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Update: Plain Love Chapter 15

Hello Everyone, Happy Tuesday!
Here's Chapter 15 of Plain Love. Lorna and Eli have been seeing each other for a few weeks now. Spring is in full bloom, even if from Lorna's perspective their relationship is only budding. But after all--she agreed to let them take it "slow and steady".


Table of Contents 

Monday, August 29, 2016

In/Exhale Continues

Today starts off a very long day for Kai that I hope you all will enjoy. While I was working on it, I worried about it being too long as it is technically the longest chapter in the series so far. However, it has some really crucial scenes between Kai and those close to him, including a couple characters who are becoming increasingly prominent in the series, and I realized there was no way to trim it down without losing some of this.

It's possible I may do one week as a two-parter, but I haven't decided that yet. I have a little bit of tweaking I realized I need to do in the later part of the chapter, so that may be what pushes me to spreading this out to four weeks. I know the wait is difficult, and I'm sorry! I've been posting the full chapters on my blog once they're all posted here, so you're always welcome to read them in their entirety there.

Last Week on In/Exhale: The weight of suppressing his darkness all day comes crashing down around Kai, but fortunately Renee is there to help him through it. He confesses to her some of the closely guarded secrets of his hospitalization: that he lost it during a group therapy session and threw a chair, and as a result spent some time in isolation, which triggered him to attempt suicide. With no one else available to stay with Kai, Renee offers, grateful he's letting her in more and more every day and yet deeply worried about him.

This Week on In/Exhale: Jon comes home in the very early morning and startles Renee awake. He looks ready to collapse and yet insists on grilling her about what happened that evening and why Renee stayed with Kai. He won't admit why, but urges Renee to promise she'll go to Kai's appointment with Dr. Miller and inform the doctor of Kai's strange behavior. Kai wakes up, shocked he's not torn from his usual nightmares, and pieces of what happened the day before slowly come back to him. He's still afraid that Renee is slowly seeing through his smoke and mirrors and will realize she doesn't actually love him, and yet the way she looks at him reassures him that isn't true.

Next Week on In/Exhale: Renee accompanies Kai to his session with Dr. Miller, who is becoming increasingly concerned about Kai's unstable mood and his suicidal thoughts, but knows she has to tread very carefully so she won't spook Kai before she can help him. Kai goes to his nutritionist appointment, expecting to be chastised for his bad eating habits, but instead, she's sympathetic and urges Kai to see further help for his eating problem.

February 8, 2001 - Part I

If you've forgotten what Kai and his pals got up to in the first part of Season 3, you can read the "Previously On..." to refresh your memory. Or you can hit the updated Table of Contents to re-read any episode.

See you all next week,


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Mistletoe Part One

I look across the room, my eyes automatically landing on him. He's laughing, talking animatedly to some cousins of his, acting like everything's fine. Like we didn't have that fight. Like I'm no longer his best friend, like he doesn't care at all.

I tear my eyes away and survey the room, a room I've spent a large chunk of my life in, now draped in festive decorations, even the occasional sprig of mistletoe dangling from the ceiling. I watch happy couples float across the makeshift dance floor, their cheeks flushed and eyes sparkling. I watch the younger kids crowd around the base of the enormous Christmas tree, rifling through wrapped packages to identify which ones they'll be tearing into tomorrow morning. I watch everyone moving around me like I don't exist, but my eyes keep returning to him. He's gesturing with his arms, and even across the room, I catch the minute twitching in his fingers, the way he subtly leans on his cane in a manner that betrays fatigue rather than nonchalance. I've spent eleven Christmases in this room, but never before have I felt like an outsider. Then again, I've never been unsure about my position as his best friend.

The raucous enthusiasm, in part due to holiday cheer and mostly due to the rowdy spirit of the Morgenstern clan, suddenly feels like a heavy blanket, suffocating me, and I slip out of the room.

Stepping out onto the porch, I desperately pull in lungfuls of cold air, wrapping my arms around my torso as I look up at the stars glittering brilliantly in the dark, wintry sky. Sucking in a sharp breath, I stare up at the night canvas above me, willing the tears to keep from spilling down.

"Nessa." No one says my name like he does - that slow, stumble-y slur that drags a half-syllable too long.

I turn. He's standing in the doorway, framed by the light spilling from inside the house. He leans on the cane heavily and says nothing, both of us just staring at each other. My mind registers how haggard he looks, and I think of the confrontation. Me yelling at him, demanding to know why he paid my boyfriend to break up with me. Him yelling back, that my ex hadn't loved me enough to stay. Me storming out.

