Tuesday, July 26, 2016

New Beginnings - Chapter 7

Chapter 7

He kept his eyes down, “Give me a few moments to use the toilet again.”
“Okay, you need anything for me to do?”
“Maybe my backpack in the bathroom again.”

I took his backpack over into the bathroom while Shane was getting up slowly and making his way over to the bathroom. I stood at the door waiting for him and I saw his arms were shaking as he held himself there on the spot.
I leaned over to him and kissed him quickly, “You okay?”
He nodded, “Yeah, give me a couple of minutes.”
I nodded and let him pass.
I heard Shane in the bathroom, shifting and moving and I hoped he was okay.
After about ten minutes he called me, “I’m done.”
I walked over to the bathroom and found him sitting on the edge of the tub close to the toilet. His hands were next to him by his hips holding himself somewhat steady. His crutches were standing up on the wall close to him.

My bathroom was not huge but large enough for a small two person Jacuzzi in the corner. It was one of the amenities I loved about this place when I saw it and had made my decision to rent the apartment easy. Now I stood there looking at the Jacuzzi and I pondered how Shane would be able to get in.
I turned to him and he smiled, “Still want me to get in there with you?”
“Yes, I do.”

I plugged the drain and turned on the faucet letting the warm water run into the deep tub.
Shane just watched and I stood in front of him, “We need to get you out of your jeans.”
With one hand he held himself steady still and with the other hand he started fiddling around with his zipper and button and I saw his fingers shaking. His head hung and his hair fell into his face as he was trying to undo his jeans. The water was running into the tub and filled the room with warm moist air. Outside it was thundering and storming.
I squatted down in front of Shane and moved his trembling fingers out of the way and unzipped and unbuttoned his jeans. I could see his chest rise up and down quickly.
“Can you lift yourself up some so we can pull them down?”
He nodded without words and started to wriggle his jeans over his butt and to his thighs. He stopped and as I put my hand to his jeans to pull them down all the way he stopped my hand.
I looked up at him and his eyes flickered, “I don’t know Anna…”
“It’s all right. You’re okay. Let me do it.”

He held himself balanced with his hands on the tub edge again as I pulled his jeans down, exposing his weak and scarred legs covered with a light fluff of dark hair. I now felt my own hands tremble and my heart beat very fast at taking his jeans off. I lifted his feet to slide his pants all the way off and I draped them over the only chair in the bathroom. Shane didn’t look at me, he sat there in his socks and boxers.
The light in the bathroom cast a warm glow on us and I looked at him, “Shane, your socks?”
He nodded and I asked, “May I do it?”
He nodded again and I put my hands to his left sock and pulled it off. His foot was taken care of but limp, cold, and lifeless in my hand. I spotted some scars on it. I did the same with the other foot and it felt just the same in my hand.

Shane was breathing quickly and now he just sat there in his boxers. As I contemplated asking him about his boxers I checked the water temperature and depth. It still needed more water and I turned back to Shane. I was still in my clothes and as he sat there looking shyly at me from under his bangs I smiled at him and put my hands to my shirt, “Here, I’ll take some of my clothes off now.”
He actually looked all the way up then and I smiled at him. I took off my shirt and stood there barefooted in my bra and lounge pants.
Loud rumbling thunder outside startled me and I jumped a little, “Shit.”
Shane laughed lowly, “It’s pretty bad out there.”
“Totally, that’s why we need to get in the tub now.”

I pulled my pants down and stood there in my panties and bra. Shane glanced at me in admiration but I could tell he didn’t want to stare too much.
He still held himself steady on the tub and his legs just lay scrambled and lifeless in front of him.
I softly told him, “You know you may look at me Shane.”
He looked up some and I undid my bra, letting it drop on the chair.
I squatted down in front of him again, “Now we’re the same.”
He moved his eyes from my face to my breasts, “You’re beautiful Anna.”
I smiled at him, “Thanks, you too.”
I put my hands to his boxers, “You ready?”

