Thursday, January 7, 2016

For The Love Of Not Walking Chapter 26

Kieran and Erin are enjoying their weekend getaway but an incident brings back all the memories of the last couple of weeks. They realize more and more that it is their love for each other that will make everything okay.

Chapter 26
Kieran was relieved that he had a good night without waking up from any nightmares. He had been worried to be overshadowing the weekend with possible nightmares or the likes but he woke up before Erin, refreshed and happy. He glanced at her next to him, she was snoring lowly, her hair covered her face and her hand touched his arm. Outside he heard birds chirping and the waves of the ocean. The curtain was drawn but he could see brightness through a crack indicating most likely sunshine.

He gently moved his body away from her and when he felt his briefs with his hand they were warm and moist. He wanted to get into the bathroom before Erin would wake up. As quietly as possible he made his way out of the bed and transferred into his Quickie.  

In the bathroom he locked the door behind him and firstly adhered to his catheterization. After catherization he actually transferred onto the toilet and with a gloved hand stimulated his anus to get a bowel movement. It took at least 25 minutes of this type of digital stimulation until he finally achieved his sphincter to trigger movement of the bowels. Kieran was hoping very much that Erin would sleep through this whole process and he glanced over at the door to make sure he had locked it. He didn’t hear any noises coming from outside.

It was the hardest thing to deal with. He would take severe spasms any day over the whole bowel management process. It was something he tried to get done every two to three days. He had been worried about the weekend with Erin and now was nervously sitting on the toilet trying to get this over with as quick as possible. All together he sat on the toilet for about 45 minutes until he was done and was ready to get into the shower.

The shower was built for exceptionally easy access for disabled persons. There were grab handles galore and he was able to slide onto the shower chair with ease. The chair was positioned securely in the tub, the faucets were in easy reach and even the towels were low on the bars. He was very relieved when he ran the water over his body, it felt good on the parts of his body with sensation.

Just when he was in the middle of soaping his body the door handle tried to push down and Kieran peeked around the shower curtain and heard Erin’s voice, “Kieran, are you okay in there?”
He called, “Yes, I’m in the shower.”
“I have to pee so bad baby. The door is locked.”
Kieran stopped in the process and cursed, “Shit…”
“Are you almost done in the shower?”
“Give me a few more minutes.”
“I don’t know if I can hold it that long…” Erin sounded somewhat nervous.
Kieran was annoyed with himself of having forgotten to unlock the door after his toilet session, “I’m sorry baby, I’ll make this quick.”
“Okay…” She laughed and added, “I may need to borough one of your incontinence briefs.”
Kieran grinned at her comment and quickly soaped down his body trying to hold himself steady and not get too much in a hurry where he could fall.

After about 10 minutes he came to the door with a towel draped over his lap and unlocked the door. Erin sat on a chair outside on the balcony and Kieran quickly wheeled over to her, “Baby, I’m done.”
She turned around and there he was sitting naked with just a towel over his lap, his feet placed perfectly aligned on the foot rest, his hair damp, still dripping slightly, his bare chest strong and smelling of shower and soap. For a moment she just stared at him.
Kieran wondered about the few moments of hesitation on her part. He figured by this time she would be running into the bathroom when she sighed looking at him and smiled, mumbling lowly, “Gosh, you’re so fucking hot right now.”
He looked down with a smile, then back up at her and she asked, “Why did you sneak away into the bathroom this morning? I wanted to try that cool Jacuzzi with you.”
Kieran answered lowly, “Sorry…we can do that tonight maybe.”
Erin got up and with a quick kiss and stroke over his shoulders she left him there and hurried into the bathroom.

Kieran wheeled out to the balcony, they were on the fifth floor. The balcony was closed in and private so no one could look at them from the neighboring rooms. He felt the cool breeze on his skin and his head with his wet hair. He smelled the ocean and heard the waves far out. As he wheeled closer to the railing he could see the accessible path out to the water, now it was quite a ways out, not near as covered with water like it was the night before. For a few moments he just enjoyed the view and the stimulations.

