Thursday, July 14, 2016

New Beginnings - Chapter 19

Chapter 19

I went back to bed and it was strange not to have Shane next to me. I rested my hand on his side of the bed, thinking about him and crying a few more silent tears. I did fall asleep again and didn’t hear Jenny and the boys get up. I slept until 10 o’clock and woke up with the sunlight shining in through the mini blinds. For a little while longer I stayed in bed and thought of Shane. I heard noises in the kitchen and eventually got up, got dressed, and fixed my face and hair before I joined Jenny in the kitchen.

She was loading the dishwasher and I startled her when I said, “Good Morning Jenny,”
She looked up, “Oh, hey girl, I hope I didn’t wake you up being all noisy in here. I’m sorry.”
“You didn’t wake me up Jenny, don’t worry. It was time for me to get my butt out of bed anyways.”
We laughed and Jenny asked, “Did you send him off this morning?”
“Yes, I did.”
“How was he?”
“Tired and nervous, I hope he’s okay.”
Jenny leaned on the counter, “I think he’ll be all right. It’s just all new for him again and that’s hard. Don’t worry too much about him.”
“I try not to.”
Jenny smiled, “Ready for some breakfast or a cup of coffee?”
“Yes, thank you.”
Soon thereafter we sat across each other at the table with coffee mugs in front of us.
Jenny looked at me, “You look really nice today. I love your hair.”
“Thanks Jenny. You’re very pretty too.”
“You’re probably so used to taking care of yourself with your job and all, aren’t you?”
I looked into my cup, “Maybe.”
“I don’t really have too much time to spoil myself.”
I smiled, “You’re a beautiful woman Jenny.”
Jenny giggled embarrassed and then asked, “So in your job, what do you actually do if you don’t mind me asking?”
I told her about the club and my job some more and answered all her questions.
Eventually Jenny stated, “So I heard that you lost your brother recently.”
I nodded, “Yes, it hasn’t even been two weeks.”
Jenny poured some more coffee for us.

I told her about Jay and how everything had been for us in the last couple of months. Of course it also involved the reason why and how I had met Shane. She sat there, smoking her cigarette, drinking her coffee and listening. While I told her about Jay I started crying. Tears just rolled down my cheeks. I hadn’t thought about Jay too much and now as I sat there telling Jenny about him, how he was and how he died, it all came back to me and it got to me.

Shane and his issues had taken so much of my energy and thoughts that I had placed Jay in the back of my mind. In a way it was a good thing but for some reason I felt guilty all the sudden about not thinking more about my brother lately.

Jenny pulled me out of my thoughts, “So you can probably relate very good with Shane about losing Nick?”
“Yeah, maybe but the way he lost his brother and the way I lost mine are so different.”
“It’s still the same pain if you guys were really close.”
I nodded, “Maybe.”

Jenny then asked me about how Shane did the day before with the cemetery and visiting Nick’s grave.
I sighed, “Jenny, I’ll be leaving in the morning and I really don’t know when I’ll be able to come and see Shane again. I know he has a hard time with me going. I’m worried about him. I’ll try to find a job for him down in New Orleans but I don’t know how quick that’ll be. I can’t quit my job right now, it’s very important to me so it may be a while until I can come up here or Shane can come down there again.”
Jenny took a sip, “We’ll take care of him. We did it before and I tell you he was a lot wilder then. He’s really like a different person now. Even though Nick and Shane were always close, Jordan always felt close to him too. Jordan sometimes looked to Shane but I had to actually put a stop to it because I didn’t want Jordan to get in trouble and do crazy stuff like Shane did. They couldn’t help it, they really didn’t know any better. They were pretty much on their own all their lives, no one taught them right from wrong.”

“How was it when Shane got arrested and charged?”
Jenny took a deep breath, “Oh, it was really bad. We were all so shocked and then Shane got 8 years, which was a big deal.”
“How did he take it?”
“Silent, he never said anything about it. He didn’t fight it. He just accepted it. Nick on the other hand totally freaked out. He had a break down but he had only gotten four years. It was all messed up, but Shane was responsible for most of the stuff they had done and he had kind of dragged Nick into the whole mess.”
“When did they start dealing?”
“Shane was probably like 18, but he was doing drugs too. They were smoking pot all the time, and then they turned to the heavier stuff. Cocaine was one of it. They didn’t shoot up Heroin but they dealt with it and that was very bad. They also got into dealing Meth, pretty much anything to make money with.”
I looked down into my coffee cup and took a deep breath, “I can’t even imagine Shane being like that.”
“Yeah, he used to be wild.”

