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New Beginnings - Chapter 2


Chapter 2

I made my way through the city heading for the French Quarter. I worked at the “Maison de la Maître”, a popular high end nightclub. I had been working there for seven years, and had worked my way up to assistant manager. I still worked the floor just the same, sometimes behind the bar, sometimes waiting tables, and sometimes I still danced. I was 21 when I had started out as a dancer in small clubs around the French Quarter, and I eventually got in at the Maison. When in the beginning I was just a dancer, I eventually became assistant manager. I made good money and had a steady income now.

Nadine and Ray, a married couple, were the owners of the Maison and had been running the club for at least 15 years. The Maison was an upscale club, we entertained mostly business people and tourists who were willing to pay good money to see some very attractive and hot girls. Our girls were all insured and employed on paper, strict policies were enforced and adhered to. Cheap slutty girls never made into the club, we only hired classy girls with confident personalities. Some of our girls were actually college students making some money on the side. I felt good working at “Maison de la Maître” and I was not planning on ever working anywhere else. I usually worked Thursday through Sunday, from about 6 p.m. until about 3 a.m. I was always off on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. I made good money and even though it was rough sometimes I enjoyed working there. Nadine and Ray were like parents to me. They were good people.

My job had taken over the majority of my life for the last couple of years and with that I had not been in a serious relationship for a long time. I had men around me all the time, which was enough for me. The guys I had tried to date in the past didn’t last very long once they found out what I did for a living. I didn’t get involved with guests at the club and even being a dancer on stage there was a no touch policy and only if guests ordered a private dance the policy changed some. I understood that it was an issue for most guys to date someone like me. I didn’t blame them for not sticking around. I did dream of that one true love one day and I had debated changing my career path but it had not happened yet. Now I was 30 years old and my biological clock was ticking away. My career made my car, a nice apartment on the outskirts of New Orleans and paying my bills possible. I was able to live well with my income. My friends were night creatures like I was but usually when I was off I didn’t have the urge to go out at night a lot.

Our Choices - Table Of Content

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5

Our Choices - Episode 1

I turn on my phone to check the time again. One hour to go, approximately. Still no reception. The headlights of the rusty jeep eat through the impenetrable night, illuminating a small stretch of the empty road ahead of me. I have been driving on this route for hours now, the same unchanging dark forest to the left and right. Since I have left the last gas station, closed and without gas as the other ones before, I have turned off the heating and the music player to safe fuel. I do not remember when the radio has worked last, it has probably been broken since I bought the jeep. Silence fills the car now, only the rumbling of the old engine audible.

Pretty Fat Update

Hi all!  Time for the latest update to Pretty Fat, which is entering the home stretch.  Here's a little preview:

“Listen,” Abby says in this slow, careful voice.  “I’m sure Brody is a very nice, special man.  But… well, do you really think it’s ethical to… well, you know?”

I have a bad feeling about this conversation.  There isn’t enough pizza in the world to make me feel better about this conversation.  I wipe a glob of cheese from the side of my mouth.  “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Emily,” she says.  “It’s very kind of you to take him out and be a friend to him.  But, well, there are laws about what you can do with an individual who’s… you know, impaired.  It’s just not right.”

Oh God. I was right. This is the worst conversation ever.

“He’s not…” How do I put this?  Maybe it’s best to be blunt.  “He’s not retarded, Abby.”

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New Beginnings - Chapter 3


Chapter 3

In the morning I woke up to the sound of rain and as I didn’t want to get up I pulled my covers up some and stayed in my bed for a little while longer. I didn’t have to rush that morning since I was off for the rest of the week. It was Thursday which was usually my first work day but that day I took my time and even though it was hard to get going with the pouring rain outside I was on my way to Charity around one that afternoon.

Once again I made my way up to the 7th floor and couldn’t help feeling a little sad about not seeing Shane that day.  
Carrie, Jay’s day shift nurse greeted me warmly, “Hey Anna, how are you?”
“All right I guess. How’s Jay?”
“No significant change.”

I nodded, sighed and went into his room. Jay lay there with the tubes and wires attached to him, soft beeping sounds letting the nurses know that he was doing okay. I greeted him with a kiss.

I drew open the curtains on the window and outside I saw the dark clouds, and lots of rain still. I sat next to Jay’s bed, took his hand in mine once again and started talking about the weather and how I was off for the week.

Our Choices - Episode 2

Lucy sidles past me, takes a sniff at one of the wheels of the wheelchair, ignoring the man completely before continuing into the room and settling in front of the fireplace.

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New Beginnings - Chapter 4

Chapter 4

On our way to the funeral home in the morning I sat in the car looking at the world outside in a daze. Everything seemed so little and so unimportant to me now. I thought about Jay and about our life and childhood and I cried more tears. My eyes were swollen and my make-up didn’t stay at the moment with all the tears I cried. I would miss Jay so much and I couldn’t imagine not having him in my life from now on.