He didn’t hear when Erin came back out and all the sudden her arms wrapping around him from behind surprised him. Her face came up next to his and she looked out to the water with him. Kieran brought his hand up to her hands locked on his upper chest. She kissed his cheek and he smiled.
Erin said lowly, “I love you so much.”
He kissed her cheek next to his face, “I love you.”

While Erin was in the bathroom taking a shower with the door wide open Kieran got dressed on the bed and was finished when she came out with a towel wrapped around her body. He followed her with his eyes as she walked into the closet and picked out her clothes and when she came out his eyes were still on her.
Erin smiled at him and he was stunned when she dropped the towel right in front of him and stood there bare naked. 
He grinned and rubbed his chin with his fingers, “Damn, I’m in heaven I think.”

She did have a great body, mature but healthy and slender. Her waists were curved just right the shape of an hour glass, her thighs were smooth and toned, her breasts still perky and filled out perfectly. She let him gaze at her for a few moments when Kieran pushed his rims and wheeled over to her. He placed his hands on her hips and stroked over them for a moment, then turned her around and had her full and curvy behind right in front of his eyes. His hands had not really been exploring that body part too much the night before, he had been too occupied with her pussy but now he let his hands run over her perfect ass.
When he leaned over and bit her butt cheek softly Erin jumped and squealed, “Ouch….”
Kieran laughed, “I didn’t do it that hard.”
Erin laughed, “Yes, you did…I’ll have a bite mark now.”
“That’s right, I have to mark my territory somehow so when we see “crutch Michael” I can show him your butt.”
Erin laughed and hurried away to get dressed.

They had missed breakfast in the hotel, it was almost noon now. Soon they were on their way to the all-day breakfast at a recommended local diner. It wasn’t too far and Erin walking with Kieran rolling next to her they strolled through town. It was a cozy bustling seaside town and there were stores, restaurants, galleries and various entertainment options. The restaurant wasn’t too crowded and they were seated right away.

After brunch they made their way down to the waterfront. Seagulls were picking around in the sand on the beach and here and there people walked along the beach, some with dogs and others with little kids. It was sunny but still breezy. Erin had put her hair up in a ponytail because she knew it would fly all around her head if she wouldn’t have.

They arrived back at the hotel accessible path out to the water and turned onto it. They were able to go way out to the edge of the water. Erin took her flats off and left them next to Kieran. Barefooted she hopped off the path and into the sand and turned around toward Kieran. He had his phone in his hand and took a picture of her posing in the sand. He watched her search for shells and sand dollars and when she found a perfect one she held it up and showed him with a delightful squeal. He gave her thumbs up as he watched her look for more, bending down, picking things up and throwing them back in, investigating shells and deciding if she should keep them or not. Kieran kept taking some pictures with his phone and watched Erin with joy but also a distant pain in his heart. She kept looking back at him and she ran toward the water and when the waves rolled in she ran back.

Kieran laughed when she got wet and at the same time he did wish he could run around on the beach with her. Instead though he could only watch her, and he thought back for a moment how he had stood on his legs and how he had taken steps during the nightly episodes that had shaken up everything he had known. Now he watched the person he had gotten in exchange for walking, running further away from him and laughing at him when she turned around. She waved at him and he wanted her back next to him and his wheelchair.

He gestured her to come back over and Erin called, “I’ll be right there. I think there is a patch with shells right over there.”
Kieran looked out to the water and then back at Erin who was now kicking a ball back and forth with a little boy. There was a very distant pain inside of him at watching his girlfriend running around and having fun without him. Eventually he put his hands to his rims and slowly rolled his chair back up the pathway again, leaving Erin’s shoes behind.

