Monday, April 17, 2017

New story: Between the Pages

Hi, everyone!

I'm back with a new story. I have a bad habit of getting stuck in stories and needing a break and starting new ones to get the creative juices flowing again...looking at you "Margaret's Chance" which is how this new little story was born.

Side note: I'm sorry to those of you who follow "Margaret's Chance." :-( It IS going to get finished...but probably not for some time. I just can't get things the way I want them when writing it right now.

But back to Between the Pages. I've planned the entire thing out and I've already written enough to post eleven full chapters, but full disclosure, it isn't finished yet. I've gone ahead and posted the first chapter here to see if y'all even like it. If you do and want me to keep posting, I will!

P.S.: I've gone back through the posts since February and it seems like Mondays are currently free. However, if I've made a mistake, please someone let me know!

And now on to...Between the Pages, Chapter 1

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