Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Love UnSeen - 15


Jackson felt the the car pull to a stop. “Thanks for the ride.” He started to feel along the door for the handle, confirmed the address with Au to make sure they were at Jackson’s house.
“It’s the least I could do. I swear, I had no idea that you were actually blind when Dan told us about you. I thought he meant blind as in, can’t tell colors or has no sense for interior design. And I definitely didn’t think he’d set you up like that. Benji’s an asshole, and he brings out the worst in Maurice.”
Jackson absently traced along the doorframe around the handle. He could tell from the feel of the seat, from the smell of leather, from everything he’d felt of the interior while they drove that this was an expensive car. Definitely nothing like what Dan drove. But Au hadn’t laughed at Jackson, as far as he could tell, and he’d offered to drive him home. Maybe he wasn’t a bad guy.
“You were with Benji?”
Jackson laughed. “As much as Benji is ‘with’ anyone. We went to grad school together. Then he met Evan and the next thing I know, he’s moving in with him.”
“I guess it’s probably hard, meeting people. For you.”
Jackson tilted his head. “I have to be very careful. As you saw, it’s easy for men to take advantage of the fact that I can’t see.”
Au sighed. Jackson heard something, cloth rubbing or sliding, then the very subtle, dull sound of fingers tapping. “What’s your number?”
Jackson’s brows furrowed. “Why?”
“You seem like a nice guy, and after today I’m reminded I need to find some better people to hang out with. I thought we could grab a coffee or something some time.” Au barely paused before he added, “Totally platonic. Not that you aren’t an attractive guy. I can see why Benji’s desperate to get you back, even if he’s a total ass about how he does it. But I’m married.”
Jackson smiled. Maybe lunch hadn’t been a complete disaster. He rattled off his cell number.
The sound of tapping as Au entered it into his contacts, perhaps, and not long after the “swoosh” of a text message being sent. “Figured that’s the easiest way of you getting mine. Go wash all that sangria off. I can’t wait to send Benji the bill for cleaning my car.”


Partially thanks to Au, Jackson had discovered that Molly had avoided the worst of the spill. A few wipes of her paws and coat and Jackson didn’t feel the stickiness anymore. She could probably stand a bath at some point, but right now Jackson had to pull his clothes out of the sink, where he’d let them soak to hopefully get out some of the stain, then throw them in the wash and hope they weren’t ruined. He’d have to ask Dan or someone else sighted to confirm he wouldn’t be walking around with a giant red blotch around his crotch, or if he had to throw these clothes away. Fucking Benji.
Jackson’s eye was hurting like hell, and that, combined with the bad news about his retina and what happened at lunch had pushed him into a dark mood. Jackson slammed the washer lid shut with a loud thunk. He was fresh out of the shower; he hadn’t even put boxers on, because he wanted to get the wash started as soon as possible because now he had to meticulously clean his braces and oil the hinges to make sure it didn’t rust. Fucking Benji! Jackson slammed his hand on the lid hard enough it sent a shock of pain all the way up to his shoulder. He stood there, fuming, for a long minute. Maybe he shouldn’t go tomorrow for the costume fitting at Harold’s. He was fucking sick of being manipulated and humiliated, taken advantage of because he was blind.


Jackson felt a hand on his shoulder and startled.
“It’s just me. Dan. You didn’t answer when I announced myself and I got worried, so I looked for you and you were just standing here, naked and shaking.”
How had Jackson not heard Dan? Had he somehow fallen asleep standing up? Jackson ran his fingers over the surface he’d been holding onto. Metal, with an indented ridge. A plastic handle. The washing machine. It was still and cold, meaning the cycle had long finished. What the hell? He remembered the memories of his krewe initiation pulling at him, his frustration and anger swirling around inside him, and that was all. His legs ached as if he’d been standing too long.
“Are you OK?”
Jackson cautiously turned around. His knees were stiff and it wasn’t easy, especially with no braces to support him. It was a miracle he hadn’t fallen over.
Jackson could hear Dan’s breathing shift. Maybe he was staring at Jackson’s dick. “I know you’re pissed at me, but please say something.” Dan’s voice was full of worry. None of the teasing or manipulation of Benji.
“I’m fine. Just reminiscing on the naivete of my youth.”
Dan let out a displeased noise. His hand went to cradle Jackson’s face, his fingers working into the hair at Jackson’s temples. “Why are you naked?” Dan’s voice was almost a whisper.
