Monday, September 26, 2016

In/Exhale Continues - Conclusion of Thursday

You've made it to the final episode of the longest day of the series, lol! Things only get better from here.

Previously on In/Exhale: Kai chased his demons all day, finally finding some respite at Martin's house, where he hoped that some banter with the boy and some movies would help distract him from his suicidal thoughts for a few hours. To his surprise, Martin has invited his classmate Frankie, a boy with CP that Kai knew when they were at County House who always looked up to Kai. Now, Frankie is acting strangely, and Kai is forced to give dating tips to Martin, who hopes to ask his crush out soon.

This Week on In/Exhale: Kai finally gets to watch his movie, and normally he would go home but he's afraid of being alone, so half because Martin wants him to stay and half for his own reasons he stays longer than he would and has dinner with Martin and his mom. It's nice, but reminds Kai that he'll never have a mother. Martin finds out something shocking and hurtful after Kai leaves and pushes himself to a dangerous limit. Jon is also reaching his own limits, beginning to break down mentally as his anxiety claws away at him, and although Vicky urges him to seek help from Dr. Miller, he stubbornly refuses.

Next Week on In/Exhale: Kai tells Renee about his donor after having a horrifying nightmare. Jon consoles Inez. Renee and Kai play hooky, and then Kai experiences his first psych class with interpreters.

February 8, 2001 - Part V

I should be fine for next week, but just a warning. I've been very sick with an infection (like almost go-to-the-hospital sick) so I wasn't able to do the tweaking to the next episode I had hoped. I seem to be finally getting better (hoping I'm not jinxing myself) so I probably will be fine to work on it this week, but just in case, you know if I'm not. (That probably didn't make any sense, did it?)

OK, let me say it again: next week there MAY not be an episode, but I'm going to shoot for there to be one. I'll make a post anyway if there's no episode so you know, and maybe let you read something that's not part of the canon or that isn't finished to compensate... IDK. We'll see.

I will be posting the complete chapter of Feb 8 on my blog later this week, so if you prefer to read without interruptions, that'll be an option in a few days.


PS- Remember, if you've forgotten what Kai and his pals got up to in the first part of Season 3, you can read the "Previously On..." to refresh your memory. Or you can hit the updated Table of Contents to re-read any episode. Also keep in mind that I'm posting each complete chapter (day) on my blog once it's all posted here, so you can read them in their entirety if you prefer that format. I also accept comments (including anonymous ones) there if you prefer. Happy reading!

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