodded and his head still hung when he explained lowly, “I don’t know how…how to do…how to do it. I don’t have any…any medication or anything. I won’t be able…to be inside of you Erin. I want to be closer but…I’m worried…you may be disappointed. Everything down there is dead…”
She moved even closer to him and her face came up next to his, “Baby, I know you’re worried, but I love being with you in whichever way you feel comfortable. I do want to see your body, I don’t care about the things you worry about. They’re not an issue or a problem for me. I love you exactly the way you are Kieran. You are sexy, I love your body, everything about you and I hope you’ll be able to open up to me and trust me. Don’t worry about being inside of me, don’t worry about not having an erection or not being able to ejaculate, don’t even think about those things. I’m certain you being the way you are and using the body you have will bring me over the edge in no time. You turn me on so much Kieran. And I want to explore your body and I want to get to know every part of it, I want to feel your skin on mine and wherever you can feel it, I will make sure you feel it real good, because I want to make you happy and I want you to forget about the things you can’t do but focus on the things you can do. I love you so much Kieran.”

She softly touched her lips to his shoulders and kissed him over to his neck, letting her tongue run over his skin and up to his ear when she whispered, “You are one very hot para and I love you.”
This finally brought a smile over his face and he turned his face toward her, “Thanks Erin, I’m sorry I blew it just now. I’m trying…” He kissed her quickly and then added, “I want to make you happy because you make me the happiest man right now. I don’t want to screw stuff up but I’m still kind of unsure how to go about taking this further. I want nothing more than to be closer. You’re a very sexy and attractive woman and I want you so much Erin. I’m angry I can’t do what I want to do but I know I have to find other ways…”
“…and we will find those other ways together. Right now we will just get some nice dinner and then we will see. I want to see the access to the beach.”

He nodded and she kissed his cheek once more, then moved away from him and watched as he transferred from the bed into the wheelchair. She just sat on the bed observing and her heart beat fast.
When he looked up at her she licked her lips mischievously and grinned at him, “That’s right…I stared at you and I watched your transfer and it’s the hottest thing.”
He smiled and reached his hand over, “Could you pass me my T-Shirt?”
Erin grabbed the T-Shirt and pushed it against her chest, “No…I want you bare chested.”
She laughed and Kieran smiled, “You want me to go eat with you with no shirt on?”
“If we do room service you won’t need a shirt.”
“Okay, then you will take yours off too.”
He winked at her and at that Erin threw his shirt to him, “Never mind, let’s go eat now.”

The hotel was adjacent to a restaurant. It wasn’t too crowded, and they were shown to a table right away, following the hostess to a cozy table by the window looking out to the ocean. She moved a chair away for Kieran and he nodded a Thank you to her but before he wheeled to his spot he pulled Erin’s chair out some and she smiled at him, sitting down, “Thanks baby.”
He wheeled up to his spot across from Erin and right away she took his hands in hers on the table, “It’s such a beautiful view.”
It was a perfect view with an amazing sun set on the horizon.
Kieran looked at his hands in Erin’s hands and met her eyes on him when he looked up.
Erin smiled, “You okay?”
“Yeah, I’m very okay.”

The waitress came and after a brief introduction, mentioning the specials for the night and taking their beverage order she disappeared again.
Erin smiled at him from across the table and said softly, “You know this is only like our second time going out for dinner.”
“Yeah, you’re right.” Kieran sounded like he was lost in thoughts for a moment.
“We need to change that.”
Kieran smiled back at Erin and nodded, “We do need to change that.”

Their dinner was delicious. Erin had the Baked Salmon and Kieran the Steak. He didn’t want to drink more than one beer, he had felt somewhat weak and spastic all day and didn’t want to drink too much where he couldn’t take his medications anymore if it should be necessary.
After dinner Erin stated, “Let’s go check out the accessible path to the beach.”