My thoughts also wandered to Shane and I tried to find a connection as to why he had come into my life at this time. My thoughts jumped back and forth between the two men and as hard as I tried to see a connection, I couldn’t find one. It was just simply a very bad time for Shane to appear in my life. That was all there was to it and I just couldn’t focus on him.

At the funeral home I was nervous at seeing my brother. Nadine put her arm around me as we walked in. Mr. Carlyle, the funeral home director, came toward us and greeted us warmly, expressed his condolences and assured me that everything would be as planned. He assured me I needn’t worry about anything. He showed us to a room in the back where Jay would be for the viewing. My hands were sweaty and I felt my knees get weak. Nadine had her arm around me firmly and supported me as we entered the viewing room.

Margaret's Chance Ch. 11

Yaayyyy for Free Friday, right?!

Hope you guys enjoy this next chapter. I wrote it in a bit of a rush (and probably shouldn't be posting it yet) but I'm just so dang excited about this story and seeing how it's all going to play out, that I just couldn't wait. Teehee. This is sort of a transistional chapter, but I promise things are going to pick up soon (both in terms of plot and dev factor)! Please let me know what y'all think?

Happy weekend (and reading)! :)

Because it's been a while, here's an updated Table of Contents. 

Our Choices - Episode 3

We stare at each other, trying to figure out if we can trust the other person, only a few hours after meeting for the first time. I do not move an inch as I study Ezra’s grim features. His eyebrows are furrowed and his dark eyes glint threateningly. He is serious with the boy and in that moment I realize that although every fiber in my body is screaming at me to get away from here as fast as possible, now that I know about the kid I cannot just leave without at least trying to help. I would like to but I cannot.

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New Beginnings - Chapter 5

Chapter 5

At the park I slowly drove along the driveway and Shane asked, “Do they have a bathroom around here?”
I thought for a moment, realizing that I actually had to pee too, “Yeah, there is one.”
I drove toward one of the bathroom buildings of the park, and parked right by the building when we got there. As I came around to the passenger side Shane was just pulling his backpack over his shoulders. For a moment I wondered why he was bringing it but I assumed he had a reason.
I watched him move his legs out of the car and he looked up at me, “You can go ahead. You probably realize by now, everything takes me a bit longer.”
I nodded and walked ahead.

I turned around at the building and saw as Shane made his way toward the men’s bathroom and I pointed my car keys toward my car and locked it.
Shane glanced up at me for a moment with a smile and then we parted ways as I disappeared in the women’s bathroom.

When I came out Shane wasn’t there yet and I got into my car, turned it on with the A/C and the music blasting and waited. I pondered about Shane using the bathroom and I couldn’t imagine how he really did it with the crutches and all. I had no idea and realized once again my growing curiosity about his situation.

Shane eventually came back out and made his way back over to the car. He had his eyes on the ground in front of him and setting one crutch after the other forward as he slowly moved his braced legs out to the side some and moving forward with one leg after the other in coordination with the crutches holding him up and steady. My loins were pulsating at watching him. Shane got back into the car as gracefully as possible under the circumstances and when he was in the car he looked over at me and I just smiled at him. He didn’t say anything. I drove off.

Our Choices - Episode 4

My hand hovers over the fingers curled around the weapon. The skin is gray and papery.

For The Love Of Not Walking Chapter 14

Hello my friends, I got worried today and yesterday because I am on a mini vaca and the Internet connection in the hotel is not great at all. Well, I barely managed to get this week's chapter into the Blog and so I am giving you Chapter 14 of FTLONW. It is staying emotional for Kieran and he is desperately trying to find answers but the urge of telling someone what has been happening is getting stronger and stronger. He can't keep the secret much longer.
I thank everyone who reads and posts comments, it means so very much to me. I love reading how you feel about the story. So thanks again and looking forward to your replies.
Hugs, Dani, who got just a little bit burned today....:-)

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Building Love Chapter XV

So, Isabel and Eli shared a hot weekend, they went swimming and finally slept together and it was amazing, but afterwards Matt showed up and made it evident that Eli had doubted Isabel thinking she was interested in his money. She walked out on him by using the stairs where Eli obviously couldn't follow her. How will Eli fix this? Will Isabel forgive him or will this be the end of their love story?

I give you a very short but intense Chapter XV!

Plus an updated Table of contents.

Thanks to every one who still comments. You guys are my fuel and the reason why I stay up late every night writing. 
See you next week :)

Our Choices - Episode 5

The ladder is still lying outside the gate where I have left it and the street is empty as Ezra and I approach the house across from the gas station, me carrying the ladder again.

