Saturday, June 4, 2016

New Story: All Of You

Hi everyone!

I know it’s been some time… but I am back! With a new story! And not just any story but a monster of a story that has eaten away my free time and my brain during the last – what? six, seven? – months or so. So I’m happy to finally be able to dump it on you, hehe =)

I have no idea which days are free for posting but I guess no one has posted on Saturdays during the last weeks at least so I should be fine today? Tell me in the comments should I be wrong and I will delete this post! 

I aim at posting weekly but I won’t make promises and I won’t pick a fixed day because I know myself very well.

Here is Chapter 1 of All Of You! I am excited to hear your opinion, of course. Feel free to point out any mistakes (English prepositions will one day be the death of me). I’ll figure out how to do a table of contents some time later… Enjoy!


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