Wednesday, January 6, 2016

For The Love Of Not Walking Chapter 27

Another day in sweet love and intimacy between Kieran and Erin. Everything is clear now, their love for each other undeniable and both know where they need to be and who they need to be with.
Chapter 27
On Sunday they woke up to a pleasant and sunny day. The wind had let off and there was just a slight breeze. Erin went to the bathroom, peed and brushed her teeth. Kieran stayed in bed and watched Erin come out of the bathroom and walk out to the balcony. She wore only the hotel robe and was barefoot, leaned on the rail and looked out over the ocean. People were walking on the beach, combing for sea shells and sand dollars. Erin’s hair was flowing in the breeze.

Kieran pulled his Quickie closer and transferred into it to make his way to the bathroom. He wanted to get out of his briefs, cath, and brush his teeth. He really wanted to spend a cozy morning in bed with Erin and was glad when she was still out on the balcony as he wheeled back to the bed and quickly transferred back into it.

He stuffed another pillow behind his head and just watched his girlfriend out on the balcony. Everything that happened in the last couple of weeks seemed like it had been a real life nightmare and now it was still hard to believe what he had been through. He watched Erin for a few minutes until she turned around and came back in with a smile on her face.

She felt so much for Kieran lying there. He only had the blanket draped up to his belly, exposing his naked upper body, his chest and arms with the tattoos. His dark hair was tousled on his head and the shadow of a beard was showing. He looked at her seriously but didn’t move his eyes from her as she came over to the bed again. Erin glanced over at the Quickie next to the bed on Kieran’s side and seeing him there in the bed made her body tremble. Kieran didn’t miss her glance over to his wheelchair and he glanced at it himself for a second, then back at Erin who lowered her eyes shyly at his scanning her.

He shifted some and patted the bed next to him. Erin quietly climbed into bed next to him. He leaned over to her and he didn’t wait and just pressed her down on the pillow and kissed her hard and demanding. Erin let her hands run over his back, feeling the uneven skin in some places, the spots were shrapnel and bullets had penetrated his skin and the spots that had made him the way he was now. Her hand then traced the scar on his neck down to his collar bone and she wanted him so much. Kieran kissed her hard and his breathing came quicker. His mind went back to times when he would have slid his body over the woman, when he would have held himself up over her, watching her face in ecstasy while pushing his hard cock inside her. Nothing like that happened, but he felt so much longing for her, his mind was still picturing Erin under him and him on top of her, strong and able bodied with an erection that would make him and her very happy. As much as he wanted to push the thoughts aside he also somewhat enjoyed picturing this in his head. He moved closer to Erin and pulled her closer to him, then letting his lips unlatch from hers, but kissing her neck and nibbling on her ear, smelling her hair and her skin.

He undid the belt of  the hotel robe and slid it off her shoulders, kissing and caressing them.
Erin was breathing quickly and he eventually whispered in her ear, “I wish so much I could just go at it like I used to…pushing inside you and coming so hard with you.”
His words made Erin almost go over the edge but she whispered back muffling into his skin, “I like it this way too, I like you just the way you are. You're so super-hot to me, just looking at you arouses me, Kieran. And you worked your tongue, mouth and fingers like a champ yesterday.”

Just as she said it, he brought his hand down to her pussy, licking her neck and kissing her breasts, sucking on her nipples. He felt her pussy hot and moist, her lips swollen again with the blood flowing. He pressed his hand down some, slid his fingers along her opening up to her clit, where he searched for a few seconds and with Erin’s small cry he knew he had found her spot. He let his fingers flick around it for a few moments. It drove him crazy to touch her and feeling her excitement and arousal led him to want her so much.

He pushed his body down some and his mouth travelled over her belly, and around her belly button. Erin was breathing quickly and moaned of exhilaration. His hand kept working her pussy and he couldn’t hold back anymore and just had to push his fingers in. He felt her on the inside, the softness of flesh and tissue around his fingers, the heat and the smell of sex travelling up to his nose. He moved up to her face again and he looked at her for a moment, her eyes were glossy and full of longing.

