Sunday, December 25, 2016

Mistletoe Chapter Two

Ho, ho, ho!! I hope everyone is enjoying their much-deserved holidays!

Unlike Santa, I'm sorta hiding under a rock now, because... well, this next chapter is pretty dang short. 

I'm sorry, guys!! I was working on Part Two when I realised that it was too long to be posted as a single chapter. So, I'm posting a day early, but hopefully, I'll still be able to post Part Three tomorrow or the day after. 

I promise the next chapter will be longer and more satisfying!

Also, a million thank you's to all of you who left comments in Part One. They mean so much to me, and I love knowing that there are people out there reading the random ramblings of my brain!

Merry Christmas,
Nessa L.

P.S. I've done up a Table of Contents, because what was meant to be a two-part piece is probably going to unravel into (at least) a four-part something... heh.

Mistletoe - Table of Contents

P.P.S. Annabelle, I didn't mean to step on any toes by posting this on a Sunday!! I'm so sorry if I did>< Please go ahead and post the next update of TBM if you had plans to. 


  1. Hi Nessa,
    Hate to be an asshole on Christmas... absolutely the worst time to be a mod. However, this is Annabelle's day to post and it generally is not great etiquette to post on another person's day then apologize for it and say they can still post if they want. However, she has not commented and I think mentioned last time she might not post for the holidays, so no worries.

    However, there is ALSO someone who posts Tuesdays (Gemini), when you said you might post another part, so I'm going step in and ask that you PLEASE be respectful to the other authors and not post on someone else's day again.

    Right now, both Monday and Thursday seem to be free. Fridays are reserved for one-part stories only. So take your pick and please stick with it.

    Happy holidays,

    1. Hi Lee!

      Ah. I was hoping to get some feedback of this sort, just to clear everything up. Thank you for being proactive about it! Yes, I took the chance of posting because I noted her comment in her last post.

      But I will refrain from posting irregularly from now on! Probably claim Thursdays. Thanks again for the clue-in, and absolutely no worries - no arse-holery was committed(:

      Merry Christmas!

  2. Great story! And I totally don't mind that you posted that day. Actually, it let me off the hook because it would have been a total pain in the butt to post on Christmas.