He moves closer, taking painstakingly careful steps, clueing me in to the fact that he’s either hurting or drunk. Maybe both. “Nessa,” he repeats, as he takes the final steps, getting close enough for me to smell the alcohol on his breath.

“You’re drunk.”

He nods. “’Course.” Matter-of-fact, unapologetic.

We stand there, looking at each other. I speak first. “Why?”

He knows what I mean, and this time we’re both prepared enough to have a calm conversation. “He didn’t deserve you. If he had refused the money, I would have respected him a little more, even if I still didn’t like him.” His speech, slurred and mumbled, is further distorted by the effects of alcohol.

I shake my head. “That’s not what I’m asking, Theo. You know that. Why did you do it?” I try to decipher whatever hidden message lies in his warm brown eyes.

He exhales heavily forcefully, and shakes his head, looking down at his feet. The silence stretches, but I say nothing. Finally, he looks up and meets my gaze. There’s something different about him – a determination, maybe. “Because I’m in love with you.” I stare at him, waiting for him to laugh and declare it as some sort of joke. But he continues. “And I didn’t – couldn’t – stand by and watch you fall for another arsehole. I love you, Ness, and I might be the most useless guy you’ve ever met, with my crip shuffle and cane and stupid spasms, but dammit, Ness, no one is ever going to love you as much as I do.” He’s breathless, I’m speechless.

Theo Morgenstern, the subject of my childhood crush, banished to the bottom of my pathetic romantic fantasies. Theo Morgenstern loves me. I continue to stare at him, unable to believe it.

He laughs nervously, shifting his weight slightly. “Say something, Ness.” I wrap my arms around him and squeeze tight, afraid I’m going to wake up from this crazy dream. “Say it again,” I whisper.

“I love you, Nessa. I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Theo.” I grin, unable to suppress the swell of emotion in my chest.

He leans back from our embrace, one arm around my waist, the other using his cane for balance, and jerks his chin up, a smirk on his lips. “Look up, Ness.”

I do, and laugh. Hanging from the porch roof, right above our heads, is a sprig of mistletoe.

My gaze connects with Theo’s, and his lips meet mine, soft and warm and feeling like home. I feel his smile against my lips, and my own lips stretch into a grin. Theo loves me. Almost as if he can hear my thoughts, he tells me, “I love you, Nessa Arienne Hart,” enunciating the words slowly and clearly.

“And I love you, Theo Robert Morgenstern,” I reply, savouring the delicious words on my tongue. This boy, whom I’ve loved secretly for so long, finally loves me back. He’s just taken my first kiss. I want all of my other firsts to be with him. “Kiss me again, Theo,” I whisper.

He presses his lips to mine again, moving his hand up my back to my neck, and lifts his other hand to occupy the spot on my back. “Ness,” he sighs against my lips, then shifts to pepper kisses on my neck. Finally, he pulls back. “My room?”

My heart beats faster in anticipation of another of my firsts going to him. “Okay,” I whisper.

Mistletoe - Table of Contents

Mistletoe Part One

Mistletoe Part Two

Friday, August 26, 2016

Mistletoe Part Two

He presses his lips to mine again, moving his hand up my back to my neck, and lifts his other hand to occupy the spot on my back. “Ness,” he sighs against my lips, then shifts to pepper kisses on my neck. Finally, he pulls back. “My room?”

My heart beats faster in anticipation of another of my firsts going to him. “Okay,” I whisper.

The alcohol seems to be kicking in, and Theo leans heavily on me, using me as a support as well as a guide. “Wanted you f-for ages, Ness,” he slurs heavily, as I drag him into the elevator. The party is in full force in the living room, and I know we won’t be missed.

This is not a conversation I want to have while half-carrying him to his room. “Mmhmm,” I vocalise in response.

Finally, I manage to pull him into his bedroom, and lock the door behind us. Suddenly, I’m pressed up against the wall. “Love you, N-Ness,” Theo mumbles, running his lips over every piece of exposed skin on my upper body.

Gently, I extricate myself from his grip and lead him to the bed. “C’mon, let’s get you in bed, ‘kay?”

