Friday, July 1, 2016

New Beginnings - Chapter 32

Chapter 32

I was awakened when I heard Josh’s soft voice, “Anna, wake up!”
I blinked my eyes at Josh lingering over me.
“Some kids are already waking up.”
I glanced at my phone and saw it was after six in the morning.
I untangled myself from Shane’s embrace and he moved and moaned next to me.
I whispered to Josh, “I’ll be right there.”
Josh walked away and Shane mumbled sleepily next to me, “What’s up Anna?”
I leaned over to him and hushed, “Some of the kids are waking up already. I’ve to get in there and help. Breakfast is starting soon too.”
I kissed him quickly on his lips and then sat up on the bed.
Shane pushed himself up on his elbows, “I’ll get up too.”
“You don’t have to.”
“I want to. I want to see those kids.”
“Well, I’ll have to run to the bathroom real quick and freshen up and change clothes.”
“Okay, I’ll be in there soon.”

I left Shane on his bed and in the staff bathroom I brushed my teeth, freshened up, did my face, and changed into my Christmas morning outfit, which was really just a fluffy Christmas pajama. Then I walked out to the commons. A few kids were sitting around the tree already admiring the presents and the tree. Some of the adults were sitting around on chairs. The light was dimmed, but the tree lit up the room in festive colors. The kids were excitedly chatting in soft voices, cautiously touching some of the presents and taking pictures with the tree. Volunteers who had come in the morning had set up a hot chocolate bar.

I walked in and pretended to be surprised, “Wow, look at that…Santa must have come by here. I didn’t hear or see anything.”
All the adults played along and the kids tried to talk to me excitedly, asking questions, “Miss Anna, I wonder where mine is in there.” And, “When do you think Santa came by?”

The plan was to wait until about seven thirty when everyone was awake to start distributing the presents. The kids were patiently waiting and just enjoying the atmosphere, trying to figure out how all of this could have happened. I told lots of people “Merry Christmas”, the children hugged me and the adults thanked me. Instead of hot chocolate I got myself a cup of coffee from the kitchen. When I walked back to the commons Shane came out from the dormitory.

I walked up to him, “Hey baby.”
He looked tired still and I kissed him quickly, “A bunch of kids are up already.”
Shane scanned me up and down and smiled, “Nice pajamas.”
I spun around, “Right, I know.”
Residents were walking by us and greeted me with sleepy smiles and Christmas greetings.
“Do you want some coffee baby?”
“That sounds good.”

“You can go in already, I’ll bring you a cup.”
“I’ll wait here.”

I left Shane standing in the hallway and got a cup of coffee for him.
We went into the commons together, Josh greeted Shane warmly with a Merry Christmas and patted Shane’s shoulder.
The commons was filling up with residents and their children flocking in. There were lots of “Oh’s” and “Ah’s”. The kids were super excited. Christmas music was lowly playing from the radio.
I pointed to a chair for Shane, “Sit over there. I’ll have to help here in a moment with passing out the gifts.”
I set the coffee next to him on a table, “Watch me rock the elf character.”
Shane smiled and I walked over to the tree where everyone was gathering.
I got busy entertaining and chatting with our staff, residents, children and helping here and there.

At eight o’clock we started passing out presents. They all had name tags on them, whoever wasn’t here we put the gift back under the tree but most kids were up and ready.
There were lots of surprises and a lot of excitement. Children’s happy voices everywhere were trailing through the building.
I was steadily handing out presents and calling names. Paper was being torn open and toys were getting pulled out, put together and played with.
It was a wonderful morning. Shane stayed on the chair and watched the commotion and our eyes would meet across the room and my heart was beating with pure joy when he smiled at me.

Breakfast was served in the dining area and the excitement didn’t let off with everyone being happy and filled with joy. The pain and the sorrow of the past couple of months was forgotten for a few hours. I didn’t have to help with breakfast but instead just got in line and picked up a plate for me and a plate for Shane. I walked over to where he was sitting already and we ate together.
“I can probably leave after lunch time.”
Shane nodded, “Whenever is fine for me. I follow your schedule here.”
I loved being there at the shelter for this joyful time but I also couldn’t wait to just be with Shane, alone and in my quiet apartment.