New Beginnings - Chapter 6


Chapter 6

At my apartment complex I pulled into the parking lot outside my building. The moment I turned off the car and saw the stairwell it dawned on me that Shane probably wouldn’t even be able to come up to my apartment.
Just at that same moment Shane remarked, “Please tell me your apartment is on the first floor.”
I instantly felt bad and looked over at him, “Actually not, I just thought about that too.”
He sighed, “What floor?”
He blew air out as he looked at the stairs.
“Shane, you can’t make three flights of stairs, can you?”
“I can, but it’ll probably take a while.”
I felt very bad now, “We don’t have to go up to my place.”
He shook his head, “No, it’s fine, I’ll try.”
“Is there anything I can do?”
He smiled, “Can you build like an elevator in about a minute or so?”
“Shane, I’m so sorry. I didn’t even think about this.”
“Don’t worry about it, okay. I’ll make it.”

He had already opened the car door and was in the process of moving out of the car, “Could you bring my backpack?”
I walked around and watched as he stood up and locked his braces. I pushed the door closed behind him as he approached the stairwell. He looked up wearily and took another deep breath.
This time I followed behind him, feeling sincerely bad and also worried.
He stopped at the bottom of the stairs and looked up again, then over at me, “You should probably go ahead, it’ll take me a while.”
“I want to help you up.”
“There’s nothing you can do Anna. I just have to take it slow, one step at a time.”
“Have you ever gone up stairs?”
“I was taught in rehab but not three flights of stairs, more like three single steps. You’ll be a witness to my clumsy attempt at stairs I guess…I’d really prefer you go ahead.”
“I’d rather stay behind you just in case.”
He looked at me with dark eyes, “Anna, just go up already…there’s nothing you can do. Even if I fall down I definitely don’t want to take you down with me. Let me just do it and that way I can focus on it. I already messed up my back, nothing worse can really happen.”
He laughed some but I didn’t find it funny.

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New Beginnings - Chapter 7

Chapter 7

He kept his eyes down, “Give me a few moments to use the toilet again.”
“Okay, you need anything for me to do?”
“Maybe my backpack in the bathroom again.”

I took his backpack over into the bathroom while Shane was getting up slowly and making his way over to the bathroom. I stood at the door waiting for him and I saw his arms were shaking as he held himself there on the spot.
I leaned over to him and kissed him quickly, “You okay?”
He nodded, “Yeah, give me a couple of minutes.”
I nodded and let him pass.
I heard Shane in the bathroom, shifting and moving and I hoped he was okay.
After about ten minutes he called me, “I’m done.”
I walked over to the bathroom and found him sitting on the edge of the tub close to the toilet. His hands were next to him by his hips holding himself somewhat steady. His crutches were standing up on the wall close to him.

My bathroom was not huge but large enough for a small two person Jacuzzi in the corner. It was one of the amenities I loved about this place when I saw it and had made my decision to rent the apartment easy. Now I stood there looking at the Jacuzzi and I pondered how Shane would be able to get in.
I turned to him and he smiled, “Still want me to get in there with you?”
“Yes, I do.”

Update: Plain Love Chapter 10

Dear Readers,
Hello! And as always, first-- a big thanks for your engagement with Lorna and Eli's story; and thank you for your encouraging and helpful comments. I hope you will also enjoy Chapter 10.

Warmest regards,

Updated Table of Contents

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New Beginnings - Chapter 8

Chapter 8

I was awakened not by my alarm going off but by Police sirens outside on the main road. It was a noise I heard all too often in Metairie. I slowly rolled over to look at my clock radio on the bedside table and saw it was eight thirty. The sun was already bright outside and I also heard morning traffic and birds chirping. Shane laid next to me unchanged, still on his back, his mouth slightly open but breathing softly. Quietly I scrambled out of the bed and went to my bathroom. I only took a quick shower to wake up and when I came into the bedroom with a towel wrapped around my body Shane shifted some in the bed and blinked at me, mumbling my name.
I tiptoed over to his side of the bed and sat on the edge of it, “Hey sleepyhead!”
He turned his face to me and I kissed him on the cheek, “Good Morning.”
He smiled weakly, “Morning! What time is it?”
“Almost 9.”
He then pushed himself up somewhat quickly and I saw him look down to his shorts. He seemed to be relieved some and I didn’t know what this was about.
“Are you all right?”
“I need to get into the bathroom.”

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New Beginnings - Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Shane directed me through town and we ended in a trailer park close to the airport. I could see right away the trailer park wasn’t very new. It seemed old and most likely inhabited by low income residents.
We slowly made our way through the trailer park until we reached an older wood paneled trailer, “This is it.”

