Thursday, April 21, 2016

For The Love Of Not Walking Chapter 2

Hi, first off thanks for everyone who started reading my new story FTLONW two weeks ago and left comments. I appreciate you very much. So here is the next chapter of my new story and this is where I get nervous because the story will now take a turn into something slightly different and I don't know if my loyal readers will be happy with the direction the story will take now. Back a couple of months ago all of this was somehow in my head for a story idea and I didn't know if I would be able to make it happen and I definitely didn't know if it would be something people would actually read. Oh well, I put it on "paper" and here it is. I am nervous but I hope maybe some of you will still be interested in the story and on this note I definitely would love to get some feedback from you and read what you think. So here is FTLONW Chapter 2. Thank you very much, Hugs, Dani

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