Wednesday, July 20, 2016

New Beginnings - Chapter 13


Chapter 13

I woke up with a pounding headache and when I glanced at my alarm clock it showed after twelve noon. I could barely move my head, it hurt so badly. Shane was still sleeping next to me, on his back, his legs still in his braces and his one hand on his belly, the other over his head. He was breathing quietly and I watched him for a moment. I felt so much for him in these moments and remembering the night before I couldn’t believe I had gone off on him the way I did. My head was pounding with a migraine. When I tried to sit up it hurt even more and I pressed my hand onto my head hissing through my teeth because of the pain. Very slowly I got up and made my way into the bathroom. Even keeping my eyes open hurt. I felt nauseous and knew I had to eat something.

As I made my way into the kitchen the phone was ringing and I moved over to it as quick as I could, which was not very quick at all.
“Hi, this is Jordan. I’m Shane’s brother.”
I was surprised some and stood up, holding my head again with my hand, “Oh Hi, yeah...”
“Is Shane there?”
“He’s here, but he’s actually still sleeping. I can wake him up.”
“Oh…no, you don’t have to wake him up. Maybe you know if he’s still coming back down to Morgan City today?”
I remembered  what day it was and it came as a surprise especially the way I felt at this very moment, but I answered, “Ahem, yeah….I’m actually going to take him and we’ll probably leave in the afternoon if that’s okay for you.”
“Yeah, sure, we’re looking forward to see him and to meet you…Anna, right?”
Jordan sounded friendly, “Yeah, I’m planning on boiling some crawfish and have a little welcome home party for Shane tonight.”
“That sounds great…yes, we should be there around five or six.”
“Perfect. Maybe you can let Shane know that I called and I’m looking forward to seeing you guys tonight.”
“I’ll let him know, I’m sure he’s excited to come home.”
“Well, we’ll be there tonight then.”
“All right, see you later. Thanks Anna.”

“Thank you, see you later.”
We finished and after I hung up I thought for a few moments. Jordan sounded so excited to see his brother again. I didn’t know if Shane though shared that same enthusiasm with his brother.

I put on coffee, took some Aspirin and then walked back to the bedroom. Shane moved some and moaned, seemingly waking up. I walked around to his side and sat down on the bed, he slowly opened his eyes.
I smiled at him as he blinked at me sleepily, “Hey.”
“Good afternoon.”
“Afternoon…what time is it?”
“Almost twelve thirty.”

Shane got on his elbows, then on his hands and just held himself there, looking down to his crotch, “I got up during the night to pee and actually fell asleep in them again.”
“I didn’t hear you get up.”
“You were pretty much passed out.”
I sighed, “No surprise there I guess. Are you still dealing with spasms?”
“Not right now.”

For a moment I wasn’t sure if it was right to just kiss him after the rough night we had had. Shane also didn’t make a move to kiss me.
He kept his eyes on me though, “How do you feel?”
I looked down, “Like shit…but I deserve it. Drinking like an idiot and acting like a total bitch…”
He shifted on his hands some but didn’t comment.

He pulled his body up and was trying to sit up next to me. I made some space for him as he pushed his butt over and dragged his legs with him. I helped him move his legs over, they were still locked straight in the braces and as Shane pulled his body over some more and held himself steady on the bed, I actually unlocked both braces. Shane now sat next to me on the edge of the bed.
He looked down onto the floor for a moment, “Thanks.”
I nodded and hesitantly I leaned my head against his naked shoulder, “I’m so sorry about last night Shane.”
He kissed my hair and mumbled, “Nothing to be sorry about. Let’s just forget about it all.”
I did really want to forget about it all but the things Jeff had said still lingered in the back of my mind. I didn’t remember exactly everything he had said about Shane but some things were still in my memory and a little bit I was still afraid those things could be true.
My head was resting on Shane’s shoulder when he said, “Hey!”
I looked up at him and our eyes met.
“I love you Anna.”
I lowered my eyes for a moment, then looked up at him again, “I love you too.”
Shane stretched over to me and kissed me.
He then said, “I need to get to the bathroom.”

I moved his crutches toward him and he got up and it took him a moment to get a balanced stance until he moved his legs and made his way to the bathroom. I left him alone. He still had a catheter in the bathroom and I hoped he was okay with everything.
Shane took a while in the bathroom and when he came out to the kitchen I had some breakfast on the table and leaning on the counter I was drinking coffee. Shane made his way to the table and sat down.
I poured him coffee, “Your brother called earlier.”
He looked up at me surprised, “Jordan?”
“What did he want?”
“He wanted to know if you were still coming down to Morgan City today.”
Shane looked into his cup and then back up at me, “Am I?”
“He sounded like he was very much looking forward to seeing you today.”
Shane just nodded but he didn’t seem excited.
I got behind his chair and wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned my head down next to his face, “Let’s just have breakfast now and enjoy this day.”
I kissed him on his cheek and he touched my hand with his and nodded.