I was curious now and asked softly, “What about girls?”
Jenny nodded, “He wasn’t really ever by himself if you know what I mean. Nick and he always had girls around.”
Jenny paused, “Maybe I shouldn’t tell you all these things. He hasn’t told you too much about those times, has he?”
I shook my head, “No, not in detail but I can’t even imagine him how he was like that.”
Jenny exclaimed, “I think the accident really got to him. Even when he got out on probation he seemed different already. He had become quiet trying to stay out of trouble and staying under the radar. I think it’s very difficult for him what happened to Nick and he himself came out of the accident alive but paraplegic. I think you met him at the end of his hitting rock bottom.”
I sighed, “He met me at my rock bottom as well.”

I stared into space and said almost to myself, “I love him very much though.”
Jenny said softly, “You two seem perfect for each other and I get the feeling that there’s a very deep connection between you both. I do believe all the bad things in his life finally brought him to his knees and even though you guys met at a bad time it seems it shouldn’t be any other way. You should be together.”
I explained softly, “He keeps saying how much he needs me, how much he loves me. I’m still worried somehow.”
“Well, I can tell you, he may have had lots of girls but he wasn’t in love with any of them. It was only about the one thing. Of what I remember he had never said anything about love to any of them. He wasn’t like that, so I know you’re very special to him.”

“Thank you for talking to me about all of this Jenny.”
“That’s what friends are for, right? You seem like a special woman Anna and I can see that Shane feels a lot for you and the same how you seem to care so much about him. He does need you and even in his wildest times deep inside he always was a good guy. I always knew that. Believe me I had my share of struggles with Jordan and I had to keep that boy straight and out of trouble for a long time. I didn’t blame the guys for their ways, I blame the way they had to grow up and the people that made their childhoods miserable. Their mother was messed up and the men in her life were criminals. It’s no wonder they grew up to be emotionally scarred. Without us they would’ve ended up dead in the gutter. Becky may be a bitch sometimes but she keeps Scott in line too. As I said, I had my struggles with Jordan and now you are with Shane. Jared is young and crazy but I think he’ll get it together. Nick we will unfortunately never know. He was a good and funny kid, everyone was his friend.”

Jenny paused a moment, then continued, “My childhood wasn’t great, but I didn’t have to endure constant abuse like the guys did.”
I said softly, “Yeah, my childhood wasn’t great either but at least eventually I got saved and got a second chance in a loving foster home.”
Jenny looked at me and I told her my childhood story.
When I finished she smiled, “I wonder if there are still any normal people out there, we’re all messed up, aren’t we?”
We laughed together and ended up talking some more still and I felt Jenny and I were connecting as friends. She was open and direct, a little rough around the edges but with a good soul.

I thought about Shane all day and I was hoping he had an okay day. I also ran all the things through my head that Jenny and I had talked about. I knew I really needed to go back to New Orleans and leave Shane in Morgan City. The separation would show how strong our love would be, how much he felt for me, and I needed to get all my emotions sorted out.

Shane needed to get a grip on life again and even though he was right in the environment which had caused him pain lots of times, it was also the place where people loved him.  He needed to make it through this on his own to a certain extent. I couldn’t be there all the time.

Our relationship had erupted like a volcano with emotions and feelings just exploding in overdrive, so much pain, so much love and all so incredibly fast. We needed to slow down and see where we were standing. I would go back to my life in New Orleans, work and make money and Shane would have to get it together for himself back here. It would take lots of strength from both of us but if we could do it I was certain that it would deepen our relationship and love for each other even more.

Later on that afternoon I called Nadine and we talked for a whole hour. I told her about my weekend here in Morgan City and she was very interested in how Shane was doing. It was nice to hear her familiar voice and her motherly feedback and I was looking forward to going back to work. The plan was for me to be back at work on Thursday. I decided I would still leave on Tuesday because I wanted to drive up to Ponchatoula and visit with my foster parents on Wednesday.

Jenny’s and Jordan’s boys got home from a summer camp at three thirty and the house filled with chatter and laughing. They had snacks, watched TV and then went outside again. A couple of neighbor kids were in the yard as well. Jenny was getting ready to cook dinner then. Jordan had called her that he would be home by six. Shane hadn’t called all day, but I also didn’t attempt to call him. If he needed to get picked up he would call.

I was helping Jenny in the kitchen when soon the door opened and Scott’s lively voice boomed into the trailer, “Anybody home? Hey ladies!”
He held the door open, “I’m bringing your boyfriend back home Anna.”