Kieran wheeled next to her and they found the Beach Access entrance from the hotel lobby. Outside they were on a large concrete patio with tables and chairs and closed sun umbrellas. There was a fireplace and some guests were sitting in front of it with drinks in their hands, laughing and chatting. The ocean waves were audible out here, running very far up the beach. Kieran looked around on the patio when he found the sign pointing to the wheelchair accessible path to the beach.
“It’s over there.”

They made their way over there. Erin walked out in front of Kieran. He was wheeling behind her. The path intersected with the boardwalk along the row of hotels and buildings. People were walking and strolling, kids were running along the walkways. It was a beautiful evening still. The sun was gone but the sky on the horizon was still orange with darkness setting in.

Kieran pushed his Quickie to the path and saw it ran all the way out but at a certain point was covered by the water coming in with the tide. Erin was able to walk comfortably next to Kieran. She glanced over at Kieran pushing his rims focused on the path and seemingly enjoying the smooth ground and the view. They went as far as possible ending at a covered pavilion at the mid stop of the path which led further out but was covered by water and disappeared.

When they arrived at the pavilion they found they were not by themselves. There was another couple, the woman in the wheelchair. The two were on one side of the pavilion by a bench looking out over the water, the man on the bench with some crutches next to him and the woman parked next to the bench in her chair. When Kieran and Erin came up they both looked around at them and greeted them with friendly smiles.

Kieran always felt somewhat strange seeing others in wheelchairs, especially if they were his age or even younger. He couldn’t help compare sometimes and trying to analyze what had happened to them.
And it always confronted him with the way he probably looked to others when he was in his wheelchair. Sometimes he forgot about it but then seeing someone in a chair he realized how obvious it was to everyone, how it was something he could not hide and was as much part of him as his head was part of his body.
He nervously whipped his Quickie over to the opposite side of the couple looking out over the water with Erin sitting down next to him on the second bench in the pavilion. He didn’t say anything and just looked out to the water for a few moments.
All the sudden he felt Erin’s hand on his shoulder and she said lowly, “It’s beautiful and tomorrow we should go all the way down when the tide is out. I want to collect some sand dollars and maybe some shells.”
He looked over to her, his eyes were shiny and he nodded, “Yeah.”

He moved his eyes out to the water again and with his hands folded in his lap he just sat there and watched the waves crawl up the beach and hearing them crash under the pavilion.
Erin stroked her hand softly over his arm and he seemed to focus back on her and touched her hand on his arm and smiled at her.
Erin smiled at him and almost whispered, “Are you all right?”
He nodded and patted the spot immediately next to him on the bench. Erin moved over a bit more, as close as possible to Kieran’s Quickie and he took her hand in his and he kissed the back of her hand quickly before he said softly, looking at her, “I’m glad we’re together, Erin.”
Erin smiled and whispered, “Me too.”

They looked out over the water for a few minutes and when Erin glanced behind herself she saw the other couple doing the same thing.  Eventually they made their way back to the hotel, it was getting cooler and the wind picked up some. The other couple was coming behind them but they were a tad slower as the man obviously had a walking disability and was making his way only slowly on crutches up the pathway.