Shane pulled out a couple of tablets from his jeans pocket and dropped them next to his plate.
I eyed them curiously and watched as he took the glass of water and downed all the medication. He wiped over his mouth. I didn’t ask him what medications he was taking but I remembered what Jordan had told me about all the meds Shane was on now.
The morning went by quickly but I was getting tired throughout the day. The lack of sleep was definitely catching up to me.

Josh was also off for a few days and was getting ready to leave before lunch.
He came up to us and addressed Shane, “Well, Shane, welcome again. It’s good that you’re here. I know Anna had been waiting patiently. I hope to see you around in the future. You’re welcome to help out here anytime with stuff, I know we could find something for you to do. Any extra set of hands helps.”
“Thanks man. It was nice being here with you guys.”
We said Good Bye and Josh went home.

It was later that afternoon when I finally gathered my things as Shane was packing up his bag again. He hadn’t really used anything and didn’t have much to pack. I came to his bed just as he was zipping up his bag.
“You’re ready?”
He looked up at me from the task, “Yes.”
I picked up his bag and Shane pushed his arms into his crutches and pushed himself up from the bed.

With Christmas greetings I said Good Bye to my coworkers and the other volunteers and we slowly made our way out of the building. Shane seemed slower than I remembered but then I hadn’t walked with him in so long. He was focused on his legs and the path in front of him. I made it to my car and loaded our things into my trunk.

I opened the passenger door for him and he got in while I walked around to the driver’s side. He was just pulling his legs into the car as I got in. I watched as he placed his crutches in between his legs in front of him and pulled the door closed.
He looked over, “I’m in.”

On the way to my apartment I pointed out some of the areas that had dealt with flooding. We talked about the storm and I told Shane about what had been going in the city over the last couple of months.
Shane remarked, “So the club got flooded and damaged?”
“Yes, it did and Ray and Nadine are working with their insurance to see what they’ll get to rebuild and everything. It’s going to be a process and until then I’ll just keep working at the shelter. I do want to go back to the club though if they open it again.”

I glanced over to Shane for a moment to see his reaction and he asked, “So you want to dance again?”
“I don’t know yet, but it’s still a long time away until the club will be up and running.”
We didn’t say anything else.

We arrived at my apartment complex and I pulled into my regular parking spot. I dreaded having to watch Shane make it up to my apartment. Once again the thoughts of finding another place floated through my mind for a few seconds.
Shane was out of the car, he had found his balance and slowly made his way onto the sidewalk and toward the stairwell. I got our bags out of the car and locked it.
I came up next to him, “I wish so much you wouldn’t have to do this to get up there.”
He smiled from under his baseball cap, “I don’t have a choice, do I? I’ll make it. Go ahead already.”

I was thinking about this for a moment as Shane moved his leg rigidly onto the first step. I knew he wasn’t very strong and I was worried about him making it up to my apartment.
Just like he was reading my mind he said, “Don’t worry. I’ll take it easy, it may take me a bit longer than usually but I’ll make it. Just go on. You can get the bathwater ready and be in there by the time I get up there.”
He grinned and I gave him a quick kiss, “Be careful.”

I went ahead and was up in my apartment a few moments later. I dropped our bags in the hallway and even though he had told me to just leave him be I walked back out into the stairwell. When I looked down through the stairwell I saw him still on the second flight of stairs.
I skipped down the stairs and when I had reached him he stopped in the process of finishing up the second flight, “Why are you back down here?”

I didn’t answer but watched him make it up three more steps onto the second story platform. With his legs held straight in the braces, he slowly moved one leg out to the side and onto the step, then the other and at the same time pushing his body up with his crutches. He kept his eyes down on the ground. Once he was finally up he leaned on the railing.

