Thursday, June 1, 2017

New Beginnins Chapter 21

Hello my friends,
here we are again. Thanks sooooo much for the comments I had last week. They made me very happy and I want to reply to all of you every so often so you know I read every comment and I appreciate it so much. You reading my stories means so much to me.

Someone asked if I had a chapter in Shane's POV but I have to tell you I unfortunately don't have one. This was the only story I ever wrote in First Person from Anna's POV and it's written all the way like this. I always worry I would not be a good male POV writer, because I don't fully know how guys think and I don't want to mess up the male POV with a female undertone or thought process.

The stories I posted in the past were written in Third Person and I felt okay with that, telling the story usually with my male protagonist being the main character and I guess that relayed a bit of a male POV. I'm still mastering my writing skills, actually been reading a book on POV's lately but it is only a hobby and my time in furthering my amateur writing into something more professional is limited. Work, family, pets, house, friends and the hobby of writing on the side...

With all this being said this week's chapter is a long one again, I just didn't know where to cut it so here is Chapter 21 of NB. I read over it several times, read it aloud and made some changes but I think it's ready to go. Anna and Shane are trying to cope with the separation and still working out all the issues they face, realizing lengthy separations are just not going to work very well for them.

Please know I appreciate and love all my readers,
Yours, Dani
Here is the TOC of NB

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