Wednesday, October 19, 2016

In/Exhale Continues - Now On Wednesdays

In/Exhale is now officially on Wednesdays!!

Previously On In/Exhale: Kai has been fighting his demons for days, doing his best to stay alive, especially with everyone around him reminding him why he has to. Martin gets some devastating news about his health, even if he isn't aware that it may actually have a silver lining. Upset, he calls Kai in tears, and Kai immediately rushes to meet him.

This Week on In/Exhale: Kai answers Martin's distress call and cheers the boy up, realizing that Martin needs Kai to help him through the next few years. However, Kai runs into someone unexpected from his past that pushes him to his limit. When he doesn't show up for the ASL class, Renee and David begin to fear the worst.

Next Week on In/Exhale: All of the events of the previous few days come to a head, with everyone who cares about Kai drawn into the search for him. Meanwhile, Kai has another run in with someone else from his past who may be the key to saving his life.

February 9, 2001 - Part III

Sorry again for all the confusion about the days and stories and all that. I want to reiterate that it was never my intention to take any time away from another writer... I was just excited about a new experiment with you guys and it's so different from I/E I wanted to separate them. So I'll probably end up posting them on the same day but at different times since I don't want to interrupt I/E if I don't have to.

I'm going to Mayo this week (flying out today) and will hopefully get some good news about my headache, but I'm not holding my breath. Thank you all SO MUCH for all your support last week. I read every single comment over and over and wish I had more time to reply (so I am doing so here). I've been in a whirlwind getting ready for this trip so I'm typing this up really fast so I can make sure it's ready for the morning.

Happy reading,


PS - Remember, if you've forgotten what Kai and his pals got up to in the first part of Season 3, you can read the "Previously On..." to refresh your memory. Or you can hit the updated Table of Contents to re-read any episode. Also keep in mind that I'm posting each complete chapter (day) on my blog once it's all posted here, so you can read them in their entirety if you prefer that format. I also accept comments (including anonymous ones) there if you prefer. Happy reading!

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