An old Ford pick-up truck and a small car were parked in no particular formation in front of the trailer. Outside toys were scattered randomly around the vehicles and the trailer. A dog came running out from somewhere under the porch and barked loudly as we parked and opened our doors.
Shane was just lifting his legs out of the car and called out to the dog, “Trooper, shut up!”
Trooper ran around to Shane and seemed to recognize him. He wildly wagged his tail and greeted Shane jumping up on him as he tried to get out of the car.
Shane was holding on to his crutches, slowly making his way toward the trailer.

I followed him and just as we reached the porch steps the trailer door opened and a male voice called, “What the hell is going on out here Trooper?”
A bearded, tall, muscular guy stepped out onto the porch and when he saw us he boomed, “Well, look what the cat dragged in.”

Pretty Fat Update!

Well, it's Sunday.  Again.  And that means it's time for... church, maybe?  And of course, dev erotica is the perfect church literature.

“What’s the belt for anyway?” I blurt out suddenly.

Brody looks up at me in surprise.  He glances down at the strap that arches over his gut.  “It’s to keep me from falling forward when I reach for stuff,” he explains.  “If my torso fell forward, I might not be able to get up again.”

“Oh,” I say.

He frowns.  “Why? Do you think it looks bad?”

“No, of course not,” I say quickly.  “I was just wondering.”

He bites his lip.  “I could take it off, if you want.  I mean, I’ll be with you guys, so…”

“Christ, Brody,” Sean interrupts us. “Emily said it’s fine.” He rolls his eyes. “Stop being so goddamn insecure about everything.  She’s dating you—obviously, she likes the way you look.  For some reason.”
Read more... Chapter 16

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New Beginnings - Chapter 10

Chapter 10

 The next morning I woke up to my phone playing its ringtone and I was startled and almost pushed over my bedside lamp as I tried to reach for my phone.
Assuming it was Nadine, I answered sleepily, “Hello?”
I glanced over next to me on the bed, Shane lay there and blinked his eyes into my direction.
On the other end of the phone I heard a male voice, “Hi, is this Anna?”
“Yes it is.”
“Hi, ahem…my name is Jordan Thereaux. I’m looking for my brother Shane Lenalier. I got your number from a friend who told me that Shane may be with you.”
I was definitely surprised now and sat up, “Yes, Shane is here, hold on.”
Shane looked at me questioning as I held my phone down onto the blanket and said lowly, “I think it’s your brother. Jordan?”
Shane lifted his head, running his hand over his face, “Jordan?”
I nodded and handed him the phone and he said again, “Jordan?”
I watched him for a moment as he started talking to his brother. Shane’s voice was low but sounded somewhat eager. I got up to go to the bathroom.
I could hear bits and pieces of the conversation on Shane’s end. Things like, “I don’t know yet…” and “How much?” reached my ears.

Update for All Of You

Hi everyone,

here is Chapter 8! Enjoy!

I might not be able to post next week or the one after that. But I swear I will come back to you post-conference-hustle, pre-vacation-hustle, on some random day when no one else has posted. Saturday is officially free once more!


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New Beginnings - Chapter 11

Chapter 11

I didn’t wake up until eleven Friday morning and when I looked over at Shane next to me he lay unchanged and still. As I moved closer to him I saw a dark spot on his shorts and upon gently touching it I realized it was moisture. I was sleepy still and for a moment I didn’t realize what was going on. I also remembered that Shane was supposed to have his last Physical Therapy appointment that day and we had overslept. I didn’t know what to do and before anything I went to the bathroom.

When I stumbled over Shane’s back pack in the bathroom and knocked down some items from the bathroom shelf I heard his voice, “Anna?”
I called from the bathroom, “I’ll be right there.”
I finished in the bathroom and as I came into the bedroom again, Shane had his hand on his shorts and looked at me terrified.
He moved his hand away from his crotch, “Fuck!”
I walked over to him, “Everything okay?”
He pushed himself up to a sitting position. His hair was tousled around his head.
He looked down at his shorts again, “Shit!”
I came closer, “You need help with anything? What’s going on?”
He held his hand up, “Leave me alone right now.”
“Shane, what is it?”
He didn’t look at me when he asked angrily, “What is it? Can’t you see?”

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New Beginnings - Chapter 12

Chapter 12

We were on our way out toward the airport, close to Kenner. Shane directed me and soon we arrived at the bar called “The Crazy Keg”, Sports bar and club. Signs with neon lights were flickering in the windows and on the building, depicting various beer names and an “Open” sign next to the door. The parking lot was crowded already and we found a spot close to the entrance.
As we got out I asked Shane, “Do you think Mitch is already here?”
“I think so, we can go in already.”

