Monday, August 1, 2016

In/Exhale - Season 3 - Returning Next Week

Hey, everyone!

I'm baaaack!

I know it's been far too long, and I'm really sorry for the delay. Those of you who follow me on my blog know why. It's been a pretty rough year for me, but I finally decided to just go ahead and start posting In/Exhale again anyway, even if I'm not quite as far along with it as I'd like. I still have months of content, so I should have time to hopefully catch up without another long break before the season ends.

My original plan was to begin posting this week, but I wasn't able to finish the "Previously On..." synopsis in time, and it's been long enough I figure some people may appreciate the refresh.

I hope to have that up tomorrow on my blog (and I'll also make it available here with a link when I post next week).

Since it looks like my usual day is taken (along with most other days! the blog is busy now!), I am going to be posting every Monday (unless something comes up) for the foreseeable future.

(If I messed up and someone has been posting on Mondays, let me know and I can find another day hopefully.)

Stay tuned next Monday for the continuing saga of In/Exhale!

I look forward to seeing you all again each week and sharing Kai's continuing story with you.



  1. Hooray!!!!!

    I can't wait. I have not stopped thinking about I/E and have been eagerly anticipating the next episode, but have restrained myself from pestering you for updates >.<

    I'm sorry you've been sidelined with medical issues; that must be incredibly frustrating to deal with. Wishing you well!

  2. Oh, that's great!
    Wishing you all the best and hoping that your health issues will be resolved!

  3. Wishing you better health. And welcome back! It'll be great to read your story again.