We ate and after breakfast as I was clearing the table I smiled at him, “Hey why don’t you meet me in the bedroom?”
I glanced at him seductively and he asked lowly, “The bedroom?”
I nodded, “Yes, the bedroom.”
Shane slipped his arms into the crutches and as he started to make his way I walked by him into my bedroom.
I pointed to the bed, “Sit down!”
He let himself down slowly, just watching me as I turned on the radio to some music.
I smiled at him as I stood in front of him, “Get comfortable baby.”
He pulled his arms out of his crutches and leaned them next to him on the bed.
I started moving my body in front of him to the music. Fortunately my headache had subsided somewhat.
Shane asked with a smile, “What are you doing?”
“Just getting undressed for you.”

I moved my body more or less as I would at the club. I felt funny because I wore an outfit far from what I wore at the club. I was barefooted, in yoga pants and a tank top.

Shane watched me admiringly though and I started to take off my tank top, nothing on under it. I smiled at him as he watched and was obviously happy to see my breasts. Looking at him I felt so attracted to him. He was definitely hot sitting there still without a T-Shirt himself, just his naked upper body, nicely toned with all the tattoos and looking very hot. My eyes travelled down his legs and every time I saw his braces I felt my heart beat quicken. The wide black leather cuffs buckled around his thighs and shins, the knee pad over his knee in the same black leather with the sturdy boots attached to the braces looked very hot to me. His jeans were wrinkled under the braces and thinking about his situation excited me so much. As much as I liked the braces and all, I still had no idea if I was the only person in the world who had feelings of arousal from this. I tried very hard to push the guilt far to the back of my mind.

I had moved on to my yoga pants and was about to take them off skillfully and seductive, watching Shane as he scanned my moving body in front of him.
He was holding himself on the edge of the bed and after a moment of Shane watching my naked body and my dancing for him I said softly, “So you’re still wearing too many clothes and braces.”
He laughed lowly and nodded, “You’re right about that…”
I moved over to him, “I’ll take them off for you.”

I kneeled down in front of him and started to unbuckle and unstrap his braces, one cuff after the next and my hands were sweaty and my body was trembling. Taking his braces off aroused me tremendously and my breathing came quick. I had his first brace undone and grabbed the boot to slide his foot out of it. As soon as his foot had come out of the boot I felt its limpness in my hand, it didn’t move but Shane’s whole leg just basically dropped back down onto the carpet, no support and no life.
I then saw his leg twitch lightly in his jeans and whispered, “Are you okay?”

I moved over to his other brace and started to undo it, in between looking up at him and he met my eyes and nodded encouragingly.
I whispered, “I love your braces.”
He smiled but didn’t say anything as I kept unstrapping the cuffs of his brace. I was finally done and then moved my body in between his legs and we kissed right away.

Shane moved his hands from the bed and wrapped them around me, mumbling in between kissing, “Hold on to me, so I won’t fall forward or over onto the bed.”

I sat up on my knees on the floor in front of him. I wrapped my arms around him basically bracing his body against mine and we started kissing passionately. I let my lips touch his shoulders and down to his pecs, my hands were stroking over his back and holding him in my embrace at the same time. Shane’s hands were running up and down my back and forcefully grabbing my naked butt.
I let my fingers run along the waistband of his jeans for a few moments and eventually unbuttoned and unzipped him. There was no sign of arousal in his pants but I could feel him kiss my neck wildly and his breathing become quicker. He seemed unsteady and when I moved my other hand letting go around his back and only Shane’s hand on my back he actually let himself fall onto the bed and with strong arms pulled me down with him.
He hushed into my hair, “Why did you let go of me?”
I was intrigued by his lack of support in his trunk and that he actually had fallen over uncontrolled, but it turned me on a lot.
I whispered, “Maybe I want you lying down.”

With that I started to wriggle his jeans and boxers off his legs and his socks off his feet. He was naked and for a few moments I inspected the scars on his legs and let my fingers run over them. Holding himself up on his elbows Shane was quietly watching me. I sensed he was slightly uncomfortable being naked in front of me but I loved letting my eyes travel over his battered body. The scars on his legs, some scars on his upper body and the contrast between his somewhat skinny, lifeless legs and the strength of his upper body was a total turn on for me. I held myself over him and he pulled me down again. His cock was soft and just lying there on its side obviously unimpressed by our making out. Shane kissed me hard and moved his mouth over to my neck where I felt him suckling right behind my ear.
He whispered into my ear, “Let me get all the way on the bed.”

