Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Reckless Behavior Chapter Ten

Hey everyone! So after my lengthly break of two weeks, I'm back with Chapter Ten. Things are still super busy around here, but I went to a snow festival this weekend, which was a great way to take a break. Nothing like a ten-foot tall ice sculpture to amp my writing juices. Thanks for your patience!

Last week...

Samuel is suspicious of Aster's sudden paralysis. Cassia scopes out the strip mall and gets a job there. Molly dresses Aster, and when Cassia returns and sees what she's done, she freaks out.

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  1. Now - things are quickly developing. Wow, such an intimidating situation Aster had to master. And then a quotation of Bruce Lee came to my mind: "Giving up is a personal decision." Thanks for this exciting chapter!