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New Beginnings - Chapter 34

Chapter 34

We made it to Metairie without any issues and at my apartment I hated once again having to watch Shane getting up the stairs. We had to get another place real soon.
Shane headed straight for the bathroom and when he was finished in there he came into the bedroom.
He let himself down on the bed and was about to unbuckle his braces.
I realized how tired he looked when he asked, “Is it okay if I just stay in here?”
“Of course, I’m getting ready for bed too.”

His hands and fingers were shaking as he started to unbuckle the straps on his braces. 
I squatted in front of him, “Here, I’ll do it for you.”
He set his hands next to his hips on the bed holding himself steady and he watched me as I undid one buckle after the next.
He then said softly, “Once I have a wheelchair I won’t need them anymore that often. You okay with that?”
I looked up at him and his dark eyes were drilling into me.

I stopped in my process and took a deep breath, “You know I love you in your braces and I’ll still want you to be in them unless we go somewhere with a lot of walking involved. Then I’d love to see you use your wheelchair because you’re just as hot on wheels as you are on crutches. You’re so incredibly sexy in your braces but I know you’re in this love hate relationship with them. Just know whatever you use to get around is fine with me. You were super-hot in the wheelchair at the store. I got all excited seeing you like that. Even Matt was hot in it even though he doesn’t need a wheelchair.”
I laughed lowly and Shane grinned, “You thought he was hot?”
“In the wheelchair but when he got up to walk around again, it was all over.”
I laughed and he still grinned. I kept unbuckling his brace cuffs.
“So if he wouldn’t be able to walk I would’ve had to worry?”
I looked up at Shane again, “You don’t have to worry about anything because you’re the only one of your kind and no one can even come close to your hotness.”

Shane laughed and watched me undo the remaining buckles on his braces, then slide his limp feet out of the boots. He then pulled me up to him and we fell on the bed together. I laid on top of him and he kissed me hard.
“Anna, you’re one of a kind too. I still can’t believe how lucky I am.”
We kissed and Shane rolled over me and pressed me down on the bed under him.
His kissing became firm and he whispered in my ear, “I love you so much Anna.”

He slid his hand under my shirt and massaged my breast in his hand. His lips were latched on to my neck and he nibbled on my earlobe. Just feeling his lifeless legs on me turned me on very much. I let him kiss me and stretched my neck some for him to reach every inch of it.

I could feel he was excited as his breathing came quicker. I let my hand run up and down his back and eventually slid it under his shirt and pulled it over his head. He laid on me with his naked upper body and I kissed his pectorals and his neck.
I was surprised when with one strong grab Shane actually pulled me up further on the bed. He dragged his legs after him pulling with his upper body up onto me again.
He kissed me wild and mumbled into my ear, “Anna, you’re so hot.”

He then pulled my shirt over my head and I laid there in my bra and right away he kissed my chest.
I ran my hands through his hair and down his back. I knew he didn’t feel my hands on his lower back and on his butt but I still grabbed it and feeling his still legs intertwined with my legs drove me crazy.
Shane shifted some with his body and I saw the muscles on his arms work as he held himself up and ran his tongue over my skin. He slid my bra over my breast and right away suckled on my nipple.
I hushed, “Let me take my bra off all the way.”
He stopped for a moment and quickly I unhooked my bra behind my back, slid the straps down my arms, and threw it away.

Shane gazed at my breasts for a moment, then let his tongue run over them. He suckled on my nipples and bit them softly. My pussy was pulsating now. I slid my hands into his jeans under his waistband and grabbed his butt. It didn’t have much padding on it. Even scanning his chest I could see that he had lost a lot of weight.

Shane pulled himself over to the side some, his legs didn’t move with his pulling himself and he quickly adjusted them with his hand. He kissed my belly and I watched as his tongue ran over every inch on my skin around my belly button.

I felt the heat of his body radiate into mine and he hushed under kisses, “I want to taste you baby.”
For a moment I was caught off guard.
I hushed softly, “You’re not tired.”
He looked up at me, smiling and his face was flushed, “Does this look like I’m tired?”
I smiled at him, “Well, I just thought…”
He smiled at me, “But if you don’t want me to it’s okay. I’m just…” He stopped and took a breath following with a smile, “I’m just picturing all this stuff in my head right now and it’s making me crazy.”
Softly touching his face I asked, “What are you picturing?”