“Erin, you are so freaking hot. You drive me crazy.”
Erin ran her hands through his hair and along his strong arms, his muscles working as he held himself up over her, “I love you so much baby.”

Under the blanket she felt his legs next to her, still and paralyzed, not moving but just lying there witnessing Erin’s and Kieran’s bodies entwine but not able to participate and wrap themselves around her legs. Erin felt her arousal intensify by the second as Kieran worked her pussy, letting his fingers slide in and out, playing with her clit just enough to bring her almost over the edge, then withdrawing again. She moaned and she watched his face as he kissed her, his eyes were closed, he was breathing quickly.

Kieran felt like he needed to explode, he felt his upper body charged, his arms covered with chills and his breathing seemingly restricted. As much as Erin turned him on and as much as he worked her pussy and in his head picturing his cock erect and hard and able to go inside of her to actually give it to her, he very much longed for the release he had known in the past. Somehow trying to release the pressure but not all the way able to, he softly bit her skin and Erin let out a small cry.

Erin didn’t let her hands travel too far down because she knew Kieran couldn’t feel it beyond his T-4 vertebrae and it wouldn’t do anything to him. He wouldn’t even know her hands were there. She felt Kieran’s fingers inside of her, he actually was resting his head on her chest and was just breathing hard.
She whispered to him, “Come up here and kiss me.”
Kieran didn’t come up to her face right away but instead he pulled his fingers out of her pussy and licked the juices of her sex off and the feelings of his fingers inside his mouth with her flavor and her heat drove him crazy.
He moved his hand back down to her pussy and pushed his fingers in, Erin moaning now, “Kieran, come up here please.”

He finally moved up and he seemed like he was in another space. When he came closer she smelled herself on his face and she pressed her lips onto his and they held each other and kissed hard. Erin bucked up against Kieran’s hand and his fingers went in and out of her pussy and he held her down and he pulled her hair slightly with his fingers. As she let her lips unlatch from his he buried his face in the crease of her neck and under quick breaths she said lowly next to him, “Keep going baby. I’m about to come…”

He could barely handle it himself, he wanted so much to get it out of his system and he bit her neck somewhat harder and he pulled her hair and Erin gasped next to him, her chest moving up and down quickly and Kieran mumbled into her skin, “Damn, I want to come with you, inside of you and flood your pussy with my come.”

At those words Erin couldn’t control herself anymore and climaxed with shock waves travelling to the far corners of her body.
She actually let out low cries and hushed, “Oh god Kieran…”

Erin closed her eyes, was taking in the moments and couldn’t say anything else. She tried to catch her breath and her legs felt weak. With his fingers staying inside of her, Kieran was next to Erin with his lips latched on to her neck and he felt her climax radiate into him. Even though most of it stayed in his head, being so close to Erin and experiencing her orgasm it sent chills down his back stopping short at his T-4. His fingers were soaked inside Erin’s pussy and he left them in for a moment letting Erin still enjoy the aftermath of her orgasm.

As Erin collapsed into his arms he pulled out his fingers and licked her juices off, breathing fast next to her. He imagined things in his head and it felt almost like the hair on his body was electrically charged, tickling on his head and on his arms and on his chest. He knew this was about as close as he would ever come to orgasm and even though there was still unfulfilled release of bottled up sensations hiding in his body he did feel a kind of contentment knowing he made his girlfriend come once again even without his hard cock inside of her. Making her happy made him just as happy and not letting the distant feeling of disappointment take over his mind and his body. He would learn to live with it and he would find other ways to find his release.

