Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Love UnSeen - 10


Jackson slept most of the way home. The jerk of the car as Dan parked nudged Jackson awake. He could just make out the burst of light from the lamp on the side of the house, but otherwise everything was a murk. His head throbbed. His tongue felt as if it were glued to the roof of his mouth, but Dan’s smell was comforting. His cologne had faded, but Jackson could just sense the notes of it mixed with clean, masculine sweat that sent blood immediately south, although the alcohol kept things in check.
“Hey,” Dan said in that tender voice Jackson was growing to love, gently touching Jackson’s hand. “We’re here. Home.”
Jackson smiled at the thought of Dan considering this his home, too. Jackson reached toward his left, and when his hand found Dan’s shoulder he tried to urge the other man close. He wanted to taste him again, to convince himself he hadn’t dreamed it while he was passed out on that utility room’s floor.
But Dan was much stronger and not drunk and easily resisted Jackson’s overtures. “Let’s get you inside.” The sound of the seat complaining as Dan shifted in it, then the creak-swoosh of his door opening.
Jackson slid his right hand over the doorframe, finding the button for the window, then the hand grip, and finally the door latch, pushing it open. That was the easy part. He started to lift his right leg to get it out of the car and onto the driveway, but his foot kept catching. A huge part of him told him it would be nice to just go back to sleep right here, but the rest reminded him that Dan was waiting.
Jackson finally used his hands to help guide his legs out of the car.
He could hear Dan was standing nearby, the scratch of his shoes on the pebbled surface of the driveway as he shifted his weight. Maybe he wanted to help but was giving Jackson a chance to get out on his own.
Getting out of a car, even when he wasn’t drunk wasn’t easy. His braces helped improve his gait and helped with his balance issues, but they were finicky. He had to angle his leg in just the right way to trigger the joint mechanisms in his ankle and knee. It had become mostly unconscious, but drunkenness changed everything. Jackson used the doorframe to help pull himself up into a stand, but his angles were off and his braces didn’t lock, his knees collapsing. Once again Dan came to the rescue, strong arms wrapping around Jackson, keeping him upright. Jackson swayed a little and managed to hear the click of his knee joints locking, but he leaned against Dan anyway. Dan smelled so nice and felt so good he couldn’t even be embarrassed. He’d trip on purpose if it meant Dan would hold him like this.
Sensing Jackson was stable, Dan stepped back, his hands on Jackson’s shoulders. “You OK?”
Wonderful, Jackson thought, nodding.
Dan made a noise, air blowing out of his nose, as if to say he didn’t believe it, but he took his hands away.
Even though it was warm for the time of year, Jackson wasn’t wearing his tux jacket and losing Dan’s touch made him feel suddenly chilly. He pulled his cane out of his pocket and struggled to unfold it, but he managed not to throw it down the driveway, which felt like a huge achievement. He oriented himself with the light and managed a few steps before he stopped suddenly. Something wasn’t right. He listened hard. He could hear Dan’s breathing, the hum of the streetlight, distant traffic on St. Charles, but mostly it was silent. This was a quiet neighborhood at night, except when the college kids were celebrating at the end of a semester.
“Molly?” He couldn’t hear her. Had he left her in the car? Jackson started to turn around, but between his balance being off and his gait rhythm, he nearly spun around straight into the driveway, Dan coming to his rescue yet again. “Molly?” Jackson wanted to say more but his tongue was being as stubborn as his legs and the murk of his memory.
“Calm down,” Dan said in a harsh whisper.
This time Jackson struggled in Dan’s hold, beginning to panic. “I have to get Molly,” Jackson shouted, the words fighting their way out of his mouth as much as he was fighting Dan. “Molly!”
“Shh, Jesus,” Dan said, the first hint of anger Jackson had ever heard from the normally calm man. “She’s with Ms. Susan for the night. Come on. You need to sleep this off.”
“No,” Jackson insisted. Why would he have left Molly? The only times they’d ever been separated since they finished their training was when he had surgery, and even then Lyn had brought Molly in for a visit as soon as the doctor’s allowed it. Why was Dan keeping him from Molly?
“Stop it,” Dan said, frustrated. And a moment later, he scooped Jackson into his arms, like a stubborn bride.
Jackson let out a grunt of protest because his tongue felt like it was weight in his mouth and he couldn’t get it to do what he wanted.
“Shh, you’re safe, Molly’s safe. Let’s get you in bed and I’ll get Molly first thing in the morning, OK?” Dan shifted Jackson in his hold, putting most of Jackson’s weight into the crux of his right arm. Damn, he was strong. And something about it made Jackson relax. Jackson had always been small, and he’d always been attracted to stronger, bigger men, yet he’d never been with anyone strong enough to carry him so easily.
Jackson relaxed and leaned his head against Dan, getting sleepy again. So close Dan’s scent was strong. All his worry melted away. Dan made him feel safe.