When Erin turned around to come back she saw Kieran wheel up the path and she sprinted back over to the path with some shells and sand dollars in the pockets of her hoodie. She didn’t put on her flats but hurried barefooted after Kieran, “Baby, wait up!”
Kieran stopped spinning his rims and Erin reached him, breathing quickly, “Kieran, where are you going?”
“Nowhere, just wheeling along this wonderful accessible path made specifically for cripples in wheelchairs.”
Erin heard the sarcasm in his voice and said softly, “Are you all right?”
He looked at her, “Why did you run so far away?”
Erin was surprised at his question and asked, “What are you talking about?”
“You ran all the way over the beach, further and further away.”
Erin positioned herself in front of Kieran, “Kieran, what is going on? Did you have a problem with me combing the beach a little?”
He looked out to the water and Erin repeated, “Did you have a problem with that?”
He glanced up at her with dark green eyes, “Just felt like you didn’t really give a shit about me sitting there like an idiot.”
Erin was stunned at his revelation, and replied tense, “Kieran, I didn’t think anything of it. I was looking for some nice sand dollars and shells. I told the girls I’ll bring them some.
He put his hands to his rims again and kept pushing his wheelchair, forcing Erin out of the way.
She sounded angry, “Okay, I’m not sure what your deal is right now but you’re acting weird.”
He stopped abruptly and turned toward her, “I kind of thought about how I was able to walk again for a few weeks and I guess it pissed me off somehow seeing you out there running around and all.”
Now Erin sounded sad, “You’re not all the way okay with your decision?”

Kieran didn’t want to hear that but it rang true some. Even though he had tried to forget about his decision and everything that had happened prior to it, he hadn’t forgotten about it and he had been sad when he didn’t wake up at night anymore, gaining sensations back.
He didn’t answer her and Erin added tensely, “Okay, don’t you think I feel guilty in a way?”
Kieran looked up at her and he saw her eyes were shiny.
He thought of something to say but Erin didn’t give him a chance, “Kieran, I thought we were clear on everything. I thought you were sure you had made the right decision and now you’re throwing at me that I just happened to run along the beach some, not staying right next to you. That’s not how I can do this. I know it was the hardest decision you had to make but I really hoped you were okay with your choice but apparently you’re not all the way. But do not, and I repeat, DO NOT make me feel guilty about your decision…”
She pulled some shells and sand dollars from her pocket and threw them right in front of Kieran to the ground and she said angrily, “I guess my boyfriend is offended that I collected some shells for my kids.”

With that she walked away and up the path and Kieran stared at the shells on the ground. When he snapped out of the moment Erin was all the way up by the hotel already and just went inside. He sat there and swallowed and he knew now he had not been entirely all right with the decision but now his chance was gone to ever walk again.

He leaned over to pick up the shells but couldn’t reach them with his hand. He stretched his hand further down and almost touched them when his wheelchair rolled out under him and he tumbled to the ground, the chair rolling off the path and falling into the sand. He laid amidst the shells now, some had broken from the weight of his body. A few sand dollars were smashed.
He cursed loudly, “Fuck!”

He pushed the shells away from him, the path was sandy and moist. He looked over at his chair in the sand. It had tumbled over the edge of the path and was lying about two feet below on the beach. With his hands on the rough surface of the path he pulled his body toward the spot where he hoped to reach the Quickie and pull it up. He pulled his body over and reached down to the Quickie. From the angle it was difficult to grab the wheelchair and pull it up. He tried it with one hand and couldn’t get a good grip of it. Even though the Quickie was light weight in its quality, being an aluminum frame it was still difficult to grab it with one hand and pull it up. Kieran had to use two hands which took away all the bracing he had when he had to reach down there with two hands, lying flat on the pathway, hanging halfway over the edge. He finally got a hold of the wheelchair and pulled it over and then with difficulties up onto the pathway. When the Quickie was up on the path Kieran rolled over onto his back, taking some breaths from exhaustion and also anger.

