Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Love UnSeen Continues

Hey, everyone! I'm back from my trip. A lot of pain and disappointment but still some promise... Sadly, we won't know anything for weeks to months. I appreciate your support and patience!

I wanted to get all of Chapter 12 done for you all today but I am just too tired, so I decided to post the first half and get the second half for you next week. Figured you'd all prefer something rather than nothing for another week.

Last week, Jackson was surprised by his ex, Benji, in a gay coffee shop/bar where they used to hang out back in grad school. Their convo picks up where it left off last chapter.

Love UnSeen - 12 - pt 1

Still hoping I can get back to posting In/Exhale in June, but progress is very slow. I *am* working on it, I just haven't been able to do too much with it each week. But I will get it posted again through hell or high water!


PS - Table of Contents (updated for those who want to catch up or re-read any previous parts)

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