I saw his body sway, I saw his arms shake and leaning on the rail he let go of the crutch handles for a moment, just shaking his hands to loosen them up.  
I stepped closer to him and softly touched my hands to his arms. He glanced up at me from under his baseball cap and I saw his face was glistening from sweat.
“You’re having a hard time getting up?”
It was more of a conclusion than a question.
He nodded slightly, “I don’t have a choice, right?”
I moved closer to him, “We’ll get another apartment or a rambler, one story, no stairs.”
“So with the next hurricane we’ll go under all the way.”
“Maybe move further away from the city.”
Shane looked at me and said softly, “You know, I really don’t care if I have to climb any stairs as long as it leads me to you.”
"I hate seeing you struggle.”
“It’s not a struggle, it’s just the way it is.”

With that he looked down at his legs and added lowly, “Just not helping that they’re acting like idiots right now, full blown spasticity almost all the time even in the braces.”
I touched his hand on the crutch handle, “What can I do?”
He took a deep breath and sounded annoyed, “You can help me by going upstairs and staying up there. Please!”
I could hear in his tone that he meant it and I quietly nodded, pulled my hand off his hand and walked back up again. Shortly thereafter I heard the clicking of the crutches again and the soft rustle of the braces as Shane ascended the next flight of stairs.

I let him be and it took at least another ten minutes until he was up in my apartment. I saw his T-Shirt drenched with sweat on his chest and back. He came into my apartment and I could hear him breathe. I closed and locked the door behind him. He made his way to the living room and exhausted he fell onto the couch, his legs stiff in front of him. He laid his head back without even unlocking his braces, just breathing. With his arms still in the crutches he let them drop onto the couch next to him. His chest was moving up and down quickly. I brought him some water. He pulled his trembling arms out of his crutches and as I handed him the glass of water I saw his hand was shaking so badly he could barely hold the glass. The water in it was making little waves as he guided it to his lips. I watched him in worry. He took a large sip and I took the glass from him again before he would drop it.

His legs were still stretched out in front of him and just as he was about to sit up and unlock them I offered, “Here, I got it. I do remember how to unlock them.”
Shane just smiled and let me unlock his braces and thanked me. I actually then bent his knees and I was surprised to feel the weight of his legs. I also felt the faint trembling of his spastic legs in the braces, unable to jump out and all over the place. Shane pulled himself up on the couch some.
I looked at him for a moment, “You’re exhausted.”
He took off his hat and ran his hand through his hair just looking at me.

After a moment he explained, “The kidney infection really kicked my ass. I did lose a lot of weight and I’m not very strong right now. My legs are basically in a constant battle with themselves with the fucking spasms. I’m dropping way too many tablets into my mouth for that crap. I’m still on antibiotics and my shoulders and upper back are killing me so I take pain meds. Not having been able to be in my braces while I was in jail didn’t help me at all. It’s like I’m starting all over again with all this shit. I can’t make it without my braces anymore, not even a few steps like I used to.”

I remembered how he used to be able to somehow pull his body forward and his one foot slightly grounding on the floor whereas the other one just dragged along. It was mostly his upper body strength back then, apparently he wasn’t able to do that anymore.

I got up, walked over to my book shelf and pulled out the brochures with the wheelchairs. I had looked through these a couple of times in the past few weeks and I had drawn little hearts next to the chair models I liked. I sat down next to him again and opened the first brochure. I showed him where I had placed my hearts and he just stared at it for a moment, then looked up at me questioning.

I explained shyly, “Yes, I like the way some of these wheelchairs look and I imagined you in them and I really loved the images in my head. It would make it easier for you.”
Shane stated lowly, “I can’t go up a set of stairs in one of those things for sure.”
I pressed my lips together, then said softly, “No, you can’t but I won’t always live here and it would make it easier for you on longer outings or even inside the house or apartment.”
He laid his head back again and somewhat looking at the ceiling he said, “Once I’m in a wheelchair I’m done Anna. It’ll feel like the ultimate defeat. And aside from that I don’t have the money anyways.”
I replied softly, “But I have it.”