All that mattered was having Erin in his life, being in her life, and having a special bond with her pertaining to his paraplegia. That was all he really needed. Knowing that this woman was into him because of his disability along with his other traits and wanting him the way he was made him happy and he was going to make her come many more times and for a long time he was going to make love to her the way he knew how. He was still a capable man, knowing how to use his fingers and mouth just right to make his girlfriend never want anything or anyone else again.

Their breathing had slowed down. Kieran came up to Erin, and she put her hand to his face, stroking his dark hair out of his face and looking into his green eyes and she smiled. Her cheeks were flushed pink and hot. He just looked at her for a few moments.
Her eyes were shiny and she said softly, “I love you so much Kieran. I never want to be without you.”
He smiled weakly, his own body still recovering from the excitement and he kissed her nose, then replied, “You won’t ever be without me again. I won’t let you get away anymore. I love you more than anything Erin. You complete me.”
Erin smiled and then she asked lowly, scanning his face, “What you said a while ago while you were…down there…”
She felt shy asking him but Kieran knew what she was trying to say and he explained, “It was in the heat of the moment…I hope I didn’t hurt you in the process. I just…I thought I was going to explode.”
She felt somehow bad for him, “Are you okay?”
He realized his reaction and words maybe confused her some and he assured her, “Yes, I’m fine. It was awesome to feel all of this with you. I just somehow needed to say this stuff because at that very moment that was all that was in my head and I barely could hold back not to scream it out loud. Feeling you and being with you makes me want you so much Erin and even though I said this stuff and there’s some truth to it, I’m happy to be with you exactly the way we’ve been together this whole weekend. Everything about you drives me crazy and even though there seems to be some kind of head space I’m finding myself in, I have to get used to not being able to experience the full physical sensation. But please, don’t think I’m not okay…I’m very okay. I love you so much, I can’t get enough of you.”
Erin was relieved with his answer and softly stroked over his cheek, “I love you so much too Kieran. I can’t live without you anymore.”
They smiled at each other and fell into a long kiss filled with love and understanding.

After showering together and breakfast in the hotel restaurant they headed out into town, exploring and doing some shopping for the kids. They strolled along the boardwalk, watched the ocean and the seagulls, watched people and enjoyed each other. They laughed together, they kissed, and they couldn’t leave their hands of each other. Erin loved watching Kieran in his Quickie, pushing his rims, rolling along the paths and having full control of his wheelchair. They had dinner in a local restaurant in town and eventually made their way back to the hotel.

That night Kieran was dealing with lots of spasticity and once he was in bed he didn’t want to get up anymore. He wanted to wait to take his medication and when Erin came out of the bathroom he was leaning on the headboard, his legs sock footed in their jeans in front of him, jumping and twitching and Erin came over to the bed and sat down on the edge of it next to him, “Is there anything I can do?”
He touched her hand, “No, it’s fine. I’ll probably have to take my Baclofen. It’s not letting off and it’s annoying.”
Erin watched his legs for a moment as they moved on their own. Softly she touched her hands to his legs and he watched her. She gently rubbed over them, and felt the life they had on their own. A very strange life that Kieran couldn’t control and almost like his legs tried to antagonize him with all the twitching and movement but otherwise not being of any productive use to him anymore.
She rubbed her hands up and down, feeling the twitching limbs under her strokes and when she looked up at Kieran he met her eyes.
He smiled at her and said, “It feels good…”
Erin looked down and laughed lowly, “I am sorry Kieran. You want me to quit? I know you don’t feel any of it.”
“It’s all right. If you enjoy doing this, then I have no problem with it.”
Erin turned to his legs again and actually started rubbing them harder, up and down, trying to ease the tension in his legs. Even though Kieran couldn’t feel any of it, Erin thought that the spasticity seemed to ease off somewhat.