Jackson brought his hand up to Dan’s wrist, as if to pull him off, but Jackson didn’t. He could feel Dan’s pulse jumping. “Does it matter? You’re Wendy’s man.” Jackson couldn’t help the bitterness in his voice.
Dan sighed, but didn’t remove his hand. “I don’t want Wendy.” Dan’s free hand cupped Jackson’s other cheek, tilting his head up. His breath became more audible.
Jackson knew he should push Dan away. He was always falling into the traps laid for him by attractive men, and hadn’t he just resolved he wouldn’t be used anymore? But Dan held him like no other man ever had. He smelled so good. And the way his voice got more raspy when he whispered sent a tingle straight to Jackson’s balls. He wasn’t fully hard, but he was halfway there.
Dan’s lips brushed against Jackson’s, and Jackson felt his dick stiffen. He held his breath and opened his mouth, but Dan didn’t deepen the kiss. Instead, he spoke, his breath hot against Jackson’s face. “Take off your glasses.”
Jackson wasn’t into S&M, and he was certainly willful, but having the other man take charge during sex turned him on. How else would Benji have held such control over him? Besides, if Dan could still find Jackson attractive without his glasses, especially post-injection, maybe there was hope. Jackson obeyed, awkwardly setting them behind him. He didn’t open his eyes immediately, bracing himself.
When Jackson did, Dan let out a surprised breath, and he dropped one of his hands from Jackson’s cheeks, his finger barely touching Jackson’s skin as he outlined around Jackson’s orbit. “Did someone hurt you?” The fierce, protective tone of Dan’s voice made Jackson feel something strange in his chest, something he’d never felt before.
Jackson winced when Dan brushed his eyebrow, and Dan immediately withdrew. Jackson knew that the shots could make his eye bloodshot and bruised, and half of him was tempted to blame Benji. But Jackson needed to fight his own battles, and besides, Dan hadn’t been horrified the first time he’d seen Jackson’s eyes, he’d been awed. And now, as messed up as they probably looked, Dan’s only instinct was compassion and protectiveness.
“Who did this?” Dan demanded, his voice fierce and angry.
“My doctor,” Jackson confessed. “The price of keeping my sight.”
Dan was quiet, too quiet, as if he were holding his breath. Then he took Jackson’s chin in his hands and tilted it up, and the next thing Jackson knew, Dan was crushing his lips against Jackson’s. This time Dan accepted when Jackson opened, the kiss both passionate and tender. Hungry, but not savage, Dan’s arms moving to support Jackson. No one had ever kissed Jackson like this.
When Dan finally pulled away, they were both breathing hard, and Jackson’s cock was fully erect and leaking. Dan slid a finger up along the underside from balls to tip, his touch feather light.
Jackson shuttered and sighed. He had to still be asleep. This wasn't real. “You said . . . you didn’t . . . want . . . me.” Jackson’s brain was drained and his tongue didn't want to cooperate. He had to fight for each syllable, his gaze fixed in Dan’a general direction, the other man little more than a blur.
Dan sighed heavily. “I lied.” His finger slid along Jackson’s jaw, down his neck, his sternum, grazing past one nipple.
Jackson pushed Dan away. “Why?” Hurt was evident in Jackson’s voice.
“It’s complicated.”
“That’s not good enough,” Jackson said, and turned to face the door when Dan suddenly picked him up and sat him on top of the washer. “Put me down.”
“Shh,” Dan said, and a moment later, he enveloped Jackson’s cock with his mouth.
All logical thought fled. For someone engaged to a woman, Dan sucked dick like a pro. Jackson pushed against Dan’s shoulders, but it was weak as he got lost in the sensation of a warm, wet mouth and a tongue that swirled around the head every time Dan pulled away. Jackson let out a sound that was half moan and half sigh and let his head fall back against the cabinets with a loud clatter. What was it with him getting blow jobs in laundry rooms?
Dan sucked hard, bobbing his head so that the tip of Jackson’s cock slid over Dan’s palate over and over while his fingers lightly grazed Jackson’s inner thighs and sack.
Jackson’s chest heaved as his breaths came quicker, his fingers sliding into Dan’s hair, feeling along the side of his face until he reached Dan’s cheeks. He could feel when Dan hollowed out his cheeks, the occasional poke of his own dick, the slicking sound of saliva over skin. “Stop. Stop. I’m close.” Jackson didn’t want to come yet.