He moved his eyes toward me and I added, “Shane, I really love your braces, I love seeing you in them and yes, but I also like wheelchairs very much and I think you would be irresistible in a nice, sporty looking wheelchair. And it would make life easier for you. I don’t like seeing you struggle up the stairs or not being able to walk for longer. You could still use your braces but for some situations you would have a wheelchair.”
“Am I not irresistible in my braces?” He smiled.
I moved closer to him, “You’re irresistible to me in any way you are. But I also want to make it easier for you.”
He looked at me and put his hands on my waist, pulling me closer. His body radiated heat and moisture and it almost felt like electric waves were running through his hands into me.
He pulled me to him all the way, “If you want to check out wheelchairs sometime, I guess we can do that. Whatever makes you happy makes me happy.”

With that he kept his eyes on me, dark and shiny, his forehead moist and strands of his bangs hanging into it. He moved his hand up to my face and softly stroked over my cheek and down my hair.

“I’m so happy to be here with you Anna. I’ve longed for this every second of the day the last few months. I imagined you at night next to me and I imagined us outside together and when I closed my eyes to sleep I kept your image in my mind. And I wondered how you were doing and how you were holding up with this storm. There were so many times I wanted to revoke my request because I missed you so much and it hurt so fucking much every moment of the day. But at the same time I was scared to death that I may find out that you moved on or something happened to you in the storm. I kept telling myself that you’re in this apartment and are safe from the water but you could also be hurt or dead or something. And that fear of maybe finding out you weren’t there anymore or moved on kept me from contacting you. Because if anything would’ve happened to you while I was locked up or if you would’ve forgotten about me, I wouldn’t have been able to hold on. So I kept imagining you were okay and you were waiting for me and everything would be good again. But deep inside I didn’t think it would actually come true.”

His eyes were moist and he swallowed, “Anna, I love you more than my own life and I want to be everything for you. I want to make you happy and I want to be with you for the rest of my life. I’ll get better again, I’ll get strong again and I want nothing more than for you to be happy with me. I don’t want to be without you ever again. I know I don’t have much to offer right now but just know that I truly love you and I’m so thankful that you were waiting for me.”

I felt tears build in my eyes as he had said the words.
His gaze stayed on me and I eventually replied softly, “I love you so much too Shane and I’ll never leave you hanging, no matter what happens. I also had you on my mind every moment of the day and I missed you so much but I wanted to wait for you. We’ll never be apart again. We’ll always be together from now on.”
With that we moved in on each other and kissed a very long and passionate kiss. Only when Shane cramped slightly in his hips we stopped.
“What’s going on?”
“Damned spasms ride all the way up to where I had my injury.”
His hip jerked again and I said, “Maybe you should lay down?”
“I need to wash up or something before I lay down.”
“Then that’s what we’ll do.”


It was about fifteen minutes later when Shane sat on the chair in my bathroom and I was unstrapping and unbuckling his braces. As soon as the braces were loosened I felt his legs jump and twitch in his jeans. The act of undoing his braces was done without words and even though Shane was dealing with the spasms he watched me closely. My hands were slightly trembling as I helped him out of his braces. I felt the heat rising in my body, the inside of my thighs were burning up and I tried to keep my composure.
Shane stated with a low voice, “I love seeing you do this.”
It didn’t bother me when he said it, instead, I smiled at him, “I’m happy to do it. I can’t get enough of it and I want to just be all over you right now.”
Shane laughed softly, “Sounds like a perfect plan to me.”

The reality though was that he was weak and his legs were giving him problems. He couldn’t even keep his feet on the floor. They fell to the side, I moved them back over, then they fell to the other side. All the sudden his one leg just stretched itself out in an abrupt motion, actually kicking me on my thigh. I whimpered out of surprise and from the kick I got.
Shane asked frustrated, “Anna, shit…are you okay?”
“Yes.” I rubbed my hand over my thigh where he had kicked me.
“Can you get me the Baclofen tablets from my bag? Fucking legs…”

He took one of the tablets. I tried to take his socks off by holding his foot down in between my thighs so it couldn’t move away from me. It sprung up and escaped my grip. I stopped taking his socks off.
Shane was watching and he was tense, “Fucking spasms.”
We were planning on getting into the tub but the way his legs were twitching and trembling, we would have to wait for a little while to see if the medication would take care of it and ease the spasms.
We waited and I didn’t even try to help him take his jeans off, his legs were just too restless.