He sits heavily on the edge of the bed, gripping my waist and letting the cane thump to the floor. I unbutton his shirt wordlessly. I’ve done this task nearly every day for the past twelve years, as well as done up his shirt in the mornings, and I’ve witnessed the metamorphosis from a pale, skinny chest to the tanned, well-defined masculinity he has now. Somehow, this time feels different. Much, much more intimate. I tug the sleeves off his arms, and as he pulls off his white undershirt, I kneel to undo his shoelaces. Sliding his custom loafers off, I glance up at Theo. His eyes are hooded, and he leans back on his arms to watch me. “W-Want you.” His nearly incoherent statement goes directly to my pussy, and I suck in a gasp, biting my lip.

He moves back carefully, and sits against the headboard. I lift his legs onto the bed and slip a pillow under his bent knees to support his contracted legs. Straddling him, I place my hands on his chest. Our friendship has always been intimate, but now we’re crossing the line. This is it. No turning back to best-friend status now. Nervously, I shift off of him and undo his fly, then slide his pants and boxers off, revealing his AFO braces.

I unzip my dress on my own, knowing that it could take hours for him to get a good grip on the little zip, in the state that he’s in. Slowly, I let it slide down my body, revealing my lacy white bra and underwear. He moans, palming himself as he watches me strip. Flushing, I shimmy out of my simple lingerie in similar fashion, then sit on the edge of the bed, next to his legs. Slowly, reverently, I unstrap the orthosis on his right leg, peeling the long sock off. Underneath, his thigh tapers off into calf that somewhat lacks muscle tone. The same goes for his left leg, as I remove its plastic and steel support.

“C’mere.” I obey the command, and straddle his hips again. Lowering my lips to his, I slip my tongue into his mouth, twisting one hand into the soft curls at the nape of his neck. One hand latches onto his nipples, teasing them into rock-solid mounds of flesh, caressing and nipping until his moans are accompanied by heavy panting. His hands, marked with rough calluses from his hobby of dragon-boating, glide across my skin, tracing patterns on my back and hips. His fingers jerk and twitch, digging gently into my flesh in an unpredictable, erratic rhythm, strangely erotic.

I pull away. “I want a bath."

Devo Diary Updated!

Devo Diary is back again!

Read Chapter 20 here.

In case you forgot, it's 2001 and I'm still dating Rollerboy, an incomplete c7 quad who lives 3 hours away.

Find the whole story here:

Table of Contents

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For The Love Of Not Walking Chapter 18

Hi there, I can't believe how quick time is going right now. Thursday is Kieran and Erin day and here I bring you Chapter 18 of FTLONW. It stays emotional but amongst the chaos they both feel so much for each other. Hope you enjoy this week's chapter. Thanks so much for the comments from last week. I hope everyone still enjoys the story and is ready to keep going with Kieran and Erin.
Love you all, Dani

Table Of Contents TOC

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Update: Plain Love Chapter 14

Hello Everyone,
I know I sort of left you hanging last week, committing a bit of a tease, sorry about that. But things got very busy for me and I just couldn't do the 2 chapters at once for the she said/he said posting. So here's
Chapter Fourteen...and the rest of the evening.

And as always thank you so much for reading the story and for your comments. This relationship has "benefits" too.

Warmest regards,

Updated Table of Contents.

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In/Exhale Continues

It's hard to believe it's been 4 years since I started sharing my crazy little saga with you all. I'm grateful for all of you who have stuck with me.

Maybe you don't remember, but I started writing this story for myself as a way to work out a lot of the things I was dealing with that I otherwise couldn't. Even after making the story public, there is still a LOT of me in In/Exhale, even if it's fictional, and I still consider Kai my alter ego.

The past 18 months or so have been really difficult, dealing with my health and chronic pain. There was more than one point that I felt like giving up, and thankfully I had a friend to help me see through the murk of depression's lies. Nevertheless, despite having a supportive husband, I still often feel like I'm alone dealing with all of this because it's difficult to understand unless you've gone through it. So some of what follows in the rest of this season was my way of finding a kind of support network, even if it's all my fictional friends. I know that sounds totally insane, and writers are all a little of that. But I promise you, even when it seems to get really dark there is always some light around the corner because Kai has a great family who cares about him. As Stitch says in Lilo and Stitch, "This is my family. It's little and broken, but it's good. Yeah, still good."

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Pretty Fat, the conclusion

Hi all!  This is the very last chapter of Pretty Fat, where Emily and Brody finally get it on :)

Chapter 20

Table of Contents

I want to thank all of you for reading and commenting.  It's meant the world to me.  I do have another story in the works, but it's not entirely ready for prime time, so I'm going to take a little break from posting.  If you want to read more from me, be sure to check out my latest book The Ugly Duckling.  (FYI, a sequel to Will and Libby's story is also in the works.)

