Sunday, July 3, 2016

Which days are taken?

Hi *waves*!
Remember me? *blushes*

I hit a major writers block and combined with lots of crap going on in my personal life it means I didn't write at all for a while. Over the last few months I've felt more inspired and I've made slow progress on finishing "Unexpected" and new chapters for "The Outsiders". I've got updates for both pretty much ready to post. Which is why I'm asking which days are taken.

I realize the blog has been busy lately and I don't want to post on someones day, so please let me know which days are taken and which are available.


  1. There is "Free Friday" now which Lee appointed for stories who are posted not regularly or short stories. There is a post further down on the Blog if you want to look for it. I am not all the way sure on which days are taken. I post weekly on Thursdays. Maybe the other authors will chime in.

  2. Hello. I post weekly on Tuesdays.

  3. The convention is that if you have chosen a certain day to post, you must post on that day every single week to keep your spot, even if it is just to apologize and say that you were taking a week off and you'll be back next week like Annabel did today. So all you have to do is look at the last seven days to see which days are taken or not taken.

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