He nodded and as I started to move my fingers into the waistband of his boxers he quickly lifted himself up from the tub and I pulled them all the way down. I caught a glance at his penis but didn’t let my eyes linger. I could tell Shane was nervous. I stood up, turned off the water and then slipped out of my panties. Shane still didn’t look all the way.
I smiled at him, “Let’s get in.”

He was shaky and somewhat unbalanced. His legs lay scrambled right there in front of him.
He quickly touched the water with his hands, feeling for the temperature. Then he was about to lift his leg over the tub and lost his balance as soon as he tried to lift his leg.
I didn’t even ask but sat right next to him and said, “Here, I’ll hold you steady.”

I wrapped my arms around his chest and Shane was then able to lift his legs over the tub and slowly let them down in the water. He sat there holding himself steady with his hands by his side again. I saw his back and I was astonished at the scars along his spine, all the way down to his lower back and I couldn’t take my eyes off for a moment. His back had uneven spots on the skin all along his spine but I still could make out his strong upper back and arms in comparison with his relatively small waist. He was skinny enough I could see his hips protruding slightly. A natural tan covered his back except for some of the scars where the skin surface had obviously been disrupted due to various injuries from his accident. The scars I saw were more prominent around his lower back. Shane had no idea I was amazed at his back and it made me take another deep breath.
He pulled me out of the moment when he turned and looked at me, “I guess I’ll try to get down into the water.”

I snapped out of my admiration of his back. Again without asking I knew just what to do and wrapped my hands around him again and helped him slide down into the tub with not too much water splashing up. He didn’t protest. Once he was down in the water he tried to find a grip with his hand somewhere. I could feel he was tense and I quickly stepped into the tub after him. He didn’t meet my eyes as I joined him in the warm water. He still held on to the side, the water was right over his nipples. For a moment he actually slid and quickly tried to find his balance again, not looking at me.

I moved close to him and touched him gently on his shoulders, “Are you okay?”
He nodded and nervously answered, “I’m sorry Anna…it’s just…I haven’t been…”
He took a deep breath, and tried to continue, “I haven’t been submerged in…water like this…since…” He took another breath, “Since the accident and also…”
He was taking quick breaths and I realized how difficult this was for him. I moved even closer and stroked my hand over his shoulder down his arm.
He kept on with a trembling voice, “Also, I haven’t been…” He stopped and swallowed, then continued with a scratchy voice, “Being here with you and you seeing…you seeing my legs and everything…I feel like an idiot making such a big deal out of this. I’m sorry.”

I moved my face up to his and I stroked some of the stringy hair from his forehead, he was sweating and his breathing came quickly.
“Shane, don’t worry about anything. You’re doing great. You’re very sexy and I’m super excited to be in here with you.”
He laughed nervously, “I’m not sexy…you on the other hand, I can’t even look at you…”
His eyes were dark and shiny, “Anna, you’re amazingly beautiful and I can’t even believe I’m in this tub with you.”
“But you are and you can look at me all you want. You can also touch me all you want.” I smiled at him.

I moved my hand to his hand gripping the handle on the side of the tub and slowly tried to unlock his fingers from around it. Reluctantly he loosened his grip and at that time I slid over him, straddling him under me.
He was still breathing quickly and I said softly, “Here, I got you pinned now. You won’t go under.”
I felt his soft cock floating under my pussy, gently flicking it with our movement in the water. Shane’s thin legs were pinned under my thighs.
I leaned in on him and stroked my fingers over his cheek, “You’re the hottest guy I’ve ever been with, Shane.”
He looked away and shook his head, “You don’t have to say that.”
“It’s the truth and I mean every word I say. Relax okay.”

I then pressed my lips onto his and we kissed for a while.
We kissed surrounded by the comfortably warm water with the storm still thundering outside.

Lightning actually made the lights flicker momentarily and I giggled, “Oh no, I hope the lights won’t go out.”
Shane looked at me worriedly, “Hell no…I hope not.”

