Thursday, April 27, 2017

New Beginnings Chapter 16

Hello my friends,
sorry about the delay today. It's been so busy and I have to admit this chapter was somewhat challenging for me, not really sure why but I had to work on it quite a bit and it seems every time I read over it I found something else to edit.

When I first wrote this story like 8 or so years ago and put all of it on paper in spiral notebooks just to get it out of my head there were so many things I didn't know and it took quite some work and lots of editing last year and now every week as I post a new chapter for you I still edit, and I still work on it.

Anyhow...this chapter was a bit rough but I think it's good to go now and I hope you enjoy some more intimate and close moments between Anna and Shane, and no, it's not sex...:-)
As their love story unfolds with lots of problems along the way, I want to thank you for reading and commenting. You all mean a lot to me so here is Chapter 16. Hope you enjoy and thanks again,
Hugs, Dani

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