He just sat there and watched his legs shake. I started the bath water and eventually he unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and while sitting on the chair he wriggled them over his butt.
“Can you get it?”
He nodded silently and he was trying to pull his shaking leg up to take his sock off but his leg fell back down. I just squatted in front of him and attempted again to take off his socks. His feet were very cold in my hands. Shane now just sat there in his boxers. The water was running into the tub and filled the room with steam. I took off my yoga pants and T-Shirt and stood there in just a bra and panties.

While I was messing around with the clothes and my laundry hamper Shane touched my hips and I turned around to him. He scanned my body with his eyes and as I looked at him I realized again how thin he had become. Only his tattoos somewhat covered the visible rib cage. His legs also seemed skinnier than they used to be. I could still make out the tendons and muscles in his arms, no fat over them, just the muscle attached to the bone.

His eyes were still on me and he said lowly, “You’re so beautiful Anna.”
I smiled shyly and let my fingers run over his arm, “And you’re so skinny.”
I laughed as I said it and squatted in front of him again, “Didn’t they feed you?”
He smiled, “They did…” He paused and running his hand up and down my arm he added, “I lost weight in jail and when I got sick I lost even more weight. For a few days I was on liquid IV food in the hospital. I couldn’t eat normal. I want to gain some weight again because I can feel it, I’m just…I don’t know…just really weak still. It’s good in a way but it’s not in another.”

“I’ll help you get strong again. You just need some good ole’ Southern cooking.”
I laughed and Shane smiled, “That’ll do it for sure.”

Shane’s legs had calmed down somewhat and the tub was filled with water. Shane leaned over and put his hand in it feeling how hot it was.
I asked, “Good?”
He nodded. I undid my bra and dropped it on the counter, then I slipped out of my panties and dropped them on top of the bra.
When I turned to Shane he pressed his lips together and shook his head, then mumbled, “Damn Anna…”
He hesitated to take his boxers off and I said lowly, “You have to get naked too.”
He looked down and slowly with shaking hands he wriggled his boxers over his butt. I didn’t stare at him as not to make him uncomfortable.
Lowly he said, “I actually should cath before I get in.”
I asked softly, “Should I get your bag or something?”
“Maybe you can just get me a catheter out of the bag.”
I walked out and when I came back in with a catheter package in my hand Shane had moved himself over onto the bath tub edge closest to the toilet.

I handed the package to him and he held it with one hand but I could see he was wobbly just holding himself with his other hand. When he moved his second hand up to tear open the package he lost his balance for a moment and quickly set his hand back onto the tub edge to brace himself.
“If you want I can do it?”
Shane was reluctant momentarily and I could sense he was nervous and he was contemplating as what to do.

“Shane, how do you want me to help you? You remember I’ve done this with you before.”
I said it comforting, trying to make him feel at ease.
He nodded nervously and handed me the package.

I set the package on the counter and washed my hands thoroughly over the sink.
With the package in my hand I then sat next to Shane. He was closest to the toilet, the catheter would reach from his penis into the toilet bowl easily but he didn’t have anything to hold on to except the edge of the tub. I needed to get some kind of safety frame for around the toilet, so he would have a way to hold on in the future. With Shane sitting there I realized once again that my place was everything but accessible.

I looked at the package in my hand and Shane explained to me that this was a different catheter that he had been supplied with in jail.
“They gave me those because they didn’t want me to mess around with lubricant and stuff. The lubrication can be activated with the tubing inside the package.”
I looked at the package a little closer and Shane added, “I only have some left and then I have to get the cheap ones’ again.”
He explained to me how to activate the lubrication inside the package. I then tore it open looking at Shane for confirmation. He was still holding himself steady on the tub edge.