As we got to the building, Shane had to climb five steps and people who were standing around on the deck watched him curiously. He kept his eyes down in front of him trying to avoid the stares. I stayed close to him and after paying a cover charge at the door we went on in. Music, voices and laughter hit us as we came inside. I looked around the place. It was crowded already. There was a band playing Rock music on the stage. People were dancing and lights shooting from a Disco ball were flickering over the dance floor. Shane nodded to me and to an area off to the side with about six pool tables. We spotted Mitch in the far corner with some other people having already claimed a pool table.

Mitch spotted us and waved us over, “Hey guys.”
I stayed close behind Shane a little nervous in the presence of all these strangers.
Mitch greeted us happily and asked me, “Anna, did you bring a friend?”
I smiled, “I’m sorry, no I didn’t bring a friend.”
He laughed, “No, it’s all good. I’m just kidding. Tammy would kill me.”
I was introduced to everyone, Jeff, Gareth, and Tim and Aaron with their girlfriends Brandi and Nicole. Everyone greeted me friendly and the guys all looked at me somewhat curious when Shane introduced me as his girlfriend.
Mitch was laughing again, “I told you idiots…Shane scored big time.”
I felt embarrassed but Nicole and Brandi distracted me, “So how did you meet Shane?”
I told the women how we met and they obviously liked the story a lot. The guys were in the middle of a round of pool and focused back on their game and the girls sat close by on some bar stools.
After we watched for a moment Shane asked me, “Do you want to get something to drink Anna?”
I thought for a moment, then said, “I don’t know. What do you want?”
“I’ll just have Pepsi, I’m staying away from the booze tonight. I already had my quota for the week at your house and this week.”
He smiled at me and I leaned over to him and quickly planted a kiss on his cheek.
“Okay, I’ll get us some drinks.”

For The Love Of Not Walking Chapter 13

Hi my loyal FTLONW fans, here is the next chapter of my story for you Chapter 13. Thank you to everyone who commented last week, you guys rock and it means so much to me. Hope you enjoy this week's chapter going along with Kieran and his mysterious situation. Have fun and let me know what you think, you guys are my go go juice...:-)
Hugs, Dani

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New Beginnings - Chapter 13


Chapter 13

I woke up with a pounding headache and when I glanced at my alarm clock it showed after twelve noon. I could barely move my head, it hurt so badly. Shane was still sleeping next to me, on his back, his legs still in his braces and his one hand on his belly, the other over his head. He was breathing quietly and I watched him for a moment. I felt so much for him in these moments and remembering the night before I couldn’t believe I had gone off on him the way I did. My head was pounding with a migraine. When I tried to sit up it hurt even more and I pressed my hand onto my head hissing through my teeth because of the pain. Very slowly I got up and made my way into the bathroom. Even keeping my eyes open hurt. I felt nauseous and knew I had to eat something.

As I made my way into the kitchen the phone was ringing and I moved over to it as quick as I could, which was not very quick at all.
“Hi, this is Jordan. I’m Shane’s brother.”
I was surprised some and stood up, holding my head again with my hand, “Oh Hi, yeah...”
“Is Shane there?”
“He’s here, but he’s actually still sleeping. I can wake him up.”
“Oh…no, you don’t have to wake him up. Maybe you know if he’s still coming back down to Morgan City today?”
I remembered  what day it was and it came as a surprise especially the way I felt at this very moment, but I answered, “Ahem, yeah….I’m actually going to take him and we’ll probably leave in the afternoon if that’s okay for you.”
“Yeah, sure, we’re looking forward to see him and to meet you…Anna, right?”
Jordan sounded friendly, “Yeah, I’m planning on boiling some crawfish and have a little welcome home party for Shane tonight.”
“That sounds great…yes, we should be there around five or six.”
“Perfect. Maybe you can let Shane know that I called and I’m looking forward to seeing you guys tonight.”
“I’ll let him know, I’m sure he’s excited to come home.”
“Well, we’ll be there tonight then.”
“All right, see you later. Thanks Anna.”

“Thank you, see you later.”
We finished and after I hung up I thought for a few moments. Jordan sounded so excited to see his brother again. I didn’t know if Shane though shared that same enthusiasm with his brother.

Building Love towards the end!

Hi! Beloved readers. Here's the next chapter of Building Love. Only two more to go. Enjoy!

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New Beginnings - Chapter 14

Chapter 14

I slowed down and turned onto a dirt and gravel driveway, slowly moving along until we reached a weathered looking double wide trailer under two large oaks. There were a couple of cars parked in no particular order in front of the trailer. Two large dogs were running around and barking as we neared the trailer. A few people standing around amongst the cars were talking, holding beer cans or solo cups in their hands.
I found a spot over on the side away from all the other cars. The two dogs came running around my car barking loudly.
I remarked to Shane, “They look a little mean.”
“Yeah, I don’t remember them.”
We sat there for a moment, I could see Shane’s obvious anxiety and I asked carefully, “Are we getting out or what?”
Shane looked over at me, “I guess so.”