Shane eventually relaxed some and let his fingers travel over my shoulders, down my arms and over my breasts. I stroked through his hair and over his face. My fingers softly touched his lips and travelled under water over his chest.
I asked softly, “Can you still feel my hands?”
He nodded and took my hand and moved it between our bodies and beneath his belly button where I could feel his pubic hair, “From right here I can’t feel much and some places nothing at all.”
“From your pubes down?”
“So do you even feel the water on your legs?”

“Just some areas very faintly but mostly not. I feel it on my left foot more than on the right foot.”
“What about my sitting on your legs?”
“Barely, I’ve very little sensation in my thighs. There is some in my left knee and shin. I guess my left leg has more sensation than my right.”

I thought for a moment about the lack of his sensations and hesitantly I asked, “How about my…pussy on your…your…?”
He saved me from having to finish the sentence and his eyes bored into mine, “No, I can’t feel that either.”
My mind started working about other issues he most likely faced and in my enthusiasm to get him into the tub and looking forward to a good time, things started coming together and I took a deep breath to get the courage to ask the one important question weighing on my mind.

“Can you…” I paused and his eyes stayed on me as I swallowed the knot in my throat and continued, “Can you still have…” I barely brought it over my lips but Shane had mercy with me again and answered without my finishing the question.
“Not really. I don’t really get hard anymore from arousal and I don’t feel anything down there. There are rare moments where it may stand up a little but not intentionally and not with any good feelings. Just some reflex causing it.”
He took a deep breath and looked at me with shiny eyes, “Yes, another very frustrating part about this stuff.”
He sounded bitter and even though I was surprised, I had somewhat expected an answer kind of like that.
I felt bad now about having asked him, “I’m sorry Shane. I didn’t mean to be ignorant.”
“I wanted to tell you earlier because I didn’t know what you expected from me coming here tonight….”
He swallowed and I could sense the pain he felt, “I almost backed out of it because I couldn’t imagine telling you…but wanting to spend time with you was stronger and so, here I am…”

He looked down and I thought of my words, “Shane, I don’t care about that. I’m okay and I want you to know that I think nothing less of you or anything. Gosh, you turn me on so much just being you and you tell me what to do and I’ll do it, whatever you enjoy.”
“That’s the thing, I don’t even know. I know it doesn’t work right anymore and I haven’t been with anyone sine the injury. I’m clueless really….and I am really frustrated about it.”
“Shane, look at me!”
He looked up and I saw the sadness in his eyes, “Okay, listen to me…”
He focused on me and I explained, “I don’t care about any of that. You’re the hottest guy I’ve ever met and you’re making my heart beat like crazy, you’re in my head big time, you’re attractive just the way you are, you have the sexiest smile. I want you to know that it doesn’t matter to me. We can figure out other ways but just being with you like this is amazing to me. Feeling your hands on my body, your lips on mine, your fingers in my hair…just everything….I so have the hots for you, baby.”
He smiled shyly, “Baby, huh?”
“Yes, baby.”

Shane looked down again, playing with my hair in the water, “I’m glad you feel that way but it’s not easy for me you know. Not being able to do these things anymore, especially with a gorgeous woman as you are, it’s not easy. I think about all these things I’d want to do if I could but I know it won’t happen and it pisses me off a lot.”
“I’ll make you not pissed off anymore. I’ll show you that you’re making this girl very happy just being the way you are. You turn me on so much Shane, you don’t even know. But I’ll show you and you know there are lots of other ways to get it on.”
With that I just moved in on him again and kissed him long and hard.

When our lips unlocked I let my hands run over his moist skin. He played with my hair and his eyes scanned over my body. I traced my fingers along some of the tattoos on his chest. A fierce looking dragon ran from his left collarbone over his arm and to the front on his chest where on his pectoral a knight fighting the dragon was surrounded by a landscape scene. Where ever he had gotten those tattoos they had done a very good job. On his upper right arm he had his name tattooed around his biceps, surrounded by some "fleur de lis" tattoo running around his arm and down to his elbow.
As I was tracing his tattoos I stated lowly, “Very nice art work.”