He pulled himself up some and our faces were close when he whispered, “Everything…you and me. Me being able to just…” He paused for a moment and then continued softly, “How it would be if…if I could be inside you. I want to put myself as close as I can to you… and since it doesn’t work anymore like that I want to taste you so bad Anna. I want to push my tongue in there and feel your pussy around my tongue and by my face. Hell…I wish I could crawl in there. I want to be with you as close as possible.”

His breaths came quick now and my own breathing came in gasps at hearing those words. I wanted him to say more because he turned me on tremendously.
And he did, “I want to taste your pussy and your juices and really every inch of your skin.”
It didn’t take long and I felt his hand sliding into my panties.
“I need you so much. I want to feel you from the inside and I want you to keep me there while you come with my tongue in there.”
His hands were rubbing over my pussy lips and my voice trembled, “I’ll hold you down there as long as it takes for you to lick her out.”
He pressed his lips together and nodded, then whispered, “Fuck yeah…Let me lick her out.”

His body seemed charged except for his legs which lay lifeless and still next to me.
I couldn’t help it but I said, “I love thinking about your legs not able to move. Your legs turn me on so much.”
His tongue was on my skin again, flicking down to my belly and around my belly button.
He hushed, “You may think about my legs all you want, any time. Because if that gets your pussy wet then I will drink it all. My legs aren’t good for anything anymore but if they’re good for you getting freaking horny and hot for me then it’s all good. I want to lick it up when you’re dripping from thinking about my paralyzed legs.”

I watched as he pulled my pants and panties off.
“Put a pillow under your butt!”
I did what he asked and with that raised my pelvis and he could reach it easier. He was sweating and his hair was draped into his face as he lowered it to my loins and first kissed the skin on my thighs and close to my pussy and driving me crazy with that. He had somewhat pushed his body down and his legs over with his hands as he kept his mouth and lips on my skin. He still had his jeans on, I was naked.

I tried to relax into everything he was doing to me now. His hands and his mouth were working in a coordinated motion around my throbbing pussy. My clit was pulsating and swollen as he softly sucked on it just enough where it didn’t hurt but drove me mad and I was moaning over him saying his name. I heard him breathe and groan into my lower regions.

His hands were running up and down my legs and on the inside of my thighs. He kissed my pussy lips and he used his fingers before he eventually let his tongue run back and forth on my swollen labia.
He was in another world right now and I held myself up some to get a better look at him. I couldn’t see his face, it was buried in between my thighs. I kept my legs spread just enough as he used his tongue and his fingers to bring me to heights of excitement.

After a few moments he mumbled down there, “God, I was fantasizing about that every night while I was locked up and I couldn’t get any fucking release…I wanted to taste you so badly Anna…you taste so fucking amazing…” He sounded wild and aggressive.

I could barely breathe anymore at his words and I moved my head from side to side as he pushed his tongue into the moist opening of my pussy. It felt strong as he pushed it in and brought it back out. He did this for a while. I could hear the moisture as he worked my pussy and I felt the heat down there with his head pushing against my thighs. With his fingers and hand he rubbed around my clit and applying slight pressure on and off he made me whimper. I pulled a pillow over my face as I tried to hold in my screams.

Shane was forceful and I could see his whole body tense up, his arms were tight.
He was breathing quickly moaning in between my thighs, “Hold my head there between your legs!”
I felt his tongue slither in again and I slightly pressed my thighs against the side of his head. He couldn’t move much and I saw his left hand grab the blanket and his knuckles turn white as he held on and my climax was building with outright force.
“Keep going Shane. You’re a beast down there.”
With his left hand he kept holding on to the blanket and his right hand dug into the skin of my thigh. I could feel how he was trying to get some air but I didn’t let him.

My climax came on like a hurricane and the flooding I caused didn’t do any damage but it bound Shane to me. Barely able to breathe he stayed inside of me with his tongue and I could feel his tension and struggle of desire. He wanted me to hold him there, with his tongue inside of me as I came hard and his knuckles were turning white as he held on drawing out my orgasm.

I heard him moan and take gasping breaths as he finished me off and I screamed into my pillow. I pushed his head down more, I grabbed his hair and he whimpered. I could see his shoulder and neck muscles flex.  

I finally opened my legs some and gave him some room to move his head. He slowly came out of my pussy with his tongue and I heard him breathe quickly. When I glanced at him from under my pillow his eyes were closed, his face was wet and flushed. His bangs were moist hanging into his face.

