Saturday, June 10, 2017

Our Choices

This is episode 7 of Our Choices!

Your Choice: "Benjamin and I are coming with you."

Thanks for being awesome readers and playing a damn good game here!
I probably won't have internet access next week so I might not be able to upload.

Take care,
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  1. Oh no, where is the newest chapter? Was checking all day yesterday!!!!!

    1. Nothing happening on the blog at the moment. I hope you are going to publish something again soon, Annabelle ;-)

    2. I am, actually! But I really hope Lovis posts another chapter of this story too!

    3. Awww, you are sweet! :) I swear I tried! And probably looked like a complete lunatic, stumbling around in the mountains, trying to get reception. To no avail, as you have noticed. But now I am hooked up to highspeed internet again (at work, which is why I need to keep this short). So I am still alive and I plan to post... maybe tomorrow, if Lee looks the other way? I would say today but I am also eagerly awaiting the update from EJ. Anyway, the chapter is ready, so whatever comes, I will update latest on Saturday =)
      And yeeeeh, Annabelle, I look so forward to a new story from you!!

  2. Can't wait for tomorrow then!