Dan pulled off with a long lick along the underside of Jackson’s dick that made Jackson shiver. “I’m far from done with you.” He shifted Jackson, turning him, lifting his legs so they were hanging over the side of the washer instead of the front. Then he pushed against Jackson’s chest to urge him to lie down. “I won’t let you fall.”
Jackson appreciated the reassurance, but as tall as Dan was, no way he could fuck Jackson like this. Could he? “Have you ever been with a man before?” The blow job suggested Jackson wasn’t Dan’s first, but Jackson had been with a lot more men than he’d had anal sex with.
Dan chuckled. Without answering, he urged Jackson down again. Then he lifted Jackson’s legs, resting them on his shoulders. A moment later, that wonderful tongue licked a ring around Jackson’s hole.
Jackson let out a grunt as pleasure washed over him. He was relieved he’d showered as he felt Dan’s tongue probe his entrance, laving the skin around it and sending goosebumps up Jackson’s legs.
“Feel good?” Dan asked, a smile in his voice, when he paused his ministrations.
“Mmm hmm,” Jackson murmured, dizzy with endorphins. His cock lay heavy and leaking on his stomach, and he reached down to give it a couple strokes, though he forced himself to stop. He wanted to enjoy being with Dan as long as possible.
Dan’s hands slid over Jackson’s inner thighs, teased his balls and traced around his cock but didn’t touch it, even when Jackson tried to jerk it toward Dan’s fingers. Dan chuckled. “I can fuck you here or we can take this to the bedroom. Your choice.”
The fact that Dan was actually talking about sex with Jackson made his stomach contract, butterflies dancing in it. He kept flexing his hole in anticipation, every molecule in his body wanting him to grab Dan and ravage him with deep kisses while Dan shoved inside. But Jackson wanted--needed--to feel Dan. Not just his cock, but his whole body. And he wanted Dan to do the same. Then Dan could open Jackson up and pound his ass into oblivion. At this point, Jackson didn’t even care if it was a dream.


Dan was strong enough to carry Jackson in such a way that they were facing each other, kissing, Dan supporting Jackson’s stiff, aching, stubborn legs while still bringing them both to Dan’s bedroom. Jackson’s dick was pressed between them, and as they kissed and moved Jackson used his arms around Dan to try to create even more friction, to relieve the throbbing itch that drove him to reach for completion.
Dan shifted one of his hands to try to tease Jackson’s entrance, but then Jackson’s leg started to fall, so he had to resume his hold. But he kissed Jackson’s mouth with hunger and dominance that made Jackson dizzy and turned his horniness meter up several more notches.
Dan kicked the bedroom door open, took a few more steps, and then dumped Jackson on the bed, Jackson bouncing a bit.
Jackson leaned up on his elbows, listening.
The sound of a button being undone. A zipper. Shoes being kicked off across the room. Cloth moving and a thump as it hit the floor. The subtle shift of skin on skin as Dan touched himself, Jackson guessed. Padding of bare feet on the wood floor, the creak of the old boards under Dan’s weight. A drawer to Jackson’s right opening. Fumbling of items of various materials against each other. Then the familiar sound of a strip of condoms, one package being torn from the rest, and the door was shut.
Jackson gave himself a few good, long strokes, dragging his fingers over the head, just enough to stay hard.
“You’re fucking beautiful.”
Jackson scoffed. The doctors had hidden the incisions as best they could, but Jackson still had scars that ran the length of both legs, not to mention the state of his eyes.
“Anyone who says otherwise is blind.” Jackson could hear the smile in that, as if Dan was partially teasing.
Jackson let out a laugh, a relaxed chuckle that made him feel almost as good as the foreplay had. Jackson had never felt so . . . at ease with a man before. Like he didn’t have to hide who he was, like his deficits weren’t that. Jackson had clearly misread Dan the other night. “I want to touch you. I want you to touch me.”
“I thought that’s what we were doing.”
Jackson smiled. Angled his head so he was looking more in Dan’s general direction. “Here,” Jackson said, patting the bed beside him.
A moment later, the mattress sank with Dan’s weight; Jackson felt it as Dan settled in.