He loosened his grip on the blanket and on my thighs and without opening his eyes or looking at me he rested his head on my belly. Absent minded he brought his hand over to my pussy caressing it softly now. He was still breathing audible but he didn’t say anything. I felt his body tremble against mine and when I moved my hand to his neck I felt his racing pulse against my hand. He kept his eyes closed as he was apparently still in the moment, his head just resting on my belly. I gently stroked over his hair and softly said his name.

He opened his eyes and slowly moved his head to look at me. I was surprised to see his eyes glistening with tears.
“Shane, baby, are you all right?”
He nodded but didn’t attempt to come up to my face.
He just laid there and I grabbed his hand with mine, “Baby, come up here.”
I was still breathing quickly myself. I only slowly felt my orgasm subside in my body. I felt like I was still on an electrical charge.

Shane slowly heaved himself next to me, his legs just dragging along with his body.
Looking at him I asked softly, whisking his moist bangs from his face, “Shane, what’s going on?”
He shook his head and with a scratchy voice he replied, “Nothing…I’m just…” He swallowed and cleared his throat some, “I’m just so happy to have you in my life. I missed you so much over the last couple of months. I can’t live without you anymore Anna.”
A few tears were slowly streaming down his face and I felt my own vision get blurry, “We’ll always be together. Forever!”

I smelled the faint scent of my pussy on Shane’s face and I tasted myself as I touched my lips to his but I didn’t care. My boyfriend had once again brought on the most amazing orgasm for me.
I was happy when he said softly, “Anna, it felt so amazing for me to be down there and how you held me there. I felt like I couldn’t breathe and I wanted to scream and just explode. And even though the full release didn’t happen, it’s probably just about as close as I can get to coming myself. I love you so much...” His words faded out.
“I love you so much Shane.”

I felt tears run out of my eyes and we kissed again. He laid his head on my chest as we just felt each other close and there was so much love flooding between us.
Shane’s breathing became regular and I realized he had dozed off on my chest. I knew he was exhausted now. I softly nudged him when I wanted to get up and into the bathroom.

He was startled and jerked his head up, “Shit, I fell asleep. I’m sorry Anna.”
I replied softly, “Well, it was a strong finish for today but now we should probably sleep.”
Shane held himself up on his hands, just sitting there. His braces were off already but he wanted to get into the bathroom once more before going to sleep.

“I need to wash my face and brush my teeth again.”
I smiled, “Probably a good idea.”
It was very hard for him to make his way into the bathroom. He held himself up only with his arms and I could see his body swaying slightly and his arms totally tense as he somehow lugged his body to the bathroom under my watchful eyes.

At the sink he let himself down on the chair and leaning over it he washed his face and brushed his teeth. His legs were shaking now and falling all over the place from the spasms once again.
I was relieved when Shane was finally in the bed again. After I was done in the bathroom I climbed in bed and cuddled close to him.

I mumbled into his skin, “You were so wild.”
He laughed softly, “Yeah well, you’re doing it to me. I’ve thought about this all day. That’s why I was glad when we didn’t stay overnight at your parent’s house. I wanted to be with you tonight.”
“I’m glad we came home too. You were amazing baby.”
I kissed his neck and we held each other.

Shane’s legs were twitching under the blanket and I asked him, “Do you want to take your medication?”
“I’ll try to ride it out.”
“Okay, but wake me up or let me know if you want me to get your tablets.”
“Yeah, thanks baby.”
I let my fingers run over his chest, “I love you so much Shane.”
“I love you so much too.”

We kissed one more Good Night kiss and from exhaustion and flooded with love for each other we fell asleep.

We slept in again the next day. I woke up before Shane and when I opened my eyes I saw him next to me, lying on his back, snoring softly. I watched him for a few moments and I felt so happy of having him next to me once again.

I got up and into my bathroom to take a shower. Shane slept the whole time. I stayed in my robe because I didn’t want to dig around in my closet and wake him up. I knew he wore the incontinence briefs so he would be okay with that. If he would pee unknowingly it wouldn’t get onto the bed. I let him sleep.

I sat over the newspaper and actually was looking through all the apartments and houses for rent and sale. It really didn't specify if an apartment or house was accessible for wheelchairs and so I really didn’t know. The housing market around New Orleans didn’t look very good in those days anyways. Whole blocks of houses were abandoned or destroyed. Thousands of people had left their lives in New Orleans behind. I didn’t want to move away from the city, I knew that for sure. I couldn’t imagine not living around New Orleans anymore. I did want to move to an accessible place for Shane though. I would have to maybe talk to a realtor about this.