Kieran and Erin checked out the indoor pool, which was also fully accessible, even with a lift, and they found the breakfast room for the morning.
When they arrived at the elevator to go up to their room the couple from the pavilion was waiting as well.
They smiled again and the man said, “And we meet again.”
Erin and Kieran smiled at them, the woman also smiled in a greeting.
Erin replied, “Yes.”
The woman now said, “It was getting a bit chilly out there.”
Erin nodded, “Yes, it was. I guess we’ll have to go back out there tomorrow when it’s nice and the tide is out.”
Now the man said, “It’s very nice during the day, the path goes all the way out and it is a great way to get close to the edge of the water. My wife loves it.”
Kieran nodded. He felt slightly nervous in their presence.
Erin now explained, “This is our first time here but it seems like a very nice place.”
The woman glanced at Kieran, then back at Erin with a smile, “It’s a great place. We come here at least twice a year. It’s one of the better accessible resorts for wheelers.”
Kieran looked up shyly and the man then said with a smile, “Yeah, I’m usually in a chair as well but sometimes the crutches and braces are all right for short distances.”
Kieran glanced at the man’s legs, they were covered by some loose lounge pants.
The man realized Kieran’s glances and touched his thigh, explaining, “Yeah, the braces are underneath.”
Kieran looked at him and nodded.
Now the woman said warmly, “I’m sorry. My name is Teresa. This is my husband Michael.”
Michael smiled warmly at Erin and Kieran and Erin replied, “Nice to meet you. I’m Erin.”
She looked over at Kieran who finally spoke, “I’m Kieran. Nice to meet you.”
Teresa then added, “I’m sure you will come here again.”
The elevator came and they all made their way into it, finding their spots with their wheelchairs and once the buttons were pushed Michael turned to them again, “Are you from this area?”
Kieran felt he needed to converse better and answered, “From Tacoma.”
“Oh, great, we are from Gig Harbor.”
Kieran smiled, “Not far from us.”
Michael laughed, “Not at all. Are you by any chance a member of the Pierce County Adaptive Sports Club?”
Kieran had never heard of this club and shook his head, “No, I’m afraid not.”
Michael explained, “They have a website. You should check it out. I play Basketball there.”

Just then the elevator came to a stop and it was their floor.
Teresa laughed, “Oh, that’s us. It was nice meeting you Kieran and Erin. Maybe we will see you guys tomorrow down by the ocean.”
Erin smiled, “Yeah, for sure.”
Michael smiled at Kieran, “Have a good night.”
They got out and waved once more from outside the elevator door, then the door closed.
Erin turned to Kieran, “They seemed nice.”
Kieran nodded and she asked, “You don’t know the club he is talking about? It sounds interesting.”
Kieran shook his head, “I don’t know it and I don’t know if it is something I need to do. I really don’t want to be around other cripples too much.”
Erin was somewhat surprised by Kieran’s comment and didn’t say anything about it anymore. They arrived at their floor.

In the room Erin closed the curtains to the balcony and Kieran disappeared in the bathroom again. Erin unpacked their things since they had not had a chance earlier. She couldn’t help feel that Kieran had seemed somewhat annoyed with Michael and Teresa talking to them. Even though he was older Erin had found Michael quite attractive and his being on crutches and apparently some braces underneath his pants kept running through her mind.

Kieran came out and he wheeled over to the bed, watching Erin lay out some of the clothes she had brought. He wheeled over to the closet door, was able to wheel all the way inside of the closet and found it accessible as well, the bars inside it low to the floor for him to hang up clothes and next to it some shelfs to stack shirts or other items. They had definitely planned to make this hotel room as accessible as possible.
Erin came over and looked inside the closet, “This is cool.”
She put up the few clothes they had brought and eventually laid out on the bed with a small bottle of wine and glass from the mini bar next to her on the bedside table. Kieran came wheeling over and debated if he should just get up on the bed or if he needed to do anything before.

Erin held her head up on her hand looking at him, “What do you think Teresa’s and Michael’s disabilities were?”
He was surprised at her question but felt odd answering, “What do I know? I have no idea. Could be anything and I actually don’t really care.”
“The man was able to walk with braces and crutches.”
“I saw that Erin but I don’t know what the hell is wrong with them. It’s none of my business.”
He sounded tense and Erin was somewhat surprised at his reaction and said lowly, “I’m sorry I brought it up. I thought they were nice.”

She fell onto the pillow and yawned. Kieran looked at her and he knew he had reacted somewhat harsh.  He prepared for the transfer and trying to loosen the situation he said, “Get ready, set, go…para transfer coming in.”
Erin looked over to him and watched as he transferred easily onto the bed and pushed himself over to her, without hesitation leaning over her and going in for the kissing. Erin let her hands run over his back and enjoyed his kisses.
When their lips unlatched Kieran said softly, “Sorry, I’m being an ass about that couple. You’re right, they were nice but somehow it freaks me out when I see others like me, and especially now that I know some stuff about you…”
He stopped and smiled and Erin was surprised, “Kieran, oh my God, are you jealous?”
He looked away with a grin, “Maybe…I mean the guy was in good shape of what I saw.”
“Baby, he was like ten years older than us.”
“It doesn’t matter…I don’t want you checking out other cripple guys, and yes, maybe I was just a little pissed off that he can walk ‘short distances’ with his crutches and braces.”
For the last part Kieran had changed his voice some to match the way Michael had talked and held his fingers up gesturing quotation marks. He laughed and they fell into a long kiss again.