Update: Plain Love Chapter Nine

Hello Everyone,
First--I just want to give an enormous thanks to every reader and person who has commented on the story thus far. Your engagement and feedback is why I love sharing my writing with this blog. It really helps me. The interaction is such a wonderful treat! Your response is the reward! And here is Chapter Nine.

I have also attempted to create a working Table of Contents. Fingers-crossed that all the links work. And I tried something new with the formatting to reduce the white space.

Table of Contents 


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New Beginnings - Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Sitting there on the ground the cool of the grass and soil crept through my jeans.
I looked up to Shane, “I’m getting a little cold sitting on the ground. I think I’m going to try to find a chair.”

In search of an empty chair I walked around the yard when Jenny came up to me, “Hey Anna! You’re doing okay?”
“Oh yes, thanks Jenny. Just looking for an empty chair.”
“I’ll find one for you. Are you enjoying yourself though?”
“I am, thanks.”

We walked together and Jenny asked, “So how long have you worked as a dancer?”
I told Jenny about my time at the club and she was surprised, “Wow, that’s quite some time. How does Shane feel about your job?”
“It’s not all the way easy for him but I showed him the place and he met the people there. I think that helped a little. It’s still difficult for him.”
Jenny stammered, “So do you have….so with the customers at the club do you have…have sex...”
“No, I don’t have sex with customers.”
Jenny seemed embarrassed, “I’m sorry I asked such a dumb question.”
I smiled, “It’s fine. It’s not a dumb question. Lots of people assume that in a gentleman’s club there is sex but it’s not always the case. We dance and we strip, we do private dances.”
Jenny nodded, “So you and Shane are going to make this work then?”
“Yes, I love him very much.”

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New Beginnings - Chapter 16

Chapter 16

It was getting late, close to midnight and the guests were declining in numbers, the laughter and chatter had become lower and the music had also been turned down.
Shane held me to him still and I said, “I’m tired now. It’s been a long day.”
He nodded, “Yeah, it has. We can probably get our stuff and see where they want us to sleep.”
Our bags were still in the car. Earlier I had only brought Shane’s back pack into the house.
“I’ll get our bags from the car.”
“Okay. Can you hand me my crutches?”
I picked up the crutches off the ground and handed them to Shane. As I walked away I heard him lock his braces.

I made my way toward the front of the trailer when I was startled by Brian again.
“Are you leaving Anna?”
I slowed in my pace, “No, I’m just getting some stuff from my car.”
“Do you need help?”
“Thanks, I got it.”
Brian smiled, “Did you enjoy yourself and is Shane happy to be back home?”
I felt somewhat uncomfortable by Brian’s questioning, “Shane is happy to be here. It’s nice I got to meet his family.”
Brian nodded smiling, “Are you guys going to move here?”
“Actually no, I just brought Shane back. I’ve to go back to New Orleans for work but I’ll come up as often as I can.”
Brian tilted his head some, “And Shane is okay with that?”
“Yes, we’re going to make it work.”
“I saw your outburst earlier with Rachelle. She’s trouble, I tell you that. She doesn’t leave any stone unturned or better any guy.”
I lowered my eyes, “I don’t care about her.”
Brian turned serious, “I don’t know how the accident affected Shane and how everything is for him now being disabled and all but he used to be a wild one. I went to school with him and I remember even back then Shane getting in trouble all the time.”
I was slightly annoyed now, “You know Brian, maybe he was different back then but I wouldn’t know and I actually don’t want to know. I know I care a lot more about him than you or anyone else can imagine and he feels the same way about me. I actually love him.”
I felt somewhat bad I let Brian have another irritated outburst but just like Shane I was also tired of hearing about all these things.
Softly I added, “I’m sorry, but…” I really didn’t know what else to say.
Brian smiled, “It’s all right. I really wish you the best with him, but here you go just in case.”

Pretty Fat Update

Brody and Emily have the sex talk....

“I can have sex, you know.”

“Oh,” I say.

“I just…” He heaves a deep breath.  “In case you want, I mean, I can.  It’s no big deal either way.”

Saturday, July 16, 2016

New Beginnings - Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Jordan had an older Chevy Silverado pick-up, parked around the side of the trailer under a simple car port. We made our way over to it and just as we got there Jordan seemed to realize the situation and turned to Shane, “We can take the car if it’s easier.”
Shane shook his head, “I can make it.”
I wasn’t sure how Shane would get up into the truck, but I trusted he knew what he could or could not do. Jordan unlocked the doors and Shane told me to get in first. The truck wasn’t too high and as I climbed in I was hoping Shane could make it all right.
I watched as he took his arms out of his crutches, handing them to me and at the same time holding on to the handle on the inside of the door. Jordan stood by just watching.
Shane seemed to be thinking for a moment on the best way to get up into the truck and eventually looked up at the handle above the door on the inside. He met my eyes for a moment as I leaned his crutches on the seat.
I basically whispered at him, “You’re going to make it?”