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For The Love Of Not Walking Chapter 17

Hey my friends, wow, this week went by so fast for me and I didn't have as much time as I would have liked to go over this chapter and maybe make some changes or edit it more thoroughly. I had initially thought about changing some things in this chapter but then I decided to just leave it as it was and hope you will still enjoy following along with Kieran and Erin. Things are definitely getting serious but Kieran and Erin are in this together now. Erin still doesn't know a lot of things about Kieran's disability and how it affects certain situations but the dev inside of her is more than curious.
Well, I give you Chapter 17 of FTLONW. Thanks for the wonderful comments last week, it made me very happy and I hope you enjoy this week's chapter just as much.
Hugs, Yours Dani
Table Of Contents

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Update: Plain Love Chapter 13

Hello Everyone,
Thanks so much for your continuing readership and encouraging comments. And I hope you will enjoy Chapter Thirteen of Plain Love.


Table of Contents

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In/Exhale Continues

Hope you guys are ready for another episode!

If you've forgotten what Kai and his pals got up to in the first part of Season 3, you can read the "Previously On..." to refresh your memory. Or you can hit the updated Table of Contents to re-read any episode.

Last week on In/Exhale: Kai faced his first day of class with his new hearing aids. Renee offered her support, and Kai gets closer to his classmate, Steve. Renee encourages Kai to volunteer to interpret for the ASL club meeting.

This week on In/Exhale: Despite his anxiety, Kai interprets well, although he's unable to return to the meeting. Renee comforts and reassures him. Kai meets with Zach, his academic counselor, and attends his new class with his first interpreter.

Next week on In/Exhale: Kai's day ends with a trip to the bookstore, where he runs into Steve again. To revved up to go home, Kai waits for Renee's final day class to end, and the weight of the day comes crashing down on him, but Renee helps him through it.

February 7, 2001 - Part II

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read and comment. I really appreciate it.


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Pretty Fat Update!

This is the penultimate chapter of Pretty Fat.  Whew.  In the last chapter, Emily had broken it off with Brody and was in the hospital. So things were not looking too good.  Here is....

Chapter 19

Table of Contents

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For The Love Of Not Walking Chapter 16

Hi FTLONW fans, hope you enjoyed last week's chapter and here I bring you Chapter 16 of the story. Kieran and Erin are connecting even deeper now and it gets emotional when Kieran opens up to her. I want to thank you as always for reading and commenting. Your comments mean so much to me every week. They are my motivation and the knowledge that some people enjoy the story makes me so happy. So, have fun with this week's chapter and let me know what you think.
Big hug, yours, Dani
Here is also an updated Table of Contents

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Update: All Of You

Hi lovely readers,

this is Chapter 9 of All of You, provided I have counted correctly! =)
Thanks for your wonderful comments, have fun and a terrific August! Yes... I am off, finally, first vacation in what feels like forever, I am officially banned from working tomorrow and I will be on my way to the cold and midges-infested (and wifi-less) Highlands on Friday.
*hugs everyone*


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Update: Plain Love Chapter 12

Hello Everyone!
Here's Chapter 12 of Plain Love, moving the story along from Eli's point of view. I really appreciate your taking the time to read as we go. And many, many thanks to those who comment.

Table of Contents

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In/Exhale Returns!

Kai and company are finally back!

I apologize for the long delay. But I have months of content planned, so hopefully there won't be another break any time soon!

If you've forgotten what Kai and his pals got up to in the first part of Season 3, you can read the "Previously On..." to refresh your memory. Or you can hit the updated Table of Contents to re-read any episode.

Last time on In/Exhale: Kai and Jon went to his ENT appointment to have his hearing evaluated. He was informed he had bilateral high-frequency sensorineural hearing loss and was fitted for hearing aids that would take the highest-frequency sounds and lower them into a range Kai can hear. However, it'll take time for him to adjust, for his brain to learn how to hear in this new way. Kai pretends he's fine, but his frustration spills out when he gets into a fight at the Cattle Baron. Kai accidentally shows Jon all his cutting wounds, but he's determined to push through his depression and so they both go to swim. It lifts his mood. Jon meets Steve briefly at the pool, and then the brothers plan a surprise dinner for Vicky in which they inform her that they've decided they are both going to move in.

This week on In/Exhale: Kai faces his first day of class with his new hearing aids. He recommits to Renee, explaining that things won't be easy, but he's willing to do everything he can to make their relationship work, and Renee helps motivate him. Kai and Steve get closer.