I watched as he pulled himself up onto the bed with his arms and his legs just dragging along to wherever he moved to, just two dead limbs attached to his body. His feet weren’t flexed but merely just hung on the end of his legs, dragging along. Dark hair lightly covered his legs all the way up to his pubes. Even in its limp state his cock was not a bad size at all. I pictured how impressive it must have been in the past when Shane still had erections. Despite not really being exposed to the sun anymore when he wore his jeans and braces all the time his legs had a natural tan just like the rest of his body. His pecs flexed as he pulled himself up. Having to do really all of the work of moving around, his arms were toned and his muscles well defined. He was focused on the task, dragging his body up on the bed.
Before he leaned back on the headboard I quickly moved another pillow behind his head. He fell on it and pulled me to him again. This time his hands aimed straight for my lower body as he rubbed along my thighs, inside and outside and he kneaded my ass in his hand. I heard him breathing as he licked my skin down my neck. I pushed my breasts to his mouth and he suckled on my nipples, roughly grabbing my ass at the same time.
The fingers of his right hand found my pussy and were stroking along my swollen lips, feeling it all out. Shane seemed to get more excited by the moment, his hand was busily exploring my pussy and my clit and I was getting very aroused at his assertive touches.
I was surprised when he ordered lowly in between suckling my skin, “I want you to tell me again how much my braces turn you on!”
I was caught off guard and I felt his fingers run along between my legs and around my clit.
I hushed into his skin, “I already told you.”
He softly bit my neck, “I want to hear it again.”

I felt my breath restricted but his words excited me tremendously.
Almost as to push me a little he roughly grabbed my ass now, “Tell me Anna!”
I hushed in between quick gasps, “Gosh, Shane…your braces turn me on so much…I can barely hold back right now thinking about your braces. You are so hot in them, I love seeing them on you…”
I had to stop to catch my breath as I felt Shane’s finger push into my soaking wet pussy.
He demanded in a hushed voice, “Yeah…keep going. You keep telling me how hot you find my braces and I’ll make you come so hard…”
I could barely breathe anymore, he had brought me closer to my climax and when I didn’t reply right away he ordered, “Tell me what my braces and my paraplegia do to you!”
My voice trembled, I was barely able to talk, “All of it turns me on so very much. I want to come all over your legs in the braces or even without them. Your paraplegia makes me crazy…you’re crazy.”
I laughed softly.

I felt more than one of his fingers in my pussy now, I could actually hear his fingers inside of me with my juices flowing and I was thrown off when he pulled out again and actually took his fingers in his mouth and licked them, then pulling me down to him, pressing his lips to mine and kissing me hard and without mercy. I tasted the flavor of my own excitement in his mouth.

He moved his fingers down to my pussy again and didn’t wait long to push them in again. At that I felt my body tremble and then he took his lips from me and said in a hush, “You like me in my braces and paraplegic, so don’t forget that when I’m not here anymore because you won’t find another guy like I am…I will always make you come with the way I am and I know you want it like that, don’t you?”
I could only nod my head dumbfounded, barely able to hold back anymore.
I felt my whole body charged and the moment he pushed his fingers in and out and barely flicked my clit with his thumb he said, “I’m all you need, Anna, remember that.”

I then felt the charge race through me like electricity as I felt my pussy muscles tighten around his fingers and my legs tremble. My chest was moving up and down quickly with the breaths I tried to take as I came hard and intense thinking about Shane and his words.
He pulled me to him tightly and I felt his chest against mine, moving quickly as well and his throaty mumbling in my ear, “God Anna…I want to feel you come like this all the time. This is like fucking in my head every time.”

I couldn’t speak, my body felt like it had its own life at this moment and I was a slave to its contractions, chills and trembles. It was like I was paralyzed myself for a few seconds, surrendering to my orgasm and my paraplegic boyfriend who had done it once again, bringing me to heights I had not felt in a long time. I basically collapsed on Shane, my head on his chest and my body limp on him as he let his hands rub softly over my back now, caressing me and instead of forceful touches now letting me feel the gentleness of his strong hands all the way down to my ass.
I could only say weakly, “I love you so much Shane.”
His voice mumbled into my hair, “I love you too Anna…you’re so freaking hot and I want to make you feel like this all the time.”
I lifted my head and looked at him with dreamy eyes.
He moved his hands to my cheek and stroked over it, smiling at me, “Was I too harsh?”
I laughed lowly, “Do you think? Did you see what you did to me with your harshness? You shot me to the moon and back.”
He laughed now and we kissed again full of love until I rested my head on his chest and we just laid there.

After a while Shane said lowly, “Anna, you’re really the best thing that has ever happened to me.”
I looked at him and we kissed again, then I said, “You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me…and you’re right, I won’t find another one like you.”
He grinned, “And you better not forget that…I’m the one and only paraplegic guy in braces that you need.”
We laughed together and I felt so much for him it hurt.