He was surprised when he heard a voice, “Kieran, are you all right?”
When he looked up he saw the woman Teresa in the wheelchair roll up to him and she looked worriedly at him, “My God Kieran, are you okay? Did you fall out of your chair?”
He pushed himself up on his elbows and right away felt the roughness of the sand on his elbows, “I’m all right.”
Shortly behind Teresa he spotted her husband Michael coming along the path on his crutches and somewhat stiff legged.
He called out, “Everything all right?”
Teresa turned to him, “I think so.”
She turned to Kieran again, who was in the process of setting up his wheelchair, “Kieran, you need help?”
Kieran did not want the two involved in his situation and was angry they had found him that way, “I’m all right. Just a little tumble. I’m good.”
Teresa helped steady his Quickie and Kieran set the break so he could hopefully pull himself up.
Michael had reached them, “Kieran, what happened?”
Kieran answered somewhat annoyed now, “I fell out of my chair, that’s all. I’m good. Don’t worry about me.”
Michael still asked, “Is there anything I can help you with?”
Kieran snapped at him, “No, I’m fine…”

Michael didn’t ask anything else but started digging through the bag on the back of his wife’s wheelchair and pulled out a plastic bag and handed it to Kieran, “For the shells and sand dollars.”
Kieran was surprised but inside he was kind of relieved about the bag and with a low Thank you he picked up the shells and sand dollars that were still intact and dropped them into the bag.
Teresa asked once more, “Kieran, is there anything we can do?”
“No, I’m fine. You guys can keep going. Please leave me alone right now.”

Reluctantly they made their way past Kieran and he eventually tried a few times to get up into his wheelchair and he finally had made it. He patted his shirt and his jeans to get rid of the sand and with the bag in his lap he pushed his rims and made his way up the path.
When he got to the room, Erin wasn’t there. He pulled out his phone and touched her phone number but it went to voice mail. He left the bag on the table and left the room again, going to look for her. He had to apologize to her and now felt bad about having acted angry earlier.

When he texted her where she was there was no reply. He wheeled through the hotel lobby, peeked into the restaurant and the bar, even made his way to the swimming pool but he only found some elderly guests floating in the pool and relaxing in the Jacuzzi.

He was parked outside the hotel and brought up his phone again, touching her phone number again and when the voice mail came on he said, “Erin, it’s me…where are you? I’ve been looking everywhere and I’m sorry about earlier. Please let me know where you are.”
He debated if he should make his way into the busy town center again but instead went back through the hotel and out the back door. He wheeled along the boardwalk where people were jogging, walking, and bicycling. There were benches in even distances and after he had wheeled for at least 15 minutes he found Erin on a bench, just looking out over the beach to the water.

He slowed his roll and quietly wheeled closer, then saying, “Erin?”
She looked over and he saw her face was moist. He wheeled all the way up to her and parked right in front of her.
She didn’t look at him and he started lowly, “Erin, I’m so sorry.”
He wanted to touch her hand or her knee but he didn’t think it was the right moment for it. She didn’t say anything right away and kept her eyes down.
“Erin, please accept my apologies. I’m an idiot and I don’t know what overcame me down there on the beach. I guess…”

He took a deep breath and with a trembling voice he tried to explain, “I know it was the right decision…but I do think about…I do think about it still. I think about how it felt and I wish I could erase it from my memory. But it can’t be undone, it happened and as much as I enjoyed it, it also hurt like hell…I wish it would’ve never ever happened. It seems unreal but it’s ingrained in my memory forever. When I saw you run along the beach a while ago I thought about it and how I wished so much I could’ve ran along with you and you went further and further away and somehow I freaked out I guess…something hit me and I wanted you to come back but instead  you went even further…”
He stopped and swallowed, having a hard time talking now. Erin looked up at him and he met her eyes and she saw his eyes were shiny.

Lowly he continued, “I wish so much I would’ve never had this weird stuff happen to me and when I was just getting used to life in the chair all this shit happened and threw me off and you came into my life…but I don’t want you to feel guilty and I hate myself for making you feel that way. I don’t ever want to cause you guilty feelings, I wish I could erase this whole chapter out of my life. But I know I want to be with you and nothing else, I can’t imagine being without you anymore and if I have love I would rather have it with pain than not at all. I’m so sorry Erin for hurting you. Please forgive me.”