He didn’t say anything. I found the sponge and saturated it with water and my shower soap and started softly running the sponge over Shane’s skin.
He smiled at me, “I’m going to smell like a girl now.”
I smiled back at him, “Oh well.”
I ran the sponge over all his body parts I could reach and he just sat there and watched me.

While we enjoyed the time in the tub my phone outside in the living room was playing its ring tone.
I was startled for a moment and Shane looked at me questioning, “Do you think you should get that?”
I debated if I should jump out of the tub but decided not to.
Shane eventually took the sponge from me and washed over my body then.
He did this with a lot of focus and full attention to my body and when I met his eyes he smiled, “Damn Anna, you’re so amazingly hot…”

I saw his chest move up and down quickly and once he let the sponge drop back in the water he demandingly pulled me to him and kissed me again. His hands travelled over my back and around to my breasts. He eventually unlocked his lips from my mouth and his tongue slid along my neck and down to my breasts. He suckled on my nipples and it tickled some. I stretched my neck toward his mouth and let my head hang back. His kissing turned me on and feeling his lifeless cock and legs under me triggered even more excitement for me. His hands were under water and I felt him pull me closer by forcefully grabbing my ass and pushing me down on him some more. His mouth was all over my tits and I felt his hot breath on my skin.
Under his breaths his mumbled, “Anna, you’re so hot…you’re driving me crazy.”
His hands ran over my legs under water and as he let them travel to the inside of my thighs I moved back some and slightly spread my legs for him. Yes, I wanted him more and I wanted to feel his hands on my pussy. His fingers dug into the skin on my back while he let his other hand close in on my pussy under water.
His breathing came in gasps and he mumbled onto my skin, “Anna, I want to touch you down there.”
I replied lowly, “Go for it.”

There was another thunder and lightning outside but we didn’t care. We were in the moment. I could feel Shane’s obvious excitement and when his fingers touched the outside of my pussy I was actually startled for a moment but then pushed myself to his hand. Our bodies were hot and wet, Shane’s dark hair was stringy and moist hanging into his face as his lips suckled my skin and his tongue lapped away the water on my skin.
His hand was rubbing around my pussy and he circled around my clit, driving me crazy and causing me to tremble through my whole body. I ran my hands through his hair and over his shoulders. I glanced over at the crutches leaning on the wall by the bathtub and I saw him in my mind using them and walking as best as he could without his braces and it drove me to incredible heights just thinking about these things.
His fingers now were running along my swollen pussy lips and his breathing was audible and quick and he eventually let his first finger slide into my opening and explored the inside of my pussy. I could barely focus anymore, I saw images of Shane in his braces in my head and then I looked down and saw him lick my tits and felt him work my pussy and I felt my arousal increase by the second. The storm was still going on outside but I felt so safe and so close to him. The water around us was splashing gently as we moved our bodies against each other.
Through all of this I didn’t feel any kind of action when it came to his cock, it stayed soft and limp.
Shane pushed another finger in and now softly slid in and out of my pussy, with his thumb working my clit here and there. He pushed me closer to my climax with every flick and when he pushed a third finger in I felt how my pussy filled out and the pressure of it with the occasional flick or rub over my clit and the images in my head brought me to climax. My head fell back and my long hair was floating on the water surface. Shane was securely holding on to my back with his other hand and his mouth basically latched on to my skin as he was breathing quickly. I felt shock waves travel through me to the far corners of my body as I came with Shane’s fingers inside of me.

I felt him bite my tit gently and he mumbled, “Gosh Anna…you turn me on so much but I can’t…you’re driving me crazy…” His breaths came in gasps and a curse word slipped out, “Fuck...”
He stopped but I felt his body tense and seemingly fueled with a force taking over and going into me, a force of longing and wanting to get more out of this than what he did.
As my orgasm slowly subsided into soft waves of trembling he unlatched his mouth from my skin, his fingers came out of my pussy, and his head rested on my tits but he was still panting. I ran my fingers through his hair but he didn’t look up.