I suggested, “I could help you with inserting it.”
Shane looked down for a moment and seemed to think, then looked up at me and replied, “You sure?”
I nodded and answered softly, “Yes baby, no big deal for me.”
Shane’s legs were slightly trembling still and he pushed himself even closer to the toilet.
Quietly I looked at him for confirmation, he nodded and then I slowly pushed the tubing into his urethra while he held himself steady on the tub. I felt very close to him in those moments.

I wanted to do everything right, and kept my eyes on the tubing sliding into the opening at the tip of his penis. He just watched as I slowly pushed the catheter into his urethra while I held the other end over the toilet.
Out of the corner of my eyes I saw Shane’s hollow belly move in and out as he was breathing and I looked up at him and he said softly, “You’re doing good, just push it up a bit more, it’ll work in a moment.”
Like he read my mind he added, “Don’t worry Anna, it doesn’t hurt, I can’t feel it.”

Eventually the urine was flowing through the tubing and I watched it for a moment, making sure it was aimed right into the toilet. We sat there, I held the one end over the toilet and I moved closer to Shane and looked at him. He didn’t look at me right away.

I whispered, “Shane?”
His eyes moved up slowly from under his bangs.
Our eyes locked and I said softly, “Thanks for letting me help you.”
He didn’t say anything but only nodded slightly. I leaned my head on his shoulder and let my hand run over his back as we waited for his bladder to empty.
It was so much closeness and intimacy as we sat there naked next to each other and I glanced at his skinny legs trembling slightly.
We didn’t talk and just sat there waiting.

The urine eventually only came out in drops and then stopped and we both turned our eyes to the catheter end hanging into the toilet.
I shook it lightly to get the rest of the urine out and then took some toilet paper and held it against the tip of his penis as I slowly pulled out the tubing from his urethra.
I shook the tubing again and then dabbed his penis again.
I held both tubing ends up and stuck it back into the package and then set it into the trash can.
Shane flushed the toilet and finally we were ready to get into the bathtub.

Shane was unsteady when he lifted his legs over the tub edge again and turned his body around at the same time. His legs were trembling still and just like back when Shane had first stayed at my place he was quiet and I could feel his nervousness about the situation. As he finally sat on the tub with his feet in the water up to his knees I positioned myself behind him, squatted slightly and pushed my arms around him under his arms, locked my hands in front of his chest and slowly heaved him over the edge and let him down into the water. He sat wobbly in the water for a few moments until he held on again to the tub edge and I climbed in after him. The water felt good and as Shane was still nervously trying to get a sturdy position I sat in front of him and slid myself right away over his legs to pin him in the tub so he couldn’t slide or fall over. He didn’t say a word but eventually put his hands on my hips. We were submerged in the water and it felt good. Even though my bath tub was not accessible at all it was deep enough and the water came up to my breasts.

We looked at each other, I saw sweat on Shane’s face and he said lowly, “Thanks for helping me get into the tub and also a while ago.”
“I love to help you but I know my apartment, especially my bathroom is not very accessible. I wish it would be easier for you. We’ll get an accessible place when we move.”
Shane let his hands run up and down my arms, “We?”
I traced the tattoo on his chest and nodded, “Yes, we…I want to start looking after the holidays, in January.”
“Anna, I don’t have any money. I need to find a job again.”
“And we’ll find a job for you again but yes, I want us to move in together Shane. Don’t worry about the money right now.”

He looked down, then up at me with dark, shiny eyes, but he didn’t say anything. He just scanned my face and I stroked his bangs from his forehead.
I added with a smile, “I love you Shane and I want us to be together always from now on.”
His eyes were still drilling into me, “I want nothing more than to be with you always Anna.”

We kissed and I pushed myself against him and it felt so good.
Feeling Shane’s legs slightly trembling under me excited me very much. I couldn’t help moving my lower body around on his legs some.
He moved his hands down to my lower back and when our lips unlatched he said softly, “Anna, you’re so hot. I missed being with you so much.”
“I missed you too.”

Shane pulled me to him again and his kissing was demanding and hard. He held me tightly to him, the warm water surrounded us. I ran my hands through his hair and his hands were all over my body. We kissed again and my excitement grew and I felt Shane’s hands on my rear, lifting me some as he got a better grip. His fingers dug into my skin and he pulled me even closer to him. I felt his limp manhood under my pussy. My breaths came quicker now.