He held his hand out to her and he longed for her hand in his and he waited for a moment, looking at her and eventually Erin looked up and put her hand in his.
Lowly she said, “I think we’ll always have moments like this, because like you said, it can’t be undone. It happened to you for some unexplainable reason and the decision you had made was the hardest in your life. I know I’ll always carry a certain guilt around for causing you this pain and I don’t know how we are going to deal with it.”
Kieran wrapped his hand around hers, “Erin, we will deal with it when it hits by talking to each other and not acting like an idiot as I did a while ago. I’ll never do this again. If we feel the pain and the guilt we need to stick together even more and even closer because I want to tell him to fuck off and I want to show him that I’m perfectly fine with you but we need to stick together. We should never try to deal with it on our own, never.”

Kieran looked down at their hands and then up at Erin. He saw a tear roll down her cheek. He hated to see her cry, because he knew it was his fault.
He pushed his Quickie all the way up, touching her knees with his, and said lowly, “Erin, I love you so much and I don’t know what I would do without you. I want to make you happy, I don’t want to make you cry.”

He looked at her as she lifted her eyes toward his, “I love you so much too. I think we both somehow will always have to deal with what happened to you and it won’t always be easy. But I want to be with you and I hope you can come to some kind of contentment with your decision. If you’re in pain, I’ll be in pain, if you’re happy, I’ll be happy. We’re bound to each other with this mystery. Before I met you, your injuries and your fate were only yours but with us meeting and falling in love it also became my fate and part of my life. I can’t help to feel not only guilt for the decision you had to make but also the way I feel about you being paraplegic. It’s something you have to live with and it’s not easy for you, the whole mystery made it all the worse because you had a chance to maybe walk again but you had to decide against it, in return getting me, the woman who wants and adores you the way you are, not walking. For my love of you not walking you partly made this decision and when I think about it sometimes I hate myself for it….”
Kieran squeezed her hand and cut off her words, “Erin, no…I don’t want you to think like that…”

He wanted to come up with more but thinking about Erin’s words he knew there was not much he could add because everything had been said. They both knew they had to learn to live with knowing certain things about each other that were painful in a way but in another way going hand in hand with the joy of being together.
Kieran looked down onto their interlocked hands again and thought until he felt Erin’s hand on his cheek and her soft voice, “We need to move on Kieran and look ahead to our future together. We have to leave the past behind and try to focus on us and how we feel for each other. I love you and there’s no other person I want to be with ever.”
He looked up at her and replied, “Me neither, I love you and you’re right, we’ll move on from what happened and try to forget about it.”

Erin leaned forward and Kieran let go off her hand and held himself steady somewhat leaning toward her so they could kiss. The kiss was short, Kieran having to deal with his balance leaning forward.
He softly took his lips off hers and said lowly, “Let me get on the bench with you.”
He angled his Quickie and smoothly transferred onto the bench under Erin’s watchful eyes. He finally sat, adjusted his legs in front of him, Erin still watching every move he made. She then moved closer to him and brought her legs up and set them over Kieran’s lap. They wrapped their arms around each other and moved in for another long kiss in a loving embrace. The wind was blowing around them, the seagulls squawking over them and in the distance children were laughing and squealing.
They sat on the bench for a while. Kieran told Erin about his tumble out of his chair on the path and also how Teresa and Michael came up to the incident.
Eventually Erin looked through the plastic bag with the shells and the sand dollars, which were still intact, “Thanks for picking them up.”

They eventually strolled along the boardwalk toward the hotel.
Erin suggested, “We should check out the pool.”
Kieran looked over at her in shock at the thought of letting Erin see him getting in the pool, “Ahem, yeah, you can check it out. I’ll watch you from the side.”
“But you could use the lift to get into the pool.”
“I don’t think I need or want to do that Erin.”

