Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Girl I Didn't Kill For -- UPDATE

Well, I want to start out by saying thank you to everyone for the little pep talk in the comments. When you're in love with something you wrote and it feels like other people aren't loving it as much as you'd hoped, it's a downer. I was like, "Well, maybe nobody wants to read about a mobster in a wheelchair." But you guys poured on the love so I thank you for that. So so much. So much that I worked hard to add in some extra devvy stuff.

Chapter 2!!!!!

Note that it starts out in the past for the first scene for the "how they met" story, but then comes back to the present day and will stay there.

(In case you missed it, here's chapter 1)


  1. Thank you Annabelle! I'm just about to read the chapter but I had to tell you now that I want to read a story about a monster in a wheelchair! And I love everything you write!

    1. Aw, thanks! He's a mobster though, not a monster ;)

    2. Ooooops auto correct!