I felt a little cold on my upper body exposed out of the water and softly said, “Shane, I’m going to slide off your lap and into the water next to you. I’m getting cold.”
He didn’t say anything but his grip loosened and I moved off his legs and his soft manhood and sat next to him in the tub very close and submerged again to my breasts. The warm water felt good on my skin. I pushed myself next to him, Shane still hadn’t looked at me.
I leaned over to him and whispered into his ear, “That was amazing baby. Thank you.”
He nodded but still didn’t look up.
I ran my finger over his upper arm, “Please look at me.”
I felt that he was upset and repeated, “Shane, this was really wonderful. You made me feel so good.” With that I softly begged, “I wish you would look at me.”

Slowly he moved his head and turned his face toward me and I saw his eyes were shiny and dark. I shifted to face him and I let my finger run over the side of his face, “Baby, I’m sorry you…”
I really didn’t know what to say about this, I had no idea about any of these things.
I asked softly, “What can I do for you?”
He shook his head and said lowly, “There’s nothing you can do…it’s not working right anymore. That’s all.”
I ran my fingers over his shoulder and asked, “Is there nothing else that works for you?”
He shook his head again and sounded tense, “No…”
He was obviously upset and frustrated, “I should get out of this tub now.”
“Shane…I’m sorry.”

The feelings had been so good and now I felt guilty and like I had done something wrong. It was still storming outside and the lights flickered again.
Shane shifted some and looked around himself obviously trying to figure out how to get out of the tub now.  
I knew he wouldn’t stay in the tub any longer and I said lowly, “Let me get out first.”

All the heat and the moments of passion were wiped away now. I stood up and grabbed my towel from the bar and dried off some, then stepped out of the bathtub and onto the mat.
Shane shifted slowly in the tub and turned himself around very carefully.
He asked lowly, “Can you put a towel on the edge of the tub?”
I did as told and asked, “How do you want to do this?”
He was very insecure in his movements in the tub and I could sense he was trying to figure out the best way to get back out of the tub.
“I can pull you up.”
This was really the easiest way to do this. The tub was somewhat deep and it would be difficult for Shane to pull himself up too good without risking to slip and fall into the tub again.
“Turn around again and I’ll put my arms under your arms and pull you up.”

He didn’t protest and this was the best way to do it. I put my arms under his, locked my hands in front of his chest and pulled him onto the tub edge. He wasn’t extremely heavy but he was still an adult man but eventually he sat on the towel and held himself very shaky with his hands on his sides.
His butt was boney as he sat there and I quickly draped a towel over him as he just sat there for a few moments.

I sat on the edge of the tub opposite facing him. His head hung, his hair was dripping slightly and his legs were still submerged in the water up to his knees.
“Baby…are you all right?”
He shook his head but didn’t say anything.
I softly touched his back and said, “Let’s get you up and into the bedroom.”
I helped Shane dry off and he didn’t protest, he was focused on holding himself balanced on the tub edge.
Once his back and head was somewhat dried I asked him, “Can you turn you around?”

Unsteady he lifted his legs out of the tub, turned himself around and almost lost his grip and balance twice. I had to support him. He finally sat on the tub and I helped him dry his legs all the way and caught a glance of his cock again, soft and still.
We were both naked still and once he was dry he asked lowly, “Can you hand me my backpack?”
I slid it over to him and he pulled out a pair of shorts and without words started to slip them over his legs. He was very unsteady on the bathtub edge and I was worried he could fall back into the tub. I unplugged the stopper and the water started running out with gurgling sounds. I still had my towel wrapped around myself and just kept an eye on Shane.