Jackson rolled onto his side so he was facing Dan and stretched a hand out until it met skin. It took a few seconds for Jackson to orient himself. Hard muscle sliding down to a flatter area with some hair that tickled Jackson’s fingertips. Jackson moved his hand parallel until he brushed a bump and heard Dan suck in a breath. Nipples. Dan’s pecs. Now that Jackson knew where he was, he let his hand rove over Dan’s body, finally getting a sense of the other man’s size and definition. He was tall and broad and well muscled but in a way that suggested he worked out and had good genes rather than he spent his life on a weight bench. He wasn’t very hairy, certainly not a bear, but rather just right for Jackson’s tastes. His stomach was hard, with the hint of six-pack Jackson could trace but not as toned as Jackson had felt on other men. Jackson continued lower, outlining the muscles that led down to Dan’s groin, the coarser, curlier hair until Jackson nudged something soft and rigid at the same time: the base of Dan’s cock.
How many weeks had Jackson imagined what Dan’s dick felt like, and now he finally had a chance to find out.

Dan’s cock felt exactly like Jackson had hoped it would. Jackson loved the feel of a man’s dick in his hands; they felt like nothing else Jackson had ever touched. Rigid and yet soft and pliable, the way the skin shifted, the roundness of the head with its two bulges meeting at the slit. Dan’s dick wasn’t too thick but felt comfortable in Jackson’s hand, and more importantly, would feel that way inside him. Benji’s had alway been just a little too big, and the man’s impatience had never helped. Jackson loved the subtle sound of skin along skin as he used both his hands to stroke upward, feeling Dan’s full length, the sigh the big man let out as Jackson touched him.
“Do I feel good?” Dan let out a short laugh as if he were half joking.
“Yes. Very.” Jackson explored the head, trying to determine if Dan was cut or not, and if so how tight his circumcision was. Jackson wasn’t particular, but as an uncut man himself, he knew how difficult it could be to prolong your orgasm, and he wanted this to last. As Jackson slid up toward the crest, he used his index and thumb to explore. It amused him how Dan’s breathing shifted from calm, deep inhalations to shorter, more rapid breaths. Dan was evidently enjoying this as much as Jackson did, and just hearing the man turned Jackson on as much as touching him did.
As Jackson worked his way up the shaft, he could feel the skin shift although it didn’t move as freely as it could. The texture changed from smooth to pebbly, though the very tip was still a bit silky, especially as he could feel the precum leaking out. Dan was circumcised. Tight, but still enough Jackson heard Dan moan when he slid his finger along the slit and spread the precum around the head. Jackson wanted to taste Dan, but there would be time for that later.
“No one’s ever touched me like that,” Dan said, breathless.
“Well, you know what they say,” Jackson said, teasing Dan a bit by sliding the tip of his finger over the slit repeatedly in a slow motion. “Once you go blind, you never go back.”
Dan let out a surprised guffaw and gently pushed Jackson’s arm to get him to stop. His hand went to Jackson’s cheek and mimicked the motion that Jackson had used earlier, tracing Jackson’s body with his hand from neck to cock. Jackson was hypersensitive to touch so that parts of his body that were normally not considered erogenous zones made his dick harden and his nerves ignite, especially when he was already aroused. And Dan’s hands were like heaven as they seemed to study Jackson’s body as if he were using them instead of his eyes to take Jackson in.
“I expected you to be hairier,” Dan said as he traced a line between Jackson’s pecs, over his sternum and down toward his navel.
“I wax,” Jackson admitted. Benji hated how much hair Jackson had on his arms, chest, and legs, and so Jackson had started waxing them to please the man he’d loved. After Benji left him, Jackson had maintained the waxing of his chest because he liked the way it felt and he wasn’t as hot. He wasn’t exactly an otter, but he was too hairy to be considered a twink, which was fine with Jackson because he hated labels.
“Hmm,” Dan mused as he spent extra time exploring Jackson’s torso, as if he were trying to feel the difference between the smooth waxed areas, the naturally hair-free skin, and the thick, coarse hair between Jackson’s pecs and above his cock. Jackson closed his eyes, arching his back into Dan’s touch as if trying to guide the man’s hands lower with only his body. Instead, Dan broke contact. Jackson was about to protest when he heard the pop of a plastic bottle cap, a squirt, and then Dan was nudging Jackson onto his back. One hand stroked Jackson’s dick slowly, languidly. “Spread your legs.”
Jackson used his hands to manipulate his legs more easily, clenching his abdomen muscles half to keep himself from coming too soon and half in anticipation.
Dan’s finger probed at Jackson’s entrance. “Relax.”
“It’s been awhile,” Jackson admitted in warning.
“I would never hurt you. If I am, tell me and I’ll stop. But I want to be inside you.”
“I want that too.”
