Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Final chapter of Lies, All Lies

Hey, people! Well, this is the end. I went back and reread the story, and I fixed all those embarrassing typos (I hope I caught them all...)
I had a great time writing Lies, All Lies, and I hope you enjoyed it too! 
I did an illustration of Jesse and Lisa but I don't like the way it came out (hence the heavy photo editing.... I think that just made it worse) so hopefully I'll update it soon with a better one... 

Here it is: Part Six
And here is the Table of Contents

» Gemini«


  1. The link is not working! And with this incredible illustration, waiting for the last chapter is just torture ;-)
    Here it is, for everyone who is as impatient as me:

  2. Okay, this is embarrassing... Hang in there, everyone, I'm working on it...

  3. I think I fixed it, but please tell me if any of you have any additional problems opening the story. Thanks, Lovis!

  4. Loved your story & the picture. I hope to see more of of writing.i