Erin pushed herself to him and Kieran pulled her close and tight. Just at that moment he yawned and he also realized his legs were twitching from slight spasms. Erin felt his legs in his jeans jump against her bare legs and she looked down for a moment, Kieran following her observation with his eyes.

When she looked back up at him he smiled, “Going a little spastic again. It’s almost like an everyday thing for me. I’ve had lots of spasms really from the beginning.”
“Why is that?”
“Some people have more and some have less spasms. It’s just the brain still trying to send signals but they’re not getting intercepted and relayed. Spasms are annoying but also help keep the muscles in the legs still working somewhat.”
Erin looked down at his legs again, “Does it hurt?”
“No, it doesn’t. It’s just uncomfortable at times, especially when it happens during the day when I am out and about. My legs tend to jump off and my feet come off the foot rest. It’s embarrassing. Spasms that run into the lower body can also trigger the bladder to leak.”
Erin listened attentive and asked lowly, “So you can’t feel at all when you have to use the bathroom?”
He shook his head, “No.”

Erin had read up on catherization and bowel management for paraplegics and quadriplegics and even though it was a sensitive subject she didn’t feel disgusted or intimidated by this but she wasn’t sure if Kieran felt comfortable talking about it anymore.
“So do you have accidents sometimes?”
Kieran did feel nervous now and somewhat embarrassed and as much as he wanted to say that he never had any accidents, it wasn’t the truth and he didn’t want to lie to her.
He sighed and thought for a moment, then answered lowly, “It doesn’t happen that often anymore. I got my routine down pretty good nowadays but when I’m out for a longer time and I’m not all the way sure about the bathroom options I use a little extra protection.”
Erin now moved her hand down to his groin and felt the padded briefs under his jeans, “Like right now?”

Kieran’s breath came a little quicker and he looked down at Erin’s hand on the fly of his jeans. He really didn’t want her to know and in his mind he kicked himself for not having taken the briefs off earlier in the bathroom.
He nodded without saying anything. Erin’s eyes were on him and she scanned his face while stroking her hands around his groin and getting oddly aroused at feeling the briefs under the jeans.
Kieran felt his nervousness increase by the second and he really wanted to bring her hand up but when he tried she resisted somewhat and left her hand down there. He couldn’t look at her and he felt embarrassed.
Almost in a whisper he said, “I should go to the bathroom and take them off.”
Erin hushed, “I can do it if you let me.”

That was the furthest on is mind and he couldn’t even picture for one second Erin taking off his briefs. If he was really unlucky he had already leaked into them.
Erin stroked her hand around his crotch and then pressed her lips onto his, not letting him say anything else. She kissed him hard and he let her. Her hand moved under his T-Shirt and up to his chest where he could feel her hand stroking him and running her fingers along his scar.
Her breathing came quickly and she whispered into his ear, “You turn me on so much Kieran.”

As much as he wanted to hear this and any guy would be happy to have a woman tell him this, it also worried him.
He tried to relax and he tried to enjoy the caressing from Erin but his mind was still spinning around his pants and his briefs, and around his thin spastic legs and his dead cock.

Erin pulled his T-Shirt over his head and exposed his chest with the prominent scar running from his neck down to his belly, some areas covering it somewhat by the tattoos on his chest. She ran her hand along the waistband of his jeans and when at first Kieran didn’t even realize he finally did catch a glimpse of her hand pushing inside his jeans. He almost wanted to pull her hand out and his breathing was quick and restless. She kissed his pectorals, her tongue flicked his ear lobe and ran down his neck over his shoulder.