Kieran thought for a moment about the pool at the YMCA, which also had a lift but he never had considered using it to get into the pool. And Dominic had asked him a few times about getting into the pool but Kieran wanted to avoid the embarrassment of letting everyone see him get out of his wheelchair and into the pool or using the lift. And so far he just had not had the courage to get into the pool any other way. He just couldn’t see himself going to that extent to get into the pool. He had been in a pool during his time in Rehab and it was always a good experience, even though a little nerve wrecking with not being able to use his legs for swimming. It did make his body feel light and almost healthy though. After Rehab though he never went back into a pool causing Dominic disappointment on a few occasions.

Now Erin brought up the subject again, “Why don’t you want to try it?”
He moved his eyes forward again on the path in front of him, “I just don’t want to.”
Erin felt he was sensitive about the issue and decided not to ask anymore. She enjoyed being in the water and still considered going into the pool even if Kieran didn’t want to.
She was surprised when he suggested, “The tub in our room though looks like I could enjoy some bath time with you.”
He glanced at Erin and met her smile, “Oh really, the tub is okay but not the pool?”
He grinned, “Yeah, and we have our privacy.”
Erin laughed lowly, “Now you’re making me nervous.”
“Good.” He pushed his rims and added, “I do have to get that sand off when I fell out of my chair earlier.”
Erin smiled still. She softly touched his shoulder as he was wheeling along and he slowed his pace some.

In the room Kieran disappeared into the bathroom for a few moments and eventually Erin heard the water running into the tub. She realized Kieran had been serious with his suggestion. She looked out of the balcony window and saw the sky had turned somewhat grey and the wind had picked up.
After a few minutes Kieran called, “Erin, are you coming?”

She looked toward the bathroom and smiled to herself. Quickly she slipped out of her clothes except her shirt and she could feel her hands tremble and her heart beat quickly. When she opened the door to the bathroom to her surprise Kieran was already in the bathtub. His Quickie was parked next to the tub, his clothes were on a chair next to the sink. It felt warm and steamy in the bathroom. Erin had only her shirt on still and she felt oddly vulnerable standing there but she was very excited at the same time. The water was still running. She turned the lights on low and stepped up to the tub.

It was large enough for two people to easily sit in it. Kieran looked at her and seeing him sitting there, his hair somewhat moist and stringy, his chest and arms wet, the tattoos glistening on his skin she felt her knees get weak. Seeing the wheelchair right next to the tub sped up her heart beat even more and she felt almost overwhelmed in the situation, the devotee inside of her coming to full exposure.
She indulged in the view of Kieran in the tub and knowing the wheelchair was part of him drove her crazy.
He smiled at her nervously, “Are you coming in or are you just going to stand there?”
She said lowly, “Just taking it all in.”
She slipped her Shirt over her head and Kieran watched her closely. She undid her bra and her breasts were exposed and her nipples got hard from the breeze touching them.

A step for the able bodied person eased the entry into the large tub. Kieran had to be in the tub before he had turned the water on. The door for the disabled entry of the tub was sealed shut and the water was now filling the tub half way as Erin had to actually step into the tub over the edge. There was a grab bar for her to hold on as she slowly stepped into the tub.
Kieran watched her still, “Be careful babe.”

He let his eyes wander over her naked body as she immersed her body into the water. She was so hot and with the right curves in the right places Kieran couldn’t get enough of looking at her. She felt his eyes on her, and even though she enjoyed the attention it made her slightly nervous.
She was in the water with him and the water was still running in, it was wonderfully warm and comfortable. She saw Kieran sitting on one of the benches in the tub and he was holding on with his hands. She caught views of his legs and lower body under the water, his legs seemingly just floating with the movement of the water. He smiled at her but he looked somewhat nervous himself.
Erin let her body down more, she was able to just squat in the tub and the water covered her breasts now. She looked at Kieran sitting there and holding on, he seemed slightly unbalanced and was trying to get a good position.

Slowly she moved over to him, “Are you all right?”
He nodded and replied lowly, “I haven’t been in a tub since rehab.”
She was right by him now and without asking she slid her body onto his lap and right away she felt a charge go through her when feeling his skin on hers. Her legs kneeled next to Kieran on the bench. It was padded and soft. With her body weight she pinned Kieran to the seat and she loosened his grips from the handles.
She felt a slight resistance on his part when she took his hands off, “It’s okay. I won’t let you drown. Hold on to me.”