Jackson took a deep breath and let it out slowly. He focused on the good sensations as Dan’s hand moved from Jackson’s cock to his thigh, smoothing there as if to calm him. It sent goosebumps racing up Jackson’s body. He bore down and a moment later felt Dan’s fingertip slip in. “Uh.”
“You look beautiful like this. I wish I could photograph you. The way your head is tilted at an angle, your eyes half closed, your cock resting on your belly, my finger inside you.” Dan spoke like this to Jackson, low and tender and sexy, and before long, his finger was fully inside Jackson. Dan held it there a long moment to give Jackson’s body time to adjust, and then he curved it, searching.
Suddenly electric tingles shot straight to Jackson’s balls and he let out a small cry. Everything in him urged him to grab his dick, to stroke, but Jackson resisted. He didn’t want to come yet. He arched his back again and felt Dan attempt a second finger.
“You’re so hot. Can’t wait till this is my cock and not my finger.”
Jackson clenched in reflex before forcing himself to relax, to bear down again, and Dan’s second finger slipped inside. Jackson’s breathing increased and he wanted desperately to tell Dan to hurry up, but he appreciated the man’s caution.
“So tight, can’t wait to fuck you,” Dan practically growled as he scissored his fingers to stretch Jackson out, prepare him, occasionally curling to hit his prostate and send a surprise jolt of pleasure.
“Please,” Jackson practically whined. He slid his hand around his dick to cup his balls, insane with lust and need.
Dan withdrew his fingers and Jackson felt the mattress shift as Dan did. A moment later, Dan licked first one of Jackson’s nipples, then the other. “Gonna bring you to the brink and pull back so many times I’ll make you dizzy.” Then he licked the nub and Jackson had to grip the sheets, his body taunt. “Fucking beautiful.” He reached down to first cup Jackson’s ass, then squeeze it, then spank it. Another shift of the mattress as Dan pulled away, and Jackson heard the familiar sound of a condom packet being torn open. Dan stroking himself a few times, then the roll of crinkling latex as Dan put the condom on. Another shift, and Dan lifted Jackson’s lower body up just enough to slip a pillow under his hips.
“You don’t want me on my stomach?” Jackson asked, surprised.
“I want to see your face when I fuck you.” Dan adjusted Jackson’s legs, massaging one of Jackson’s knees because it was tight. Jackson felt Dan slide between Jackson’s legs, heard the pop and squirt of lube again, and then Dan’s dick nudged Jackson’s hole.
Jackson stretched to reach, to feel Dan’s cock. To check he’d actually put the condom on; Jackson had been tricked before.
“You OK?” Dan’s voice had gone from his demanding, sexy one to that tender concern.
“Yeah. Yeah.”
“OK. Here I go. Stop me if you need to.” Then Dan pushed and a fire broke out inside Jackson.
Jackson breathed through it, knowing it would pass, grateful Dan held himself still, waiting.
Then Dan slid in a little further, and waited again. It took several minutes before he was finally fully seated. A few more before Jackson’s body relaxed and the intense burn turned from pain to pleasant fullness, to a desperate craving for more. Dan let out a low growl. “Gonna fuck you into oblivion.” And he started to move. Slow, long strokes that hit Jackson’s prostate t the end of each one and made him crazy for more. Then Dan picked up the pace, ramping up, one hand on Jackson’s stomach, another on his leg, rocking his hips with each thrust. “Open your eyes.”
Jackson turned his head and obeyed, fixing his gaze on where he suspected Dan’s face must be.
Dan gave a few rapid, powerful thrusts. “Like that? Huh? Huh?”
Jackson’s only response was a drawn out, “Uh.”
“Look at me.”
“I am.”
“You’re not. Here.” Without stopping completely, Dan changed his angle and grabbed Jackson’s arm. He leaned forward and placed Jackson’s hand on his face. Jackson could feel the prominence of Dan’s cheekbone and the outline of his orbit.
With his own hand to orient himself, Jackson could better direct where he was looking.
Dan’s thumb brushed Jackson’s cheek just below his temple. “Don’t ever hide your eyes from me.” Jackson barely had time to process this when Dan’s lips crushed against his and he kissed Jackson with feral hunger, the position sliding his cock in deeper. He linked his fingers in Jackson’s on both sides, bringing his arms up over his head and thrust rapidly and powerfully as if he were demanding something from Jackson’s body.
