Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Love UnSeen Continues

Sorry for the long delay.

In the last part, Dan moved in with Jackson, and they went grocery shopping and then had some homemade gumbo together. It was a chance for us (and Dan) to experience what shopping and home life is like for Jackson.

In this segment, it's a couple days later and Jackson and Dan are settling into their life as roommates. Jackson has agreed to tag along with Dan for his photo project, and they're visiting various sites around the city so Dan can photograph them.

In this portion, Jack and Dan visit a cemetery, ride the streetcar, and then have some coffee. I'm sorry if it comes off as disjoined. I kept getting interrupted while writing this and I'm on some new medicine that's left my brain a bit scrambled but I really wanted to get something out for you guys this week.

Love UnSeen - Part 06

It's been a pretty crazy couple months and writing helps keep me grounded. Thank you so much for all your condolences and well wishes and support. It's nice to know that I have this community to fall back on.

And for those Kai lovers out there don't worry, he WILL be back. I'm not sure exactly when as I've been struggling with the writing so much but he's been my support through all of this as crazy as that sounds, so he'll definitely be coming back.


PS - Still no formal table of contents but I'll do a ghetto one here for those of you who want to catch up on the story.

PPS - No promises that I can make anything next week but I'm going to make it my goal.

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