Monday, February 15, 2016

Trapped Update

Hope you are enjoying the story. 

Part 2 of Trapped is here.

And if you missed Part 1, that is here.


  1. Hi Aloha! Digging your story! Lots of good details.

    Quick question, would it be okay if we coordinated our update posting? I know in the past, authors have often opted to always update on a specific day of the week (so that way other authors could plan around that). Would you mind if I took Monday (as that's the day I posted my first two updates)? If not, let me know, and I'll switch to a different day to regularly post. :) Thanks a million!!

    1. That's fine with me. I logged in this morning and there was nothing posted yet, so I figured the day was free. I only have two more parts to the story and then it will be done anyway, so I really don't care what those two days are.

  2. Super! But sad that there are only two more parts---I think that this could definitely go places.

    I'll check with Gemini and see which day she'll be posting (and take the other), and then plan to post Chapter 4 next Monday. Danke again!

  3. Once again cool chapter! Please keep on posting it!

  4. I check everyday for an update! Really loving your story!