We made it into the bathroom eventually and sat in my tub again. It was always difficult for Shane to get around without his braces and in those moments I was thinking how convenient a wheelchair would be for him. He could just sit in it and get around in the house at least. I needed to figure something out. I hated seeing him struggle to get from one place to another without his braces. It also scared me because he was unsteady and didn’t have any strength in his legs to hold up his body. His one foot with the tiny bit of feeling was trying to make up for the strength of two legs in holding him up some as Shane had to fully focus on the terrain he moved on and using the full muscle strength of his arms to move his whole body. It wasn’t easy and I didn’t want him to struggle like that. We were exhausted but we enjoyed the hot tub for a while still savoring the moments we had shared in my bedroom once again.

Shane and I were using our combined strength to get him out of the tub again without falling, or slipping. I knew that Shane hated for me to have to help him in that way but he didn’t really complain. The tub was somewhat deep and hard to get out of without being able to use his legs. In those moments his assertiveness he had displayed in the bedroom earlier turned into shyness, and embarrassment. He didn’t meet my eyes as I helped him pull him up onto the edge of the tub, obviously shaky and unsteady.
His legs were falling from side to side as he tried to dry them, they just did what they wanted. I held them in place for him and as soon as I let go they fell over to the side again and I pulled them back over. I sensed his frustration with the situation. Without any words we finished in the bathroom and finally were in the bedroom, slipping into our clothes, Shane on the bed and I in my closet.
When it was time to strap his legs into the braces again he let me help him but this time around it was more of a task and I didn’t feel as much arousal as I had earlier. I loved seeing him in his braces and it gave me an utter satisfaction but since we had had sex already, this time around I just wanted to help my boyfriend get comfortable with the equipment he needed to walk and feel confident again, at least considering his circumstances. When he stood there finally holding his crutches our eyes met and we smiled quietly at each other but we still didn’t speak. The moment was different now, not sexually fueled but merely two people in love helping each other out and accepting Shane’s situation as the normalcy it really was or would become.
I packed a bag with some clothes and also got Shane’s bag ready. We would have to take a taxi to get to my car parked at the bar and then head down to Morgan City. Shane had his backpack in my car still. It had all his important items in it and I was hoping it would all still be there.
I straightened up my place quickly, watered my plants while Shane watched TV, and eventually we were ready to go.
I turned to him, “Do you want to call Jordan to let him know we will be leaving shortly?”
He looked up at me and didn’t look very excited but reached his hand out nevertheless, “Can you hand me your phone?”
He dialed his brother’s number and as I finished up in the bathroom I heard him talk to Jordan, not very long but simply giving him heads up that we were leaving soon.
After Shane had finished his call I called a taxi to my apartment.

Eventually we were on our way out as I locked my door and Shane started his descend down the stairs under my watchful and worried eyes. I had his sports bag, a smaller bag with my stuff and my purse, walking in front of Shane, and looking back constantly watching him make his way. It worried me so much to see him get down the stairs, it was not an easy task. He was fully focused. At the same time I thought to myself how he wouldn’t have made it at all if he would have been merely in a wheelchair without leg braces. So in that sense the braces were a good thing but still I hated to see his struggles and kept thinking about a wheelchair for him.
The taxi got there shortly after we had descended. The driver loaded the bags into the trunk and held the door for us as first I got in and then Shane. I told him where to go and we got to the bar soon thereafter. I was relieved my Ford Escort was still parked in the same spot somewhat lonely with no other cars around it. The driver of the taxi unloaded the bags and transferred them into the trunk of my car. I paid him and he left.
Shane was glad to find his back pack still in the back seat and he transferred into the passenger seat as I started my car and soon we were off toward the Interstate heading for Morgan City.
Shane had been quiet sitting next to me as I drove along I-10 for a little while, then merged onto Highway 90. We passed swamps and marshland outside, here and there a boat out on the water. We passed Houma and some other small towns.
I looked over at Shane, “How do you feel?”
He shrugged his shoulders but didn’t answer. I moved my hand over to his leg and he touched my hand with his and looked out the side window at everything going by.
I knew he had mixed feelings and it hurt me to see him like this but it was for the better. This was his chance to get his life together again and even though it hurt us both we just had to manage somehow.

Morgan City was a small town with a little over 10 000 residents, surrounded by other small towns and mainly marshland and swamp. We passed the city sign and Shane directed me which way to go, all the while looking at the places going by outside his window. It had taken a little over an hour to get to Morgan City from New Orleans.
We ended on a one lane country road and Shane said, “We’re almost there.”
Mailboxes were lined along the road and I could make out various small houses or trailers set back some from the road. There were large oaks and Cypress trees casting shade along the road.
As we neared another mailbox, Shane said, “This is it, take a right onto this dirt road here.”