Erin was very excited and she whispered, “You may unzip my dress Kieran.”
His hands trembled and he couldn’t even get a good grip of her zipper because he was nervous. For a moment he stopped fiddling with it and Erin could see his frustration and embarrassment.
She stroked over his cheek, “I love you so much Kieran. You’re doing great.”
He tried it again and eventually the zipper came down and he gently slipped the dress over her shoulders and right away was struck by the view of her perfect shoulders. His lips touched her skin softly.
Erin laid there with her bra exposed and her hands ran through his hair and she kept glancing at the scar while Kieran tasted her skin and eventually made the attempt to unhook her bra.
Again it took him a moment and he hushed in embarrassment, “Shit, I’m just really out of practice with this.”
Erin didn’t say anything and just touched his chest with her lips and she felt the soft hair around his nipples.

Kieran succeeded in unhooking her bra, and slid the straps off her shoulders. Two perfect size breasts appeared. He admired them for moment and then his hands gently explored their softness. It had been so long that he had touched a woman’s breast. They felt so good in his hands, soft and flawless, resting perfectly in his hands as he kneaded them gently, cupped them and kissed her nipples.
He pulled her dress down further and quickly Erin was out of it and laid there in only her panties. Kieran shifted some and focused on her body, scanning her with his emerald eyes. He was still in his jeans and socks and shoes.

Erin smiled, “You still have too many clothes on.”
She sat up and softly pushed him down on the pillow, “I’ll take your shoes off.”
He watched as Erin turned to his shoes and loosened the laces and slipped off the black Nikes. He had her behind right in his view now and watched as her cheeks wriggled some as she moved around focusing on taking his socks off now. She then turned around again and met his eyes on her body. They smiled at each other but when she put her hands to his jeans fly he got nervous.
He brought his hand down and touched hers and Erin said softly, “It’s okay Kieran. I’m okay and I want you to be okay. I want to see you naked.”
He swallowed and his mind was racing at what to do.
Erin came up to his face and stroking some strands of hair out of his forehead she said, “Kieran, you’re perfect to me. You’re the hottest guy I have ever seen. I love your body, I love you so much. Please let me do this.”
He swallowed again, trying to think of something to say but all he could do then is nod nervously.
She kissed him on his lips, “Thank you my love.”

She sat next to him as he watched her unbutton and unzip his fly and pushed her hands inside touching the softly padded briefs enclosing his manhood. He swallowed and he tried to stay calm and relaxed but it was difficult.

Erin started wriggling his jeans over his butt and eventually she pulled them down over his skinny and scarred legs. She did all this very slowly and he watched her facial expression and her eyes directly on him and scanning over his legs with a sort of admiration.
She stroked with her hands over his shins and knees, up to his thighs and ending at the briefs. Kieran wanted to disappear, it was difficult for him to let her see him like this. He could barely stand it and his breaths came quick.

When she approached his briefs he pulled on her arm and said lowly, “Erin, please…”
She looked up, almost like he had distracted her from a very important task, and he pulled her to him. He wrapped his arms around her and brought her close to him.
Erin kissed his cheek, “Kieran, baby, what is it?”
He swallowed the knot in his throat and tried to find his words.
He really didn’t know what to tell her but Erin seemed content and added, “Your body is perfect. I’m so turned on right now.”
He nodded, “Erin, I’m embarrassed for you to see me this way.”
“Don’t be. I love you so much Kieran.”
She looked into his eyes, “But if you don’t want me to take them off, I won’t.”
He said lowly, “I want them off…I feel like an idiot lying here wearing them in front of you.”
It was all difficult for him to say and Erin confirmed, “It’s no big deal for me. Let me see you all the way.”
He hushed, “I don’t know if they are wet.”
He wanted to disappear so badly right then and there but Erin only said, “Don’t worry about it.”
She moved up and sat next to him again and slowly moved her hands to the briefs. Kieran could only watch as she then pulled the briefs down over his legs again and dropped them on the floor next to the bed. They were dry.