Once he had his shorts on I asked him lowly, “Do you want a tooth brush? I have extras.”
He nodded and I found a toothbrush and handed it to him. He was able to slide over to the sink and still sitting on the bathtub he was able to lean over the sink and brush his teeth. I did the same over the second sink in my bathroom. I brushed my hair which was still damp and then handed Shane the brush.

He brushed through his dark hair and then slid over to grab his crutches. He moved them in position so he could slip his arms through them and for a few seconds he just sat there, looking at his naked feet and the ground, concentrating until he pulled himself up all the way.

Shane hadn’t said anything the whole time and I just watched him as he made his way out of the bathroom, his feet dragging on the floor and setting one crutch after the other in front of him, very slowly making distance.
I said, “If you’re tired you can go to my bedroom.”
I walked around him and opened the door to my bedroom all the way so he could go in.
He didn’t look at me still but made his way into the bedroom and as he was inside he asked lowly, “Which side?”
“On the left please.”

He had to go around to the left and I was afraid he wouldn’t make it. He seemed weak and wobbly. I watched how his arms worked hard in the crutches and saw him let himself down on the left side of my bed with a sigh. He just sat there for a moment again, just breathing.
I slipped into my bath robe quickly and hurried around to him.
I squatted down in front of him, “Shane, what’s going on?”
He glanced at me and his eyes were dark as night and filled with sadness.
“Is it still because of a while ago in the tub?”
He slid his arms out of his crutches and shook his head, “It’s really everything…”
“What do you mean?”
I placed my hands on his knees.
He shook his head and said lowly, “I don’t even know why I’m here.”
I sighed, “Why don’t you get into bed and I’m going to slip into my nightshirt and turn everything off? I’ll be right back.”

I walked through my apartment, and turned off the lights. The storm had slowed down some and the thunder sounded further away. It was almost 10 p.m. now. When I checked my phone I saw Nadine had called twice and left messages. I needed to call her.

I took my phone into my bedroom with me and when I got there, I saw Shane was laying on the bed and when I glanced at his legs I saw them twitching. He had his eyes closed and I quickly disappeared in my walk in closet, hung up my robe and slipped into my night shirt.
Then I crawled into bed next to Shane and right away snuggled up to him, “Shane, baby, are you asleep?”
He opened his eyes and he looked at me.
I stroked my hand over his cheek, “Are you all right?”
His voice was weak, “My legs are acting up again. It was probably just too much today. I don’t really go without my braces very much unless I’m in bed.”
“Do you need anything from your backpack?”
“Not yet.”

I let my finger run over his chest, “Shane, I have to call Nadine real quick. She left a message and said she’s worried about me.”
He nodded and lying next to Shane I called Nadine.
Nadine was at the club, “Anna, where are you?”
“I’m in my bed.”
She was suspicious right away, “Don’t tell me that boy is over there with you?”
“Yes, Shane is here too. He’s spending the night.”
Nadine was shocked, “Anna, are you sure about that?”
“Yes, I’m totally sure. You don’t have to worry Nadine.”
I heard Nadine sigh on the other end, “I know you are a big girl but do you even know anything about this boy?”
“I know enough to let him stay here with me. Please don’t worry Nadine. I’ll bring Shane by the club soon so you can meet him.”
“Yes, I really want to see what all this is about. And you call us if anything is up, you hear?”
“I will, everything is good.”

I finished up with Nadine eventually and when I turned to Shane he said lowly, “Even she thinks I shouldn’t be here.”
I dropped my phone next to me on the bed and leaned over him, “What are you talking about?”

His eyes were dark and sad as he answered softly, “Anna, I really feel like shit about a while ago and I just don’t know what you want with me here. I mean by now you should’ve realized that I don’t have much going on for myself. I can’t walk, I can’t get a hard on, I can’t even pee like a normal person…I’m about to leave the city and then it’ll be over with us anyways.”
I let my fingers run softly over his face, “Shane, I don’t care about what you can’t do. A while ago was awesome, you made me come so hard and you turn me on so much, you don’t even know.”
“I made you come and I felt like I wanted to explode and couldn’t do anything about it. It pissed me off that nothing happened with my dick. You are the sexiest girl a guy can wish for, you’re hot and beautiful and I’m not able to get it up anymore. It’s so fucked up you know. I feel like shit about it. You deserve so much better.”

