Wednesday, March 29, 2017

In/Exhale Interlude This Week

I've been having so much pain in my hands and have been extremely exhausted (sleeping half the day and still feel like I'm dragging the weight of the world around), so I haven't been able to write the past two weeks ;-;.

I didn't wan to leave you guys another week without anything, though, so I'm giving you an In/Exhale flashback. I'd actually debated about posting it at all, and if so it would have gone after Sunday and before Monday (we stopped on Saturday as the last I've posted), but since Sunday still isn't finished I figured it'd be better to give it to you now than nothing at all.

I can't make any promises for when In/Exhale will continue after this. I'm really hoping soon. I'm also hoping I can get unstuck with Love UnSeen because it's being very stubborn.

This episode takes place a few weeks after Kai was recovered from his aunt's house. He's been in the hospital recovering from his injuries and malnourishment and undergoes his first of several surgeries. It's from Cathy's (aka "The Warden") and Art's point of views, and so it'll give you a different view of the circumstances, I hope. I think you may also see Art a little differently, too.

Flashback: September 28, 1988

Thanks again for all your support. The past six months have been very difficult for me, emotionally and physically. I've found myself on more than one occasion tapping Kai's strength, knowing if he can get through all that he has then I can, too.


PS - You might want to refresh your memory on Dr. Miller's findings about Kai's status once he was recovered from his aunt's house in the last posted episode, or if there's any other episode you need to catch up on, check out the Table of Contents.

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