She looked at him and he pushed himself up on his elbows and glanced down to his limp cock, laying sideways in its eternal sleep.
He met Erin’s eyes and she smiled, “You’re perfect Kieran.”
He said softly, “You still have your panties on.”
“You’re right. Why don’t you pull them off me?”

She moved up to Kieran and he pushed himself up onto the headboard and was then able to lean on it. He was able to reach Erin’s panties and slowly moved them down. Erin did the rest and now they were both naked.

Kieran still felt somewhat insecure in front of Erin but she let her hands softly stroke over his arms and over his chest. He watched her hands as she traced his scar once again. It felt uneven in places and in some others it was smooth, but it ran as a pinkish slightly swollen line from his neck down to his belly and Erin imagined how bad it must have been when Kieran had gotten hurt.

Her hand travelled down to his hips where she softly ran her fingers over his protruding hip bones. There was hardly any fat on Kieran’s body, he was skinny and his body was marked by the battle scars of combat and the injuries he had sustained. He watched her as her fingers stroked down to his legs again and Erin found the scars on his legs and traced them, fully focused on exploring his body.
She glanced at his silent cock, but even in its soft and limp form not small and she imagined how it would have looked erect.
Kieran was surprised when she leaned down over it and softly kissed it, then glanced up at him with a seductive smile. He saw her chest rise up and down quickly, her lips were slightly parted and she was fully focused on his broken body.

He moved his hand over to her body and let his fingers run over her warm and soft skin. A tiny belly protruded, obviously a badge of another type, giving birth to two children. Her skin was pale but healthy looking and her long dark brown curls fell over her back and in front over her perfectly full breasts.
Kieran said softly, “Come closer!”
She moved up to him so he could reach more parts of her body with his hands. He softly stroked over her thighs and Erin just enjoyed the focus on her body now.

Kieran rested his eyes on her pussy, a thin layer of pubic hair around it but he could see her swollen lips. Erin was breathing quickly but quietly as she watched his strong hand stroke to the inside of her thighs. She lightly spread her thighs as she sat on her feet. Kieran felt excited seeing her feminine curves and body parts all open for him. He shifted some to get a sturdier position. He wasn’t sure if it was all right to move his hand over to Erin’s girl parts and was surprised when she guided his hand over to her swollen pussy.

He looked up at her unsure and Erin just nodded in affirmation. Kieran felt her pubic hair with his fingers and the heat radiating from her pussy around his hand. He let his whole hand cover her pussy as he softly rubbed and pressed down on it. Erin let her head fall back some and her eyes were closed, her long hair falling down her back.

Kieran felt his heart beat fast as he touched Erin’s pussy and eventually let his fingers explore her lips and the creases between her lips and running his fingers along them. He was lost in the moment and a long lost feeling of arousal seemed to run through his mind. His eyes stayed on her pussy and his hand as he traced her lips from front to back and back to front and felt some moisture touch his fingers now. Erin’s breathing came quicker now, he saw her chest rise up and down. She held herself steady with her hands by her side as she arched her back some and pushed her loins toward Kieran. Her thighs were spread some and she pushed in a slow rhythm toward Kieran’s hand. He shifted his position somewhat, feeling a bit dizzy all the sudden at the apparent arousal of his girlfriend.

She mumbled, “Kieran, work it with your hand and your fingers. You’re driving me crazy right now.”
He licked his lips and he imagined putting his lips where his fingers were at the moment.
With soft pushes around her clitoris, Erin moved her body a little faster pushing her pussy toward his hand more.
She was coming close to her climax and with shiny eyes she looked down at his hand working her pussy.

Kieran’s chest was rising up and down quickly as he moved his fingers toward her wet opening and when for a moment he stroked around it he then pushed his finger in and Erin arched her back some, now audibly breathing. He let his eyes run over her stretched body, licked his lips and felt chills along his arms. A glance to his cock confirmed once again that it was dead when it came to erections and quickly he focused back on Erin. He felt the moisture around his fingers, her pussy keeping his finger lodged inside as he explored her from the inside, and eventually pushing another finger into her opening.