Jackson must have drifted off because he woke when Dan set him on the mattress with a soft bounce. Jackson put his hands behind him and pulled himself back, farther onto the bed, then laid down, ready to go right back to sleep.
“You’re not making this easy, are you?” Dan said. He’d stripped off his shirt, because Jackson could just make out a blur of peach that had to be his arms, even if it seemed to blend in with the white of his undershirt. “You really going to make me undress you?”
Jackson grinned. He was sleepy and didn’t think he could get fully hard, but Dan could still fill him. Jackson didn’t think he could coordinate well enough to find and massage Dan’s crotch with his foot, so instead he slid his palm over the front of his pants, willing his erection to grow.
Dan’s hands were on Jackson, undoing his belt.
Jackson’s breath came faster. It had been years since he’d had another man inside him. All he’d managed since Benji were hand or blowjobs. His ass clenched in anticipation.
Dan nudged Jackson’s hand off his crotch so he could undo the zipper. He seemed to linger just a moment.
Jackson grinned and pulled Dan’s hand toward his cock. For a moment, Dan reached in, through the fly of Jackson’s boxers and wrapped strong fingers around Jackson’s half hard cock, one finger stroking along the shaft as if gently urging it to harden.
“You’re not going to remember any of this tomorrow,” Dan said, first as if it were an argument against continuing, but then he repeated it as if it were a bonus.
“Not. That. Drunk,” Jackson said, fighting to get the words out, his jaw and tongue resisting so that he was practically spitting the words out like cum. That made Jackson giggle.
“Not drunk, huh? You’re normally way too serious to giggle.” Dan’s hands moved up to pull Jackson’s pants down and Jackson braced himself on his elbows to help lift his pelvis up. He giggled a little but quieted as he felt Dan sliding his pants off one leg at a time, and the silence from the other man. It usually happened whenever someone saw his braces for the first time, but somehow the drunk fog in Jackson’s brain wasn’t enough to dampen how much it hurt that Dan’s attraction seemed to end there. Why? Dan knew Jackson’s legs were wonky. Seeing the stuff he wore to help him walk better shouldn’t have made any difference, and yet it did.
Jackson pushed up and scooted forward so he could do it himself. He didn’t say anything because it was too much of a fight against his body to do so. His braces were simple rings on his thighs, cushioned on the back with velcro on the front, attached to the metal bars that ran on both sides of his leg. At his knees he had a stance control lock that would engage and disengage to help mimic a natural gait. Below he wore what he joking called “the casts,” a more massive white plastic boot that his calf and foot fit into, velcro securing it in place. On the back it had a black carbon fiber ribbon that served as the “hinge” and mimicked the body’s Achilles tendon to help flex his stubborn ankle joint. It worked better than any other ankle brace he’d ever worn and helped improve his walk substantially.
Dan cleared his throat loud enough to rise above the sound of tearing velcro. “If you aren’t going to throw up or pass out on me, you do that leg and I’ll do the other.”
Jackson paused and looked up. His stomach did this strange dance that could have been nausea but he was certain was something else. Dan was a moving blur as he went to work, his fingers sliding over Jackson’s bare skin after he removed each strap in a way that made Jackson shiver.
Within a few minutes, Jackson’s legs were free, and the weight of exhaustion began to pull him rapidly toward unconsciousness. He was pretty sure he could fall asleep sitting up, but Dan helped him lie back, lifting Jackson’s legs one at a time onto the bed. Jackson felt the mattress dip near his knees, and then Dan’s hands were on him again. This time Jackson could tell Dan was tracing the surgical scars he had running along the sides of his legs from thigh to ankle. Jackson was trying to stay awake, bracing himself for questions--Dan had admitted he was a curious person--but instead Dan’s hands moved to Jackson’s calves to the tight muscles there, digging his thumbs in and sliding his palms up along Jackson’s shin, massaging.
Jackson moaned. He was so tight after tonight and he’d normally stretched himself before going to sleep, but had decided he’d deal with the spasticity in the morning.
Dan immediately stopped. “Am I hurting you?”
Jackson let out a contented sigh and shook his head. All of this had to be a dream, even if they weren’t fucking. Dan’s head drifted toward his shoulder and he may have fallen half asleep.
“I promised your sister I’d take care of you,” Dan murmured as if to himself. He massaged for a few more minutes and then moved up, closer to Jackson’s head.
The disturbance of the mattress stirred him, but he pretended to be asleep; Dan seemed bolder when he didn’t think Jackson would remember.
Dan undid the buttons on Jackson’s shirt, and once it was open slid a hand along Jackson’s chest and stomach. Jackson was small but he was fit, his stomach hard even if it wasn’t defined. Dan held Jackson and eased off each sleeve carefully; he was clearly trying not to wake Jackson up. Jackson loved seeing such a tender side of the man who was strong enough to carry him without complaint.
Once Jackson’s shirt was off, Dan whispered, “Close your eyes if you’re awake,” and a moment later eased Jackson’s sunglasses off. The mattress rose as Dan stood up. Hesitation. The air felt so cold without the warmth of Dan’s body nearby. Then a zip, the sound of clothing hitting the floor. Bare footsteps on the wooden floor padding around to the other side of the bed. Sleep pulled strongly, blurring Jackson’s senses. He thought he felt the mattress dip and complain as Dan stretched out next to Jackson.
Jackson rolled onto his side and smiled when he felt Dan wrap his arms around Jackson and pull him close. Maybe it was a dream, but it felt real enough. Jackson thought Dan’s nose touched the top of his head. “I’ve been wanting this since I first saw you at the wedding,” Dan may have murmured. “I wish we could have this.”


Jackson has been very stubborn lately and hasn't always been cooperating with the story. I have some idea of what happens next, but I'm more than open to your suggestions. Any previous suggestions have been filed away for future use, but if you have new ones, feel free to comment here.

I'd love to know what you'd like to see Jackson and Dan get up to!



  1. Chie, I'm loving this story. How about some mystery or angst about Jackson on why he feels he's not worthy of Dan. Broken past, etc. Love the characters and the locale is great.

  2. So tender, warm and sweet. These two are great together.

  3. Aww, just love it!
    I think it would be great if they could spent time together with Jackson's sister. She has been around Jackson for most of his life and now Dan is kind of taking her role... so that could be interesting dynamics.

    1. That's a really good point/idea. Definitely worth exploring! Thanks for the suggestion and for reading. :D

  4. I love this story, and I'm off to read the next chapter now, as I'm a bit late to the comments section.