I thought about how much I had missed him and all the nights I had been lying in my bed alone thinking of him and seeing him in my mind, wondering how he was doing and missing him so very much.  I thought about how I had been worried about him and had not known if I would ever see him again. And I also remembered how on some nights I would picture him in his braces and on his crutches and how much I wanted him exactly in that way and how I would touch myself at thinking of him in that way.

Now here he was in my life again, and I wanted him so much but above all I loved him more than anyone and I wanted to move on from the difficult times of the last couple of months. Shane and I needed to be together, that was it. We wouldn’t be apart ever again.

Shane’s touching was assertive and all over. He moved his hand to my belly and eventually I felt his fingers closer to my pussy. He kissed my neck and suckled on it, then he let his tongue run over my shoulders. I arched my back and felt Shane’s grip in the small of my back holding me to him. My fingers ran over his arms and through his hair.

His fingers ran along my labia and on the inside of my thighs. His lips touched my breasts and he softly bit my nipple, then letting his tongue run around it. My breathing was coming quickly now and I could also hear him breathe excitedly. His tongue slithered over my breasts and as soon as my body came lose he pulled me close again with his hand. I slowly rubbed my pussy on his thighs, feeling his cock limp and soft, not able to push inside of me. Shane’s fingers took over that task and I could feel him softly pinch my pussy lips and I jumped a little.

Shane’s mouth was latched on to my nipple and he sucked on it and in between he hushed, “Anna, I want to push my fingers inside.”
I whispered, “Yes please.”

The water around us made low splashing sounds as I moved my body and as Shane moved his hands and arms. I felt Shane gently flick around my clitoris making me moan softly. The flick sent a charge through me and I wanted more of it. He pressed his thumb just enough and did this in a rhythmic motion, bringing me to jerk and arch my back even more.

I held on to Shane’s neck and pushed my pussy to his hand. He kissed my neck again and at the same time pushed a finger into my pussy. I heard and felt his hot breaths as he suckled on my neck. I was very excited now and as he pushed another finger and then a third finger into my opening the sensation of being filled out down there made me tremble. He pushed in harder as far as my pussy let him and then held his fingers there with his knuckles filling out my opening all the way. I felt his fingers move inside and the tightness of my pussy around his knuckles with his three fingers inside made me wish he could go in with his whole hand and the thoughts of that happening drove me crazy. Shane’s hand motion with a constant pressure on my opening brought me close to climax. With his thumb he flicked my clitoris on and off.

He was lapping water off my breasts and hushed under quick breaths, “Anna, you make me crazy. Your pussy around my fingers feels amazing.”  
I looked down, watching his tongue run over my skin and I moaned, “You feel good inside of me…I wish you could push your whole hand in.”
With those words I imagined Shane’s hand filling me out all the way and it brought me to the edge as he mumbled into my skin, “Damn, that would be fucking awesome.”

We were both breathing fast and when he pulled me to his body with his one hand, my clit touched his pelvis and he did this a few times and with his fingers inside me, filling me out as much as possible at this time I felt my orgasm build.
With another strong pull from Shane he moaned into my skin, “I want you to come for me Anna.”

He brought me to climax then. When he said the words I wanted to please him and be good and come for him. And I arched my back and I bucked against his hand and came. Shane was latched on to my neck and even though it hurt slightly it finished me off with tremors racing through my whole body as I moaned and whimpered over him.

I felt hot and sweaty even though we were in the tub. Shane’s lips loosened from my neck but his face stayed buried in my skin and I could hear him breathe. His fingers were still moving inside of me.
I let my hands come up from his back and through his hair, “Shane, I love you so much.”
He didn’t speak right away, but only nodded and I still felt his fingers inside of me and his knuckles push onto my pussy.
Lowly he mumbled, “It feels so damned good for me to have my fingers inside her and you saying what you said made me imagine all kinds of stuff.”
He looked up and his face looked flushed, “I love you Anna. I’m always going to give you what you need. And who knows maybe one day my whole hand can go in there…we just have to get her there.”
He smiled a wicked smile and I felt chills run over my arms, not only because of my skin cooling off but because of what he had said about “her” obviously referring to my pussy.
Shane pulled his fingers out as we kissed again and his hand ran over my back. I submerged myself into the water to get warm and we held each other.