Next week on In/Exhale: Kai interprets for the ASL club and Renee helps him through his anxiety. Kai meets with his counselor about getting interpreters for his classes and about taking an education class. Kai experiences his first class with an interpreter.

February 7, 2001 - Part I

I want to thank all of you who've continued to follow my crazy saga, both here and on my site. I really appreciate all the support and feedback.


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Pretty Fat Update

In the latest update to Pretty Fat, Emily's little (big) problem finally comes to a head....

Chapter 18

Table of Contents

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I'm totally hijacking my own day cuz *looks around nervously* I thought you guys might also enjoy reading these...


If not, then, oops? Sorry? LOL

I AM DEVOTEE: Time to vote, guys!

Hiya everyone!

As many of you already know, we've been running an I AM DEVOTEE writing challenge/contest thingymajig on Devotion House for the past few months. Well, the deadline for submissions is over and voting is now open! Yay!!!


Y'all have until August 31st to vote for your favorite. 

The winning entry will be featured on our homepage for a full month. The winning author will also receive an ARC of Hart of His. Unless they already signed up for one, then...*scratches head*...I dunno what the heck I'll give em ROFLMAO!!!

(NOTE: The voting poll wasn't visible on my iPhone so you might have to hop on a computer.)

I hope you guys enjoy reading these as much as I did! Thank you so freakin' much to everyone who whipped up a story!! Some serious talent lurking about, I tell ya!!!

Big hugs,


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For The Love Of Not Walking Chapter 15

Hello loyal readers, another week gone by, my mini vaca is over :-( and I'm back to the grind of working and of course editing and writing. Here is Chapter 15 of FTLONW. This week you will spend an evening with Erin and Kieran again. They get much closer and talk about some things. Feelings are obvious but some questions still stay unanswered. I realize this chapter is very long but I hope you enjoy it and let me know how you like it. Big thanks for reading and commenting last week, I appreciate all of you, Hugs, Dani

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Update: Plain Love Chapter 11

Hello Everyone,
As always--thanks so much for reading this story, and for sharing your thoughts with me. I'm really grateful for this forum! So here's Chapter 11

And an updated Table of Contents.


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In/Exhale - Season 3 - Returning Next Week

Hey, everyone!

I'm baaaack!

I know it's been far too long, and I'm really sorry for the delay. Those of you who follow me on my blog know why. It's been a pretty rough year for me, but I finally decided to just go ahead and start posting In/Exhale again anyway, even if I'm not quite as far along with it as I'd like. I still have months of content, so I should have time to hopefully catch up without another long break before the season ends.

My original plan was to begin posting this week, but I wasn't able to finish the "Previously On..." synopsis in time, and it's been long enough I figure some people may appreciate the refresh.

I hope to have that up tomorrow on my blog (and I'll also make it available here with a link when I post next week).

Since it looks like my usual day is taken (along with most other days! the blog is busy now!), I am going to be posting every Monday (unless something comes up) for the foreseeable future.

(If I messed up and someone has been posting on Mondays, let me know and I can find another day hopefully.)

Stay tuned next Monday for the continuing saga of In/Exhale!

I look forward to seeing you all again each week and sharing Kai's continuing story with you.


New Beginnings - Chapter 1

Chapter 1
For about three months I had been coming to Charity Hospital in New Orleans on a regular basis, about two to three times a week. Usually I stayed for a couple of hours. It was the third time this week that I was here. It was another muggy and hot day in the city by the mighty Mississippi. The air, filled with tiny, for the human eye, invisible drops of dew, hung thickly over New Orleans. It was humid and the exhaust of heavy traffic could not escape into the sky. It seemed the summer of 2005 was especially humid and hot.

I made my way into downtown, focusing on traffic, pedestrians and the famous streetcars. I was thankful for the parking garage at the hospital, because parking in New Orleans was a nightmare. I had been towed from the side of the street more than once and it was something I did not want to experience too often. With the frustration of finding my car in one of the many impound lots usually also came a heavy fine to bail out my little Ford Escort.

I pulled down into the steep entrance way of the parking garage underneath Charity hospital. I pulled up to the gate and punched in the code. The gate opened and I drove on through, quickly finding a spot close to the elevators. I knew all the areas of the hospital by heart now.

I knew some of the nurses and doctors and when I walked in I was greeted by Miranda sitting behind the reception desk in the lobby, “Hey sugar, back again?”
I smiled at her and waved in passing, “Of course.”