Scott laughed and Shane came into the house. It felt like I hadn’t seen him in forever. I dried my hands on a towel and walked over to him. I literally felt a kind of rush seeing my boyfriend in his leg braces and on his crutches. Yes, I definitely had the hots for him big time.
He came in slowly making his way and glanced at me from under his bangs, “Hey baby.”
I smiled and I moved up to his face and kissed him, “Hi baby, it’s good to see you.”
I wrapped my arms around him, causing him to sway some as he was holding himself up on his crutches. Scott had sat down at the kitchen table chatting with Jenny already and then laughing, “Well, this guy here survived his first day.”

Shane let himself down on a chair. I couldn’t move my eyes from him as he sat down and unlocked his braces to bend his legs. He must have sensed my intense staring at him, because he threw me a glance, his eyes flickering and a mischievous grin brushing over his face.
I sat down next to him, “So, how was it?”
He did look tired, “It was all right.”
I moved closer to him and took his hand, “It was all right. Is that all you have to say? Tell me more!”
Shane replied lowly, “It was good. I think I did okay.”
“Did you meet your boss?
“Yeah, first thing in the morning. He’s all right.”
Scott added, “Webber is an all right guy, he’s known to be a good boss. I went in with Shane this morning.”
Shane nodded, “Yeah, we talked about stuff, he explained everything I’ll be doing and he already had a background check on me too.”
Jenny turned around from the kitchen counter, “And? What did he say about that?”
Shane glanced over at me and answered lowly, “He was okay with it. Said he wanted to give me a chance.”

I had a feeling Shane didn’t want to talk about his first day very much with everyone else being there.
Scott eventually got up, “Well, I need to get my ass home to the wife. Shane can tell you all about his first day.”
He turned toward me, “So Anna, I’ll see you in the morning then before you go back to New Orleans?”
“Yes, I’ll be up tomorrow morning when you pick him up.”

When Scott was gone I leaned down to Shane from behind and wrapped my arms around him whispering into his ear, “Let’s go to our room or outside and talk a little.”
He didn’t seem too eager, I think he was just tired but he pulled himself back up, locked his braces and we went outside on the back porch and I sat on the swing. With my feet I held the swing still for Shane and he plopped down somewhat rough next to me. He set his crutches on the porch rail and with his braces unlocked we slowly swung back and forth on the swing. I cuddled up to him and he put his arm around me.

“I missed you all day Shane.”
“I missed you too.”
“How was it for you really? Tell me baby.”
He looked down on his legs, “It was all right, a lot of stuff to remember and learn and it was a long day.”
“Yeah, I can imagine it’s a long day to get used to.”
“I’m really ready to get out of my braces, even though I basically sat all day. I’m stiff and my back hurts.”
“What all did you have to do?”

He told me about the things he had learned and what his job would be.  He also told me about the meeting with his boss Mr. Webber, “I think he’s an all right dude. He said he believed in giving people a second chance in life and I guess this is mine now.”
I took his hand, “I believe in you Shane.”

Looking down Shane stroked his fingers softly over my hand and started lowly, “The guy I work with in the dispatch office, his name is Cody…”
“How is he?”
Shane looked up from under his bangs, “He’s…Cody’s in a wheelchair.”
I was surprised to hear this but in a way I was also somewhat excited, “So, how come? What kind of guy is he?”
“He’s all right.”
I didn’t want to seem too eager but I was definitely curious, “So, what…is his…why is he in a wheelchair?”
“He was in a motorcycle crash ten years ago. He’s paraplegic like I am but he’s a complete T-3. He can’t feel anything below his nipples.”
I waited a moment, then asked, “How old is he?”
“35, he’s married too.”
Shane paused but then admitted, “If felt good talking to him, he’s a very straight forward guy. He said I was a lucky bastard…”
I looked at Shane surprised, “What?”
“Yeah, because I can still walk…it didn’t offend me. It actually made me feel all right.”
I stroked a few strands of hair out of Shane’s face, “I’m happy for you. It sounds like this is the perfect job. I think it’ll be good for you.”
He nodded and then asked lowly, “Are you ready to go back to New Orleans tomorrow?”
I looked at our hands, “No, but I have to go. Are you ready for me to go back?”
“No, but I know you have to go.”

We were interrupted by Jordan coming up into the backyard and greeting his boys cheerfully and when he jumped up the steps to the back porch he saw us sitting on the swing, “Hey you guys.”
We greeted him and Jordan asked, “How was your first day?”

Shane answered him with little words and at that time Jenny came out and was clearly happy to see her husband. They smiled at each other and kissed for a few moments. It was evident that Jordan and Jenny were very much in love still.