Kieran wrapped his arms around her, his hands on her waist. Behind his head was a softly padded pillow and Erin moved over him and pressed her lips onto his, pushing his head back onto the pillow. Kieran felt a surge go through him where he could feel Erin’s breasts touching his chest and he let his hands run over her body. He couldn’t feel her on his legs, he didn’t feel the warmth of the water on his skin all the way up to his chest, where his T-4 stopped all his sensations. He wanted to feel her all the way and only with his hands he was able to explore her skin, surrounded by water, feeling her softness, her warmth and every dimple and crease on her body. She kissed him hard and his hands travelled up to her breasts and her hair. The water was still running into the tub and was now almost up to his chest, which was rising up and down quickly.

Erin ran her hands through his hair and over his skin, paying special attention to the scar running from his neck down to his belly. She was visibly excited to be with him. Kieran didn’t feel her move slowly on his lap, feeling his limp cock on her thighs and her pussy. He did realize her excitement though and he let his hands run over her skin wanting to feel as much as possible of her.

Erin turned the water off, it was now up to their chests. The light was dim and their faces were shiny from moisture and sweat. Erin tended to Kieran again and licked over his neck, laying his head back he took in the sensation of her tongue on his skin, his chest rising up and down quickly. His hands ran over her breasts, perfect size breasts for his hands. Erin was focused on Kieran’s ear lobe now, he felt her nibble and suck on it and he felt his head spin with all kinds of thoughts. He saw himself with Erin in other ways, and as much as he enjoyed the images in his head he felt the pain of knowing those images would never come true. In his head his cock was hard and erect and he would penetrate Erin and he would bring her to pleasant and exciting heights. In reality his cock was limp, floating in the water underneath Erin, who kept grazing it with her pussy.

She kissed him still and he shifted some and held her shoulders with his hands and looked at her, “Erin let me taste you.”
Erin was surprised for a moment but she realized Kieran had been more passive over the last few minutes and she wanted to let him have what he wanted.

He didn’t wait for an answer but let his mouth come down on her breasts, sucking her nipples and letting his tongue taste her skin as Erin slowly came out of the water, so he would be able to reach other areas of her body with his mouth. He licked and he sucked and his hands were holding on to her ass forcefully as he pulled her to him, at the same time trying to keep his balance and not slide off the seat. Erin’s hands ran through his wet hair and she felt her pussy throb for what was coming as his mouth came closer to her pubic area. His hands held on to her ass, not letting her get away. She heard him breathe in gasps and could feel his excitement.

He let his tongue flick over her hips and loins and his one hand came around to join his mouth in exploring her lower body. He held on to her for life but he was fully dedicated to Erin’s pussy. His fingers ran along her swollen lips as she stood there. His tongue slid over her pubes and down to her clit where he let it circle and flick her clit, all the while pushing his fingers into the ready opening of her pussy.
Erin moaned over him, “Oh Gosh Kieran. What are you doing?”
He mumbled in between his feast, “Eating you out.”

She smiled and he grinned. She tasted so good to him. His tongue travelled along her labia now while his fingers explored her on the inside. Slowly he moved his fingers in and out and eventually he brought them all the way out and in exchange let his tongue enter her opening, dripping with water and the juices of her arousal. He couldn’t get enough of it, he pushed his tongue in hard and as far as he could. Now he was happy that he actually had a nice long tongue and he never thought it would actually be used in this way making a girl very happy.

Erin felt her knees weak and looking down and seeing Kieran working her pussy and pushing just the right amount, using his fingers exactly in the right spot drove her crazy. His breaths came in gasps and in his head he saw images of sex and penetration, his cock inside of Erin’s pussy but when he momentarily snapped out of it and feeling the reality he worked his tongue even more because he wanted her, he wanted to taste her, he wanted to eat her out as his head was spinning with the smells and tastes he experienced and eventually Erin moaning over him and her body jerking some as she pushed her pussy against his mouth and she let out a lustful cry when she came hard and strong and momentarily Kieran felt a different kind of taste surrounding his tongue, the taste of her climax.

