Thursday, February 9, 2017

New Beginnings Chapter 5

Hi NB friends,
I barely got this week's chapter edited and it is Wednesday evening now, almost midnight. So thanks to everyone who has been reading this story and has been commenting. I was surprised to see two German comments last week, I would love to know who you are. It's always a bit sad when I see "Anonymous" and I have no idea at all who and where my readers are. Anyways, I bring you Chapter 5 of NB this week. It is somewhat long again but you will get to know Shane some more and also find Anna and Shane getting a lot closer. When reading and editing I do realize similarities to my other stories but I guess that's just the way my stories go. NB being really my very first dev story ever I guess it set the tone for things to come afterwards. I appreciate all my readers and all your comments. Thanks so much, enjoy the chapter for this week.
Hugs, Dani
TOC New Beginnings

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