Wednesday, November 2, 2016

In/Exhale Continues - Saturday Begins

So Saturday is one of the huge moments in the season. It's a really long day and a lot is going on, so I'm sorry if it feels a little slow when broken up. The biggest story points are that Kai finally visits the hospital in Omaha and Dr. Miller goes to County House to look through Kai's childhood records.

I do have a TRIGGER WARNING for the second scene. It's critical to the story, but some people who've self harmed or attempted suicide may find it triggering, so I'm warning you in advance.

Previously on In/Exhale: After helping Martin, Kai's mood attacks him, so Kai flees, ending up at the Hitchhiker bar, where drugs and alcohol combine and he tries to find his donor, instead encountering the man's brother. Fortunately, Nikki works there and comes to his rescue, although Kai blacks out and can't remember anything. He confesses to Jon that he feels as if he's slipping, as if his mental illness (including his depression and suicidal thoughts) are going to consume him.

This Week on In/Exhale: Unable to take his usual sleeping pill because of the alcohol in his system, Kai struggles to sleep. He wakes up, torn between the half of him that wants to escape and the other half that knows how much he'll destroy everyone around him if he goes through with it. Meanwhile, the stress is increasingly taking a toll on Jon's health, although he is determined to conceal it from his brother. And Renee is buckling under the strain of worry for Kai's safety, so she turns to Diane for help.

Next Week on In/Exhale: Dr. Miller's visit to County House begins. Kai and Jon arrive at Harbinger. David encounters a new opportunity.

February 10, 2001 - Part I

Don't forget I also started posting my new story, Love UnSeen, if you're interested in reading that. Whenever I have an episode of that it will post in the morning and I/E in the afternoon, though I will do my best to keep posting I/E weekly, while Love UnSeen may post on a more erratic schedule.


PS - Remember, if you've forgotten what Kai and his pals got up to in the first part of Season 3, you can read the "Previously On..." to refresh your memory. Or you can hit the updated Table of Contents to re-read any episode. Also keep in mind that I'm posting each complete chapter (day) on my blog once it's all posted here, so you can read them in their entirety if you prefer that format. I also accept comments (including anonymous ones) there if you prefer. Happy reading!

PPS - The full chapter of February 9, 2001 is now available on my blog if you prefer to read it in that form.

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