He nodded and reached with his one hand up to the handle above the door. He actually managed to grab it and with his other hand he was still holding on to the door handle on the inside.
He looked at his hands again and down his legs and with a strong pull up on the top handle and a push up on the door handle he pulled himself up. I saw his biceps and triceps tighten as he pulled himself up onto the seat breathing heavy. His legs were locked straight in the braces, Jordan had come closer some and watched everything with weary eyes, scanning Shane from his legs up to his hands.
Shane barely pulled his butt onto the seat and now his legs were just sticking straight out of the truck. Jordan just watched and I could see the pain in his eyes.

Update: All Of You

Hello everyone,

it is time for Chapter 7 of All Of You! I really appreciate your comments and I am super happy you like the story. You are the best!

Take care,

Friday, July 15, 2016

New Beginnings - Chapter 18

 Chapter 18

On our way through town we stopped at a Sonic Drive In and ate. I also texted Jordan that we were eating in town and they didn’t need to wait for us to have dinner.
Before we drove home I stopped at an ATM machine and withdrew some money. As I got into the car again I handed Shane $ 200.
“What’s that for?”
“I just want to give this to you. I know you don’t have any money right now.”
Shane shook his head, “Anna, I can’t take that. I’m staying with Jordan now, he can help me out if I need it.”
“Just take it Shane. I want you to have some money for right now. I’m not going to leave you without any money. Don’t say anything else about it, just put it in your pocket.”
Shane stared at the money in my hand and I pushed my hand toward him, “Take it!”
Slowly he reached for the money and took a deep breath, “Anna, you don’t have to do this.”
“I don’t have to but I want to.”
Reluctantly he stuck the bills into his jeans pocket and then looked up at me, “Thanks baby.”
I smiled, “You’re welcome.”

Thursday, July 14, 2016

New Beginnings - Chapter 19

Chapter 19

I went back to bed and it was strange not to have Shane next to me. I rested my hand on his side of the bed, thinking about him and crying a few more silent tears. I did fall asleep again and didn’t hear Jenny and the boys get up. I slept until 10 o’clock and woke up with the sunlight shining in through the mini blinds. For a little while longer I stayed in bed and thought of Shane. I heard noises in the kitchen and eventually got up, got dressed, and fixed my face and hair before I joined Jenny in the kitchen.

She was loading the dishwasher and I startled her when I said, “Good Morning Jenny,”
She looked up, “Oh, hey girl, I hope I didn’t wake you up being all noisy in here. I’m sorry.”
“You didn’t wake me up Jenny, don’t worry. It was time for me to get my butt out of bed anyways.”
We laughed and Jenny asked, “Did you send him off this morning?”
“Yes, I did.”
“How was he?”
“Tired and nervous, I hope he’s okay.”
Jenny leaned on the counter, “I think he’ll be all right. It’s just all new for him again and that’s hard. Don’t worry too much about him.”
“I try not to.”
Jenny smiled, “Ready for some breakfast or a cup of coffee?”
“Yes, thank you.”
Soon thereafter we sat across each other at the table with coffee mugs in front of us.
Jenny looked at me, “You look really nice today. I love your hair.”
“Thanks Jenny. You’re very pretty too.”
“You’re probably so used to taking care of yourself with your job and all, aren’t you?”
I looked into my cup, “Maybe.”
“I don’t really have too much time to spoil myself.”
I smiled, “You’re a beautiful woman Jenny.”
Jenny giggled embarrassed and then asked, “So in your job, what do you actually do if you don’t mind me asking?”
I told her about the club and my job some more and answered all her questions.
Eventually Jenny stated, “So I heard that you lost your brother recently.”
I nodded, “Yes, it hasn’t even been two weeks.”
Jenny poured some more coffee for us.

For The Love Of Not Walking Chapter 12

Hello my friends, Thursday is here again and I am excited to bring you the next chapter of FTLONW. Here is Chapter 12 and you will finally get an idea of what is happening to Kieran. Thanks to all of you for reading and commenting, it means the world to me. I am always looking forward to read what you think of the chapters.
Hugs, yours Dani

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Update: Plain Love Chapters Seven and Eight

Hello Everyone,
Once again, thanks so much for your feedback! This week's installment comes in two chapters, Chapters Seven and Eight. That's because Eli and Lorna have their first date and I thought you'd like to see from both perspectives together rather than a week apart. There's lots of dialogue. So word of caution, the entry is pretty long, but the chapter breaks are clear. I look forward to hearing what you think.

And although, I will certainly try to provide the next chapter next week, a lots been going on at work and at home, so...but I will let you know.