We ate dinner together talking about our days and after dinner I helped Jenny in the kitchen while Jordan made sure the boys got into the shower, Shane sat down in the living room on the couch and zapped through the TV channels. I joined him when I was done in the kitchen. We sat together for a little while watching some local news. Jenny and Jordan were busy with their boys in the back hallway, getting them ready for bed.

I was playing with Shane’s thigh cuffs and he watched my hands for a moment, “I need to get out of these. I’m really tired already.”
It was only shortly after eight but he would have to get up at five again.
“Let’s wait until Jenny and Jordan have the boys in bed and we can tell them we’re going to bed too.”

It didn’t take long and Shane dozed off with his head laying back on the couch. His mouth was open some and he snored lowly.
When Jenny and Jordan came into the living room and saw Shane sleeping next to me, Jordan stated, “He’s beat, isn’t he?”
“Yeah, it’s been a long day for him. We’ll probably go to bed here in a little while.”
Jenny nodded, “Sure.”
I gently nudged Shane, “Wake up baby.”
Shane closed his mouth and swallowed his saliva, wiping his face, then blinked into the room and at his brother and sister in law, “Shit…sorry guys…I’m just done for today.”
Jordan said warmly, “It’s all right man…you just have to get used to it again.”

We made our way to our bedroom. Shane sat on the bed and unlocked his braces. I sat next to him.
He looked at me, “Damn, I’m so tired.”
“I can see that, my poor baby.”
Shane pulled his T-Shirt over his head and I laid my arm around him and traced his tattoos with my fingers, saying lowly, “How tired are you really?”

He fell back on the bed and pulled me down with him, right away kissing me hard and assertive. His hands were on my ass as he grabbed a hold of it and pulled me to him.
He whispered while kissing my neck, “I’m pretty tired but I could also use some of your hot stuff.”

I smiled at him and we kissed wildly. My hands ran over his chest and his muscular arms. I kissed his pectorals and Shane was running his hands up and down my back and quickly pulled my shirt over my head now, throwing it across the room. I was just in my bra and Shane unhooked that quickly as well. He took my breasts in his hands and kneaded them for a few moments until he suckled on my nipples and kissed them. I felt his braced legs on my bare legs and it almost drove me crazy already. I felt the warm leather cuffs and the metal bars along the sides of his legs and I heard the low squeak of the leather and metal and I could feel how Shane wanted to move his legs but just couldn’t. I eventually moved myself down some and let my hands run over his braces and my loins were aching for him. Shane was just lying there now, his arm over his face and letting me touch his braces and getting my fix on. I was breathing quickly. I didn’t feel an erection in Shane’s crotch but he turned me on so much.

Eventually he pulled me up again, “Come up here so I can kiss you.”
He pushed his hand inside the waistband of my shorts and eventually he unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts and his hand felt around inside and soon I felt his hand on my pussy. I was breathing quickly now. Shane was excited, I could feel it. His kissing was hard and demanding, he sucked on my neck and in between kisses he hushed, “I can’t even think about you going back to work…Fuck…I don’t want no other guys look at you or touch you for a matter of fact…”

He took my face in between his hands and looked at me seriously with dark eyes, “Tell me what I want to hear…”
I tilted my head some in question and he said, “You know what I want to hear. Tell me how I’m the only guy that can do this to you and how much you like my braces.”
I smiled and he held me in between his hands waiting for my confirmation, “You’re the only guy who gets to taste and eat out my pussy…and you’re the only guy who drives me absolutely crazy with this damned paraplegia and in your braces. You want to keep me horny and crazy for you, just stay in those things 24/7.”
Shane laughed lowly and his dark eyes flickered excitedly, “That’s my girl, I own your pussy and you own my paraplegia and braces.”

I kissed him passionately, he was really pushing my buttons now with this kind of talk. I slipped out of my shorts and stood over him on the bed, then also stepped out of my thong.
He looked up at me and commanded, “Let me see and feel your perfect ass.”
I turned around and he had my ass in front of him now. His hands kneaded it hard and he was groaning with pleasure.
I stood up, his hands losing the connection to my ass and I told him, “Get your whole body up on the bed and your head up on the pillow.”

I watched him as he pulled his body up on the bed with his hands and arms and I was so turned on. I put another pillow on top of the one and he laid his head on it. I then held on to the head board as I squatted over Shane so he could reach my pussy with his hands and mouth.
He smiled and said lowly, “Yes, that’s exactly what I want and need right now after a long hard day at work.”
We laughed lowly together and I whispered, “Work it baby!”