He held on to her still with his head resting on her lower body as he let his tongue come out and his mouth detach from her. He was breathing into her skin, and felt the moisture of their bodies surround him. Erin was still breathing quickly but felt the cool air on her skin and wanted to sit down with Kieran.
She whispered under quick breaths, “Baby, can I come down there with you again?”
He nodded and he pulled her down, still holding her in his arms and pressing her against his skin as he kissed her softly on her mouth. Erin tasted her own arousal and she let her hands run over his back and she felt his hot breath on her.
Kieran stroked some of her long hair strands from her face and looked at her. Her face was flushed and moist, and she lowered her eyes shyly as he just looked at her.
He let his fingers softly run over her cheek and said lowly, “Erin, you make me so happy. I didn’t think I could ever be happy again with a woman after everything happened.”
Erin looked up at him with shiny dark eyes, “I want nothing else than to make you happy. I’m so glad we met. I never thought I would meet someone like you.”
He smiled and stroked his fingers down her neck, “I’m all yours.”
She smiled, “And I’m not letting anyone else have any of you.”
They fell into another long and passionate kiss.

They spent the rest of the evening eating dinner in the hotel adjacent restaurant. It had started raining in the late afternoon and the wind was blowing hard across the beach. After dinner they enjoyed drinks in the hotel room, and were happy and so much in love.
Erin couldn’t get enough of watching Kieran in his wheelchair, and Kieran on the other hand was so enormously happy with Erin.

It was during the night when Erin was aroused from her sleep as Kieran moaned next to her, and his hands moved around wildly in the air. She didn’t turn the light on, but just laid there listening to him and watching him move his head from side to side as he started mumbling in his sleep. She couldn’t make out any sentence or any sense from the words he was saying but his breathing came in quick gasps and he seemed to be dreaming vividly and kept talking and actually getting louder.  Erin turned on the lamp on her side of the bed and moved over toward Kieran.

He was breathing quickly now and his distorted words were hectic and fearful and she saw the sweat on his forehead and tears run out of the corner of his closed eyes. His head was moving still and his hands were grabbing invisible things over him.
Erin said lowly, “Kieran, baby, wake up, you’re dreaming.”
She pushed his hands down and he jumped some and all the sudden let out a scream. Impulsively Erin held her hand over his mouth worried other hotel guests could have heard him. He ripped his eyes open and stared at her, but not really seeing her.
“Kieran, it’s me, Erin. Baby wake up!”

He didn’t move her hand from his mouth but he just kept his eyes on her, seemingly trying to focus and figure out what was going on.
“Kieran, you’re okay. You were dreaming or something. I’m here baby.”
His eyes now seemed to actually focus on her face and he moved her hand away from his mouth.
He didn’t say anything but just looked at her.
Erin repeated, “Kieran, I’m here. Erin, your girlfriend…what is it baby?”
He now wiped over his eyes and seemed to be awake. He lowered his eyes, then focused back on Erin, “I’m sorry I woke you up, Erin. I must have been….must have been dreaming.”

He recalled the pictures in his dream from a few moments ago, usually the same thing over and over again. Memories of his time in Afghanistan and Iraq, on patrol, ambush on chosen targets, shooting and killing, and also his own fate of being shot and seeing the fateful night in front of his eyes in his dreams over and over again.
Erin stroked her fingers over his face, “Are you all right?”
He nodded and apologized again, and Erin softly kissed him, “Baby, I’m here with you. Let’s try to sleep again.”

He nodded like a little kid, listening to its parent and Erin turned off the light again and cuddled up next to him. Kieran stared into the darkness for a few more moments, processing some of the images he had just seen. His heart was beating quickly and Erin could feel it on her face. They eventually fell asleep again.


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