I got up and walked to my bedroom to check on Shane.
I found him lying awake, “Hey baby.”
Shane was pushing himself up and pulling his body up to lean against the headboard.
He smiled weakly, “Hey.”

I sat next to him on the edge of the bed. I faintly smelled urine and assumed his briefs were wet.
Shane looked tired still and I kissed him softly on the lips, “How are you?”
He touched my hand and with his head resting on the headboard he replied, “Honestly…”
He paused, then added, “Not all the way right.”
I was concerned now, “What do you mean?”
Shane smiled weakly still, “I feel like I just finished a marathon or something.”
Shane played with my fingers, “I feel exhausted and weak.”
“I don’t know. Maybe everything was a bit much the last few days. Too much sex, not enough stamina.”
He laughed softly but I saw his eyes were weary.
I moved closer to him, “You’re worrying me. What do you want me to do?”
“Maybe if you could get me all my meds from the kitchen table.”

A short moment later I was back next to Shane with a glass of water and all of his medication bottles.

He was still taking antibiotics and had at least five days left. He was also on the anti-depressant and anxiety meds. I watched him take his medications and once he had swallowed them he handed me the glass again and leaned his head back again.
“Do you want to get up baby?”
He sounded tired, “Not right now but I need to get out of my briefs. I don’t think I can make it to the bathroom right now without my braces though. I don’t think I have enough strength right now to make it with just the crutches.”
“Well, then you stay in bed and I will get you a fresh pair.”

Without waiting for Shane’s response I fetched a new pair of briefs and wet wipes for him from the bathroom and just as I came back he was in the process of pulling his shorts off.
I could see he was struggling and not very strong and I helped him the rest of the way with the shorts, exposing the urine soaked briefs.
Shane glanced at me from under his bangs, “Sorry.”
“Nothing to be sorry about, do you want me to help you with it or do you want me to give you a few moments?”
I set the pair of fresh briefs next to him and he smiled, “I’ll get it.”
I knew that was the queue for me to leave him for a few moments.
I got up and walked out, “Call me if you need me.”

When I came back into the bedroom about ten minutes later the soaked briefs were balled up on the floor and he was back in his shorts. As he sat there on the bed I realized he did look weak and tired.
I took the briefs to the trash can in the kitchen, washed my hands and went back to Shane.
He had his eyes closed, but still leaning on the headboard.

I crawled up next to him, “Baby, are you okay?”
“I will be. Just need to take it easy today. I don’t think I will get up right now unless you need me to.”
“No, there’s nothing going on today. I’ll make a run to the grocery store and pick up a few things but you can stay in bed.”
He had his arm around me and I saw his legs twitch and move on the bed, “They’re spastic again?”
He nodded and I added, “It was too much yesterday and at the shelter. You’re still recovering from your illness. We shouldn’t have gone to Madisonville. You should have told me you weren’t feeling well.”
Shane pulled me to him, “It’s all right. I wanted to go too but yes, I’m still weak.”
“We shouldn’t have had sex.”
Shane laughed softly, “No, that wasn’t anything we could control. That just happened and it had to happen because I wanted you so much. I didn’t care I wasn’t all the way right. Hell, I had waited long enough to go down on you and I didn’t want to wait a minute longer. And I know you got all crazy in the wheelchair store…”
I laughed softly, “But we were irresponsible with you not being all the way well yet.”
“That’s why I’ll take it easy for today so I’ll be fit again tomorrow to do it all over again and be irresponsible again.”

I looked into his beautiful dark eyes. He smiled and he kissed my forehead.
I was worried about him and I really did believe we had been irresponsible but I also hadn’t really thought about how much Shane was still dealing with his recovery. I felt bad for not letting him rest.

“We won’t do nothing crazy until you’re well again all the way.”
Shane laughed again, “That day will never come.”
I laughed at his little joke, “You know what I mean.”
“Yes, I know. And you’re right, we’ll take it easy for a bit now.”
With that we kissed for a few moments and eventually I got up from the bed.

Shane ended up getting into his braces just to make it into the living room where he then stayed on the couch the rest of the day. He fell asleep on and off but he didn’t get up anymore. We spent a quiet day at home. I would have to go back to work the next day and even though I had planned on taking Shane with me we decided during the evening that he would just stay at the house. He needed to recover fully.