I stayed on Shane’s lap and we kissed softly and our passion turned into only love.
I stroked over his cheek, “You’re amazing Shane.”
He smiled, “I missed so much being with you like this. I’m so sorry about the last couple of months. I promise that I’ll make it up to you Anna. I want to be everything for you.”
“You already are everything to me.”
We kissed again.


It was evening when we finally sat in the living room. It had been very difficult for Shane to get there. He didn’t want to strap his braces on anymore for the day but since he was not able anymore to use his one foot for a slight grounding due to weakness he had to just drag his legs along and use only his crutches. He almost didn’t make it and we pondered for a second if he should just take himself to the bedroom but it was still early in the evening and even though I was tired we didn’t want to go to bed just yet.

I was cuddled up next to Shane on the couch.
“So how did you get sick in jail?”

Shane had his head leaning back on the couch and started, “Well, it was all fucked up with my catheters. They would bring them to me when I told them I needed to cath and I just couldn’t be as clean as I needed to be I guess. I had some urine retention then, not being able to pee a whole lot anymore. I got a UTI. I didn’t know for at least a week or so until I started running a fever and had chills and all that. I also couldn’t get my bowel situation under control. I was constipated and I really needed some help with that then. I was getting weaker. They transferred me to the medical wing in jail and when they couldn’t get my fever down they took a urine sample and it came back with the infection. I was running a high fever and was not good at all. They took me to the hospital in Morgan City and when they checked me out they found that it had already spread to my left kidney and there was blood and stuff. My bowels were impacted so they had to get all that taken care of. I got put on IV antibiotics and all but it didn’t let off too quick. They had me in ICU and were watching me closely. My blood pressure sky rocketed and it wasn’t good. Well, I was there for over three weeks. During that time I also found out that the nurse from the Psych ward had dropped the charges and so as soon as I got out of the hospital they had my discharge papers ready at the jail too.”

“Why did she end up dropping the charges?”
“She had to quit her job because her family was affected by Katrina and she had to help them so I guess she didn’t have the energy to actually go through with it. That hurricane saved my ass in a way.”
I held Shane’s hand in mine, “It sure did. But I’m so glad she did.”
“Me too.”

We sat quietly for a moment until Shane said, “So I heard Charity is closed now?”
I sat up some and looked at him, “Yes, it got damaged so badly and they also ended up not being able to evacuate all the patients, people died in there…it was all very horrible and sad. I think they tried to find someone to blame but amidst all the chaos everyone tried their best but a bunch of weak elderly patients didn’t make it. They recovered bodies from there for two weeks after Katrina. It is now closed and probably will not reopen ever.”
Shane looked down at our hands, “Wow…that sucks. Out of all places, it feels really weird to hear that.”
“I know, I feel very sad about it. Charity meant a lot to me.”
He moved his eyes up to me and we looked at each other for a moment, “A lot to me too. And if it wasn’t for Charity hospital we would’ve never met.”

I nodded and I felt my eyes get blurry, thinking about all the times I had spent at the hospital with Jay and then meeting Shane there. The hospital definitely held special memories for me and to think about that it would never reopen was sad.
He moved his hand up to my face and stroked softly over my cheek, “I love you Anna and I’m so thankful we did meet there.”
“Me too.”
I felt a tear roll down my cheek and he wiped it away.

Sitting on the couch I felt the lack of sleep overcome me finally and Shane was also exhausted. We made our way to the bedroom. Before sleeping Shane explained that the constant spasms had been triggering his bladder to contract and had been leaking urine more often now. I watched as he slipped some incontinence briefs on and then his shorts over them. We laid in bed and cuddled next to each other, falling asleep in each other’s arms.


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