Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Best Man Update

As per usual, I have an update to The Best Man, in which Kirby tries to hook John up:

Chapter 8

Table of Contents

Also, I'm debating about what to do about the next two weeks, since next Sunday is Christmas Day and the Sunday after is New Years Day, so I'm going to have a tough time posting, and I doubt anyone will be reading anyway.  So maybe two week hiatus?  Haven't decided yet.


  1. Please not a two week hiatus!! But I see the problem. Maybe another day is available....

  2. I'll still be reading!!! Maybe post on another day or give exception for two stories?

  3. No no no no..please no hiatus..please please..I wait for it.
    can you post on another day just as an exveption? I see many days are free..
    Besides..even if people will be busy Sunday..they can read it Monday??

  4. Please keep posting! Your story will be one of the highlights on Christmas Day!!!
    Every week I am looking forward to your updates and 2 weeks is a really long wait for such a great story. I hope there will be a different solution!

  5. I hope you'll find a way to keep posting through the holidays. This story is too good to have to wait that long.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you Annabelle!

  6. Annabelle, I love your stories in general and this one maybe even more!! I would absolutely love to read new chapters during the holidays if you can find a way to post them. Pretty please?

  7. I don't know what to do because I'm going to be away from home for both those holidays! But it's so sweet that you guys are that eager for updates. Maybe I can figure out a way to at least post on one of those dates!

    1. I think you can set them up to auto post for you.

  8. Maybe exceptionally on Thursday or Friday, since everybody would be so happy about an update? Have a great Christmas holidays and thanks a lot!