That is how we spent the next few days, Shane at home really just resting and getting well again and I was at the shelter working. I kept calling him during the day to make sure he was okay.

I didn’t pull any overtime anymore because I needed to be home with my boyfriend. At night I cooked a light dinner but Shane really didn’t eat much at all. I was still worried about him and I felt he was keeping from me how he really felt. When I did ask him if he was okay he assured me he was going to be okay and for me not to worry. He talked to his brothers in Morgan City during the day and we were planning on going down there to visit soon.

I was off on New Year’s Eve and I was glad when Shane had some more energy and actually got up on New Year’s Eve in the morning. We took a bath together and he got dressed in his jeans and T-Shirt and I was relieved when he wanted to get into his braces again. He let me help him as he sat on the bed and I buckled all the cuffs. When I was done I looked up at him and he smiled.
I told him, “I’m glad you want to get up again.”
“Me too, I’m feeling better. I was thinking we could go down to Jordan’s if you’re up for it.”

I had already been thinking about what we were going to do for New Year’s Eve and since I didn’t know how Shane was feeling I hadn’t made any plans. Josh had invited us to come to his place to celebrate with him and some friends and also Nadine and Ray had offered for us to come over. The same with Al and Cindy. I had told everyone that Shane was not all the way well and we had to see how he would feel on New Year’s Eve.

I understood though that Shane wanted to be with his brothers and I was definitely up for it.
“Do you think you’re fit enough?”
He nodded, “I think so. I won’t be going all crazy but I just think I want to be with them tonight.”
“Of course, that’d be wonderful. Have you talked to Jordan yet?”
“I’ll call him after breakfast.”

It was around three when we left Metairie and headed for Morgan City.

Jordan and Jenny were very happy to see us. Scott and Becky also came over and eventually Jared and Candace also made it down from Baton Rouge. I was happy to see all of them too. Becky had had her baby in September and the little bundle of joy was in a carrier with all the kids watching and entertaining the little girl.  It had been a few weeks since I had seen everyone. In the past months I had been in constant communication with Jenny and Jordan while Shane was still locked up. It had been very difficult for all of us after Shane had shut us out from being able to visit him.

Now we were all together and the trailer was filled with laughter and chatter. Shane was still somewhat quiet but I could see he was content being back at home with his brothers. I had come to realize that the medications Shane was on for his depression and anxiety kept him somewhat quiet and more of an observer than a participant in most of the conversations. I would look at him and he would realize and just smile at me.

We left the guys in the living room and I was outside with Jenny and Becky. Jenny was smoking a cigarette. It was a cold night and we were wearing warm coats sitting outside in the swing on the back porch. Jordan and Jenny’s trailer had not been damaged with the flooding, they had been lucky.

Jenny took a puff from her cigarette and looked at me, “So, how are you Anna? With Shane being out.”
I took a deep breath and replied, “I’m overjoyed. I missed him so much and I really didn’t think I would see him again. I didn’t think he’d come back to me but I’m so happy he did. I love him more than I ever loved anyone.”
Becky was sitting on a chair across from us, “I’m glad you’re united again. You just need to help him get it together Anna. He needs to find work and get a grip on life once again.”
“I’ll help him once he’s well. He’s still not all the way recovered from being sick and he’s still very weak but yes, I’ll help him with everything and we’ll get it all straightened out. I won’t leave him hanging.”
Jenny blew out smoke, “You’re a wonderful person Anna and Shane is lucky to have you in his life.”
I nodded, “I think he knows. We love each other very much.”

It was good to spend New Year’s Even with Shane’s family. Jordan, Jared, and Scott even had acquired some fireworks that they let off at midnight. We were all outside around a fire as the guys blew up the fireworks into the cool night sky. I sat next to Shane and we held hands and we watched the sparks and flames in the sky, drawing different shapes and colors against the black sky.

I wanted to be close to Shane and pushed my chair even closer to his and he smiled at me in the semi dark that was being lit up by the fireworks.
I had a glass of champagne in my hand and held it up toward Shane. He hadn’t touched any alcohol all night and only had a can of Soda. We tapped the glass and can and Shane said, “I love you.”
“I love you, Happy New Year.”
“Happy New Year baby.”
We kissed and watched the rest of the firework show.


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