Thursday, September 22, 2016

For The Love Of Not Walking Chapter 22

Hi FTLONW friends, time flies when you are having fun...well, not actually fun but even with work time went by so fast for me these past couple of days and here is another Thursday. I was able to work and edit on this chapter a little bit every day and hope it is ready to go. It happens to be a long chapter again and it is probably one of the most intense chapters so far. Kieran is in a lot of trouble and definitely needs his family and Erin now as he is going to make his decision. I give you this week's Chapter 22 of FTLONW. I appreciate the wonderful comments you made last week, it means so much to me. So, for this week let me know what you think, I sure hope you like the chapter. Thanks for your loyalty, time, and interest in FTLONW
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