Jackson’s nerves exploded with sensation; he almost felt as if he were floating. He’d been fucked hard before, but this was different. Everything was different with Dan. Dan who cared about him, who wasn’t turned off--but rather on--by Jackson’s eyes. Jackson cried out as Dan’s strokes grew even more intense. Jackson tried to meet Dan as best he could in the rocking where their bodies met, but he wasn’t as strong as Dan, who was nearly crushing Jackson beneath his power and weight.
Without warning, Dan broke the kiss and his hold on Jackson’s hands and pulled back, shoving Jackson’s right leg over and throwing Jackson onto his side, never slipping out entirely. This new angle felt entirely different, and being manhandled during sex had always turned Jackson on. “Stay,” Dan growled as he put a hand on Jackson’s side and pounded still harder and faster, the head of his cock hitting Jackson’s prostate with every stroke, stealing his breath. Dan had to be close, and Jackson was on the plateau where he was buzzing at the peak just above orgasm but not quite near enough to explode downward.
“God damn you feel so fucking good,” Dan said, slowing down to the smooth, long strokes, throwing Jackson onto his back again, Jackson’s ankles on his shoulders, bending him in half. It hurt and yet felt intense in the best possible way at the same time. Especially since it put pressure and friction on his balls and dick as Dan’s thrusts became desperate and frantic. He had to be close. “Gonna come,” Dan said, his hand gripping Jackson’s shoulder to pull them closer and lend power to his thrusts. His hips crushed Jackson’s ass stroke after stroke.
Jackson clenched down, holding his knees to open himself up as wide as he could so Dan could push in the full length of his cock. Jackson was close, too, his nerves electrified and his stomach muscles taunt not only from the position but in anticipation of coming.
“Feels. So. Fucking. Good,” Dan said with each jarring stroke. Then he suddenly stopped, let out a guttural groan, thrust a few more times, and pulled back. He stretched Jackson’s legs out to expose his cock, breathing heavily. Sweat stuck their skin together where they touched.
All Jackson could think about was coming. Dan’s hand went to Jackson’s cock but he was so close he brushed Dan away and stroked himself. Focusing on the head, gripping it tight, his as clenching and making Dan shiver; Jackson felt it through their connection.
“You’re so fucking hot. So beautiful.” Dan tickled Jackson’s balls and tried another thrust, be he’d already started to soften.
Still, it pushed Jackson closer. He felt himself creeping higher, higher, arching his back as his muscles tightened, and just when he thought he would burst into unrestrained energy, he came, shooting once, twice, three times, the moist hot cum hitting his chest and even his chin. A few aftershocks shook Jackson as Dan pulled out and broke their contact. Euphoria slipped over Jackson, and even as his cum and sweat cooled, he was so relaxed he didn’t care.
Absently, Jackson felt the mattress lift up as Dan climbed off. The padding of bare feet on the wood floor as he walked away. Part of Jackson’s mind panicked, thinking Dan was fucking him and taking off. It wouldn’t be the first time that had happened, but Jackson wanted Dan, all of Dan, and the rejection of the other day had hurt enough. The idea that Jackson wasn’t good enough for Dan to stick around was like knife in Jackson’s hurt and tore through his post-orgasmic elation.
But then Jackson remembered he was lying on Dan’s bed in Dan’s room, and Dan hadn’t gotten dressed. Maybe he’d gone to piss and dispose of the condom in the bathroom. Jackson heard the plumbing and the sink running, and a minute later Dan’s footsteps approaching the bed.
Relief washed over Jackson, and inwardly he scolded himself for being so stupid.
Dan took Jackson’s hand and put something warm and damp into it. A washrag. “Here.”
“Thank you.” No one Jackson had ever had sex with had been this courteous. He was relieved to wipe the cum off his body and clean his ass of any lube so he wouldn’t wake up sticky and gross. Sleep pulled strongly, and Jackson struggled against it, not wanting to give in until he knew where he and Dan stood. Was this a one-time deal?
Jackson heard the sound of a towel hitting the floor, and then the mattress dipped, and Dan nudged Jackson to urge him to roll over onto his side. A moment later, Jackson felt Dan stretch out behind him and drape one heavy arm over him. “I’ve been dreaming about this since the wedding,” Dan murmured, planting a kiss in the nape of Jackson’s neck that made him tingle.
“Me too,” Jackson replied, shifting so his arm lay over Dan’s and their hands could meet, fingers interlocking. Contentment mingled with the lingering effects of pleasure, and Jackson smiled. “Me too.”


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