Friday, June 24, 2016

Margaret's Chance: Chapter 10

Interested parties--hopefully there are still interested parties?!--will be happy to know that chapter 10 of Margaret's Chance has arrived! Yaayyy Free Friday! ;) It's long overdue...but it's also long (coming in at a whoppin' twelve pages!). I divided it up into two parts, but the second part is the heavy (read: juicier) bit.

When we last left them, Margaret and Finn were concluding their farmer's market date--and things were beginning to heat up (heh heh). In this chapter, we'll hopefully get some major insight, maybe some tummy-squishy feelings, and possibly more.

I can't promise when my next update will be (probably on a Free Friday sometime in the quasi-distant future), but hopefully this one will be able to tide y'all over until then. :)

As always, comments and (constructive) criticism welcome :)

Chapter 10: Part I & Part II
For newbies: Table of Contents


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  2. EJ, I am glad you finally found time to work on MC again. I am sure your fans have been waiting anxiously. Hope you are doing good, hugs, Dani