Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Love UnSeen Continues

Sorry this post is late. I had a pretty rough week, emotionally and physically, and this next chapter was so important I didn't want to rush it. I also didn't want to postpone it and lose the momentum, especially since I may not be able to post next week because I have multiple doctor appointments scheduled on Wednesday.

Last week, Jackson went to his doc who gave him some bad news, and was humiliated by Benji, who he went to after having his heart broken by Dan's revelation that he's engaged to a woman. This week picks up right after that disastrous lunch.

I hope it was worth the wait,

Love UnSeen - 15

Again, I may not be able to post next week. Hopefully when I return I'll have another installment of Love UnSeen as well as In/Exhale, although I may take a brief break (2-3 weeks) from this story to recover a bit. Thanks again for all your comments as I greatly appreciate them and they really do motivate me to keep going. Feel free to let me know what you hope to see happen next!


PS - Table of Contents (updated for those who want to catch up or re-read any previous parts)

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