Thanks so much,
P.S. I will also work on a table of contents for next time. And if anybody can tell me what to do about the spacing I would very much appreciate it. I work in MSWord on Windows 10, and it looks fine in Word, but once I cut and paste it into the blog post I hate to see all that white space.


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The Ugly Duckling

I am hijacking my own day to post in order to announce my new book:

It is currently available for less than a dollar on Amazon.  The price won't stay this low for long, so get it now!

It is a revision of The Best Friend, previously published on this site.  It is about 30-40% new material, so if you loved the original and want to know more about how Will got injured or his previous relationships, it's all in here!

From the back cover:

What would you do to get your happily ever after?

Libby Saunders, who spent the first seventeen years of her life as an ugly duckling, bleaches her hair and drops forty pounds in order to get her fairytale ending. Once she evolves into a beautiful swan, the handsome princes are tripping each other’s royal steeds in order to get a date with her. But while the princes in fairy tales may be perfect gentlemen, Libby finds that her real life princes tend to be somewhat less than perfect. Actually, they tend to be a bunch of two-timing jerks.

Will Kaplan, the roommate of Libby’s latest boyfriend, is definitely not her idea of a handsome prince. He’s missing a cleft in his chin, he doesn’t have a British accent or even a French or Italian accent, and he rides a wheelchair rather than a white stallion. But the more Libby gets to know Will, the more she starts to wonder if handsome princes are really all they’re cracked up to be. And maybe a nice, ordinary drake is the only one who can give a former ugly duckling the happily ever after she’s been waiting for.

Pretty Fat Update!

Sorry to miss last week, but now I'm back with another update.  Brody gets to meet Emily's family, and... well, it's epic bad.  This is a little excerpt:

“You can’t seriously like him,” Camille says.

“Well, I do,” I say as I crumble a wad of paper towels in my fist.  “Sorry to disappoint you.”

Camille sighs loudly.  “Look, Emily.  I didn’t want to tell you this, but while you were in the other room with Mom, Brody… well, he hit on me.  I told you that he used to like me in high school, and… I guess he still does.”

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Update: All Of You

Hi lovely readers,
here is Chapter 6 of All Of You. As always thanks for your wonderful comments and have fun!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Finally! A new chapter for "The Outsiders" is ready!

I'm so sorry for taking ages to update. A combination of a major writers block and lots of crap happening in my personal life has meant no time or inspiration to write for a while.  Things are looking up and I'm happy to bring  you Chapter 13. :) And an updated TOC.

I hope to post the conclusion of Unexpected soon and there will be more of The Outsiders too.

And I'm happy to report that there soon will be updates to the stories on my own blog as well, for those of you that are following them.  Stay tuned! :)

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For The Love Of Not Walking Chapter 11

Hello friends of Kieran and Erin, Thursday is always exciting for me as I post my next chapter for you hoping you enjoy every bit of it. Again I had some problems with formatting but oh well, here goes Chapter 11 of FTLONW (such a long and awkward abbreviation...:-)
Again thanks for last week's comments, you are my fuel and I want to make you happy and give you a story you enjoy.
Looking forward to your comments and hoping you will have fun reading.
Hugs, Dani

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Building Love update!!!

Hi guys. Sorry I've been away. When I started writing this story I was pretty much possessed by it and I would write non stop for up to 7 hours straight. Which is why it's no surprise I got something weird in my eye. Anyway, I'm back and I promise not to leave until the story is finished. We're very close to the end. Hope you enjoy this chapter. Isabel and Eli finally go swimming together and I've got a lot of sexy stuff stored in for you in the next chapter. 

I've kept you waiting long enough, so here it is Chapter XIII

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Update: Plain Love Chapter Six

Hello Everyone!
Thanks so much for your feedback and support. I'm really glad folks are enjoying the story thus far. This is my first attempt to write in the present tense, and to go back and forth between the points of view. It's a little challenging--but hey it's also kind of fun. And your comments are very much appreciated. I hope I keep you pleased as the story continues. Here's Chapter Six.


Sunday, July 3, 2016

Which days are taken?

Hi *waves*!
Remember me? *blushes*

I hit a major writers block and combined with lots of crap going on in my personal life it means I didn't write at all for a while. Over the last few months I've felt more inspired and I've made slow progress on finishing "Unexpected" and new chapters for "The Outsiders". I've got updates for both pretty much ready to post. Which is why I'm asking which days are taken.

I realize the blog has been busy lately and I don't want to post on someones day, so please let me know which days are taken and which are available.

Pretty fat whoops!

So I went away for the holiday weekend and forgot to schedule an update, so.... no update today :(  I promise I'll update next week.  Pinky swear!

Anyone else who would like to post today since I've been delinquent, feel free.