Friday, August 5, 2016

I AM DEVOTEE: Time to vote, guys!

Hiya everyone!

As many of you already know, we've been running an I AM DEVOTEE writing challenge/contest thingymajig on Devotion House for the past few months. Well, the deadline for submissions is over and voting is now open! Yay!!!


Y'all have until August 31st to vote for your favorite. 

The winning entry will be featured on our homepage for a full month. The winning author will also receive an ARC of Hart of His. Unless they already signed up for one, then...*scratches head*...I dunno what the heck I'll give em ROFLMAO!!!

(NOTE: The voting poll wasn't visible on my iPhone so you might have to hop on a computer.)

I hope you guys enjoy reading these as much as I did! Thank you so freakin' much to everyone who whipped up a story!! Some serious talent lurking about, I tell ya!!!

Big hugs,



  1. Hey Annie, oooppsee, I missed the deadline because I had really planned to submit a story. Life gets in the way and I try to keep up with at least posting here...Anyhow, I read all the entries and they were amazing. For me it came down to four of them and it was a hard decision for which one to cast my vote... well, I did. Thanks for the fun idea and thanks to the awesome authors.

    1. Can I actually cast more than one vote???

    2. Haha don't worry, Dani! Just means we'll need to hold another contest, eh? ^_~


      No, you can't. I've limited it to a single vote per IP address. Yeeeah, I'm a bit anal retentive about keeping shizz fair. Like, I refuse to cast a vote because I know who the authors are... *grins sheepishly*

      Thanks so much for reading and voting!!


  2. They were all really good! But I had one definite favorite.

    Ann, you should be allowed to cast a vote!

    1. Aww, thanks, Jane! You're too sweet!!

      But, unfortunately, the person who won't allow me to vote is really stubborn. She just won't budge. She's a control freak. She'


      Oh, gawd, I'm just a dork LOL! Sooo glad you enjoyed them all! And had a clear favorite!!


    2. *thinks for a minute*

      I'm pretty sure it would be fair for you to have one vote. Unless...

      *pauses dramatically*

      You wrote one of them.

      *grins evilly*

    3. *laughs till a little pee comes out*

      Oh, man! You crack me up, Miss Jane!! Hmm. Would it be fair if I wrote one of them annnd casted a DOZEN votes...?

      *mirrors your evil grin*

      Nah, I jest! For the record I did NOT write one of the entries. Well, I did write the original short, which "inspired" the contest. But I didn't actually come up with the idea. That was all DJ Elden. Yeah, ummm, I just write books and run the website...

      *saunters back into the shadows**gets scared**turns on a night light*

      I don't even know what the heck I'm saying anymore.

      Have a hug,

    4. Oh.

      *evil grin falters slightly*

      There was one that sounded a little bit like your style, and I thought you might have written it. It was the one that I voted for.

      *embarrassed**runs and hides*

    5. *GASP*

      Come back here!

      *duct tapes your evil grin in place*

      No faltering!!

      But, yes, there is one that is very Ann-esque. It's a gooder. Not cuz it's Ann-esque hahaha!! Just cuz it's good shizz.

      *lures you back out with cookies*


    6. Yes! It was SO Ann.

      *thinks back fondly to sexy story*

      I wonder if we're thinking of the same story.

      *mind meld*

    7. Feel free (but not obligated!) to email me if you wish, ma'am.

      I would be more than happy to confirm our mind meld ^_~

    8. Here's a hint, the Ann-esque story was the one that had the happy ending. 😉
      *runs away avoiding skittles thrown at me*
      *laughs hysterically the whole time*

    9. True HEAs...

      *shudders**curls into a ball**sobs silently*

    10. Got it. Ann wrote the one with the happy ending...

      *scurries off to check*

      Um. So. It turns out that Ann has written every single dev story on this blog.

      That's a huge achievement.


    11. *applies war paint**faces off against happy endings**battle cries...*