Shane pulled me down some with his hands on my ass and then he rubbed his hands and fingers along the inside of my thighs and up to my pussy lips. I was wet already and as I held myself on the head board I let my head fall back and my hair hang down my back. I enjoyed his caressing my pussy and I was very turned on now.

With his lips he kissed me and licked along my pussy lips. His tongue flicked over my clit and I jerked a few times at the sudden sensations. Now his fingers ran along my swollen lips and eventually I felt his finger push inside and feel around. I pushed myself to him more.

He eventually had three fingers inside and with his tongue he worked my clit and I felt my whole body charge up and feeling like it needed release very soon.
Shane was under me working my girl parts focused and excited too. I saw his chest rise up and down quickly and his free hand grabbed hold of my ass when he slid his fingers in and out and with his tongue flicked my clit and licked around it.

He mumbled, “Anna…you’re so freaking hot…and you taste so good.”
He was shifting and squirming under me as he worked me and getting me closer to my climax.
In between the caressing of my pussy he said, “I wish I could move my legs…”

Just those few words had so much power that they sent a shiver through my body and I replied without thinking but only in the heat of the moment, “But you can’t…they’re strapped in nice and tight in your braces and I love…”

I couldn’t finish the sentence because my orgasm sent thousands of electric shocks through me and into the far corners of my body. Shane stayed focused on my pussy and I felt him suck on my clit and I felt the moisture increase as his fingers slid in and out of my soaked opening.

My body tightened and then fell into a state of total exhaustion as I moaned into the room and said lowly, “Gosh, Shane, what are you doing to me?”
He laughed lowly under me and his words were muffled in the heated depths of my lower body, “So my talking shit worked…”
I looked down to him and he peeked out from under my crotch and grinned at me.
I asked him under quick breaths, still taking in the last bit of my orgasm, “What do you mean?”
“I wish I could move my legs...”

He laughed and I had to smile. Now it was clear to me what he was getting at, he had been playing head games with me saying these things but it had totally worked. He had brought me over the edge with what he had said and had induced a seriously awesome reaction from me. He had me all the way, he learned more and more what he was doing to me and it drove me crazy. The boy knew how to work this girl with his disability. As much as he intrigued me he also had me melting in his hands.

I shook my head and let my body collapse onto him burying my face next to his, “You’re so bad Shane…”
He laughed lowly, “I AM pretty bad ass with those braces...Just wanted to give you a little Good Bye present so you know who can get you to where you want to be and who your pussy belongs too…it’s this guy, damned leg braces and all.”

I felt hot and sweaty at everything he had done to me and still did, he knew it too and I was helpless at his words and his actions. He had me all the way but I loved it, I loved it a lot.
He ran his hands through my hair and said lowly and seriously now, “I love you so much Anna.”
I looked up at him and into his dark eyes, “You’re such a bad boy but yes, I love it and I love you in your damned braces and all.”
We laughed together, holding each other in an embrace and just being close.

After a while he said lowly, “I’m going to miss you so freaking much.”
“I’ll miss you too but here is the deal: Once I’m gone tomorrow, whenever you get off work you’re to come straight home, you eat dinner and you’re to go bed after dinner. You’re not to talk to any other girls, except for Jenny and Becky. You’re to call me at least every other day, but you’ll think of me every moment of the day.”
Shane had propped up his head on his hand and looked at me funny.
I laughed and he grinned, “You’re way too strict.”
“You better do what I say.”
He now smiled, “You don’t want to see me turning bossy on you, do you?”
I smiled at him, “Actually I kind of do…”
He nodded, “Okay, how about we start with this, take my braces off for me. I’m done for today.”
I sat up, “I will gladly do that.”
“I know you will.”

Shane let his head rest on the two pillows again and watched me with his hand behind his head as I unstrapped and unbuckled his braces for him. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this for him and it was only not too difficult for me now because we had just had sex and Shane had made me come already. Now my arousal stayed in check while I undid his braces and I was able to control myself.

We ended up getting done in the bathroom together, Shane took a shower so he wouldn’t have to do it in the morning and because he did need some help getting onto the chair in the tub and everything. We were both exhausted as we finally laid in bed next to each other, washed, teeth brushed and all done.

I laid in Shane’s arm and he said lowly, “I wish this night wouldn’t end.”
“We’ll be all right. Let’s get to sleep now so we won’t be too tired tomorrow.”
We kissed again for few moments and I fell asleep in Shane’s arms.
He moved around a lot during the night, but he didn’t dream loud and he didn’t wake up.


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