He had strong hands with matching fingers and Erin hushed above him, “Oh Gosh Kieran…keep going.”
He pushed her clit with his thumb while his pointing and middle finger stayed inside of her pussy.
Erin moved against his hand and he kept his eyes on her pussy, then looked up at her when she suddenly moaned in ecstasy, obviously reaching her breaking point.
Kieran felt and heard the moisture surround his fingers and watching Erin’s face turn into an expression of utter pleasure gave him feelings of satisfaction and achievement. Successfully he had pushed the thoughts of his non existing erection and the penetration during sex out of his mind.
For a few more seconds Erin still moved against his hands, then she seemed to collapse some and opened her eyes and met Kieran’s gaze on her.

She moved down to him and they smiled at each other until Erin laughed lowly and kissed him softly on the lips. Kieran pulled her to him and kissed her hair and he felt so much for her at the moment.
Erin said lowly, “Kieran, you’re the best…you brought me over the edge. It was so good.”
She looked into his green shiny eyes and he smiled and replied lowly, “It felt really good for me too.”
Erin pulled the sheet over them and rested her head on his shoulder, “I love you so much Kieran.”
“I love you too. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me Erin. I don’t want to be without you anymore.”
“You won’t be. I’m here to stay.”
Kieran did feel somewhat exhausted now too, almost like they had had actual sex. He kissed her hair and he faintly smelled Erin’s scent on his fingers and hand.

Erin snuggled even closer to Kieran and he held her to him and felt her warm skin on the upper half of his body and on his arms.
When his eyes wanted to fall shut he jumped some and Erin looked up with tired eyes as well, “Are you all right?”
He nodded, “Yeah, just tired now. I’m sorry.”
“No, it’s okay. We should probably sleep so we can enjoy the day tomorrow.”

They still made their way to the bathroom to brush their teeth and Erin enjoyed watching Kieran move around in his Quickie. The bathroom was easy for him to maneuver around in and Erin could tell he was happy about this.
He waited for her to finish brushing her teeth and Erin looked at him as she rinsed off her toothbrush.
When he didn’t move she asked lowly, “Anything you need?”
Kieran nodded to the toilet and Erin realized what he was waiting for.
She smiled, “I have to pee too.”
Without any words he wheeled out of the bathroom in the hope that she would do the same thing for him once she was done.
He heard Erin pee and flush and eventually she came back out, “It’s all yours.”
He smiled at her and was relieved that she didn’t stay in the bathroom but gave him some privacy for his catherization.

Erin heard him in the bathroom and imagined what he was possibly doing and the thoughts excited her. Over by the bed she picked up all their clothes and laid them over the chair. She also found the dry briefs Kieran had worn during the day. When he came out of the bathroom and wheeled over toward her she was sitting on the bed with the briefs next to her.

He shyly glanced at the briefs but wheeled over to the closet to get a pair of shorts. Erin was wearing a thin nightgown, falling loosely over her body and he could still see the silhouette of her naked body underneath. She crawled into the bed and watched Kieran wheel back over to the bed with the shorts on his lap. He really didn’t want to wear the briefs in front of her but he also didn’t want to wake up in a wet hotel bed. That would have been more embarrassing and without thinking about it too much he transferred onto his side of the bed under Erin’s watchful eyes and when he laid on the bed he just slipped the briefs over his legs again and then the shorts. He didn’t look at Erin during the process but he knew her eyes were on him the whole time.

When he finally looked at her she smiled, “You’re so hot.”
Kieran shifted and moved is body to face her, “Thanks, but you are hotter.”
They laughed and Erin said lowly, “I’m happy you weren’t embarrassed to wear the briefs.”
He replied lowly, “Better than peeing into the bed. That would seriously suck.”
He pulled her to him and added, “But enough about that…come here.”
He kissed her hard and they eventually fell asleep in each other’s arms and Erin’s warm legs wrapped around Kieran’s still legs.


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