Eventually when she looked up at Kieran again, he had his head leaning back on the headboard and she climbed up on the bed and sat on his legs in front of him.
Kieran put his hands to her waist and smiled at her.
She leaned down to his face, “There, now they can’t jump away anymore.”
He laughed lowly, “Hopefully they won’t throw you off….8 seconds baby.”
Erin laughed at his little joke and they kissed for a while and lay there snuggled up to each other and watching some TV. Kieran actually waited to take his Baclofen, the spasms seemed to indeed have let off some after Erin rubbed his legs and then sat on them for a good 15 minutes.

Their drive back home on Monday was smooth and even though they had thoroughly enjoyed the weekend together they knew it was time to get back home and to the daily grind.
Kieran parked in front of Erin’s house around four that afternoon. She wanted him to go in with her for a little while still and after she had pulled her bag out of the trunk and as Kieran sat in his Quickie they made their way into the house.
The girls were still gone and the plan was for Erin’s ex to bring them home around six. Kieran wheeled into the living room while Erin took her bag to her bedroom.

When she came back out she walked over to him and without hesitation she sat on his lap, wrapped her arms around his neck and said with a small pout, “I wish we wouldn’t have had to come home yet.”
Kieran nodded and stroked through her hair, “I know but it’s all good now. We’ll be together all the time when we can. Eventually I want to get a place of my own again. I don’t want to live with Fiona forever and especially now with you in my life.”
Erin looked around in her living room, “Maybe you could move in with us. Maybe I can somehow rearrange some stuff for you to make the house more accessible.”
Kieran laughed lowly, “That sounds awesome but I’m not sure if your girls would find that a great idea with me in this house. It was one thing for Ash and Nickie to deal with what happened to me and I would think your girls don’t want to deal with me in that way either. It’s weird for kids sometimes.”
“Maybe you’re right but I want to spend as much time as possible with you.”
“I want to spend time with you too but maybe we just have to wait a little while until I find a place or something. I can come over any time or you come over to my house.”
Erin pressed her lips together, “I feel weird coming over to your house with Fiona and her family there. It seems odd.”
Kieran knew it was awkward for her and even for him and he suggested, “I’ll just come over here whenever I can or whenever you want me to come over.”
“I guess.” Erin seemed slightly disappointed but kissed him softly on his cheek.

Kieran wanted to be gone before Erin’s ex would bring the girls and was on his way home soon. In his car he let the weekend replay in his mind and he felt an absolute happiness of having Erin in his life.
The family was happy to have him back home and especially Ashleigh drilled him with questions on how his weekend with Erin had been. Fiona was happy to hear that her brother had had a good weekend.
She walked in the kitchen and brought an envelope to Kieran, “This came in the mail for you.”
Kieran took the envelope from her and saw it was from Andy and his girlfriend Carrie. He pulled out a beautifully designed official invitation. Along with the preprinted date, time and location of the wedding and reception there was also a handwritten personal note and Kieran read over it:

Hey Kieran, Carrie and I would love to invite you to our wedding. I really hope you will be there and with that I would also like to ask you to be my best man at my wedding. It would mean so much to me but if you can’t do it I would understand. I very much hope you will do it though. You are my best friend. I want you to be in my life again and I want to be in your life if you let me. We would also love to invite your significant other if there is someone in your life. Please let me know if you want to be my best man so I can let you know all the details on rehearsal and such. I also want to see you for a drink soon. Please officially RSVP by the date on the invitation. I really hope to see you, K-Man. Love, Andy and Carrie

Kieran took a deep breath and when he looked at Fiona, her eyes were questioning.
“Andy and Carrie are getting married. He invited me to his wedding and wants me to be his best man.”
“I’ll think about it.”
Fiona smiled warmly, “I think it would be wonderful.”

Kieran just nodded and with the invitation tugged between his thighs he wheeled over into the family room where the kids were hanging out and watching TV. He chatted and joked with them. They were glad he was home again.

He had a quiet and peaceful night and before he went to sleep, he texted back and forth with Erin and told her about the wedding invitation. He didn’t know yet for sure if he could do it but he knew it was important to his friend. Erin left the decision up to him.


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