He was obviously really frustrated and I replied tensely, “Listen up Shane…you’re freaking hot to me. The way you can’t walk without your braces or when you do the way you can barely walk. The way your legs are twitching right now and there is nothing you can do about it. I love your body, from your strong shoulders and arms all the way down to your legs. And I find you amazingly hot even if you can’t get hard anymore. We will figure out other things to make you come. You’re not less of a man just because your dick doesn’t work anymore. You’re a man I totally find hot and sexy and everything about you turns me on. You’re not getting away from me anymore. Even if you go back to Morgan City, we’re together and you better remember that at all times when other chicks may check you out and I’m not there you tell them to back off. You’re mine and we’re going to have so much fun and so much sex, you won’t know what to do anymore….”

He looked at me in obvious surprise and I knew even though my words were very blunt I somehow wanted to let him know how I felt about him.
In a softer tone I added, “I care about you Shane and I’m so very happy we met. I’m going to show you that even you being paralyzed are still very much a man a woman wants to have around. I am that woman and you need to deal with that from now on. You’re very hot and I don’t want to be without you anymore.”
I kept my eyes on him and he just scanned over my face and said lowly, “I still can’t believe this…Anna, you’re like a dream come true for me, like I finally woke up from this nightmare that was my life lately. I just worry that you may realize that I’m not really all that.”
I pushed my finger on his lips and hushed, “Psssttt, shut up now.”
He smiled under my fingers and we fell into a kiss again.

Lying in bed next to Shane felt good but I would have never thought that in the morning when we met for breakfast our meeting would lead to this. I had fallen head over heels for him. My thoughts ran around him, around us and it all seemed so strange how we had met at the hospital and now we were lying in bed together.  And even though I had tried to make him feel good and had told him the things I had, I still felt a slight pain about our situation. I knew Shane was still dealing with stuff and I was still dealing with Jay’s death and I wondered if these situations caused us to seek out each other’s company or if it was really more than that.
Something about Shane made my heart heavier than it already was. He had an aura of grief and sadness around him and even when he smiled his sexy smile and when I looked into his dark eyes I saw pain. I saw the pain about how his life had turned around on him. When once he used to be a healthy, strong guy on two legs his life had changed so much, leaving him paralyzed, only able to walk with the braces and crutches. He probably had not been short of girls in his life before and now he had to still find his new identity being paraplegic.
He only knew me like this and had not been confronted with my going back to work and doing what I did there and I was worried he wouldn’t be able to handle it, even though he had said he could. I just couldn’t see how he would be totally cool with my job, which caused me to have some hesitation in letting my feelings all the way go for him. While I lay there still thinking about us I almost regretted letting him get so close to me. I didn’t want to hurt Shane and I didn’t want to get hurt myself. I knew it would be tough if he had to go back to Morgan City but I couldn’t let Shane move in with me, not yet. He had to find his place again and his going back to Morgan City would show where we were standing with our situation. It would show if we could actually sustain this relationship and how it would affect us.
Before I closed my eyes I set my alarm to nine o’clock because Shane had his Physical Therapy appointment at noon. We fell asleep in each other’s arms to the thunder now rumbling in the distance.
I slept restless that night, dreaming of Jay and Shane, Nadine and other things. I tossed and turned and I woke up once or twice, then fell back asleep. Shane was next to me, not moving a lot at all. His breathing was steady and calm and he seemed to be in a deep sleep.


  1. I love all your bathtub scenes. I was really looking forward to it!

  2. Thank you so much for this wonderful chapter!!!

  3. I just hope they can work it all out! Great chapter.

  4. I love that story. And I love your writing.
    Keep it up!

  5. So sweet! Thank you for sharing!