Saturday, December 3, 2016

Update on Silver

I know that this story is different from what you are used to on this board and from what I have posted so far. I immensely enjoyed writing it and I hope you can begin enjoy reading it. I still believe in this one.

Thanks to those who did read it and gave feedback! Your comments mean the world *hugs everyone*

To those who are still undecided I can promise that this second part is far less dark than the first one, much easier to read, and *drums* in the guy’s POV! Give this story a chance and start with Silver - part II! (No, don’t start with it, you will probably not understand a thing).

(And comment, if you like it. Or did not like it. Or want more glitter and unicorns. I will try next time ;-))
Thank you.
(Maybe it was also just Thanksgiving.)

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